85 Times People Made Such Funny English Mistakes, Others Just Had To Share Them In This Online Group

One of the things that I love the most about the English language is that the spellings don’t always match the sounds they’re supposed to represent. It always kept me on my toes and constantly kept me curious to explore the depths of the language. Quirks, oddities, warts, and all. Just like all of you, I’ve had hilarious slips of the tongue (or rather the fingers when I’m writing), creating some truly bizarre sentences.

However, this article isn’t about small linguistic accidents—it’s about large English language fails and translation disasters. Grammar so broken, fixing it is more expensive than repairing your car. And the delightfully called ‘phuck ups,’ as the r/engrish subreddit describes them. It’s an online community that documents the most giggle-worthy times people messed up while writing. What can I say? My inner linguist is having a great time and I hope yours will, too, dear Pandas. So scroll down, have a read, have a laugh, and don’t forget to upvote your fave pics. If you’re feeling up for it, share your biggest English fail in the comments, though, no pressure if you’re feeling shy today.

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Oh, and do keep in mind that this entire article is done in the name of good humor and fun, dear Pandas. Nobody’s making fun of anyone who’s having a hard time learning English. It can be a very peculiar language to learn, hard to get to grips with, notoriously silly with its spelling system. I would know. Scroll down to find out my own experience with this.

I reached out to Lisa McLendon from the University of Kansas to hear her take about some of the challenges that foreign students face when learning English (spoiler warning: the “train wreck” that is spelling is just the tip of the iceberg), how spell check impacts us, and why English spelling is so peculiar. You’ll find Bored Panda’s interview with her below, so be sure to scroll down if you’d like to learn something new. Lisa is the William Allen White Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications and the Coordinator at the Bremner Editing Center at KU.

#1 “Under The Rest”

Image credits: MicrowavedToddler

Lisa, from the University of Kansas, told Bored Panda straight-up that the main challenge foreign students face when it comes to English is spelling. “English spelling is such a train wreck, with its myriad silent letters and wildly varying pronunciations for letters and letter combinations. But also, articles (a/an/the) tend to be difficult for people whose native language doesn’t have them, and our tense/aspect blend with combinations of auxiliary verbs makes the English verb system tricky even for native speakers sometimes,” she explained to Bored Panda.

I was interested to hear the expert’s take on spell check. She told Bored Panda that spell check is a great tool for catching typos and misspelled words. However, it’s not perfect. “Where it’s more of a curse than a blessing is with homonyms/homophones because it won’t flag a word that is a word, but not the word you want. Think affect/effect, who’s/whose, led/lead but also word pairs like form/from and not-synonyms like bemuse/amuse, etc,” she shared. Lisa added that anyone curious about the quirky world of spell check should definitely check out the #SpellCheckCannotSaveYou hashtag on Twitter.

#2 Grammarma

Image credits: Sheepapple00

#3 Tey Stolle Our Stuf!

Image credits: UH-OH-STINKYYYY

According to Lisa, English isn’t ‘spelled as it sounds’ for a lot of reasons. They’re mostly connected to when the words entered the language, where they came from, and when the spelling of a particular word was first ‘codified.’ I was curious whether a complete overhaul of the spelling system could make things easier for everyone or if it would lead to a loss of the language’s character that we love so much.

“People have proposed spelling overhauls before but they tend to not go anywhere, probably because it’s such a daunting project—could we all agree on what the changes would be?—and because then an entire body of texts would become basically a foreign language to the next generation. Many factors in addition to spelling contribute to a language’s ‘character,’ but some spellings do have echoes of archaic English—in my opinion it would be a little bit sad to lose some of that,” Lisa told me.

#4 You Is The Because

Image credits: Plus4lex44Plus

#5 Oh, Deer

Image credits: sohaur

#6 Me Too Broken Coffee Machine, Me Too….

Image credits: chowderpouch

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Personally, I had a difficult time spelling some words when I was a kid, learning my first words in English. For instance, I used to write ‘family’ with two y’s and ‘honey’ as ‘hunny’ like Winnie the Pooh does when I was a munchkin. And for the life of me, I couldn’t spell the word ‘beautiful’ because of how gorgeously long it was. Really, nine letters for something that essentially means ‘pretty?’

