87 Hilariously Bad Movie Details That People Have Shared On This Page (New Pics)

Look, who said that every film director, screenwriter, every producer, all the managers and staff members think through all the little and more obvious details when making a movie? Well, nobody actually promised that, but it’s sort of a no-brainer.

The reality is often different, though. Take The Dark Knight, Avengers, Home Alone, The Return of the Jedi and many of our other all-time favorite films, scroll through this online Reddit community, and face the fact that far from everything there is picture perfect, let alone makes sense.

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So today we’re diving into the worst, cringiest, most illogical, and ‘what on earth were they thinkin’’-kind of movie details that give the words ‘bad’ and ‘not smart’ a whole new meaning. Psst! Part 1 awaits right here around the corner!

#1 In Batman Begins (2005), Bruce Wayne Decides To Fight Crime After His Parents Are Killed. This Is Because Rich People Only Care About A Cause After It Affects Them Personally

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#2 In The Fate Of The Furious (2018), Dwayne Johnson Says That Rubber Bullets Were A Mistake. This Is Because The Guards Should’ve Used Paper Bullets Instead To Defeat The Rock

Image credits: dontcommitnorespawn

#3 In Wonder Woman (2017), Diana Is Able To Get To London From Her Remote Island In Only A Day Because She Is An Amazon, And Therefore Qualifies For Next Day Shipping

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#4 “Lincoln” Grossed Over $275,000,000 In Movie Theaters, Which Is Ironic Since Historically Lincoln Doesn’t Do Too Well In Theaters

Image credits: j0z-

#5 In Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Barry Allen Breaks A Window By Merely Touching It. This Is Because Windows No Longer Supports Flash.

Image credits: Christopher-Nolan

#6 In The Cronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Peter, Susan, Edmund And Lucy Decide To Rule Narnia. This Is Because They Are British, And The Country Had Not Been Colonised Yet

Image credits: Rishur10

#7 In Dark Phoenix (2019) Charles Xavier Made His Students Wear An “X” On Their Chests So That The Enemy Would Aim At Them Instead Of Him

Image credits: pale_guy_

#8 In Return Of The Jedi (1983), Darth Vader Reveals He’s A Master Harmonica Player

Image credits: fletchDigital

#9 Wow! Did You Know?

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Image credits: UnsharpenedSwan

#10 Vin Diesel’s Full Legal Name, Vehicle Identification Number Diesel, Was The Sole Determining Factor In His Original Casting For The Fast & Furious Franchise

Image credits: ObimoObinkimo

#11 In The Order Of The Phoenix, Dumbledore Calls Voldemort By His Birth Name, Tom. This Foreshadows The Fact That J.k. Rowling Does Not Respect People’s Chosen Identities

Image credits: Both_Tone

#12 In Arrival (2016), Amy Adams Tries Her Best To Convince The Aliens She Is Not The Imposter

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#13 They Couldn’t See Eye To Eye

Image credits: SortaBad

#14 Wow Who Knew

Image credits: Kamikaze_AZ22

#15 Actor Noah Ringer Hated Filming “The Last Airbender” So Much That He Tattooed A Huge Downvote On His Head To Symbolize How Much This Movie Sucked

Image credits: james-1990

#16 In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Scarlet Johansson Throws Herself Off A Cliff So She Doesn’t Have To Be Part Of The Girl Power Scene

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#17 Even Hollywood Knows How Lawsuit-Happy Nintendo Is

Image credits: acestevensfilm

#18 In Fantastic Four (2005) The Characters Represent The Four Elements: Fire, Earth, Invisibility, And Stretching

Image credits: captainmagictrousers

#19 The Same Woman Who Appears As A Background Extra In This George Clooney Scene In Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) Also Appears In The Background Of A George Clooney Scene In Gravity (2013)

Image credits: KscILLBILL

#20 In Baby’s Day Out (1994), Production Nearly Stopped Multiple Times After The Crew Ran Out Of Babies While Filming The Ledge Scenes

Image credits: sirsquid

#21 In Midsommar (2019) The Action Takes Place In Sweden. You Can Tell That Because The Villagers Are Seen Using IKEA Kitchenware!

