86 Posts That Unfortunately Prove Just How Old We Are, As Shared On This Online Group

If not for the three grey hairs peeking out, I’d feel as fresh as new. It seems like only yesterday we’d drink Capri Sun, burn CDs and listen to the Smashing Pumpkins. Speaking of the latter, kids these days call it “dad rock,” and how can you blame them?

The oldest of Gen Z, aka the newest generation that was born between 1997 and 2012, is now 24. No, it’s not you who are 24, it’s the kids who have no clue what “pick up the phone” means.

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So today, we’re diving deep into the world of no illusion, ready to face one fact we all dread (hence the booming skincare industry among millennials!)—we are old. Thanks to the corner of Reddit ‘Heck I’m Old,’ we have a collection of posts to make you feel not just old, but rather ancient. “When you look at kids nowadays and see their music you can’t help but think of how everything is old,” says the group’s description and from what you see below, they ain’t lying.

#1 I’m Just Going To Leave This Here

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#2 The Struggle Is Real

Image credits: codespair

#3 Just Pause Duh

Image credits: iKONIC-ONCE

#4 Ah Nostalgia….

Image credits: reddit.com

#5 “I Grew Up With No Internet” Starter Pack

Image credits: Halfang

#6 Beware This Man

Image credits: IncredibleCulk

#7 Never Failed

Image credits: nmsjtb0308

#8 You Might Be Old…

Image credits: garvisgarvis

#9 Zoom Meetings!

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: mark30322

#10 That’s Relatable

Image credits: julianvgs

#11 Doc Brown And Marty Mcfly Still Here, Together, In 2021

Image credits: tandyman234

#12 Afv Anyone?

Image credits: iKONIC-ONCE

#13 Good Morning

Image credits: _troyjohnson

#14 This Feeling All Of The Time

Image credits: ag425

#15 Internet Is For The 1 Percenters

Image credits: iKONIC-ONCE

#16 Who Else Had These Exact Same Speakers?

Image credits: patoarvizu

#17 I Feel This Deep In My Soul

Image credits: KPMoore8

#18 I Resemble That Remark

Image credits: TheCatWhisprer

#19 Phoebe’s Baby Is A College Grad

Image credits: texasbluemoon

#20 I Consider This A Small Victory

Image credits: ag425

#21 What Else?

Image credits: Technical-Earth-9959

#22 I’m Old I Remember Having One Thinking It Was So Cool

Image credits: dogfartsnkisses

#23 Well, This Is The New Metric For How Old We Are, I Guess

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#24 We All Knew This Day Would Come

Image credits: ag425

#25 I Remember!

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 This Cut Me Deep

Image credits: dmimno

#27 Aww

Image credits: intelinsidecore

#28 Stolen From Facebook

Image credits: cabeachgal

#29 I Was 20 When It Aired And God, Do I Still Feel Old….

Image credits: SortaBad

#30 Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Is Now Older Than He Was At The Time Of His Death. She’s 28, He Died At 27

Image credits: bdd1001

#31 Some Redditor Is Mocking His Dad For This 80’s Handset That’s Plugged Into His iPhone. All I Can Say Is, That Looks Amazingly Comfortable….

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#32 Old School Uncool

Image credits: ag425

#33 Anyone Else??

Image credits: thewickednoodle

#34 In The ‘80s, TV Stations Just Turned Off Late At Night. No Infomercials, Nothing. Just This

Image credits: Zero_C00L_

#35 Does Anybody Else Remember These Lift-Top Beasts?

Image credits: ModernMoloch

#36 Pretty Much!

Image credits: simoncholland

#37 This One Hurt

Image credits: iretch

#38 That Moment…

Image credits: mark30322

#39 70’s Kids Checking In

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#40 Netflix

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Was It A Nokia Or A Razr You Had?

