87 Times People Wanted To Appear Edgy And Stand Out From “The Norm” But Ended Up Embarrassing Themselves (New Pics)

You’re single and want to make a stronger first impression than the millions of other people on dating apps. Or you have a private practice — maybe you teach yoga or offer financial advice — and there are also a bunch of folks providing identical services. You need to stand out from the crowd.

But take a step too far and your desperation will land on the subreddit r/NotLikeTheOtherGirls. This online community with 832K members is constantly sharing examples of unique individuals who appear to be thinking that they’re better than everyone else.

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So to remind ourselves to keep our feet on the ground when our heads are in the clouds, let’s take a look at how cringy and desperate you look when you don’t — below you will find some of the recent ‘stars’ of the subreddit.

#1 “I’m Not Like Other Girls I’m Sick In The Head”

Image credits: blueberrycameleon

#2 Always True

Image credits: AlabamaBobbycue

#3 The Whole Package

Image credits: Winglikeburglary735

#4 That Burn Though

Image credits: SoarinFree

#5 Not Oc But Still Funny

Image credits: ChemistryFar4666

#6 ‘I’m Not Like The Other Girls Because I Believe In Modestyyy’

Image credits: Life_Can_4970

#7 Definitely Not Like Other Girls

Image credits: jamberee13

#8 Am I The Only One Who’s Concerned About The Knife..?

Image credits: cripaaA

#9 Oh No

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Soggy-Croissant-

#10 I’m Not Like Other Girls I Make Bone Broth

Image credits: nekkototoro

#11 You’re Not Quirky

Image credits: kkoyai

#12 Found In The Wilds Of Tiktok

Image credits: BolsonaroIsACunt

#13 First Post Here, I Just Hate Book Shaming In General

Image credits: meh80

#14 Apparently Wearing Flats Makes You A Slob

Image credits: RealDoraTheExplorer_

#15 Im Speechless

Image credits: anxnim

#16 This Probably Doesn’t Fit Here But

Image credits: maryssaa_

#17 “Hahaha”

Image credits: Current_Print

#18 Pro Tip: You Can Actually Do Both At The Same Time ?

Image credits: ComorbidlyAtPeace

#19 My BF’s Bestfriend. I Truly Hope This Isn’t For Me Because It Gives Me The Icks. But Even So Girl What?

Image credits: meoooooooooooowwww

#20 I Hold A Ps4 Controller, I’m A Real Gamer Girl™️

Image credits: directlyReproach524

#21 The Amount Of Likes This Has

Image credits: bokssunga

#22 Does This Belong In This Sub? Apparently Being Bi-Curious Isnt A Thing Anymore

Image credits: Clean-Fix3099

#23 Can We Please Stop With This C**p Already??

Image credits: ZeuslovesHer

#24 No, It’s Embarrassing To Put Down Other Women At A Party

Image credits: funeralxpeach

#25 Because Instead Of Educating Them, We Should Make Fun Of Them!

Image credits: arisdeez

#26 Just Why

Image credits: guduleIV

#27 She Is Not Weak, She Is Strong Because She Has Male Friends

Image credits: Cyphercitylights

#28 I May Be Off Base, But This Feels Super Shame-Y

Image credits: GimmeDemKnees

#29 Imagine Being This Desperate For Attention

Image credits: zuzuofthewolves

#30 Tradcath Women Try Not To Bring Others Down, Impossible Challenge

Image credits: AdamSand1e

#31 *dk Khalid Voice* Another One

Image credits: Professional_Pretty

#32 Kate Spade

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 The Way I Ran To Reddit To Post This Immediately

Image credits: xoxohysteria

#34 Hugging Your Friends Is Weird?

Image credits: Corrupted_Entity

#35 I’m Not Like Other Girls I Step On Legos

Image credits: Suitable-Tutor2194

#36 How Quirky

Image credits: cas873021896

#37 The Book I’m Reading Has A Main Character Who Is Like The Other Girls

Image credits: little-bird89

#38 Internalized Misogyny And Transphobia Isn’t “Cute.” Also Conservatives Keep Reusing The Same Unfunny “Jokes.”

Image credits: MistakeWonderful9178

#39 Not Like Other Grandma’s

Image credits: paulwasthewalruwus

#40 I Can’t Even-

Image credits: ViewOk4348

#41 Men Only Like Girls That Love Trucks ‘Cause We Do Things A Little Different Around Here

Image credits: worthlesswreck

#42 A Girl I Have On Snap Posted This On Her Story. Not Sure If This Fits Here But She Spends The Whole Post Tearing Down Other Women

Image credits: Fisherman_Admirable

#43 She’s The Best You Guys

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#44 On A Facebook Group For “Boys Only”

Image credits: WhatIsLifeAnymore_

#45 Pick Me Choose Me Love Me

Image credits: samcan37251

#46 This Is Just Cringe ?

