86 Of The Best Pics From The ‘Gardening’ Online Group (New Pics)

Hello, fellow Hobbits, how are you? There’s nothing like spending a bit of time around plants to revitalize you. Whether you go on a daily walk along a forest trail or tend to your verdant garden at home, you Pandas know for a fact what kind of positive impact spending time surrounded by nature really has on us all.

That’s where the r/gardening subreddit comes in. A wholesome online community of over 4.8 million members, it is a celebration of everything to do with gardens, green thumbs, and caring for plants. Aside from all the gorgeous pics that you’re about to see, you can also bask in the fact that gardening is something that we can all learn how to do well. All it takes is patience, a willingness to embrace your mistakes, and a supportive environment full of folks who can’t wait to lend you a helping hand.

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Scroll down for some gardening goodness, upvote your fave pics, and tell us all about your relationship with the hobby in the comments, Pandas. What do you grow? How big is your garden? What’s your favorite plant and why? And when you’re done with this list, consider taking a stroll through Bored Panda’s earlier feature about the subreddit right over here.

#1 Two Years I Quit Drinking And Got Addicted To Something A Little Healthier. Transformed My Yard All Alone, Did The Same To Myself In The Process

Image credits: MackHarrison3260

#2 I Planted Bleeding Hearts Last Year Because My Wife Liked Them. She Passed Away In January. I Wasn’t Sure They Survived But My Son Took This Picture This Morning

Image credits: DadsRGR8

#3 The Lighting Must Have Been Just Right, I Managed To Snap This Photo Of My Roses And My Dog This Morning And Thought You All Might Like It

Image credits: dskentucky

Since the last time that Bored Panda wrote about the r/gardening subreddit, the community has grown by over 800k people. We’re incredibly glad to see that. We believe the sub is an incredibly wholesome niche on the internet because it helps people relax, gives them a space to be proud of their achievements, and offers a venue for all of that hard-earned gardening wisdom.

Meanwhile, the rest of the internet (us included) can borrow a bit of inspiration for our own plant projects. We might feel bad that we’ve been unable to take care of Succulent Number 39, but after going on r/gardening, we know not to give up.

#4 Blue Smoke Cactus

Image credits: SilverEyedFreak

#5 My Little Cactus Patch Has Turned Out Alright

Image credits: Rastapopolix

#6 My Most Prolific Bloomer This Year! This Orchid Has Over 96 Large Flowers And Buds And Is Still Producing More

Image credits: astutelyabsurd

In the lull between Bored Panda’s last feature about r/gardening, yours truly has improved a tiny bit. I’ve leveled up my green thumb and, this time around, the Hobbits might even let me back into the Shire!

My Ficus is doing way better than before, and the Zamioculcas I’m taking care of for my friend is flourishing. I’m no master gardener yet (far from it!), but I definitely feel more confident about what I’m doing. One of the first things I do after waking up is to check on my plants. Hopefully, one day, I’ll have my very own garden where I can grow everything that doesn’t mind being under- and over-watered.

#7 Ladies And Gentlemen, After 2 Years And 3 Failed Attempts… I Have Finally Grown Broccoli

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Victory_gin_19-84

#8 I’m Disabled And Live In A 12th-Floor Apartment But I Made A Garden Happen And I Love It So Much!

Image credits: CrazyCatLushie

#9 Something To Keep In Mind While Doing Spring Yard Work! Wrapping Tape Sticky Side Out Around The Ankles Seems To Work Pretty Good For Catching Ticks

Image credits: prolific_ideas

One of the moderators helping run the r/gardening subreddit told Bored Panda during an earlier interview that there’s no such thing as a green thumb or a black thumb. “Anybody can grow plants. Just a little bit of attention paid will yield results,” they told us.

“I started modding on /r/gardening after I asked the [head] moderator about a post not appearing or something, and he offered me a moderator position,” the mod, who wanted to stay anonymous, shared with Bored Panda earlier. Back then, over a decade ago, the sub had roughly 50k members.

#10 My Garden This Evening Finally Feels Like A Little Oasis

Image credits: theunlikelyfloof

#11 I Added A Moon Gate To My Backyard Japanese Garden, I’m Really Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: MannyDantyla

#12 Why Is That?

Image credits: Mikosu04

The mod explained that the popularity of the online community all comes down to how wholesome the members are. The huge following, according to them, is due to the “good nature of the gardening community that makes people sub and stick around.”

“We have, by choice, never been a front-page (default) subreddit, so subs here are not accidental. As mods, we’ve always had a tough but fair policy on user conduct—like all gardeners have to keep the weeds at bay from time to time.”

#13 Made A Seed Book From A Cd Case

Image credits: yabezuno

#14 Last Year, I Planted My First Roses Ever. This Is The Biggest Reward I Could Get!

Image credits: Global_Flamingo_3767

#15 Always Check Your Pots Before Planting!

