87 Of The Funniest And Weirdest Movie Descriptions, Shared For Jimmy Fallon’s New Challenge

Well, would you look at that, dear Pandas: it’s one of our favorite features—it’s Hashtags time with the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon. And this one’s perfect for all of us movie-lovers. Last week, our favorite Jimmy asked his fans to give movies and TV shows a funny or weird summary, and, wow, did they deliver! You’ll find the quirkiest and kookiest answers below.

Upvote the answers you loved the most as you’re scrolling down. And here’s the link to Fallon’s segment about the #DescribeAMovieBadly hashtag that his team uploaded onto YouTube. It’s not the first time that Fallon’s asked his fans to poke fun at movies by summarizing their plotlines, though. You’ll find our earlier post about his earlier Call to Tweets right over here.

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Entertainment industry expert Mike Sington from LA told Bored Panda that late-night show hosts like Fallon have “the most input of anyone” when it comes to making decisions about the segments, bits, and the structure of the show. “They each have large teams of writers and producers that create segments for the show, but the host gives creative input, and has the final say of whether the bit will make it to air. After all, their name is on the show,” Mike said.


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As for the future of late-night TV shows, Mike explained to Bored Panda what we can expect to see in the US this coming autumn. “Audiences will be back in the autumn, however, audience members will have to show proof of vaccination. New York is developing a ‘vaccine passport’ now.”

He continued: “The United States as a whole won’t have a vaccine passport, however, states and local municipalities are expected to follow New York’s lead. Broadway and major audience venues have already said they will require proof of vaccination for audiences to return,” he shared the good news.


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Entertainment expert, Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider Mike earlier told me all about how late-night TV shows have changed over the past year during the ups and downs of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The late-night shows have been adapting well to the now year-long pandemic, and continue to do so now that restrictions and lockdowns are being eased,” Mike told Bored Panda that things are looking up now that multiple vaccines against the coronavirus are being rolled out en-masse in the United States.

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“My prediction is the late-night shows will be back to where they were pre-Covid this summer,” the LA-based entertainment industry expert shared his optimism for the future.

Mike shared what we can all do to help get our tweets and posts noticed by Fallon and his team on social media. “All the shows have social media teams that are writing and monitoring content. To grab the late-night hosts’ attention, tag the show! They will see it, they monitor every post they are tagged in,” he said.


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“If the post particularly stands out, they will forward it to the writing team for the show. Other than that, it’s just a matter of luck, or a story gaining traction on social media. The writers are monitoring social media in general, combing it for content to use.”


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He continued: “You never know when something will catch their eye, and a great story is likely to pop and catch their attention.” Don’t give up if your story didn’t get noticed the first time. Keep at it. If the story’s good enough, it’ll get its time in the spotlight, sooner or later.


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Mike stressed that late-night TV show hosts like Fallon have had to adapt a lot to the seemingly endless Covid restrictions, rules, and regulations. It’s been tough, but the former senior NBCUniversal executive believes that Fallon and all the other Jimmies have risen to face the challenges well.


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“Over the past year, there’s been a wealth of material in the news to utilize. The energy is there, but it’s a bit different. They’ve had to adjust to trying times and having no audience, but have done so admirably,” Mike said what the situation was like earlier on in the pandemic.


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As for why late-night hosts are speaking to their fans on social media, it’s a great way to connect to them and to tap into a veritable motherlode of stories, experiences, and original content.

“TV hosts are sourcing material directly from social media because it’s a great way to engage with their audiences and stay connected with them,” Mike said.


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Entertainment expert Mike pointed out that late-night shows have loads of writers working on the material, so there isn’t any lack of content. However, “nothing can top the personal, and often very funny, contributions of the fans themselves.”


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Pssst, hey Pandas, you’ll find our most recent posts about Fallon’s challenges here, here, and here. Go on, give ‘em a read. But before you do that, let us know what you thought of the bad movie descriptions challenge. Do you have any funny film summaries of your own to share with all of us? Drop us a comment below.


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