85 Times Instagrammers Got Shamed For Their Ridiculously Over-The-Top Editing (New Pics)

Social media is like a funhouse mirror at times—it reflects reality, but often in a somewhat distorted way. That’s because a lot of people choose to alter their images. And while some keep it simple and realistic, others take it one—or three—steps too far.

Lots of examples of people going overboard with photo editing can be found on Instagram. They cover everything from extra smooth skin to enhanced body features that warp the objects around it, and so much more. We have combed through the platform to find images that best represent the distinction between Instagram and reality. Scroll down for the pictures and check out this post for more.

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#1 Abusing The Perspective Tool Gave Her A Terrible Side Effect

Image credits: AwarAddendum

#2 One From Linkedin, Terrifying

Image credits: Come_back_zinc_14

#3 Her Entire Instagram Page Is Like This

Image credits: shi7863

#4 Crypt Keeper Fingers

Image credits: mintvinylnirvana

#5 Instagram vs. A Reality Show On TV

Image credits: lololmiauw

#6 Pic She Posts vs. Pic Taken By A Fan

Image credits: loginpage

#7 They Even Shopped The Background

Image credits: shgrannn

#8 Instagram vs. Reality TV. She Claims To Be 27, But…

Image credits: LivinLikeASloth

#9 I Am Afraid

Image credits: cricketchubs

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#10 “Fashion Model” With 225k Followers. Last 2 Slides Is His Face Real Face

Image credits: Hardluck-Woman

#11 I Just Don’t Get How Anyone Finishes Editing This And Goes ‘Yep, That’s The Perfect Photo!’

Image credits: hazelinside

#12 Nice Phone

Image credits: WinterPlanet

#13 Small Head Syndrome Strikes Again

Image credits: 12mediumSizedDucks

#14 Uncanny Valley

Image credits: thedaniel_mendez

#15 Sometimes Skin Texture Gets Away From You

Image credits: flyingbunnyduckbat

#16 His Face Never Changes In Any Photo. It’s The Same Smooth Face Every Time. Found In The Wild

Image credits: MotherofPorgs

#17 Foundation So Good It Even Blurs Your Hair…

Image credits: Emerald_Mistress

#18 Her Post And Her Live

Image credits: Extra_Anywhere5901

#19 She Calls Herself A Greek Kim K

Image credits: Capital-Abies9458

#20 Seriously? This Is Getting Ridiculous. Do People Actually Believe This Bs?

Image credits: Morg172

#21 She Is So Gorgeous And Clearly Doesn’t Need Filters! Looks Stunning At 56

Image credits: cherry_cerise

#22 Dating Apps In Vegas Be Like

Image credits: digitecca

#23 Famous Singer Ages Gracefully, Yet Still Feels The Need To Filter Her Face To Oblivion

Image credits: hillbillyheartattack

#24 I Am Genuinely Confused About How Someone Can Edit Their Photos Like This And Think “Yep That Looks Good, I’ll Post It”

Image credits: InTheBinIGo

#25 This Guy Photoshops Himself Into A Different Person Every Time He Makes A New Post Lol

Image credits: Levangeline

#26 Online Dating Sucks

Image credits: Existing-Surround748

#27 A Little Bold Glamour At The Game

Image credits: faithgnomemore

#28 I Can’t Believe He Edits His Mom As Well, And On The Regular Too!

Image credits: RBBEnthusiast

#29 What Do Y’all Think

Image credits: gummychode

#30 The Realest Booty You Ever Did Saw

Image credits: Witch-MTN-VIII

#31 Posted vs. Tagged Videos

Image credits: Wolfstar96

#32 Hmmmm……

Image credits: PomegranateAfter5171

#33 Posted Photo vs. Tagged Photo

Image credits: Relevant_Pen_2502

#34 No, Humans Do Not Look Like Ethereal Pixie Fairy Bratz Dolls

Image credits: Unit-Double

#35 Photo vs. Video

Image credits: revenantcake

#36 “Throw Back 1989 I Was 19 Yrs Old”

Image credits: twentyninepearls

#37 Skin Texture Is The Reality

Image credits: ParchedCoverage

#38 Shared By A Former High School Classmate Who Sells Corsets While Also Being A Massage Therapist

Image credits: lemonpolarseltzer

#39 “They Can’t Compare To This Couple We Unstoppable.” …okay…

Image credits: FrostCA11

#40 When You Blend So Much Your Teeth Get Blurry

Image credits: throwawayaccount8649

#41 Finally A Realistic Photo With No Editing!

