84 Hilarious Science Memes To Delight All You Brainiacs Out There

If you’re a fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy and spent your weekends making volcano experiments as a child, chances are you still have a love for all things scientific. But even if you snored through all of your biology, chemistry and physics classes in school and need some convincing that science can actually be fun, we’ve got the perfect list to persuade you!

We took a trip to the Science Memes subreddit and gathered some of our favorite, hilarious pics down below. Keep reading to also find conversations with Jill ChaCha of Well… That’s Interesting, and Greg Wah and Dan Beeston of Smart Enough to Know Better, and be sure to upvote the pics that tickle your brain and your funny bone!

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#1 Poor Scientists

Image credits: LevFC

#2 Marine Philosophy

Image credits: Sexcoach_Katherine

#3 Driving A Sugar Cube

Image credits: TheSparklyNinja

The Science Memes subreddit has been around since April 2012, and it has managed to become one of the largest communities on the entire site. It has 1.2 million members and only a few simple rules that keep the community active and engaged.

And while you might not think science and memes naturally go hand and hand, they’re actually a perfect pair! Intelligence is a great tool to utilize with humor, and there’s no question that scientists are smart. Sarah Wong at PNNL even wrote an article titled ‘Who Says Scientists Can’t Be Funny?’ where she discusses how useful humor can be in the field of science. First, Wong explains that giving presentations and explaining concepts and findings can easily become dull if scientists’ speeches are too dry. But utilizing jokes and word play can help them connect with audiences and be better understood.  

“Scientific humor on social media can be a strategic way to communicate science,” Sara Yeo, science comedy expert, told PNNL. “People are more willing to engage with content they find funny. It can open the door for a scientist to have a deeper conversation about their research.”

#4 No One Is Talking About The Conspiracy Theory That The Moon Is Actually A Helium Filled Seal

Image credits: fengarm

#5 Posted On Curly Girl Sub

Image credits: thecurlygirl03

#6 This Is Beyond Maths

Image credits: medaspirant

To learn more about how to incorporate humor into science, we reached out to science lover Jill ChaCha, who hosts the Well… That’s Interesting podcast. Jill describes her show as “a weekly comedy sciencey show for people who like learning about weird sh*t,” and lucky for us, she was kind enough to have a chat with Bored Panda about how it began in the first place. “I created WTI because it’s the kind of show I thought was missing in the podcasting industry: deep dives into scientific discoveries that tell how they came about, using humor and storytelling to make it approachable and memorable,” the host shared.

When it comes to what Jill loves most about creating WTI, she told Bored Panda, “You’ll never know what you’re going to find when doing research for an episode topic: everything from the flat out gross to inspirational. After writing, editing and recording and then finally sharing it with the audience—hearing their responses is a huge joy for me.”

#7 Australians

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Image credits: MimirHinnVitru

#8 Very Awkward

Image credits: nightwing2009

#9 Fungi Appreciation

Image credits: TsunamiCam

We were also curious how Jill decides which topics to discuss on her show. “There are a number of fantastic journals and websites I scroll through,” she shared. “The [topics] that stand out and make it onto the show are usually on the bizarre side, something that makes you say ‘how?!!’ And ‘what?!?’ Like black holes that are ejected from galaxies or parasites that end up in human spines,” the host explained, adding that she uses a number of sources for research including primary sources (case studies) and secondary sources such as the NYTimes, IFL Science, Scientific American.

As far as Jill’s favorite topics to discuss, she says it’s hard to pick just one. “Recently, deep space discoveries have been mind blowing, along with the latest in eDNA,” she noted. “One of my favorite feel-good stories involves researchers finding out a particular turtle isn’t extinct thanks to finding their eDNA—they were just really good at avoiding humans.”

#10 Nature Abhors A Vacuum

Image credits: Doesure

#11 Very Pretty

Image credits: Martijngamer

#12 Let The Battle Begin

Image credits: The-Curious-Scholar

Finally, Jill wants to reassure all of you pandas that science is truly for everyone. “It’s not only fascinating, but it’s damn funny and makes for great conversation,” she added. “As an introvert, it’s great to have stories in my back pocket to use. I mean who doesn’t want to hear about the time it rained for 2 million years on Earth and what happened? (Spoiler: it led to the rise of dinosaurs.”

