85 Instagrammers Whose Photos Are So Far From Reality, They Got Shamed For It Online (New Pics)

At this point, Instagram looks like an alternate universe. A place governed by its own laws. A place, where the ultimate creator is photo editing software.

In fact, it’s so full of fake influencers, there’s even a subreddit dedicated to calling them out, r/InstagramReality. “Social media is a breeding ground for Facetune and Photoshop,” the online community writes on its page. “It’s unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don’t!”

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These Internet detectives are on the quest to expose those who have taken it too far: guys who make their biceps so big, they warp the space-time continuum, women with skin so smooth, you can’t tell where they chin ends and their necks begin, they’re all here.

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#1 Jeebs

Image credits: throwawarRAqwertyuio

#2 You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Image credits: scorpiopath_

#3 I’m Calling Emergency Services. This Injury Is Serious

Image credits: zznnd

#4 I Was Shopping Online When I Saw This Dress… And Those Shoulders…

Image credits: saithesti

#5 Ok These Are Getting Ridiculous…

Image credits: _IssaViolin_

#6 Holy Hand Difference, Batman

Image credits: galwithgoats

#7 No Face Texture

Image credits: OpnerOner

#8 Nice T-Rex Arm

Image credits: l-angeray

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#9 She Could Be An Olympic Swimmer With Those Flippers!

Image credits: AndreasBerthou

#10 Seems Legit (It’s A Real Profile From Facebook)

Image credits: CyberBuda

#11 Internal Organs? Never Heard Of ‘Em

Image credits: Negative_Splace

#12 I Can’t Decide If This Is A Joke Or Someone Actually Thinks This Is Believable…

Image credits: sierradwilson

#13 I’m Speechless

Image credits: dg_hj25

#14 Banana Hand

Image credits: -insertGoodName-

#15 This Is Not How Real Hair Looks Like Bro

Image credits: Kingmenudo

#16 I’m Sensing A Filter

Image credits: OriginalGSpot

#17 Found On Amazon Reviews

Image credits: twittlez

#18 Chin To Neck Transition?

Image credits: Tiffbu00

#19 Same Girl, 10 Year Difference (In Photoshop Skills)

Image credits: UselessBrakes

#20 Forgot To Photoshop The Other Boob

Image credits: thisismyusername5891

#21 That Is One Giant Ass Hand

Image credits: Leathermoss

#22 Faking Swimming With Sharks Is A Thing Now I Guess, By Blatantly Stealing A Background Image From The Internet

Image credits: ElonTheRocketEngine

#23 Are Beagles Know For Not Casting Shadows?

Image credits: NorthernK20

#24 She Forgot The Reflection In The Glass

Image credits: sashavujacictr

#25 Was Reading An Article About Photoshop Fails On Instagram. This Was One Of The Examples

Image credits: NoButterOnMyBread

#26 Ahh, They Definitely Look Alike Alright

“Anyone think my mom and I look alike!? I’m 22 she’s 44!”

Image credits: ennortz

#27 Toy Story 4

Image credits: elaswr

#28 I Just…can’t Even Think Of A Title For This

Image credits: TopsyTheElephant

#29 Nearly Had A Heart Attack When I Opened Tinder This Morning

Image credits: reknae

#30 More Abuse Of The “Body Positivity” Hashtag

Image credits: neverbetter94

#31 How Is This Credible?

Image credits: marcapatit0

#32 Found In The Wild – Why Would Anyone Even Post This?

Image credits: Mistresskatiafoxx

#33 Serbian Celebrities Are Really Something Else. She’s 58

Image credits: Salt_Distance6690

#34 Oh Honey No…

Image credits: MsLunaValentine

#35 I Thought The Post Was A Joke But She Was Dead Serious

Image credits: icouldcareless1111

#36 Pores? I Don’t Even Need A Nose

Image credits: CherokeeSurprise

#37 Reality-Breaking Hips

Image credits: AlohaWarrior35

#38 Instagram Post V A Live TV Appearance – Both Taken On The Same Day. She Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Person

Image credits: PawPaw06

#39 Chin, Meet Photoshop

Image credits: ALittleGoat

#40 Head Wide Body

Image credits: Qtkata

#41 One Word. Cleavage

Image credits: summerntine

#42 This Just Looks Wrong I Dont Know Where To Start

Image credits: emiel58

#43 When Your Neck Is Thicker Than Your Waist

Image credits: grimkardashian

#44 Using The Warp Tool To Curl Your Hair Saves Time

Image credits: berrylife

#45 Now Which One Might Have Uploaded This?

