86 Of The Worst Examples Of Food Shared In The “Food With Threatening Auras” Group

We’ve had cats with threatening auras. Bedrooms. Texts. Even toilets. It’s about time we moved to the kitchen, don’t you think?

There’s a Facebook group called ‘Foods with threatening auras’ and its 84,000 members will make you feel like a master chef in no time.

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From burnt dinner to stomach-cramp-inducing recipes, the pictures they share perfectly illustrate that cooking is a crazy adventure, and no two people have the exact same understanding of it.

So prepare your taste buds for a wild ride and continue scrolling to check out the images!

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#1 See, Americans Made This For Shock Value.. Beans On Toast Is Meant To Be An Actual Thing

Image credits: Christine Louise

#2 I Think It’s Still A Bit Undercooked

Image credits: Renan Geerald Sebastian Reyes

#3 Found On Twitter

Image credits: Tito Meza

#4 Spotted While Scrolling

Image credits: Matthew Sherman

#5 This Is An Easy 10/10

Image credits: Carlos Zavala

#6 Vegans Be Like “It Tastes Just Like A Meat Hot Dog!”

Image credits: Zach Newman

#7 Honestly, Tho… Might Be Into That

Image credits: Alicia Jones

#8 I Had Context But You Don’t Get To Have It

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Nathaniel Buchert

#9 “Honey Are You Feel Ok? You’ve Barely Touched Your Boot Beans”

Image credits: Annie TuLiuie

#10 Mom’s Spaghetti

Image credits: Lexy Newby

#11 This Is Actually A Traditional Food In Romania, Called “Mici”

Image credits: Fran Kittens

#12 I Bet The Bestseller Is Large And Hot

Image credits: Tito Meza

#13 Mmm… My Favorite *excited Anteater Noises*

Image credits: Geoffrey Milder

#14 Hmmm….

Image credits: Andrei Jasfien Baring

#15 It Would Be Great If It’s A Ranch

Image credits: Michael Juan

#16 Chicken Fries With The New Smokey Flavor!! Only At Kurger Bing

Image credits: Kayla Gignac

#17 But… You’d Have To Try It. What If It’s A Heavenly Creation?

Image credits: Iesha Young

#18 That’s A New Way To Serve Gravy!!

Image credits: Shelby Kay Mckee

#19 My Eyes

Image credits: Phélix Phruitier

#20 I’d Pet It

Image credits: Veronica Borovina

#21 Ok This One Is Actually Cool

Image credits: Tito Meza

#22 So Much Work, So Little Reward

Image credits: Brooke Ann

#23 What A Terrible Time To Have Eyes

Image credits: Elle Bee

#24 I Sincerely Hope This Is Fake

Image credits: Carly Thompson

#25 Don’t Panic Guys… It’s Just Fried Meat With Unidentified Sauce

Image credits: Michael Twister

#26 Follow Up For All You Haters Hahahaha! All It Needs Is Somewhere To Melt The Cheese And It Would Be Perfect

Image credits: Christine Louise

#27 My Mother Did Not Appreciate It

Image credits: Raymond Renaud

#28 You Could Trick Your Kiddo Into Taking Their Medicine Like This

Image credits: Katelin Rayment

#29 There It Is. That’s It. That’s What We Be Talking About

Image credits: Quentin Le Fur

#30 Legend Was Saying “Grandma Was Looking For Her Glasses During Hours”

Image credits: Phélix Phruitier

#31 “Enticing Tub Of White”

Image credits: Megan Nall

#32 This Is What It Means To Go To Flavor Town

Image credits: Dillon Metcalfe

#33 Keto

Image credits: Billie Watson

#34 That Is Some French Cooking Alright

Image credits: Aaron Johnson

#35 Ah The End Of Evangelion

Image credits: José Maradiaga Aguilar

#36 Threat More Like Treat

Image credits: Leonardo Murillo

#37 This Requires Intestinal Fortitude And Prolly Is Worse Than 2 Years Unwashed Socks