If you’d like to learn some fascinating science facts from Jill, be sure to listen to Well… That’s Interesting anywhere you listen to podcasts!

#13 Share Your Interesting Science Lectures

Image credits: Overall-Speed-7890

#14 Why You Try To Analysis All Probability Possible

Image credits: astro_boy_1133

#15 Discovering Something New

Image credits: PewPewAnimeGirl

We were lucky enough to get in touch with two more science and comedy enthusiasts to get their thoughts on this topic as well. Greg Wah and Dan Beeston, hosts of the podcast Smart Enough to Know Better, “a podcast of science, comedy and ignorance,” were kind enough to have a chat with us about how their show came to be.

“I’ve always been interested in science, but I understand how dry it can be. I find comedy is a great bridging mechanic to draw people in. If you get them to associate laughing with learning you’re on the right track,” Greg shared.

“And I was good at comedy, so at least I could provide one part of the solution,” Dan added.

#16 Armageddon

Image credits: original_don_dada

#17 My Turtle Is 0.10 Carlos Long

Image credits: Psycho-Maiko

When it comes to what these hosts love most about creating Smart Enough, Greg told Bored Panda, “My favorite part is being surprised at what comes out of Dan’s mouth. My second favorite part is being surprised at what comes out of mine.”

“I love helping introverted scientists out of their shells and making them realize how much they love talking about what they’re passionate about,” Dan chimed in. “If they’re passionately talking about a subject, suddenly everyone else listening gets passionate about it too.”

#18 Classic Anti-Vax Arguments

Image credits: SnthesisInc

#19 Antarctica

Image credits: talk_to_my_face

#20 Lmao

Image credits: nightwing2009

We were also curious how the hosts decide what to discuss on their show, but they informed me that they “don’t discuss anything.” “It’s part of the joy. We surprise and delight each other each episode,” Greg explained.

“We did have an instance where we both brought the same story to the podcast, so now Greg tends to talk about the latest discoveries, the science de jour, and I tend to delve more into the sort of science that has an effect on our lives,” Dan added.

The hosts explained that they discuss “kitchen sink science,” or science that “everyone interacts with every day, whether they want to or not.”

#21 Totally!

Image credits: sarcasticpremed

#22 Agree Or Disagree?

Image credits: Apacsolas

“I read through plenty of articles and papers and even Wikipedia looking for new and fancy stories,” Greg noted.

“I start with a question and do a search for a simple answer to my question,” Dan added. “Then I learn the big words involved and search for those on Scinapse or Google scholar. That throws up several other questions that I pursue across the web, and then suddenly I have 4 dozen tabs open on Firefox and I’m trying to link together a piece of info from every single page.”

#23 So So True :’(

Image credits: bobbiwaldram

#24 Sugar Pill

Image credits: Xlbucket

As far as the hosts’ favorite topics, Greg says, “Space is the place. All astronomy all the time.” And Dan said that his favorite episode that they’ve recorded is ‘The Paperwork’. “It’s from almost ten years ago when I reached out to the International Astronomical Union and tried to persuade them to change the name of the Earth’s sun. They refused, and I still haven’t gotten over it.”

#25 Priorities Of Nuclear Research

Image credits: SPECTREagent700

#26 What Is What

Image credits: medaspirant

#27 I Hate Flu Season

Image credits: DerRaumdenker

And when it comes to why we should all be interested in science, Greg says, “Learning about science is like learning the cheat codes to the universe. You learn about what things do and even when you can’t control them, knowing how they work makes it all less scary.”

Dan, however, added that perhaps we shouldn’t be interested in it. “Science has ruined my life,” he told Bored Panda jokingly. “Now, whenever I want to do something hedonistic, I know what the experts have to say about every single thing… I had to GIVE UP DRINKING ALCOHOL. It was a nightmare! Do you know how many leafy greens I eat every night?”

If you’d like to learn more about Dan and Greg or check out their hilarious show Smart Enough to Know Better, be sure to visit their website right here!

#28 Life Makes No Sense

Image credits: medaspirant

#29 Safety And Science

Image credits: turbo_triforce

We hope you’re enjoying these hilarious science pics, pandas! If you’ve learned something new and you’ve giggled at a few of them, we’ve done our jobs. Keep upvoting your favorite memes, and then if you’re interested in checking out Bored Panda’s previous articles featuring the Science Memes subreddit, you can find them right here and here!