Image credits: joeltheconner

#42 Posted Selfies vs. Tagged Photos

Image credits: Wolfstar96

#43 “The Sexiest Tram Driver” In Town, Her Facebook vs. Newspaper Article Photo

Image credits: Beep-Beeps

#44 How Did She Not Notice?

Image credits: ccccccxy

#45 Is His Head Straight Up Photoshopped On?!? (Not Even Gonna Comment On Her)

Image credits: momma_ksr

#46 I Guess He’s Holding Onto…. Air?

Image credits: laurync_92

#47 Instagram Feed vs. Television Footage

Image credits: danielstrk

#48 When The Skinny Filter Chops Off A Toe…

Image credits: Kakorie

#49 This Is What One Of The Most Popular Magazines In The World Published Of A 67 Year Old Woman

Image credits: Grace5773

#50 The Comments Are The Cherry On Top

Image credits: ceejdw

#51 Taken The Same Day

#52 Found A Very Strange Arm In The Wild

Image credits: Afghan_Whig

#53 Imagine Trying To Pick Them Out Of A Lineup Going From An Instagram Photo … All Different Women Off Here Within The Last Month

Image credits: Dustyblonde_

#54 Makeup Artist Using Filters To Enhance Her Brides’ “After” Photos

Image credits: Willing_Asparagus_54

#55 I Don’t Know Why She Facetunes So Much, Everyone Knows What She Looks Like Irl

Image credits: andreeeeeaaaaaaaaa

#56 Lol

Image credits: Big_Establishment656

#57 I Didn’t Know Quality Protein Powder Could Remove Vital Organs

Image credits: srah42

#58 I’m So Sorry But This Is Not Ok He Makes Himself Look A Whole Generation Younger!

Image credits: milkandpineapple

#59 I Didn’t Realise Androids Needed To Eat And Drink

Image credits: RAtheThrowaway_

#60 Instagram vs. Reality TV

Image credits: MrsLibido

#61 We Can All Have This Postpartum Body With Just Bit A Little Hard Work And A Lot Of Photoshop

Image credits: young_effy

#62 “It’s Just Makeup”

Image credits: Utdredangel

#63 This Influencer Getting Called Out For Lying And Her Obvious Use Of Filters And Editing

Image credits: mistookan

#64 Eliminated All Skin Texture… But Kept Peach Fuzz?

Image credits: MuhBrandy

#65 “The Sexiest Doctor” In Our Country, Promo Shot For Reality TV Show vs. Her Instagram

Image credits: Beep-Beeps

#66 Comments Include Many “Perfect”’s And “Beautifuls”’s

Image credits: allsops

#67 Looks A Little… Off

Image credits: isabelhughess

#68 Ps2 vs. Ps5 Graphics

Image credits: Frosty_Stage_1464

#69 87,000 People Believe And Liked This? There’s No Way

Image credits: AmIAnymore

#70 Love It

Image credits: Grace5773

#71 She’s Shining Next To Him… Literally Lol

Image credits: Appliepie1010

#72 I Know She’s Open About Photoshopping, But That Still Doesn’t Make The Difference Between What She Posts vs. What Other People Post Of Her Any Less Jarring…

Image credits: 9021_hoe

#73 73. Definitely No Need For That Edit

Image credits: pppsl

#74 Found On Tiktok. This Woman’s Arms Bend To Fit Her Torso. Half The Comments Are About Not Eating As To Look Like Her

Image credits: BonnyDraws

#75 Instagram Selfies vs. Red Carpets

Image credits: agemsheis

#76 Do These People Never Stop To Think That The Lighting Looks Off?…

Image credits: Dustyblonde_

#77 From The Same Day. Her Insta vs. Pap Photos From Grammys

Image credits: nicky77477

#78 Photo Shared By The Girl (Interviewee) And The Guy (Interviewer)

Image credits: slendercrescents

#79 Ah, Yes A Normal Human Body

Image credits: -abby-normal

#80 (From A Foot Surgery Support Group) She Airbrushed Her Toe Wrinkles Out Wtf

Image credits: bitch_blvd

#81 If This Is Unfiltered, Then I Must Be A Supermodel…

Image credits: thatweirdvintagegirl

#82 “No Makeup” Yeah, Right

Image credits: lisscc

#83 “Twitter Influencer” Profile Pic vs. Verification Video

Image credits: ScoMosTravelAgent

#84 The Pool Bends At The Back. Why Sell Swimwear If It’s Not Even On Real Bodies?

Image credits: funeralxpeach

#85 Influencers “Digis” On Instagram vs. On Modelling Website

Image credits: mumtried

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