Image credits: 18Equi

A while back, Bored Panda had a good long chat about taking care of plants with Kamilė Trakytė, the co-owner of the ‘Kambarinės gėlės’ plant shop. The plant collector and business owner explained to us that the main issue that her customers face is related to overwatering. The vast majority of the time, the problem is just that—people watering their plants way too often.

“People show their love for plants with too much attention and with too much water. Without knowing the subtleties related to the care of particular plants, it’s difficult to know how little water some of them require. People show their love with water, so ironically, they kill their plants with their love,” the plant expert shared with Bored Panda.

#16 Time To Get Juicing

Image credits: IVMRGREENXX

#17 Wanted To Share My Azalea

Image credits: ginylin83

#18 Before And After (3 Yrs, London, UK)

Image credits: SofiaFrancesca

“Root rot sets in and it’s hard to save plants that it affects,” she urged people living in colder climates not to give their plants too much water.

“I recommend getting to know each plant you grow. The recommendations to water a plant X times every Y weeks are usually ineffective because they don’t take into account the unique conditions in your home,” she said.

#19 A Plait Of Carrots That Grew In Our Garden

Image credits: Gia115588

#20 Life And Death At The Hardware Store

Image credits: Guygan

#21 The Results Of My Hard Work This Year. All Grown, Loved, And Dried By Me

Image credits: kaitie-babie

“So don’t spoil houseplants with too much water from the get-go. Usually, a plant tells you what it needs: if the leaves curl up, it wants water; if the plant becomes droopy and there are brown spots on the leaves, you’re giving it too much water,” plant shop owner Kamilė told Bored Panda.

“Potted plants get all of their nutrients from the soil we plant them in. They grow in a very constricted space, unlike in nature, where complex nutritional trades occur between different organisms. Every time you water a house plant, some of the nutrients get ‘rinsed out,’ and used up,” she urged people to not forget to fertilize their plants.

#22 My First Ginger Harvest

Image credits: TheBigBadBrit89

#23 Saw This On A Local Gardening Page! You Can Receive Free, Native Milkweed Seeds To Aid In Monarch Conservation!

Image credits: thirdcoastcottage

#24 Greenhouse Is Done! Now Its Time To Grow Grow Grow! 40 Antique Windows!

Image credits: Nor_Cal_Native

According to the plant expert, all-purpose fertilizers contain the three primary elements that house plants need. These are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

“Each of these nutrients has a different function. You can pick different fertilizers that contain varying proportions of these minerals to obtain different results. For instance, fertilizers with more Nitrogen will make plants bear more leaves. While more Phosphorus means more blossoms. But these considerations are secondary: all-purpose diluted synthetic or organic fertilizers do the job they need to do,” she said.

#25 Mum Has Gone A Little Tomato Crazy This Year!

Image credits: MattJak

#26 My Roses Four Years vs. Today

Image credits: RockyMountainOyster_

#27 My Husband Sent Me To Lowe’s For Plumber’s Tape. Alone

Image credits: Notnilc13

“If you’re having difficulties taking care of your plants, watching them wither can be a source of stress. Fortunately, in most cases, plants bring us joy. Especially in modern times when we find ourselves further from nature,” Kamilė shared her thoughts about how growing plants affect us. Taking care of plants at home can calm us, reduce our stress levels, and it almost works like a type of mediation that takes our minds off our problems.

#28 Bricks Painted Like Books As Garden Decor

Image credits: Qplus17

#29 I Thought I Would Share My Watering Can. It Was My Gram’s

Image credits: Luckygirl_2009

#30 Feeling Like A Rich Girl Because The Peony Patch I Started 4 Years Ago Is Now Paying For Itself

Image credits: MDMSLL

“Studies show that it takes around 100 plants in a 10 square meter area to significantly freshen the air there. It’s much easier to improve the air quality in your home by opening up the window. A plant might not freshen your air much, but it will almost definitely bring you joy and calm. And it’ll help you become more disciplined as you take care of it and learn more about it.”

#31 Bodacious

Image credits: burnin8t0r

#32 Another Year, Another Full Bloom

Image credits: Nagary

#33 My First Ever Giant Sunflower Is Starting To Open Up

Image credits: constellationkaos

#34 The Biggest Potato I’ve Grown This Year

Image credits: juujbeans

#35 From My Minnesota Garden — Ranunculus, Peonies, Iceland Poppies, Lilacs, Anemones, Aquilegia, Orlaya, Spirea

Image credits: levi_joseph

#36 Whenever My Wife Gets The Mail, She Comes Back Grinning

Image credits: ten_tons_of_light

#37 My Niece Loves Rainbows And I Love Gardening (And Rainbows)

Image credits: Nimalla

#38 Picked These Up Today From A Local Fb Garden Group. They’re Called Poached Eggs? So Cute

