85 Of The Most Bizarre Sculptures From Around The World That May Take You By Surprise

From giant eyeballs in the middle of a park to hyper-realistic pandas in mech suits or Ronald McDonald statues straight from our nightmares – the art world is full of really weird, and occasionally creepy, wonders. Wonders that can sometimes scare the bejeezus out of us or leave our jaws on the floor.

While these outlandish artifacts are scattered all over the world (some of them hidden 7 feet deep in the ocean!), thanks to the power of the internet, we can marvel at their peculiar weirdness right from our own homes. So if you’re tired of the same old works of art by Michelangelo and Auguste Rodin, Bored Panda has gathered some of the most wackiest and mind-bending sculptures known to man. Buckle up, because things are about to get weird.

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#1 Lebanese Artist Uses Broken Glass And Rubble From Beirut Explosion To Create A Memorial

Image credits: ZeezoRockOut

#2 Realistic Sculpture Titled “The Traveler” In Orlando International Airport

Image credits: eisenbergw

#3 A Bear Statue I Found In Denver, Colorado. Yes It’s Looking Into The Building

Image credits: cocoa2512

#4 Underwater Shark Statue At Lake Neuchâtel

Image credits: 1091drawde

#5 Driftwood Statues By Nagato Iwasaki

Image credits: philstein1

#6 This Statue Outside A Library

Image credits: millamber

#7 The Most Australian Statue Ever

Image credits: Snarfy_Shnarf

#8 Super Creepy Statue Outside Indianapolis Public Library

Image credits: DukeMaximum

#9 Came Across This Sculpture This Morning. I’m Wondering Whether To Call It “Banan-Uck” Or “Duc-Anana”

Image credits: arjun_raf

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#10 This Building Had A Realistic Statue Of A Police Officer

Image credits: MLGCatMilker

#11 This Statue In Front Of The Window Of The Waiting Area At A Hospital In Norway

Image credits: Wooden-Regular2007

#12 Found This Random Statue

Image credits: Parkingjas

#13 Statue In My Home Town Made Of 100,000 Knives Removed From The UK Streets

Image credits: Astelerin

#14 This Statue, With Realistic-Looking Eyes And Teeth, Nightmare Fuel

Image credits: rybooooooooo

#15 There’s A Giant Statue Of An Eyeball Across The Street From The Restaurant I’m At

Image credits: ButZebrasCantSmell

#16 So Apparently, Stanford Has A Giant Statue Of A Greco-Roman Sandworm On Campus

Image credits: Skywalker_1881

#17 Officially The Creepiest Sand Sculpture At Revere Beach

Image credits: jaredmay76

#18 Campbell’s Soup Can With Pigeons In Québec City

Image credits: zhack_

#19 This Sculpture Of A Sunken Giant. Guatemala City

Image credits: unquestionablysober

#20 This Is Supposed To Be A Statue Of The Virgin Mary From A Sculptor Named Maria Scanu

Image credits: bendubberley_

#21 I Was In Prague And Saw This Sculpture In The Mall

Image credits: jamalthecat

#22 This Statue I Found While Visiting Italy

Image credits: YafetM

#23 The Homeless Jesus Sculpture, In The Grounds Of Christ Church Cathedral In Dublin

Image credits: Pixote23

#24 The Water Is Fine, Come On In

Image credits: malleeman

#25 A Sculpture In Sydney Called “Karma”

Image credits: bonaducci

#26 This Company Erects Statues Of Employees That Work At The Company For At Least 3 Years

Image credits: dauntedbox376

#27 This Statue In My Town Is Always Turned Back To You

Image credits: tacitmeniscus

#28 Mermaid-Man Sculpture

Image credits: cameron.stalheim

#29 Adding To The Sculpture Trend. Vancouver, BC

Image credits: aldulea

#30 I Took This Pic Of A Hyper-Realistic Statue In NYC Today, It Was Freaking A Few People Out

Image credits: ramblerandgambler

#31 This Weird-Looking Transformers Statue

Image credits: Legatus_Loki

#32 German City Of Karlsruhe Just Issued A Parking Ticket To Austrian Artist Erwin Wurm For One Of His Bent Car Sculptures

Image credits: aeonChili

#33 A Statue Hanging In The Cellar Of An Abandoned Castle

Image credits: neonroli47

#34 These Poorly-Made Tiger Sculptures At Night

Image credits: savage-dragon

#35 I Found This Beautiful Creature At The Sculpture Park

Image credits: EckisReckis

#36 Strange Statues, Norval Foundation, Cape Town

Image credits: Jack_Of_Blades_

#37 Giant Cheeto

Image credits: citizenrelations.canada

#38 I Stumbled Upon This Awesome Sculpture In A Forest

Image credits: paralemptor

#39 Thanks, I Hate Creepy Statues

Image credits: Wooden-Goat-3525

#40 Spiderman?