I didn’t give up, however. Through sheer force of will and lots of repetition, with the guidance of my parents and some very patient teachers at the Brussels American School, I finally tamed English. It fascinated me. It drew me in. And I couldn’t stop reading and writing ever since. And look at me now! Writing and amusing you Pandas for a living.

#7 Challenge Accepted

Image credits: oliver_oil-f

#8 Just Five More Minutes, Mom.

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 How Hard Is It?

Image credits: KoolIdiot

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is my understanding that the language can seem overly difficult—alien, even—to foreigners. I might laugh when I see a particularly silly mistake, but the gears in my noggin also immediately start turning, searching for the reason why someone made that particular error. Often, the mistake is very logical.

Someone may have misheard a word. Or tried to adapt some linguistic rules they already know to some phrases that are the exception. Translation’s also a tricky task to tackle, too. Syntax, the way you order words in the sentence, is vital.

#10 An Out Of Control Freezer

Image credits: baisemoirten

#11 Say It With Me!

Image credits: Krallorddark

#12 Taken From R/Memes

Image credits: NopeURGay

A translator who isn’t intimately familiar with English might throw the sentence together haphazardly, creating something incredibly humorous in the process. ‘Pandas like green bamboo shoots’ is very different from ‘bamboo shoots green like pandas’ after all. Note: unless you’re Master Yoda, syntax really is important.

It’s also something that you need to get to grips with through experience. Book smarts are great, but what you really need is a way to develop your linguistic intuition or instinct that’ll tell you when something sounds ‘off.’ What that means is actively engaging with the language: talking to native speakers, writing awesome short stories, watching English TV shows. In short, the more you embrace the language, the more you give yourself over to the wacky and wonderful weirdness that English is, the quicker you’ll adapt.

#13 …

Image credits: SuperSheep456

#14 Cute Pigs

Image credits: engelthehyp

#15 I Hope This Was Copy And Paste

Image credits: MY_NAME_IS_JET

The r/engrish subreddit has been around for quite a while now. It was created way back in the late September of 2008 and recently celebrated its 13th birthday. If the subreddit were a person, it would be going through puberty, going to the 7th or 8th grade, and trying to find themselves. Over the years, the community has grown to have over 625k members (or ‘Grammar Nazis’ as the community calls them).

The subreddit’s moderators ask their members to only post content that’s in English (sounds fair, given the name of the community), that they don’t feature any typos, and that they avoid posting examples where people deliberately made errors for whatever reason. In short, if it’s a hilarious English mistake, then it probably belongs on the sub. Granted, you should probably check and see if someone hasn’t already posted the photo or screenshot within the last half-year. The subreddit’s quite strict about managing reposts, you see.

#16 Rude And Unreasonable Chicken

Image credits: Izgoy

#17 D O N O T F O O D

Image credits: FoltyCZ

#18 No

Image credits: AstralLizardon

A while back, I spoke to Lisa from the University of Kansas about why we make English mistakes and mix up words. She told Bored Panda that we sometimes have “temporary blips” in retrieving the words we need. Especially when we’re stressed, tired, or just plain distracted.

“Because spell-check and autocorrect are everywhere, what seems to be the biggest problem is words that are spelled correctly but aren’t the right word, like ‘form’ instead of ‘from,’ ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its,’ or ‘defiantly’ instead of ‘definitely,’” Lisa explained to me earlier.

#19 English Level: Expert

Image credits: Skim_Cheese

#20 This Message On My Monitor

Image credits: XD-3CH0

#21 Very Wholesome Engrish

Image credits: lulala112

“Read carefully over what you’ve written, to make sure you—or autocorrect—didn’t use the wrong word or misuse an apostrophe. Know yourself well enough to know where you usually make mistakes. For instance, I frequently type ‘form’ when I mean ‘from,’ so whenever I finish a document, I do a search for ‘form’ so I can catch the wrong usages,” the language expert explained what we can do to reduce the number of errors in our texts.

“If your writing is going to be seen by a broader audience, have someone else read over it. When you’ve written something, your brain already knows what you’re thinking and what you meant to say, even if you didn’t actually say it. So when you read your own writing, you unconsciously fill in missing words, skip over typos, fail to see ambiguity, etc.,” she said.