Image credits: Smell_That

#46 His Hand Is Bigger Than His Head…

Image credits: PlatsonJiveMoney

#47 Swears She Doesn’t Edit Her Photos And Has Never Had Plastic Surgery. Told Our Gaming Friends She Wears Corsets Not Even Corsets Can Make This Look Real…

Image credits: throwaway60091

#48 Her Instagram Selfies vs. Live TV News Story

Image credits: QuietObligations

#49 Just A Reminder, None Of Us Are Perfect And Social Media Can Be Such A Illusion

Image credits: vintagebutterfly7

#50 Took It A Bit Too Far With The Waist

Image credits: Aggravating_Hornet78

#51 Filters…

Image credits: onewinghoneybee

#52 I Can’t Look Away…the Eyes, The Teeth…so Bright. The Mouth…so Large

Image credits: TheMiddleE

#53 One Ig Post Apart – Girl Please

Image credits: Bo-naana

#54 Well, Have You?

Image credits: Narrow-Address-2076

#55 On An Account Advertising Their Makeup And Hair Skills

Image credits: Fidelitarean

#56 Found On Instagram…. There’s A Lot Going On In This Pic! Is This Edited In Anyway? This Girls Account Is Crazy!

Image credits: hot_wife_skyler

#57 What, Your Elbow Isn’t A Perfectly Sharp Right Angle?

Image credits: hoodburger

#58 Instagram vs. Paparazzi

Image credits: EfficientFish

#59 Just A Bit Extreme Innit

Image credits: Sug4rsw33t

#60 Video vs. Photo…

Image credits: carlysue123

#61 I Don’t Even Know How She Felt This Was Okay To Post

Image credits: dotjpegdotcom

#62 Found One In The Wild, All Her Pictures Had Her Second Chin Removed Like That

Image credits: dizzea

#63 An Influencer With 3,5 Million Followers Stole A Pic From Another Smaller Influencer And Photoshopped Herself Into The Pic. Check The Second Pic. Looks Like She Is A Serial Offender. When People Call Her Out And Ask To Give The Credit To The Original Owner, She Just Blocks Them

Image credits: AnIceQueen

#64 I Checked, It’s Not Satire

Image credits: rietrej

#65 Why Are Her Feet So Big!?!!?

Image credits: poggedfrogged

#66 Instagram (2021) vs. In Person (2019). The Heavy Facetune Makes Her Unrecognizable. She’s 62

Image credits: meany_beany

#67 Whose Body Did You Paste Your Face On…?

Image credits: Kaytofu

#68 Oof

Image credits: -Vampyroteuthis-

#69 She Is 71 Years Old…

Image credits: splitzwhee

#70 She Posted Both Of These Pictures To Her Instagram About A Year Apart…

Image credits: GreenTea58

#71 Those Legs, Wow!

Image credits: Noonecanhearmescream

#72 When Your Head Is Smaller Than One Of Your Two Boobs

Image credits: plsjuno

#73 How, How!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Image credits: ccupcakesrfun

#74 Lipstick That’ll Smooth Out Your Lip Wrinkles

Image credits: isabelisabell

#75 Looks Like A Completely Different Person

Image credits: tedcruziszodiac

#76 What In The World…?

Image credits: hanyuzu

#77 She Has To Know This Does Not Look Realistic…

Image credits: deutschestar

#78 Found This In The Wild… Are 3,365 People Really Believing That She Looks Like This?! Every One Of Her Pictures Looks Like This!

Image credits: D2372

#79 Is Nobody Allowed To Have Armpits Anymore?

Image credits: __eudaimonia

#80 Poor Grandpa

Image credits: inzizh

#81 Shrunken Head, Must Be Dehydration?

Image credits: Litcritter10

#82 Ma’am I Think You May Need A Carpenter

Image credits: KindaQute

#83 Aliexpress Is A Goldmine

Image credits: Imtherightkind

#84 When Your Floor Is Just As Wavy As Your Fireplace

Image credits: alexandercroft

#85 I Just Don’t See The Point

Image credits: Junebun

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