87 Times People Accidentally Texted A Wrong Number But Weren’t Disappointed At All (New Pics)

A wrong number text is like an uninvited guest – you never know when it’ll show up, and there’s little you can do to prevent it.

Sometimes, however, things take an unexpected turn, and this unasked text can turn into too many tales. Imagine a parallel world where anything can happen, now multiply these scenarios by quantum possibilities, and pick a random one and there you have it– a tale of mistaken identity to be shared on this corner of Reddit.

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Welcome to the “Wrong Number” subreddit which boasts an impressive collection of some of the funniest, weirdest, most wholesome, and anything-in-between texts exchanged by complete strangers. And when you’re done, check out our previous post with more funny texts!

#1 I’m Going With You!

Image credits: Cakalusa

#2 I’m Not The Principal

Image credits: PlayaNomad

#3 My Husband’s Response To A Wrong Number Text

Image credits: -Ember_Light-

#4 Thanks Papa Gary

Image credits: ridergeek1

#5 I Don’t Change Identities For Free… Lol. I Did Start Out Politely At Least

Image credits: Dartainia

#6 I Got One Today

Image credits: Darth_Xenic

#7 Girl Accidentally Gives Me The Wrong Phone Number

Image credits: sephiralenden

#8 My Number Is On Some Real Estate Listing, Been Getting These Texts For Years

Image credits: PorkPotSticker

#9 I’m So Sorry If Any Of You Wake Up With S**t In Front Of Your Door

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Image credits: True_Investment_4133

#10 Messing With Ms Lisa

Image credits: Jullees

#11 When A Random Person Sends You A Random Pic, It’s Only Courteous To Send One Back

Image credits: Allyson_Chains

#12 Tried To Get Everyone A Raise

Image credits: Gonnaholdmytung

#13 Best Wrong Number Text I’ve Ever Received

Image credits: xUnbakedPiex

#14 Had A Little Fun

Image credits: natopotatomusic

#15 I Like Spaghetti

Image credits: stayelevated33

#16 Bruh What

Image credits: theflymantop

#17 I’m In Between Jobs Right Now So This Could’ve Been Big

Image credits: MasterpieceWaste23

#18 Was Told That People Here Would Love This

Image credits: CrosxBoww

#19 Who Was The Right Person? (I Know Not A Wrong Number)

Image credits: SILLYLILLEGS34

#20 Never A Wrong Number If You Stay On The Offense

Image credits: archebald_roughneck

#21 Is There A Scam Going On With Texts Like This? I’m Loving Them

Image credits: PeelEatShrimp

#22 Grape Juice Is Better

Image credits: ohutouchmytralala

#23 How’s The Factory?

Image credits: andyworthless

#24 On Today’s Episode Of Scared Straight

Image credits: berkeleyjake

#25 Removed A Laugh From A Movie

Image credits: HelloImugl

#26 What A Bargain

Image credits: ReidyJnr

#27 Some Lady Texted Me About A Child

Image credits: ThatgothWitch2004

#28 Sorry, Gilberts

Image credits: Happy-Nature9089

#29 Yikes Sarah

Image credits: LiamInvalid

#30 Got A Random Text This Morning

Image credits: Kingdog369

#31 I Thought This Was Funny

Image credits: brookeisshook

#32 It’s Me Mario…

Image credits: Goldenwork

#33 Sometimes Telling Them They Have The Wrong Number Just Isn’t Enough

Image credits: AnAlienNamedAlvin

#34 Omega Still Looking For White Boy More Than A Year Later

Image credits: MoskvaSinkingEnjoyer

#35 Got This One About A Month Ago Lol

Image credits: chaseguy21

#36 Wrong Number, Decided To Have Some Fun

Image credits: 8LeggedSquirrel

#37 Hail Satan (Not Mine But A Friend Got This Text)