Image credits: Bobby Bee

#38 I Reroasted My Marshmallow Because I Wanted More Crusty Bits

Image credits: Teresa Angel

#39 I Need This

Image credits: Steven Proto

#40 Pasta Dispenser

Image credits: Zion Angeles

#41 Tea Is A Drink. This Is A Food(?) Failed At Tea

Image credits: Daniel Gornik

#42 Leave Out Tasty Snack For Delivery Person

Image credits: David Santoro

#43 Them Seeds Betta Chill

Image credits: Tiffany McCullough

#44 Grasshopper Pizza! I’d Eat It

Image credits: Chris Confrey Tjärnlund

#45 Take It To The Car Wash. They Always Take My Antenna Off

Image credits: Kenneth Smith

#46 Not Kosher At All. May Yahweh Have Mercy On Your Soul

Image credits: Michael Grant

#47 It’s Not Even Cooked Yet, They Just Rolled Out Around On The Stove To Get That Wonderful Color

Image credits: Caitlyn Scott

#48 This Is Some Connecticut Nonsense. I Just Know It.

Image credits: Casey Jane

#49 Thats Not Ok

Image credits: Caroline Karmy

#50 I’m Selling This Baby Mameluke. For Inquiring Dm Me

Image credits: Antonio Eduardo

#51 Only Way To Achieve Full Enlightenment

Image credits: Kira Williams

#52 Made My Wife A Birthday Cake From Scratch. Lemon Cake With Raspberry Frosting. Didn’t Know You Were Supposed To Let The Cake Cool

Image credits: Dingus Mingus Esparza

#53 My Aunt Had A Disaster Today , Absolute Vegetable Carnage

Image credits: Tressa Lei

#54 From Another Group On Cleaning

Image credits: Connie Kilbride

#55 Food With Threatening Areolas

Image credits: Jennifer Fowler

#56 A Cheeseburger

Image credits: Tressa Lei

#57 Some Dishwasher Water And Bliss

Image credits: Juanca Ramirez

#58 Pretty Sure The Sausage Guy On Youtube Has Made This Abomination Before

Image credits: Daniel Rowley

#59 Leguette

Image credits: Fran Kittens

#60 Thumb With Threatening Aura

Image credits: Joe Christopher Rudowicz

#61 Who Designed These Poptarts?? They Looked So…..diseased

Image credits: Lida Huynh

#62 He’s Emo

Image credits: Nathaniel Broadus

#63 I Swear It’s Gravy

Image credits: Cass Lung

#64 With Ice Please

Image credits: Samuel Poirier

#65 Classic Steak & Banana, Slathered In Ketchup

Image credits: Ics Jess

#66 Forbidden Pasta

Image credits: Taryn Jaide Miller

#67 From A Depression Meal Group

Image credits: Caitlin Snow

#68 I Don’t Think They’re Supposed To Bend That Way

Image credits: Bazoon Zoon

#69 I Made My Mom A Lemon Vanilla Bunt Cake With Raspberry Jam And Lemon Buttercream Frosting Stare Upon The Bleeding As*hole Cake And Weep.

Image credits: Sage McGil

#70 I Was Having A Good Day, We Were All Having A Good Day

Image credits: Jess Rod

#71 Freshly Regurgitated

Image credits: Oscar Smith

#72 This Is A Serious Post

Image credits: Megan Gudeahn

#73 Eh, I’d Try It

Image credits: Zac Arnold

#74 This Pie Needs To Calm The Hell Down

Image credits: Britta Britta

#75 Put Them In Frozen And They Might Come Out Mashed

Image credits: Johanna Crouse

#76 I’ve Always Wanted A Car With The Nacho Bar From 711 Built-In!

Image credits: Devin Stuller

#77 KFC : Kung-Fu Chicken

Image credits: Phélix Phruitier

#78 Harvested From The Public Ash Pans

Image credits: hristopher Cloninger

#79 Breakfast Is Ready!

Image credits: Bakho Sabas

#80 Is That A Blizzy Glizzy?

Image credits: Jonathan Burdette

#81 I Agree, Why Would You Move Someone’s Mail Into The Hotdog Dropbox

Image credits: Amy Reilly

#82 You Will Never Know How Much This Made My Day

Image credits: Elle Bee

#83 “Take This Lettuce, It Is My Body.”

Image credits: Geoffrey Milder

#84 New Fear Unlocked

Image credits: Rubén NM

#85 Observed In The Wild. (2017, Morgantown, West Virginia, Out Front Of A Lowe’s)

Image credits: Jake Guzan

#86 Sweet Breads Tacos?

Image credits: Jennifer Fowler

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