87 Evil Geniuses Who Pretended To Be Someone Else And Got Away With It

We all want to find our identity. To capitalize on it. For some, it can take a lifetime. For others, mere seconds. Even if it doesn’t belong to them.

There is a subreddit called r/ActLikeYouBelong and it has 520K members. Why so many, you ask? It shares stories, pictures, and videos of people pretending to be someone they’re not!

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From a man posing as a delivery driver and stealing beer to a girl faking her way into a music festival as a photographer, you’ll be surprised how many of these evil geniuses get away with it, too.

#1 Youtube Streamer Pretends To Play Ufc So He Could Stream The Entire Ppv Without Being Copyrighted

Image credits: howaboutthatgod

#2 Dad Couldn’t Get A Reservation At A Restaurant, Calls Back Pretending To Be Prime Minister Of Morocco. Gets Best Seat In The House And Signs A Plate For The Chef

Image credits: SillyAmerican

#3 Man Brings Life Jacket, Nerf Guns, And Vacuum To A 2nd Amendment Protest

Image credits: Coffee-Infinite

#4 If It Was A Popeyes Then I Would Too

Image credits: Thumbs0fDestiny

#5 Back When Aol Was A Thing

Image credits: ForeignFlash

#6 Can Substitute Uniform For Clipboard

Image credits: wsbtv

#7 Getting Backstage With Wikipedia

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 This Lady Was In A Search Party Looking For… Herself!

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 Daron Malakian (Guitarist Of System Of A Down) Pretending To Be A Random Fan And Telling A Magazine How Great The Band Is (1999)

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Image credits: Mennyt

#10 It’s Cold Outside And I Was Tired Of Standing. Found A Pen And Paper And Now I’m With Stats And Press

Image credits: icebergelishious

#11 Spotted This One Out In The Wild

Image credits: Bueller_Bueller16

#12 The Madlass Thief

Image credits: Nazikiller____

#13 Women Are Not Allowed To Attend Soccer Matches In Iran. 5 Girls Sneak In Azadi Stadium In Disguise To Celebrate Persepolis Championship In Iran’s Persian Gulf Pro League

Image credits: poop_creator

#14 Commit To The Bit

Image credits: nickblackerbycomic19

#15 Snuck Into Vip Section Of A Concert. We Noticed The Special Wristbands Looked Awfully Simaler To Our Water Bottle Wrappers

Image credits: MarculCarcus

#16 Nothing To See Here Just A Very Realistic Mannequin

Image credits: livingnitemare99

#17 Snuck Into A Festival Using Bottles Of Water And A Hi Vis Vest

Image credits: Kool_kid_cal

#18 The Story Of Emmanuel Nwude And The Imaginary Airport Isn’t As Simple As Those Emails You Get From Time To Time Asking For Your Bank Details, But The Essential Elements – Nigeria And Scamming Are Present And Correct

Image credits: code_punk_

#19 A Few Years Ago I Impersonated A Journalist To Get Into Bernie Sanders’ Press Conference For The Release Of His Book, Got On TV, And Then Told Him Afterwards What I Did

Image credits: TriedForMitchcraft

#20 The Ol Miss Frizzle Disguise

Image credits: patred6

#21 I Was Cleaning The Basement And Found This. My Daughter And Her Boyfriend Made These And Walked Right Into A Concert. No Questions Asked.

Image credits: Naptownfellow

#22 I Give Y’all Permission Too

Image credits: pinkbats

#23 My Dad Disguising Himself To Get In The Yearbook Twice (1980s)

Image credits: Claude_Depussy

#24 Mad Lad Eats For Free

Image credits: Wooodstoked

#25 The Day I Pretended To Be Tmz To Get This Photo Of Tom Hiddleston.

Image credits: sammiesaxon

#26 Mom Of The Year Or…. Dad Of The Year ?

Image credits: loopyboy55

#27 Looking Out For Real Brothers

Image credits: rackoon_3

#28 Comedian Gallagher Saw Me Signing To My Deaf Son In Front Of The Stage At His Show In Alaska And Assumed I Was An Interpreter For Him. I Signed The Whole Show On Stage (Me Far Left)

Image credits: timothyjweiss

#29 One Of The Largest Actlikeyoubelong Operations In History

Image credits: thingy237

#30 Credit To U/Gardenley

Image credits: Jokbok

#31 That Will Be 9.95$ With Senior Discount

Image credits: nypost

#32 Man Stole $122m From Facebook And Google By Sending Them Random Bills, Which The Companies Dutifully Paid

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#33 Pretend To Be A Cop? Get Arrest By An Off Duty One.