Image credits: rb_smooth

#22 In Order To Keep The Title Of The Movie Home Alone (1990) Accurate, Macaulay Culkin Had To Film All His Scenes At His House By Himself With No One Else On Set

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#23 The Fifth Element (1997) Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Boron

Image credits: polyworfism

#24 In The Movie The Shining, If You Zoom Into Jack Torrance’s Green Knitted Tie You Can Spot The Hedge Maze Where He Got Lost And Died.

Image credits: d3333p7

#25 In Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), You Don’t Actually Have To Watch The First 1,983 Wonder Woman Movies To Understand The Plot

Image credits: LemonPartyWorldTour

#26 In The Matrix Revolutions(2003) The Humans Consistently Use The Metric System. Indicating That The Imperial System Got Thrown In The Trash Where It Belongs

Image credits: Mystre316

#27 In Spider-Man (2002) Peter Parker Sold Pictures Of Himself For Money. This Is A Reference To How He Was The First Onlyfans Model

Image credits: pale_guy_

#28 In Doctor Strange (2016) Wong Doesn’t Find Any Of Strange’s Jokes To Be Funny. At The End Of The Film Strange Makes A Bad Joke And Wong Laughs. This Is Now Because Doctor Strange Is His Boss

Image credits: Swarley3

#29 In Joker (2019) We See Joker Wearing Red And Lifting His Arms To Take Flight. But He Couldn’t Fly Because, Despite The Actor’s Name, He Is Not A Real Phoenix

Image credits: pale_guy_

#30 In Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017), Karen Gillian And Jack Black Face A Great Dilemma As They Find Themselves Stuck Between A Rock And A Hart Place

Image credits: HollyWill94

#31 In Pulp Fiction (1994), Marcelus Wallace Says He Is Pretty F***ing Far From Ok, Because Los Angeles In 850 Miles From Oklahoma, Which Is Pretty F***ing Far

Image credits: Boozdeuvash

#32 Before Acting In Star Wars: Episode Iv – A New Hope (1977), Carrie Fisher Had Never Seen A Single Star Wars Movie

Image credits: DickyRuth

#33 In The Fast & Furious Movies, Vin (Vehicle Identification Number) Diesel Doesn’t Drink Beer Because He Only Runs On Diesel

Image credits: pale_guy_

#34 In Back To The Future Part II (1989), Marty Mcfly Puts His Bare Sock On Wet Concrete. This Is A Reference To The Fact He’s A Goddamn Maniac

Image credits: thanksforhavingme

#35 The Dump Truck From Cars 2 Previously Made An Appearance In The Incredibles (2004)

Image credits: pale_guy_

#36 In The Lion King (1994) They Used Wildebeests Instead Of Bisons For The Stampede Because The Name Bison (Bye Son) Was Going To Spoil What Happens Next

Image credits: pale_guy_

#37 In Avengers: Endgame (2019), Which Takes Place 5 Years In The Future, We See Korg Using A Playstation 4 Because The Playstation 5 Is Still Sold Out

Image credits: random_guy_somewhere

#38 The Reason Why The Dad In Pixar’s Luca (2021) Only Has One Arm Is Because Considering That The Movie Is Set In Italy In 1950, Disney Needed An In-Universe Reason As To Why He Didn’t Fight For Benito Mussolini In WWII

Image credits: Usurper_King_Zant

#39 Stranger Things Actor Finn Wolfhard Actually Appeared In Pulp Fiction (1994)

Image credits: pale_guy_

#40 In 2018, John Krasinski Had A Mental Breakdown Stemming From His Inability To Escape Being Known For His Role As Jim Halpert. He Didn’t Speak For Months, And His Wife Decided To Document His Breakdown, Calling It “A Quiet Place”

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_REPORTCARD

#41 Little Did You Know

Image credits: Bikefry666

#42 In Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) A Bunch Of Random Dots Appear On Screen Before The Movie Starts. A Real Missed Opportunity For The Production Company

Image credits: AmagicFish

#43 New Pixar Film, Luca, Teaches Children To Throw Garbage Into The Ocean So The Sea Monsters Can Have Cool Toys

Image credits: Rushtic77

#44 In ’lost In Translation’ (2003) You Can’t Hear What Bill Murray Whispers To Scarlett Johansson But If You Turn The Subtitles On You Can Tell He Says “Whispering, Indistinct”

