85 Times Famous People Shared Brilliant Comebacks That Definitely Left A Burn

With the joys of social media, we also get a chance to glimpse into the glamorous celebrity life. In mere seconds, pop culture connoisseurs can briefly scroll through A-listers’ thoughts and discover some entertaining details. But if there’s one thing we love even more, it’s finding the most satisfying clapbacks to insults or unwelcome remarks.

After all, for every starstruck fan, there are at least two keyboard warriors who spew negativity only to stir some more drama into the pot. Whether they try (and fail!) to show off their wittiness or forget that behind every star lies an actual human being, some people almost beg to be put in their place. And the whole world gets to watch it happen.

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Let’s give a round of applause for the scathing tweets and sizzling burns from celebrities that left some seriously bruised egos, shall we? Our team here at Bored Panda has scoured Twitter to bring the most razor-sharp snapbacks ever composed in 280 characters. So grab your popcorn and pull your chair closer because we’re about to uncover some of the best and wildest cases. Then be sure to upvote your favorite entries, and share what you think of them in the comments!

#1 Dream Body. Danny DeVito

Image credits: inb5

#2 Sass Master James Blunt

Image credits: jthundersrocks

#3 This Moment Of History

Image credits: diplo

#4 Kendall And Kylie Jenner Were Selling Expensive T-Shirts Featuring Their Faces Over Images Of Famed Music Groups And Artists

Image credits: mrssosbourne

#5 Greta Thunberg Responds To Trump

Image credits: gretathunberg

#6 Anna Kendrick’s Clapback

Image credits: ulicain

#7 Zendaya Jokingly Claps Back At Eagle-Eyed Fan

Image credits: zendaya

#8 Lil Nas X Points Out Double Standard Between Straight And Queer Rappers

Image credits: drboycewatkins1

#9 Not All Of J.K. Rolwing’s Fans Agrees With Her, But She Couldn’t Have Cared Less

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Image credits: jk_rowling

#10 J.K. Rowling Is One Of The Queens Of Clapbacks On Twitter

Image credits: diegtristan8

#11 Don’t Mess With Pink

Image credits: King_Sullivan

#12 Trevor Noah Clapbacks At Ted Cruz

Image credits: tedcruz

#13 Terry Crews’ Response To A Fan Who Criticized Him For Not Taking A Picture With Her

Image credits: _ericabrianne

#14 Bullies Are Cowards

Image credits: huachinango83

#15 This Is A Beautiful Burn

Image credits: jamesblunt

#16 Cole Sprouse Had The Best Response To Bill O’Reilly Question

Image credits: BillOReilly

#17 Finn Wolfhard Roasted James Charles

Image credits: finnwolfhard

#18 This Response

Image credits: TheRoot

#19 Lebron James On President Donald Trump Uninviting Stephen Curry And The Warriors To The White House, After Curry Already, Announced He Would Not Attend

Image credits: kingjames

#20 Lili Reinhart Responded To Body Shamers Who Were Concerned About Her Weight

Image credits: lilireinhart

#21 Perfect Reply

Image credits: _rolIingstoned

#22 Piers, U’re Still Here?

Image credits: piersmorgan

#23 Lil Nas X With The Clapback

Image credits: schnatti00

#24 It’s Almost As If Sarcasm Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Image credits: EW

#25 Zendaya Slams A Body-Shamer On Twitter

Image credits: zendaya

#26 Someone Just Got Served

Image credits: bwebb56

#27 Lil Nas X Is Clapping Back To Boosie Badazz And Other Peers

Image credits: LilNasX

#28 Gigi Clapping Back At A Troll

Image credits: modelior

#29 Troll-Slaying Comeback

Image credits: jk_rowling

#30 Lizzo Claps Back At Men Who Use Her Name As An Insult To Women

Image credits: lizzo

#31 She Has No Time

Image credits: gagasapostle

#32 Gabourey Sidibe Couldn’t Have Cared Less About What Trolls Wrote About Her On Twitter

Image credits: GabbySidibe

#33 Lil Nas X Clapped Back At U.S. Governor

Image credits: govkristinoem

#34 A Twitter User Said That Michael B. Jordan Is A Short Guy Who Likes Anime And Lives With His Parents. Michael Tweeted This Back

Image credits: chrisfrom_216

#35 This Headline Was Trying To Call Lupita Nyong’o’s Brother, Peter Nyong’o, Out. But He Knows He Looks Good

Image credits: allafrica

#36 That Time When J.K. Rowling Trolled Donald Trump

Image credits: jk_rowling

#37 Less Pillowtalk, More Fighting Words

Image credits: Louis_Tomlinson

#38 Chrissy Teigen Shared A Photo Of Herself Nursing Her Newborn, But One Twitter User Commented That They Didn’t Want To See Celebrities Like Teigen Nursing. Teigen’s Reply:

