83 Things People ‘Bought For Life’ And Couldn’t Be Happier With (New Pics)

In our consumerist society, our minds are always looking for something to spend our money on.

Whether we need it or not, it’s here, it’s half-price, it’s the last one available. We make a purchase and get a quick dopamine release only to realize whatever we just bought is a questionable, often poorly made, and short-lived deal we won’t get far with. A couple of months, at best.

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But the corner of Reddit known as “Buy It For Life” shows that not everything is meant to stack up in the landfills that are already polluting our planet. On the contrary, some things, like that baby crib in which you spend your first years in this world, or your dad’s belt you’ll never remember him without, are meant to last what seems like forever.

Below we wrapped up some of the most interesting examples of things people bought for life, so scroll down. And after you’re done, be sure to check out our previous features (here, here, and here) with more posts from “Buy It For Life.”

#1 Old Wooden Furniture Lasts Many Lifetimes

This Cradle was used by my grandfather and his 5 siblings 115 years ago. Then my father and his 5 siblings. Then me, my two brothers and 13 of my cousins. And lastly many of my cousins children and here, my third child

Image credits: isaksvorten

#2 My Wife Isn’t A Jewelry Person But Loves To Cook. I Wanted A Forever Gift For Our Engagement So I Got Her These. I Get Them Sharpened For Our Anniversaries. Today Makes Ten Years

Image credits: DrWindupBird

#3 1956 Frigidaire Range

Image credits: dezualy

#4 Authentic 1910 Singer Sewing Machine Inherited From My Great Grandmother. Still Works

Image credits: rainyrew

#5 I Have Bought So Many Beanies In My Life That All Eventually Rip But This Pokémon Beanie Has Been A Regular Wear Since I Was 3

 It has no rips or discoloration. They don’t make them like they used to.

Image credits: thecmanfranklin

#6 World’s First Automatic Coffee Machine. 1952. Been In The Family For 70 Years. Still Works Perfectly

Image credits: skaapjagter

#7 Vitantonio Pizzelle Iron (Italian Cookie Maker) From The 70s Or 80s

Image credits: wakaOH05

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#8 Does My 1993 Volvo 240 Count? Odometer Broke A Few Years Ago At 346k. Runs Like A Champ Still

Image credits: 16596

#9 Bought Those Haglöfs Boots On My 18th Birthday. This Week I Celebrated My 50th Birthday

Image credits: denjohan

#10 This Camera Has Been Going Strong Since The 1960s – Everything Still Works Flawlessly

Image credits: frontyer0077

#11 Finally Did Some Retail Therapy. $80 At Walmart. Told My Mom That These Would Outlast Her, And Me, And Anyone Else Who’s Going To Get These

Image credits: jerrycakes

#12 Since I Saw The Other Old Stove, Thought I’d Post Mine

Image credits: Brvcewavne

#13 1934 Chicago Mansion Still Has Its Original Jewett Custom Built-In Refrigerator

Image credits: DrKenNoisewaterMD

#14 My Wife’s Whirley-Pop That Her Grandmother Used. Still Makes Perfect Popcorn Every Time

Image credits: hezzyb

#15 I Refurbished A Henry! These Things Are Indestructible

Image credits: J3ttf

#16 44 Years Old And Still Going Strong

Image credits: Snotagoodbot

#17 I Brought A 1920s Perfection Heater Back To Life. Now It’s Ready To Last Another Few Lifetimes. It Will Be Mostly A Display Piece Now, But It Does Still Work And Will Be Handy As An Emergency Heat Source

Image credits: lotr5693

#18 Since We Are Doing Clocks. Here Is Mine From The 90s

Image credits: iwantaredditaccount

#19 1936 Ge Quiet Blade Fan

Image credits: lotr5693

#20 My Bike Just Turned 28 Years Young. I Still Ride It To Work Every Day, Rain Or Shine

Image credits: SweetPickleRelish

#21 My Grandfather’s Laundry Bag From Ww2. I’ve Been Using It For The Last 15 Years Or So And I Used It Through My Military Career Too

Image credits: oswords

#22 I Inherited This Blender From My Grandmother. I Have No Idea How Old It Is. Still Runs Like A Top Though

Image credits: tacosRpeople2

#23 I Heard We Were Posting Vintage Cast Iron

Image credits: Sma144

#24 Solar Calculator Bought Circa 1985. Needs Brighter Light Now, Otherwise Works Perfectly, Even In Hexadecimal