Image credits: CrispyBigToes

#38 Wrong Phone Number

Image credits: jojo-822

#39 Friend Sent Me This Today

Image credits: CaptainJackpot3

#40 Wrong. Number

Image credits: dmkern

#41 I Feel Like A Bad Person…

Image credits: IonasFinser

#42 My Name Is Not Kristin

Image credits: Nicholas_Akira

#43 The TV Text

#44 New Work Phone Offers Brief Amusement

Image credits: Nacho_Sunbeam

#45 Breakup Advice From Not Danny

Image credits: Rough-Definition1719

#46 Stop Hissing At The Yoga Instructor

Image credits: liamduritz88

#47 If You Want To Play The Game, You Should Know The Rules

Image credits: berkeleyjake

#48 This Dude Thought I Was His Husband

Image credits: Illustrious-Mall6295

#49 I Once Used A Dictionary To Help A Stranger Learn What’s Up

Image credits: NoCommercial1874

#50 I Got Adopted Into A New Family For A Few Minutes Today

Image credits: bookbindingqueer

#51 I Thought It Was Spam At First. Maybe I Came On A Little Strong?

Image credits: Unfair-Ad-6693

#52 I Offered A Recipe

Image credits: TigerTorakio

#53 Wrong Number Chaos

Image credits: Marianeta

#54 I Think I Just Accidentally Scared Off My Maintenance Guy

Image credits: codered850

#55 Sorry, Sophia

Image credits: archebald_roughneck

#56 Don’t Tell Mom

Image credits: WickedxRaven

#57 A Nice Little Giggle For The Day

Image credits: chimchim66

#58 They Didn’t Like My Picture

Image credits: BenderIT

#59 Yea Golf Was Fun

Image credits: Indication_Salty

#60 Um

Image credits: spacecatJ

#61 Adorable Message From A Wrong Number. Erica, You’ve Made Patrick Very Happy

Image credits: DixieMcCall

#62 If I See Him I’ll Ask Him For Ya

Image credits: bloomhound

#63 Someone Is Going To Miss Their New Job Orientation

Image credits: SlowEquipment5

#64 Ah. Lovely

Image credits: SpareSerotonin418

#65 If I Weren’t Too Awkward To Date Women Yet, She Might Have Fooled Me

Image credits: LinguaPhiliax

#66 I Am Not Jack, But I Am Laughing At Lisa’s Expense

Image credits: Conflictd_Confection

#67 Got This Text From An Unknown Number. I Just Couldn’t Help Myself

Image credits: YourFreaKreation

#68 Someone Has Done An Oopsie

Image credits: unfortunatepersonoof

#69 And I Don’t Even Own Golf Clubs

Image credits: FlavoredNeon

#70 I Got This One A While Back And It Gave Me A Chuckle Today

Image credits: Kurigohan-Kamehameha

#71 A Friend Used My Number For A Doordash Discount And Didn’t Tell Me

Image credits: ForgiveTheNerd

#72 Girl

Image credits: verypuzzledshark

#73 I Thought It Was A Scam Until Seeing What The Link Was (Just Some Comic, Thought It Was Hentai Though) Scam Or Wrong Number—who Was It For, Or What Would A Scammer Get Out Of This? So Weird

Image credits: trouble_walking

#74 Felt Like The Perfect Setup. I Never Knew A Real Person Named Unity

Image credits: berkeleyjake

#75 The Sore Text

#76 Buy My House, Jackie

Image credits: _Shooter-McGavin

#77 Carnal Clebe

Image credits: reddit.com

#78 Girl Gave This Guy The Wrong Number Now He’s Mad At Me

Image credits: Armageddxxn

#79 Wrong Number, A Short (And True!) Story

Image credits: ItsFlipster

#80 The Destroyer

Image credits: godrifle

#81 Met A G Today

Image credits: Accomplished-Fan-960

#82 Definitely Not Daniel

Image credits: Salty4Lightning

#83 You Are Next

Image credits: Regular-Repair-6142

#84 Rex

Image credits: SnooAvocados6819

#85 Send Me The Fkn Recipe Avrill!

Image credits: Happy-Nature9089

#86 Had This Rollercoaster Of A Conversation With A Wrong Number Text

Image credits: DuckDimmadome

#87 I’m Not Dave But I Do Have Milk

Image credits: zaxsauceana

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