Image credits: prisongovernor

#34 This Kid From My School Is An Absolute Legend. Just Read The Caption Below The Picture.

Image credits: senan3touchdowner

#35 There’s Brazen And Then There’s This

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Trying To Convince My Dad To Sneak Into A Cubs Game As Joe Maddon

Image credits: th3crimsonking

#37 My Friend And I Pushing Stock Around Walmart In Yellow Vests. We Don’t Work At Walmart.

Image credits: GreenKeel

#38 Me With An Inside-Out Vest Covered In Painter’s Tape, My Mom’s Toolbag, A Clipboard With Miscellaneous Marine Documents And Some Bullshit Charts, And A Hardhat On – Nearly Making It Into A Marine Scrapyard Completely Unnoticed

Image credits: soosbear

#39 I’m 15 And I Snuck Into An Invite Only Chance The Rapper(My Favorite Artist Ever) Event As A “Photographer.” I Just Walked In With My Camera With No Questions Asked. Shook His Hand And Exchanged Hellos.

Image credits: ramatron80

#40 My Dad Snuck Onto Stage After Tailgating All Day Without A Ticket For The Singing Of ‘We Are The World’ At Live Aid Philadelphia In 1985 (In The Red Collared Golf Shirt)

Image credits: vjohnston15

#41 Just Doing Some Gardening

Image credits: ravioli_ravioLj

#42 A Powerful Weapon In Your Arsenal

Image credits: SUN_DREAM

#43 If Anyone Asks If You’re A Celebrity, Say Yes And Play Along.

Image credits: PenisPapercuts

#44 Just Found This Subreddit I Have Been Seeing Movies For Free For About A Year Now After Finding This In The Bin Of 3D Glasses At The Theatre

Image credits: TRichard3814

#45 A Scientist That Changed Many Lives And Did What He Loved Until His Death.

Image credits: yugueae

#46 Unauthorized Man Sneaks On Stage Of The 2018 Olympic Ceremonies

Image credits: Always_Sunnyvale

#47 Stealing A Building

Image credits: Pav3ment1997

#48 Repost? Maybe. Jaw Dropping? Definitely

Image credits: mikey0hn0

#49 Got A Job!

Image credits: Imjustheretogetbaned

#50 Auburn Player Joins Georgia’s Huddle

Image credits: MUFColin

#51 Humans Imitating Pandas So Cubs Have No “Real” Interactions With Humans

Image credits: 7x57mmR

#52 Got Into A Party With Pieces Of Paper Coated In Highlighter Fluid And Drawn Ridges.

Image credits: GentleGamerz

#53 Ed Sheeran Impersonator Gets Into Ksi vs. Logan Paul Fight + Exclusive Nightclub

Image credits: Rockstarduh4

#54 Sigma Males Dont Pay For Drugs

Image credits: MrRedsterAtomic

#55 Zimbabwe Army Took Over The State TV Station And Told People There’s No Indication That A Military Coup Is Happening

Image credits: Iambikecurious

#56 Acted Like I Had A First Class Train Ticket

Image credits: LeRisitas

#57 If You Wear A High Vis Vest (The Orange Ones) People Ignore You And You Can Make Fake Ads And Put Em In Phonebooths… If You Have The Keys

Image credits: Real_abelincolnjr

#58 The Vest Is Really Important

Image credits: mrfizzle1

#59 I Think The Photo Says It All

Image credits: imgur.com

#60 I Go To The Local Hospital Cafeteria For Lunch Every So Often. I Dress In Khaki Pants And A Button-Down Shirt While Looking Generally Happy To Be There. Gets Me A 30% Employee Discount Everytime.

Image credits: imgur.com

#61 I Might Try This Myself

Image credits: Savaaage

#62 Don’t Know If This Counts, But I Found This Interesting

Image credits: dragoniteftw33

#63 60 Different People Carrying Sports Bags And Drinks To A Gym, But Slap On A High Vis And Boom, You’re A Decorator.

Image credits: JebbyBlue

#64 Smoking

Image credits: Indigo_Samurott

#65 1st Date, We Pretended To Be Homebuyers And Visited Open Houses In The Area

Image credits: nol_the_troll

#66 I Got Into A Robotics Tournament Using This

Image credits: Pro-Tron

#67 I Am An Amateur Photographer. I Sneaked With The Press Photographers On My City Fashion Week Event.