Image credits: willowthemanx

#39 My 3 Year Old Climbing Roses

Image credits: cosmicposh

#40 Enjoying My Husband’s Hard Work Today

Image credits: ContactIll35

#41 Texas Heatwave Harvest – Tomatoes And Jalapeños

Image credits: ATX_Gardening

#42 How Old Are These Aloe Plants? Person In Photo Is About 5’7″

Image credits: queenofdiscs

#43 One Of Our Little Organic Farmers! Giving A Damn And Doing What Is Right Are Rewards In Themselves. – Eliot Coleman

Image credits: TerpSniffler

#44 A Glimpse Of My Garden

Image credits: biborno

#45 Our Garden. No Plant Purchases This Year, My Wife Germinated Everything From Seed

Image credits: Mhinc

#46 My Hydrangea Bush’s Color Continuum

Image credits: 4m2r0s

#47 Absolute Perfection

Image credits: mazekeen19

#48 I Have Never Been So Happy To See Seeds In My Entire Life. Home Depot For The Win!

Image credits: fkmeuntilicecream

#49 Homegrown Carrot

Image credits: Natalina__

#50 Moss Garden I Put Together Using Moss Collected From Parking Lots

Image credits: GuitardedAndBroke

#51 Everything Is Suddenly Blooming!

Image credits: captain-marvellous

#52 If You Build It, They Will Come

Image credits: vulnerabledonut

#53 Another Excuse Not To Cut The Lawn Today

Image credits: katya1730

#54 Made A Tart From A Key Lime Tree I Grew From Seed 9 Years Ago

Image credits: Cosmos_908

#55 2015 vs. 2022

Image credits: SnooHedgehogs8338

#56 Never Done This Before.. Wondering If Anyone Will Take Some!

Image credits: hmsbeagle00

#57 My Mother’s Garden/Pond/Chicken Coop

Image credits: HuntOk1001

#58 Before And After Of Our Medicinal Herb Garden

Image credits: KauaiBotanicals

#59 How To Garden

Image credits: Cookingincincy

#60 After 3 Years, My Blood Orange Tree Had Its First Harvest! About 30 Oranges!

Image credits: BakingBadger

#61 I No Longer Have Sunflowers…

Image credits: whitewitch1913

#62 Just Did A Delivery To A Customers House, Had To Take A Picture Of Their Wisteria… Wow

Image credits: WildOutlandishness40

#63 About 18 Months Between These Two Pictures!

Image credits: Melon-Cola

#64 Left A Patch For The Bees

Image credits: tabarwhack

#65 My Hydrangeas Can’t Decide What Colour They Should Wear This Year

Image credits: zfnldr

#66 Finally Cleared Enough Ivy To Get Into One Of The Old Overgrown Greenhouses On My Land. Jackpot!

Image credits: PorschephileGT3

#67 I Built A Greenhouse Out Of Reclaimed Materials, How Did I Do?

Image credits: hagemeyp

#68 My 7-Year Old Helped Us In The Garden Today. She Snuck This Note And Bouquet Onto My Nightstand

Image credits: parothed28

#69 My Grandma In Front Of Her Forsythia. She Is Very Proud Of Her Plants

Image credits: zeek1999

#70 Has To Be The Most Oranges I’ve Ever Had On One Branch

Image credits: Aakamal24

#71 Before And After! 2 Year Update On My Super Tiny Walled Garden. It’s My Favorite ‘Room’ In The Apartment. I Feel So Lucky

Image credits: fae_forge

#72 Happy Hosta

Image credits: pmcdny

#73 Glass Gem Corn That My Mum And I Grew In South East England

Image credits: juniperarms

#74 My Mother-In-Laws Lemon Tree Made A Interesting Hybrid

Image credits: ms_og195

#75 I’m Usually Just A Lurker Here But This Baby Just Bloomed Last Night And Had To Share

Image credits: KvotheStormbringer

#76 My Uncle Grows Organic Red Rice Just For His Family

Image credits: nothataylor

#77 First Berry Harvest!

Image credits: TheBirdmann

#78 I Don’t Mean To Brag, But Bees Love Me

Image credits: LukeVenable

#79 My Peace Of Heaven

Image credits: perizovats

#80 Hi Guys, My Garden Comes From Vietnam. Nice To Meet You

Image credits: Alice-James002

#81 These Are Apparently “Weeds” But They Make My Backyard Look Magical

Image credits: im-still-right

#82 All From My Grandma’s Trees

Image credits: SirMattzilla

#83 My Wife Thinks I’m Crazy. This Past Year We Harvested At Least 400 Lbs Of Potatoes And 100 Lbs Of Jalapeños

Image credits: corefear

#84 Lupinus From Our Garden

Image credits: NulloK

#85 First Blueberry Harvest Of The Year!

Image credits: silasdelk98

#86 After 22 Years Of Apartment Living, This Is Now My House

Image credits: idk0897

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