Image credits: eindeutscherblick

#41 What Happened To The Tinker Bell?

Image credits: OutOfContextMID

#42 Proposed Statue In My City. No One Can Agree On What It’s Supposed To Be Or Say

Image credits: dedelec

#43 Statue In Switzerland With A Codpiece So Prominent, It Almost Makes You Miss The Lion With The Shotgun

Image credits: saugoof

#44 When I Went To Switzerland And Happened To Look Exactly Like This Random Wood Statue

Image credits: Blueskyblonde

#45 My Unique Statue Contribution

Image credits: DeviENT_Girl

#46 This Light-Post Statue

Image credits: LessMochaJay

#47 I Raise You My University Sculpture In Front Of The Engineering Building, A Pile Of Canoes

Image credits: Fun_Performance_1578

#48 Found This Statue In A Mall In Seoul. I Think We All Know This Feeling

Image credits: TheMistah

#49 Vung Tau – Giant Lobster Sculpture

Image credits: UXNomad

#50 Uh, Australia, What’s With This Statue In The Middle Of Your Capital City?

Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

#51 This Humanoid Penguin Statue At My Local Hospital

Image credits: connordileo

#52 This Religious Statue Looks Like A Sinister Alien Creature

Image credits: butter_d

#53 Panda Statue In China

Image credits: tr2k8

#54 Giant Floating Baby Sculpture Titled “Planet” Is 9 Meters Long

Image credits: The-native-cdo

#55 In My Hometown There’s A Pet Shop Who Have This Sculpture At The Entrance. It’s 20 Years Old And They Paint Every Year With Different ‘Dog Breeds’

Last year the administration thought it was too ugly and asked to have it removed. The town fought back and the ugly dog is now back. I love it.

Image credits: minisimy

#56 On The Subject Of Sculptures, Here’s One In London

Image credits: honeybadger951

#57 Uhhhmm. This Is An Interesting Statue

Image credits: bobanab

#58 Seoul Definitely Has Some Quirks, Making Explore Seoul That Much More Fun

Image credits: margalit_omri

#59 Not Sure What’s Happening Here

Image credits: amandalikestheworld

#60 This Statue Is So Bizarre. I Love It. Sometimes I Like To Think It Stands Up At Night When No One’s Watching

Image credits: _16bit_nightmare_

#61 A Replica Of The Statue Of Liberty In Vietnam

Image credits: miaandsebastiantheme

#62 Cow In A Tree Sculpture

Image credits: mikko_kello

#63 This “Drowning Girl” Underwater Statue In Spain

Image credits: Iapoties

#64 Bull Fart Sculpture By Chen Wenling

Image credits: Chen Wenling

#65 This Statue In The Front Lawn Of New Construction In My Neighborhood. I Want To Party With This Guy

Image credits: villanuevahacienda

#66 The Eyes Of This Sphinx Statue In Muzeon Park

Image credits: Bado_catto

#67 This Chain Sausage Sculpture

Image credits: LFDT

#68 This Ronald McDonald Statue In Front Of The McDonald’s

Image credits: RecycledDonuts

#69 Parikkala Sculpture Park, Koitsanlahti, Finland

Image credits: YellowOnline

#70 This Cow Statue Outside A Creamery

Image credits: Unshvncaucasian

#71 Statues At A Bhuddist Temple In Japan

Image credits: you_ji_low

#72 This Statue In Chicago

Image credits: haley7

#73 Local High School Ordered A Bulldog Statue But Got This Pug Instead

Image credits: doctorbooshka

#74 I Saw A Horrible Sculpture

Image credits: TheGamerDragon2

#75 I Don’t Know Why, But This Sculpture Bothers Me A Lot

Image credits: PizpiTheCat

#76 There’s A Statue Trend? How About These Ones In Bangkok?

Image credits: schoonerw

#77 There’s This Statue By My Friend’s Office

Image credits: MickTheAnt

#78 I Found This Statue Apeeling

Image credits: altonbrownfan

#79 Statues Made To Look Like Native American And Cowboy Plastic Toys

Image credits: BItCloudo

#80 Project “Seeding”

Image credits: lindabakkeproductions

#81 My School Has A Sculpture Of The Piranha Plant From Mario

Image credits: Rookie556

#82 This Airport Sculpture Is A Corn Airplane

Image credits: TheForNoReason

#83 This Huge Sculpture At My Hospital

Image credits: yashedpotatoes

#84 A Guy Who Lives In My Block Proudly Owns A Life-Size Jar Jar Binks Statue

Image credits: kronograf

#85 Michael Jackson Wax Sculpture In Georgia

Image credits: Jolootje

#86 Me (Left) With A Statue Of My Ancestor In Southern Brazil

Source: boredpanda.com

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