Image credits: jorshhh

#68 The Guy Wearing A Fake Uniform And Trying To Cross The Border, Caught By Border Control.

Image credits: nemchuk

#69 I Wish I Had That Confidence But Also People Like That Intimidate Me

Image credits: prisongovernor

#70 Painted This Mural Illegally During Daytime By Acting Like I Belonged

I put a plastic cover over the ground, installed a ladder and put on painting overalls. The mural is on a trail connecting two neighbourhoods so there were frequent passerby, people walking dogs, etc.. I basically ignored them and kept working calmly. Only one dude tried to call my bluff. He shouted something like ‘hey stop, what are you doing?’, but i didn’t look up and only turned around a few seconds later to pick up a different color, so he assumed i was legit.

Image credits: xuas_art

#71 Me In The F1 Press Centre

Image credits: sudo_systemctl

#72 Real Life Catch Me If You Can

Image credits: Chodefish

#73 Got Off The Bus, Walked Through The Foyer, Lay Down On One Of These Nice Shaded Bench Things And Now Im Chilling. Waiters Keep On Walking By But They Don’t Seem To Care. Aloha Baby!

Image credits: r_e_z_z_a

#74 Just Be Quiet Franku

Image credits: uffdemanger

#75 Sometimes You Need A Little Make-Up To Blend In

Image credits: vilius804

#76 A 16-Year-Old Detained During Protests In Russia For Dressing Up As A Policeman And Trying To Join A Column Of Security Forces

Image credits: Spiritual-Call-1067

#77 Fly Casually…

Image credits: bltjnr

#78 Avoided Paying Bar Cover The Past 2 Years By Drawing The Stamps With A Felt Tip Pen And Smudging It Barely

Image credits: r1ceandbeans

#79 He Tried His Hardest

Image credits: eliotmajor

#80 As Badass As It Gets. A Lone Black Man Attends A Klan Rally And Cross Burning In Jackson, Mississippi 1950.

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#81 How To Attend E3 For Free Without Really Trying.

A few days before E3 we did some research on what the food/drink set up would be like. And decided that going in dressed as bartenders/general help would be the best route. We had most of the clothes, and a friend of mine loaned us the aprons.


Once we were inside we found out what the name of the catering service, and used that information to get a lady at a information booth to walk us through security. Unsurprisingly enough, a lady from a conference room asked to place an order with us, we took it and went to a kitchen nearby and gave the order to the kitchen manager. She questioned us a bit on who we were, but we didn’t break. Gave her our middle names in place of our first names (didn’t want to lie too much, I know weird) and went on our way. We tried to get into the Sony/Nintendo room, but was denied entry due to lack of conference badges, and almost got kicked out.


We almost gave up, but decided to go back the way we initially entered. Once we were back on the main floor, we figured why not try to get into the main conference room with Microsoft, Activision, Ubisoft, etc. If we couldn’t, we still had a great time. So we monitored the door and saw that out every five people entering the main room, only one person’s badge was getting scanned. So we casually got into a crowd of people and walked in. It was an amazing feeling being surrounded by the sets for games like Marvel vs. Capcom to Shadow of War. But most importantly we got to see the Destiny 2 set up and watch a bunch of gameplay. The best thing about all of this was getting to go on a fun/risky trip with one of my best friends and it only cost us a parking fee of $4 to attend E3 for free.

Image credits: imgur.com

#82 Saw This Gem On The Road Today And Wanted To Share (Santa Fe, Texas).

Image credits: hyfrydhedge

#83 The Lady Wearing Black Was Being Followed By A Weirdo , She Noticed A Twitch/Youtube Streamer And Pretended To Be His Friend , His Reaction Is Quick

Image credits: FrozenApex

#84 “Police Say This Isn’t The First Time”

Image credits: salliek76

#85 A Few Years Back I Was At A Festival And I Saw A Guy From This Band I Really Liked So I Went Up And Said Hello. While We Were Having A Chat These People Came Up And Said “Omg We Love You Guys, Can We Get A Photo? Anyways, Thats How I Was Mistaken As A Member Of Courtney Barnett’s Band (Me On Right)

Image credits: oglack

#86 My Friend And I Got Into A Bunch Of Rides At A Carnival With These “Tickets”

Image credits: Crazd4tech

#87 1 Year Ago Today, I Made My Way Into A Press Conference Regarding A Massive Local Fire. A Little Confidence And A Decent Looking Camera Go A Long Way.

Image credits: passengerv

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