Image credits: MistakeWonderful9178

#47 Forgot To Post This One From A While Back

Image credits: Inevitable_Pay_9698

#48 Title

Image credits: GeologistWild7350

#49 Guys Did You Know She Exists?

Image credits: Celestial_starlight

#50 A Facebook Gem Shared By A 14 Year Old Girl

Image credits: tomagoshy81

#51 If Everyone Else Wears A Sweater, You Def Gonna Be Freezing Wearing This

Image credits: aoi4eg

#52 Comments Are Off, I Hope They Were Roasting Her

Image credits: creamyjalapeno2442

#53 You Did It Girl You Won

Image credits: PowerRepulsive8341

#54 Taken From An Emo Kid Subreddit…

Image credits: LoveTowne

#55 But This Shirt Being Rolled Up And Dis Belly Button Are Adorabbleee

Image credits: baeee777

#56 Internalized Misogyny Is Truly A Trip

Image credits: heyjosieposie

#57 That Clapping Emoji Doe

Image credits: connie-lingus38

#58 This Girl Always Playing This Victim

Image credits: Sheogorathis

#59 On R/Askreddit

Image credits: bitten_nutellatoast

#60 Ah Yes Calling All Other Women The “Competition” And Then Belittling Them For Who They Identify As And Where They Have Body Hair

Image credits: Pleasant_Many8010

#61 That Girl

Image credits: Comfortable_Space_90

#62 Not Like Other Girls Because I Have A BF And Can’t Party?

Image credits: General_Dot7124

#63 Excuse The Bad Handwriting, But I Was Looking Through My Old Diary And Found This Gem From When I Was In 7th Grade. I Think What’s Funnier Is That No One Ever Called Me Emo In School And I Just Made That Part Up

Image credits: TheGAM3RR

#64 Next Line Was “We Are Not The Same”

Image credits: dumbbinch99

#65 Guys She’s A Tomboyyyy ?????

Image credits: ——heh——

#66 Spotted In The Wild On Fb

Image credits: ToxicTinaPole

#67 I’m Not Like Other Girls. I Play Video Games, One Of The Most Popular Hobbies In The World

Image credits: Dontfeedtheunicorn_0

#68 So Cute And Quirky !!! Gross, Men Have Feelings? ?

Image credits: VelvetyCompassion

#69 Look! A Girl Eating Food! She’s So Different Lol ?

Image credits: Jayismybro

#70 Ok I’ll Delete This If You Guys Don’t Think This Is Relatable To Nlog But Wow The Drama ?? And She’s Proud…?

Image credits: Unhappy-Pirate3944

#71 Felt Like This Belonged Here

Image credits: guyfierispetfrog

#72 Would Be This Considered Nlog?

Image credits: JoelleVDyne90

#73 Other Girls Are Whores. I’m Nlog, I Get No Game !!

Image credits: urlocalmilf0_0

#74 “This Doesn’t Make Me Uncomfortable, So It Shouldn’t Make You Uncomfortable.”

Image credits: therattywoman

#75 I’m Not Like You, I’m Rich ??‍♀️

Image credits: xfatalerror

#76 Good Grief

Image credits: earth_chan_

#77 I Have No Words

Image credits: ohdearlordjesusheck

#78 I’m Not Like The Other Girls Cuz I’m Religious?

Image credits: flippin_flamingo

#79 I’m Just Better

Image credits: Eternal_Existence2

#80 “As A Female” No One Asked ?

Image credits: mark-buffalo

#81 Dafuq Is A Weki Meki?

Image credits: PETA_Gaming

#82 Don’t Bring That Girly Nonsense To My House

Image credits: FuqYoCouch42

#83 ?????

Image credits: Sweaty_Benefit_2994

#84 She’s Not Like Other Moms

Image credits: mmenheraa

#85 Get With It, Sisters!! Your Own Life Choices Don’t Align With Mine So You’re Doing It Wrong 🙂

Image credits: strawberrytearz

#86 I’m Nlog….i Wanna See Gay Poc Men Being Brutalized!

Image credits: 19mino97

#87 She Isn’t Like You Basic Vanilla Girls, She’s Wild

Image credits: loneeskie

#88 ?????

#89 Title

#90 Im Speechless

#91 I’m Not Like Other Girls I Make Bone Broth

#92 She’s Not Like Other Moms

#93 On R/Askreddit

#94 The Whole Package

#95 She’s Not Like Other Moms

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