Image credits: HuevoNegro

#45 Ellen Degeneres Plays A Forgetful Fish In Finding Nemo (2003) And Finding Dory (2016). This Is A Reference To The Fact That Elen Forgets To Be Nice To People

Image credits: reddit.com

#46 In Watchmen (2009), The Patterns On Rorschach’s Mask Constantly Shift Around And Show Various Images Of My Parents Fighting

Image credits: AdvocateSaint

#47 This Scene In Toy Story (1995) Was Filmed In This Portion Of The Sky Over 25 Years Ago

Image credits: HellotoHorse

#48 In Divergent (2014), The Character Four Blocks Light, Creating Darker Areas On His Face. This Is Four Shadowing

Image credits: whitearmednausicaa

#49 Highschool Movies/TV Are Considered Highly Unrealistic. This Is Due To Characters Always Having A Top School Locker

Image credits: RayInRed

#50 Contrary To The Popular Belief, The Superpowers Of Gwyneth Paltrow In Iron Man 3 (2013) Weren’t Created By Cgi Nor Make-Up, Rather They Are A Side Effects Of Goop Products

Image credits: IrshamWindborn

#51 In Order To Prepare For His Role As A Rapper In The Movie 8 Mile, Marshall Mathers Pursued A Rap Career And Won 6 Grammys

Image credits: childish_jalapenos

#52 In The Hunger Games (2012), Peeta Disguises Himself As A Rock And No One Notices Him. He Was Taught This Trick By His Cousin, A Famous Wrestler Called Dwayne

Image credits: Tokyono

#53 In Black Widow (2021), A Bmw Is Shown To Have Functioning Turn Signals. This Is To Show That The Movie Is Fictional And Not Based On A True Story

Image credits: KitFristo

#54 It Was Never Explained

Image credits: Jenings

#55 Despite Being A Walker, Paul Walker Was Cast In The Fast & Furious Movies Because The Director Couldn’t Get Adam Driver For The Lead Role

Image credits: pale_guy_

#56 In 1917, Two Soldiers Must Embark On A Harrowing And Lethal Mission. This Was In Fact Inspired By My Grandfather’s Daily Trip To School

Image credits: HeLLRaYz0r

#57 You Might Have Missed That One

Image credits: thetoddberger

#58 In Wonder Woman (2017) Connie Nielsen Plays Jeff Bezos, The Leader Of The Amazons

Image credits: pale_guy_

#59 In Man Of Steel (2013) Superman Searches For Justice But Only Finds Just Ice

Image credits: pale_guy_

#60 If You Watch Spider-Man (2002) In Reverse, It’s About A Superhero Forced To Retire After Being Bitten By A Power-Nullyfying Spider, Then Having To Live With The Reanimated Corpse Of His Dead Uncle

Image credits: ToyVaren

#61 In 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Male Crew Travels To Jupiter To Expand Their Scientific Knowledge. This Is An Oversight, Since Boys Go To Jupiter To Get More Stupider

Image credits: Xechwill

#62 In Independence Day (1996) The Fighter Pilots Disobey A Direct Order And Fire Their Missiles At The Aliens, Even Though The General Specifically Said “Fire At Will”

Image credits: Squawk_7500

#63 Actor Oscar Isaac Was Cast In The Sequel Trilogy Because The Filmmakers Believed That Was The Only Way To Get An Oscar Associated With The Movies

Image credits: Teja-Stark

#64 In Spider (Hyphen) Man: Far From Home (2019), Jake Gyllenhal Can Be Seen In The Background Of Several Scenes. He Wasn’t Meant To Be There And Later Admitted He Just Enjoys Stalking Tom Holland

Image credits: KermitTheFraud92

#65 In The Movie “Fight Club”, The First Rule Is Not To Talk About Fight Club. Everyone That Watched The Movie Obeyed This Rule And Didn’t Tell Anyone Else About The Movie, Causing It To Become A Box Office Failure

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 In The Dark Knight (2008), The Serial Killer Antagonist, “The Joker,” Uses A Playing Card As His Calling Card To Receive Credit For His Victims. If We Zoom In, We Can See That This Card Is Actually A Joker Card That Comes With A Standard Card Deck. This May Be A Reference To The Character’s Name