Image credits: lake_huron

#25 Bolesławiec Pottery/ Polish Pottery. The Left One Is 50+ Years From My Grandma. The Right One I Got For Christmas. Still The Same Design! Even Found A Replacement Lid For My Teapot That Was Broken 20 Years Ago

Image credits: Semiecookie

#26 My Mom’s 1982 Ge Toaster. Same Age As Me. Used Every Day

Image credits: TummyPuppy

#27 My Dad Wore This Watch Daily For 44 Years

Image credits: mooomba

#28 This 1985 Spirit Of St Louis Field Radio That I Got From My Grandpa

Image credits: HERMANNATOR85

#29 I’ve Had This Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator Since 6th Grade, It’s Now Getting Me Through Finals In My First Semester Of College

Image credits: OrangeDesert

#30 Just Picked This Baby Up. With A Little Work This Thing Will Outlast Me. 185j 1954

Image credits: Clear-Possible-2802

#31 “The Longest-Lived Micrometer Than Can Be Bought.” J.t. Slocomb Micrometers And Stand, All Fully Restored By Myself. Each Mic Is Between 70-120 Years Old, And They’re All Still Accurate

Image credits: ExHempKnight

#32 My 2001 First Gen Ipod, Still Going Strong

Image credits: edwardianpug

#33 My Old Sony Mp3 Walkman From 2008 Still Works And Is Filled To The Brim With 00s Greatest Hits

Image credits: stvneads

#34 L.l. Bean Duck Boots From 1939

Image credits: HailtotheWFT

#35 Greek Tortoise. A Little Pricey At ~200-500$ But Will Last You Around 125 Years If Well Cared For

Image credits: DiaMat2040

#36 Logitech Mx518 – 17 Years Old Last Month

Image credits: minnesotarox

#37 My Mom’s Tupperware Brand Pickling Container Used Continuously Since 1979. This Thing Is A Beast

Image credits: CharredPepperoni

#38 Hand Me Down Name Tag Trail On This Child’s Jacket

Image credits: Mofomania

#39 My Mom Gave Me This Mini Oven 30 Years Ago. It’s From The 60s. I Can’t Count How Many Times I’ve Used It. It Now Lives In My Rv, And Is Definitely My Favorite Appliance!

Image credits: midgegidgeisme

#40 My Son’s Towel Is An Heirloom

Image credits: sceaga_genesis

#41 Fender Stratocaster – A True Buy It For Life

Image credits: poppinwheelies

#42 Fellow Teachers Need A New Stapler Every Couple Of Years, But My Ace Pilot 404 Endureth Forever!

Image credits: admiral_clam

#43 Got This Backpack When I Started High School In 1997

Image credits: BamaboyinUT

#44 This Scissors, Over 50 Years, Belonged To My Grandmother. No Idea The Brand Tho

Image credits: Blutusz

#45 My Dad Was Gifted This Radio When He Was 13, Still Uses It During His Morning Shower Every Day

Image credits: Dmeterix

#46 Been In Every Car I’ve Had Since 1986

Image credits: 710dabner

#47 A Pair Of Levis From 1880 Found After A Mine Shaft Was Discovered

Image credits: Accomplished_Alarm_1

#48 Had A Pair Of Vintage Snap On Pliers That Weren’t Cutting It Anymore – Snap On’s Lifetime Guarantee Sent Me A New Pair For Free

Image credits: missmercury85

#49 Was Handed Down My Late Uncle’s 80s Stand Mixer, Still Works Like A Dream

Image credits: Wavestormed

#50 My Rival Crock Pot 3150. 50-Ish Years Old And Still Cooking Family Dinners Without A Hitch

Image credits: RooshunVodka

#51 Philcone “Disher” Ice Cream Scoop- Still Used And Works Perfectly

Image credits: gumball2016

#52 Ray-O-Vac Sportsman Red Flasher Lantern Circa ’72

Image credits: Ninnux

#53 Our 1962 Ge Double Oven Stove. Everything Works Perfectly, Except We Can’t Find A Replacement Heating Element For The Small Side Oven

Image credits: captianconrad

#54 My Grandpas 1953 Snap On Outlived Him

Image credits: Snoo75302

#55 Misen Knife Was Dropped Resulting In The End Snapping Off. Misen No Longer Ship Outside Of The Us So They Gave Me A Full Refund 4 Years After Purchase Making Good On Their Lifetime Guarantee

Image credits: coxy1

#56 Bought This North Face Jacket In Back In 2013 And It’s Still Going Strong As My Work Winter Jacket

Image credits: MrR-YGuy

#57 I Am A Leatherworker. I Had A Tradition Of Making The Men In The Family Wallets. But They Still Use Them 10 Years Later, So Now I Have To Come Up With Something Else

Image credits: Accomplished_Alarm_1

#58 My Dad Is So Excited About Having His Carhartt For More Than 20 Years Now!