#30 Do They Use It Still?

Image credits: StripCosmos

#31 There You Have It; The Real Power!

Image credits: Adept_Tutor5

#32 Its Something That Always Irritates Me, Honestly

Image credits: Blackwyrm03

#33 Nobody Likes To Hear The Truth (Got It From A Phd Student In My Lab)

Image credits: xRoginho

#34 ‘Happy Weekend’

Image credits: LeastDatabase131

#35 Double Standards

Image credits: WarriorMonk_420

#36 Life Was Simple Back Then

Image credits: HomeOperator

#37 **nothing Against Ppl Who Wash Dishes, We All Deserve A Livable Wage

Image credits: shizaitseliza

#38 Literally No One Asked!

Image credits: chlachair_chav_027

#39 Accurate

Image credits: MovingLetters

#40 Ab+ People Are Lucky

Image credits: Wetzelpretzel27

#41 Always The Same

Image credits: elEarendel

#42 I Didn’t Make This Meme

Image credits: zer0se7ense7en

#43 The Truth

Image credits: Oderikk

#44 Kidney Stones

Image credits: MontanaBoy0

#45 Imperial And Metric System

Image credits: The-Curious-Scholar

#46 Fight Or Flight?

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Visceral Fat Has Entered The Chat

Image credits: unusuariomas123123

#48 Maths Are Hard

Image credits: algabanana

#49 Saw That Video Where Everybody Shared What They Used ‘K’ For

Image credits: capn_o_my_soul_47

#50 True

Image credits: Xlbucket

#51 Nuclear Reactors Are Just Big Steam Engines

Image credits: Tayo826

#52 Who Is That? Where Is He From? Why Is He Such A Mvp?

Image credits: S4nth05h

#53 I’m Better

Image credits: MimirHinnVitru

#54 Hidden Truth

Image credits: leatile_baaitse

#55 Has This Been Done Before?

Image credits: Somebody3338

#56 Our Understanding Of Physics In A Nutshell

Image credits: _TheRealKeel_

#57 “Well Acthually….”

Image credits: depressed-n-awkward

#58 My Humor Level Be Like

Image credits: LevFC

#59 Tldr For Temperature Scales

Image credits: Separate-Cash856

#60 You Know What They Say!

Image credits: streamstrikker

#61 ??

Image credits: Jumpy_Atmosphere_28

#62 Apparently Us Scientists Once Gave Dolphins Lsd In Order To Communicate With Them But Things Then Got Grotesque

Image credits: WarriorMonk_420

#63 We Were So Close To Eradicating It. But Then Humanity Became Dumb And Started The Anti-Vaccine Movement. Smallpox Remains The Only Disease We’ve Eradicated

Image credits: FortuneDependent6572

#64 I’m Normal

Image credits: nthlmkmnrg

#65 Very Good, Kid

Image credits: NoTanHumano

#66 Thought Of This In My Last Chemistry Class

Image credits: my_pet_tiger

#67 They Probably Don’t Even Believe Gravity Exists Either. ?

Image credits: North_Recognition299

#68 What Do You Think It Is??

Image credits: Hour-Masterpiece-986

#69 It’s Hover Isackin

Image credits: Best_Toster

#70 Is This How Cats Are Made?

Image credits: AlideoAilano

#71 Found This One In My Image Gallery… Nice

Image credits: that_kai_person

#72 *sed Noises*

Image credits: Stemble_

#73 Probabilities

Image credits: K_Josef

#74 Meme

Image credits: _silver_lotus_

#75 Depressing

Image credits: fofothebulldog

#76 Actual Thing My Friend Said

Image credits: BussyAnnihilator420

#77 Oof

Image credits: medaspirant

#78 The Moon Too

Image credits: imBackground789

#79 Bruh Bro!

Image credits: Jumpy_Atmosphere_28

#80 Someone Lost An Instagram Filter In His Backyard

Image credits: Richar_D_Feynman

#81 Tbf Immune System Is Just Trying To Do Its Job

Image credits: DerRaumdenker

#82 I’m Hungry

Image credits: Critical-Date784

#83 Well

Image credits: NeverReaching

#84 I Generally Don’t Know How Astrology Is Even Considered A Science

Image credits: DankGerm2400

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