Image credits: DogRoscoe

#42 After 9 And On The Weekends Plus $.10 Texts

Image credits: t-uli

#43 Never Failed

Image credits: Curious-Try-7805

#44 An Ancient Artifact From A More Civilized Time

Image credits: ameen__shaikh

#45 Imagagin Covid03

Image credits: mark30322

#46 My High School Class Yearbook Is Now On Display At The County Historical Museum. I’m 42

Image credits: mattjh

#47 In The Simpsons Episode Where Lisa Is Shown Her Future, The Future Is 2010

Image credits: pshipdestroyer

#48 Strolling Through Google Maps And Looking At The Houses Of Kids I Played With As A Kid. I Was There When They Planted That Pine Tree. It Was 2 Feet Tall And We Used To Jump Over It

Image credits: Azar002

#49 We Are Now As Far From The 80, As The 80′ Was From The 1940’s

Image credits: mark30322

#50 Pink Floyd::pride

Image credits: cabeachgal

#51 This Is Over 20 Years Ago

Image credits: ohsureyoudo

#52 My, How Time Flies

Image credits: ocular-pat-down

#53 Anyone Else Unable To Resist The Urge To Touch It When It Was Red Hot? Just Once, Of Course?

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#54 F**k He’s Right

Image credits: mediumwilly

#55 Boomers Unite!

Image credits: BloodyMorgan

#56 Joe Biden Is So Old, The First Time He Ran For President, If He Would’ve Won He Would Have Succeeded Ronald Reagan

Image credits: Rick–Diculous

#57 That 70s Show Was Made Longer Ago Than The Difference From When It Was Set

Image credits: DrDalenQuaice

#58 This Is True

Image credits: Sparklefanny_Deluxe

#59 20 Years Down The Memory Lane

Image credits: TheFanaticGiant

#60 Whoa

Image credits: PhoneJazz

#61 I’m Officially Old

Image credits: eventgirl37

#62 Who Remembers These Scratch And Sniff Stickers… I Got The Pickle One Once In 1985 I Remember (First Year Of School)

Image credits: mark30322

#63 Terminator 2 Is 30 Years Old This Year!

Image credits: Bret_Riverboat

#64 Cole Sprouse Who Played Ross’s Son On Friends Is Now The Same Age As David Schwimmer When He Played His Dad

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 We All Have, Buddy

Image credits: Snickers81

#66 Roll Up Your Puffy Sleeves!

Image credits: CentralToNowhere

#67 Found In The Attic…

Image credits: Whiskey-Particular

#68 Car Cassette Adaptor

Image credits: toni_bmw

#69 The Infant (Played By Sophia Coppola) That Was Baptized In “The Godfather”, Turns 50yo Next Year

Image credits: purgatoryms

#70 Tommy Lee Jones Is 75

Image credits: mark30322

#71 Johnny Knoxville Is 50

Image credits: KirbyAWD

#72 A Working Phone Booth!?!

Image credits: egoe85

#73 What’s The Time? Let Me Check My Swatch, The Ultimate 80’s Watch!

Image credits: GunSaleAtTheChurch

#74 Today, My Dad Passed Away. When We Got Home And Were Sort Of Aimlessly Looking Through His ‘Computer Room’ I Came Across This And Was Instantly Transported Back To When Dial Up And Aol Where The Thing. I’m Old

Image credits: vandal_taking_handle

#75 Ah, The Golden Era Of Gaming!

Image credits: LemoLuke

#76 I’m Thinking Of Someone Who Is Right Now As Old As I Was When This Song Came Out, And Then Thinking Of 2004 And It Is Not Going Well

Image credits: ag425

#77 Ralph Macchio Is Currently 59. Pat Morita Was 51 When ‘The Karate Kid’ Came Out

Image credits: whysosidious69420

#78 …and It Was Usually Followed By Hee-Haw

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#79 Today 21 Years Ago The Real Slim Shady Lp Came Out. I’m Old!

Image credits: maartje2302

#80 Bindi Irwin, The Late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwins Daughter

Image credits: RattyJ

#81 “Mclovin” From Superbad Turns 40 Today

Image credits: So_Do_You_Like_Stuff

#82 I’ll Just Leave This Here

Image credits: Cyber_Cypher1311

#83 I’ve Carried The Same Umbrella In My Car For 26 Years. It Was A Baseball “Umbrella Night” Giveaway In 1995

Image credits: AFCBlink

#84 This Hurts

Image credits: Tallgirl4u

#85 Pain

Image credits: faux_noodles

#86 Kurt Loder Is 74

Image credits: klsi832

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