Image credits: WTFseriouslyWTH

#59 Made Pizza Last Night, And It Occurred To Me That I’ve Had This Bread Machine For About 25 Years. It’s Always Worked Flawlessly

Image credits: justatheery

#60 Swedish Sledges; Bought 40 Years Ago. Still In Use

Image credits: joepinapples

#61 My Neighbor Has Been Through 3 Lawnmowers In The Past Decade, And Meanwhile I Still Use This Craftsman II Tractor From 1987

Image credits: lotr5693

#62 Craftsman Tool Box At A Thrift Store

Image credits: 20seca3

#63 18 Years Later, Thinking This Catfish Will Out Live Me

Image credits: NeofelisNight

#64 My Mom’s 34 Year Old Microwave From 1988

Image credits: jimbodeako

#65 Alarm Clock Lasted Over Two Decades And Somehow Knows When Daylight Savings Is Still

Image credits: VapeMySemen

#66 Metal Razor With Reusable Steel Blades (6 Years And Running)

Image credits: Winnipork

#67 Reynolds 3000ft Plastic Wrap Box That’s Been In My House Since 1996. Finally Used The Last Of It Today

Image credits: WannaHearALimerick

#68 Japanese Scissors. Daily Use For 7 Years. Inherited From My Late Grandpa. Carbon Steel – Bluish Tint

Image credits: Lightmyfire213

#69 The Last Fly Swatter I’ll Ever Buy . Amish Made With Thick Hide Leather , Rivets And A Hickory Handle And It Was Only $8

Image credits: Yosemite_Scott

#70 22 Years Of Hunting, Snowmobiling, Ice Fishing, Shoveling, & Everyday Use Finally Caught Up To Them: Lacrosse Snow Kings

Image credits: jgacks

#71 This Mega-Lo-Mart Camping Chair I Got For My 6th Birthday (I’m 34)

Image credits: inthe_pine

#72 Osprey’s “All Mighty Guarantee” Does, In Fact, Stand By “Any Reason”

Image credits: govtmagik

#73 Worlds Best Christmas Tree Stand. Krinner Tree Genie. Made In Germany

Image credits: jtothes4

#74 Stiletto Tbii Framing Hammer, Used Daily For Almost 20 Years

Image credits: azintel1

#75 How About Things That Will Last Multiple Lifetimes. Here Is My 101 Year Old Winchester Model 12 Shotgun. This Example Shows Some Outer Finish Wear, But Is Mechanically Immaculate. It Has Been Carried For Hunting, But Only Shot Seldomly

Image credits: lotr5693

#76 Not Sure If 11 Years Of Daily Use Counts As Bfl, But This Coffee Grinder Is Still Going Strong!

Image credits: CareBearOvershare

#77 Y’all Convinced Me! I Got My First Pairs Of Darn Tough Socks Because Of This Sub!

Image credits: Slush_Wizard

#78 In Swartzentruber Amish Communities When You Purchase A Casket You Get A Matching Rocker. So You Buy It For Life And For Death

Image credits: Yosemite_Scott

#79 Dry Guy Four Prong Shoe Dryer. Used 6/Wk For Around 18 Years. The Knob Broke Off But They Were Smart Enough To Have A Keyed Shaft Such That A Butter Knife Works As A Replacement. Still Works As It Did 18yrs Ago!

Image credits: Backpackbaden

#80 9 Years Ago I Purchased This Zojirushi Rice Cooker. It Performs Just As Good Today As It Did Back Then

Image credits: mezasu123

#81 My Speed Queens Came In! Dr7 And Tr7

Image credits: mrfluffy50

#82 Proud Parents. Santa Brought Us Twins This Year!

Image credits: RollingThunderPants

#83 My Fiancé Replaced His 20+ Y/O Herman Miller With The Exact Same Chair, Just New! He Probably Could’ve Repaired The Other, But He Wanted Some New Features

Image credits: cricketandclover

Source: boredpanda.com

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