#22 Some Sage Advice

Image credits: shajo777

#23 A Girl Or A Female

Image credits: ToneBone12345

#24 Washing Machine Is Done Apologizing

Image credits: Zuke020

“Another person, someone who sees only what’s on the page and not what’s in your head, can help you spot mistakes and improve your writing. This is especially important if you are carving something in stone or getting a tattoo with words in it,” Lisa suggested that we always have someone take a look at our writing if what we’re doing is incredibly important.

#25 Unyen

Image credits: The_Ellsworth_Show

#26 I’m Thinking I Need This Made Into A T-Shirt.

Image credits: insertwittymemehere

#27 A Title

Image credits: yeetus-that-featus

#28 Homophobia In Its Eyes

Image credits: Blind_Carrots

#29 I Wake Up, Watch Youtube, Then I Get This Message

Image credits: TheRandomizer03

#30 Wait Wha…

Image credits: SDeltaE

#31 Joe Is Biden?????

Image credits: Bruhnell

#32 Day Cake

Image credits: antiseptiplier_edits

#33 Oh No

Image credits: urnangay420blazeit

#34 Inhumane

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Drive Safe!

Image credits: -idk_my_name

#36 Don’t Do It

Image credits: Is0ra

#37 Saddest Food Ever

Image credits: wawawiwo

#38 Mom I’m Scared..

Image credits: Mamaaaaaaaat

#39 Ah Yes The Infamous Internet Hole

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Remember To Satanise Your Hands Kids!

Image credits: ImperialOverlord

#41 Michael Wave

Image credits: MythicMK

#42 The Laundry Room Has Been Too Holy Recently

Image credits: AtlasAndandroid

#43 It Makes You A Sentence

Image credits: marcbacus

#44 Peepi

Image credits: notsciguy

#45 From My Brother In China

Image credits: Aishas_Star

#46 Very Heartwarming

Image credits: HOEtasfuck

#47 Cauz Ur Building

Image credits: Revolutionary_Set207

#48 Men Is Too Headache

Image credits: xNooco

#49 Detergent

Image credits: keeda101

#50 I Love Going To The Bathroom In China

Image credits: larmageddonl

#51 Is That A Threat?

Image credits: medbawt

#52 Mail Or Femail

Image credits: Stefano420

#53 Face Required

Image credits: pyoid_loves_cats

#54 Comedi

Image credits: FunnyDifficulty6

#55 Nice Try, China

Image credits: Seller6969

#56 Dont Foret

Image credits: sanantonium

#57 This Questionnaire I Had To Fill In For My School

Image credits: superbay50

#58 Hmmmmmm

Image credits: mrcartertarrant

#59 To Punish And Enslave

Image credits: EdenSteinberg

#60 When The Engrish Is Actually Truthful

Image credits: reddit.com

#61 Bill Gets

Image credits: Wastelander_TR

#62 Found On Amazon

Image credits: _NeonLines

#63 Choose Your Fighter

Image credits: SystemOfaPawn

#64 I Love This Image

Image credits: DoubleSpook_

#65 I Am Car

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 Be Careful Whilst Walking, You Might Step Onto Some Democracy

Image credits: Zaritozic

#67 ??

Image credits: Rhino_Squatch

#68 When R/Technicallythetruth Meets R/Engrish

Image credits: laptopkek

#69 Hammed Burger 🙁

Image credits: TheTrainedArmy

#70 Spinch

Image credits: reddit.com

#71 This Is Why I Don’t Travel Internationally

Image credits: Rivalaia

#72 Turns Out Us British Can’t Speak English Either

Image credits: Doctor_Derpless

#73 3st

Image credits: Domenico-Mariani

#74 Open Your Mom Open

Image credits: hechang27

#75 Tic Tacs Disable Me

Image credits: LoquatMany8011

#76 Bobson Dugnutt

Image credits: MadDestoryer666

#77 Thank Sorry

Image credits: SledSurfer879

#78 Thought This Belongs Here

Image credits: FinleyCastello

#79 Do Not The Cat

Image credits: insertcoolusername89

#80 I’m Intimidated 🙁

Image credits: kaylafaisal

#81 Ironic That This Is In An English Test In My School.

Image credits: PALKONIK

#82 Does This Count

Image credits: Dimtar_

#83 Is It Really That Difficult To Spell Yard Sale Right?

Image credits: RainbowBrush

#84 Fork Wortor

Image credits: Fantastic_Mr-Fox_

#85 Rarted

Image credits: NovaaTheKid

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