Image credits: chrissyteigen

#39 Queen Of Clapbacks

Image credits: chrissyteigen

#40 Khloé Kardashian’s Haters Are Calling Her Out For Holding Her Daughter Too Much

Image credits: khloekardashian

#41 Rihanna’s Response After Amanda Bynes Tweeted “Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough”

Image credits: rihanna

#42 Lohn Legend’s Response After Donald Trump Referring To Chrissy Teigen As John Legend’s “Filthy-Mouthed [Sic] Wife”

Image credits: johnlegend

#43 Khloe Kardashian’s Response To Someone Calling Her Baby “Not Cute”

Image credits: khloekardashian

#44 Oh, Burn

Image credits: frankiemuniz

#45 Olivia Wilde’s Response To The Person Who Said She Looked Like A Pickle At The Golden Globes

Image credits: oliviawilde

#46 Anderson Cooper Being Amazing

Image credits: aandersoncooper

#47 Taylor Swift Responds To A Joke Made About Her In Netflix Show “Ginny & Georgia”

Image credits: taylorswift13

#48 Demi Lovato Fires Back After Halsey’s Referenced Demi Lovato’s “Cool For The Summer” As One Of The Songs That Depict Bisexuality As “Taboo”

Image credits: ddlovato

#49 Pink Tweeted This After A Troll Said Her Only Relevant Music Video Was With Christina Aguilera

Image credits: BICONlC

#50 Dwight Howard Disses Twitter Troll

Image credits: uHateBre

#51 Oprah Winfrey Snaps At Twitter User

Image credits: addonether

#52 Be Grateful

Image credits: rihanna

#53 Drops The Mic

Image credits: KimKardashian

#54 Hillary Clinton Served Donald Trump A Dish Of Knowledge

Image credits: HillaryClinton

#55 James Blunt’s Twitter Presence

Image credits: JamesBlunt

#56 This Never Gets Old

Image credits: hillaryclinton

#57 Halsey’s Response To Speculating Whether She Was Pregnant

Image credits: PerezHilton

#58 Patty Jenkins Slams James Cameron’s “Wonder Woman” Criticism

Image credits: PattyJenks

#59 Burrrrn

Image credits: kellyclarkson

#60 Well, This Was Embarrassing

Image credits: ActuallyNPH

#61 This Twitter User Asked If She’s Pregnant Only 4 Months After Welcoming Son

Image credits: chrissyteigen

#62 And He Shaded Her Back

Image credits: diplo

#63 Clearly She Looked At The Pages But Didn’t Read The Words

Image credits: jk_rowling

#64 Halle Bailey Clapbacked At Haters Who Accused Her Of Having Breast Implants

Image credits: hallebailey

#65 This Jake Paul Advice Fail

Image credits: gigihadid

#66 Kim Kardashian’s Response To Speculation That She Is Using Cocaine, Saying White Lines Seen On A Table

Image credits: Doirs19

#67 Chrissy Teigen Shut Down A Trump-Supporting Twitter Troll Who Said Her Life Had Peaked

Image credits: chrissyteigen

#68 Ariana Grande’s Response To TMZ Dragging Her Japanese BBQ Tattoo

Image credits: TMZ

#69 Kim Kardashian’s Response After Tabloid Calls Her Mother Kris Jenner “Chubby”

Image credits: KimKardashian

#70 Gordon Ramsay Just Being Himself

Image credits: gordonramsay

#71 Russell Westbrook Claps Back At All Time Hater Skip Bayless

Image credits: russwest44

#72 2 Snaps And A Clap

Image credits: kevinjames4good

#73 Savage

Image credits: KylieJenner

#74 Amber Rose’s Reply To Khloe Kardashian’s Tweet

Image credits: khloekardashian

#75 Clearly This Is The First Photo Of Chrissy This Individual Has Ever Seen

Image credits: chrissyteigen

#76 Donald Trump Jr. vs. John Legend

Image credits: DonaldJTrumpJr

#77 Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie Backlash

Image credits: bettemidler

#78 Twitter Fight Started When Ciara Dissed Rihanna On E!’s Fashion Police Show

Image credits: rihanna

#79 Nominee For Clapback Of The Year

Image credits: demi1220

#80 When Haters Started To Criticize Khloe Kardashian For Working Out With A Baby On The Way

Image credits: khloekardashian

#81 This Clapback

Image credits: MabuzaNonduduzo

#82 Wesley Snipes Invited Justin To Catch These Hands When Someone On Twitter Decided To Bring Up Wesley’s Decade-Old Tax Evasion Scandal

Image credits: wesleysnipes

#83 When Kim Kardashian Slammed Tabloid For Saying She Put North West In An “Inappropriate Corset”

Image credits: KimKardashian

#84 Haters Gonna Hate

Image credits: chrissyteigen

#85 Elon Musk Makes Bernie Sanders Regret Posting This Tweet

Image credits: SenSanders

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