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 In Avengers: Endgame, Thanos Tells Scarlet Witch “I Don’t Even Know Who You Are”. This Is Because He Can’t Figure Out Which Olsen Sister She Is

Image credits: Mysterio400

#68 In Polar Express, Billy Sings, “I Guess That Santa’s Busy, Cause He Never Comes Around.” This Is Because He’s Poor And Santa Doesn’t Visit Poor Kids

Image credits: 69tails8

#69 In Knives Out (2019), A Bunch Of Knives Are Hanging Out. This Is Why The Movie Is Called Knives Out

Image credits: Tokyono

#70 Martin Scorsese Named His Movie The Irishman To Trick Superhero Fans Of Batman, Superman Or Spiderman To Watch Real Cinema

Image credits: pale_guy_

#71 In Batman vs. Superman (2016) Henry Cavill Makes This Stupid Face. God He Looks Stupid

Image credits: KennKennyKenKen

#72 In Spider-Man 2, Mary Jane Says “Go Get ‘Em Tiger” To Peter. This Is Because She Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Tiger And A Spider

Image credits: pale_guy_

#73 Before Shooting Started For Edge Of Tomorrow (2014), Tom Cruise Wanted Real Aliens On Set But The Producers Wouldn’t Allow It. So, He Became Executive Producer And Used His Scientology Connections To Invite The Aliens To Earth For Filming

Image credits: hand-drawn-noodles

#74 In Hitman (2007), The Final Scene Shows The Moon, Revealing Everything Took Place On Earth

Image credits: CudaRavage

#75 In The Matrix (1999), Neo’s Passport Expires On 09/11/2001. This Is Because His Passport Was Issued On 09/12/1991 And Valid Only For 10 Years

Image credits: RayInRed

#76 Disney Didn’t Get Permission To Use The Punisher Logo On Sid’s Shirt In Toy Story (1995). To Avoid Getting Sued, They Bought The Rights To Marvel Comics

Image credits: pale_guy_

#77 In Aquaman (2018), Willem Dafoe Was Cast As A Good Guy For Once, Making Him Dafriend Of Aquaman

Image credits: pale_guy_

#78 In Dark Phoenix (2019), Jean Grey Can Be Seen Wearing Grey, A Reference To The Fact That She Is Jean Grey

Image credits: Likestuff12

#79 In Mission: Impossible (1996), Only A Few People Spotted That The Mission Turned Out To Be Fairly Possible Despite Its Title. This Will Later Be Reused As A Inside Joke For The Next Movies

Image credits: SuperValou

#80 In Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone (2001), Harry Potter Wears Eyeglasses To Read. This Is A Reference To The Fact That Harry Potter Had Poor Eyesight. Confirmed By The Director In A Q&A

Image credits: SSj_CODii

#81 In Spider-Man (2002) Mary Jane Asks Spider-Man Who He Is. This Is Because Actress Kirsten Dunst Wasn’t Aware She Auditioned For A Role In A Spider-Man Movie

Image credits: pale_guy_

#82 In Rise Of Skywalker (2019), Dark Rey Has Bad Teeth Because She Is British

Image credits: sonicdivine

#83 “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” (2018) Wasn’t Originally An Animated Movie, It Had To Be Animated After No Actor Survived The Weight Gain To Play Kingpin

Image credits: trodrig21

#84 In Detective Pikachu (2019) Ninetales Only Has Two Tails Instead Of Nine

Image credits: pale_guy_

#85 In Forrest Gump (1994), Lieutenant Dan’s Post-War Scenes Without Legs Were Filmed First, Since Actor Gary Sinise Had No Legs When Production Began. His Pre-War Scenes Were Filmed Later On When He Grew Them Back

Image credits: squareroot4percenter

#86 Stan Lee Makes No Cameo In Parasite (2019), As A Reference To The Fact That It Isn’t A Marvel Movie, And He Is Dead

Image credits: SoupyLad

#87 In Forrest Gump (1994), Forrest Named His Boat Jenny Cuz Everybody Be Ridin It

Image credits: BasuKhangembam

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