88 Pics Of Incredibly Cool Things People Made All By Themselves And Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

When was the last time you created something with your hands? Like a cake, a painting, or a pair of socks? Do you remember the feeling you had after finishing it, the satisfaction you got even if it wasn’t “perfect”?

Handicrafts can be an excellent way to experience flow, decrease stress, and relieve anxiety. However, when you’re, for whatever reason, a bit lost in the quest for a balanced life, it can be quite difficult to choose a project that would suit you.

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For that, let’s take a look at the subreddit ‘Something I Made.‘ As its name suggests, this online community unites people who are proud of the fruits of their labor and want to show them off to others, congratulating each other on a job well done and encouraging people to keep at it.

So, continue scrolling to check out their top recent posts, and fire up our earlier publications on the subreddit here and here if you want more.

#1 Latest Finish, Wild Thing Denim Vest! About 6 Months Of Work

Image credits: FaerieBomb

#2 Pencil Portrait I Drew Few Weeks Ago. (Pencils On Paper)

Image credits: fojteflon

#3 I Made Some Cloud Pendants!

Image credits: wintersky__

#4 I Designed A 3D Printed Mirror Array To Propose! The Mirrors Are Angled So That Just Before Sunset, They Reflect The Sunlight To Spell “Marry Me?”

Image credits: bencbartlett

#5 I Made This Sweatshirt Out Of A Blanket I Got At My Local Thrift Store And It’s Probably My Favorite Thing I’ve Made So Far

Image credits: reillyfitz

#6 Wife Wanted A Greenhouse. Repurposed Wood And Windows

Image credits: Jbruno08

#7 I Made These Huge Paintings For My First Solo Exhibition

Image credits: KingSteven11

#8 A Mailbox I’m Building. Steel And Copper

Image credits: sludgefudge

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#9 I Make Canvas Bags, Here’s My Latest! Naturally Dyed With Madder Root And Cochineal

Image credits: Safielx

#10 I Handcut Playing Cards Into 3D Art Using An Xacto Knife

Image credits: DoctorPaulGregory

#11 I Made These Ceramic Ghost Buddies With Tea Lights!

Image credits: happyclaypot

#12 One Of My Works About Humpback Whales

Image credits: AmoyCK

#13 I Made A Portrait By Smashing Glass!

Image credits: NiallShukla

#14 “Holding Hands” Silver Ring Made By Me

Image credits: Hendrix0

#15 I Made Every Part Of This Outfit, Corset And Petticoats Included!

Image credits: ZetaMakesThings

#16 I Made My Daughter This Armor From Leather, Wood, Plastic, And Brass And Foam Sheet

Image credits: UptonDide

#17 I Made This Lingerie Set For A Friend’s Birthday!

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 I Made This Pumpkin Kitty Out Of Polymer Clay. I Wanted It To Look Like He Was Wearing A Costume And I Think It Turned Out So Cute!

Image credits: rebekkacaptures

#19 I Did A Shirt! This Is The 3rd One I’ve Made And I’m Super Pleased With How It Turned Out, Despite The Wobbly Top-Stitching On The Pocket

Image credits: Dudderz_

#20 I Made A Dress For My First Day Of Work

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#21 Painting I Did Like Looking Through The Rainy Window Of A Car

Image credits: jer_088

#22 My Playful Red Brooch. Made Entirely Of Polymer Clay

Image credits: TristaniaHand

#23 A Feltart Embroidery Of Spirited Away Train Scene That I Made, Trying To Build A Wall Of Ghibli Feltart For Myself

Image credits: heartfeItloves

#24 A Painting I Did For My Fiancé. It’s Him And His Oldest Son

Image credits: DarkAndraRivers

#25 Finally Completed The Mosaic In My Mom’s Shower! 5000 Individually Cut Tiles And A Year Of Work

Image credits: artguydeluxe

#26 Diplodocus Hand Painted Ceramic Tile

Image credits: foxyandpaper

#27 An 8×8 Witch Cottage I Designed/Built For My Backyard! First Major Construction Project

Image credits: tunabuttons

#28 2.5 Years Sober Tomorrow; I Painted This For An Art Auction Benefiting A Local Sober Living Facility

Image credits: jasmin_cage_art

#29 I Made Some Shroomy Ceramic Planters

Image credits: WoodlandMystic

#30 My Mother Crocheted This Blanket From Over 800 Small Flowers. She Doesn’t Even Has Facebook So I Thought I Would Post It For Her Because It’s Such An Awesome Piece

Image credits: Nicop0l

#31 100 Hours Later… It’s Done

Image credits: Awakened1992

#32 A Lovely Dress For A Baby Shower!

Image credits: SarcasticSewist

#33 One Of My Favorite Rings I’ve Made

Image credits: magick_alchemy

#34 Recycled Combs Made From Discarded Bottle Caps! Took Many, Many Months To Nail This On My Injection Machine

Image credits: preciousplasticmelb

#35 Just Finished My Biggest And Most Difficult Backgammon Board So Far, Made With Real Fern Leaves And Flowers

Image credits: nukulele145

#36 I Painted This Pourtrait

Image credits: KingSteven11

#37 S’more Making Dinosaur! What Should We Name It?

Image credits: Ashley_b_making

#38 I Made This, And It’s Kinda Cool. I Dunno, What Do You Think?

Image credits: MerakiSphere

#39 I Made Cellular Biology Stained Glass To Hang Behind Me For My Work Zoom Calls

Image credits: Greenwing

#40 Beaded Pin Inspired By Vermeer’s Girl With The Pearl Earring

Image credits: chaevskaya

#41 My Daughter Wearing The Coat That I Made For Her

Image credits: Archivarianne

#42 I Make Woodburnings. This One’s My Favorite So Far!

Image credits: Lyssa-Lauren

#43 I Won First Place At The Fair This Weekend For My Cross Stitch!

Image credits: Andromeda321

#44 Candy Corn Ghost! A Happy Little Experiment!

Image credits: allisaur_

#45 I Preserve And Frame Spiderwebs!

Image credits: wickednympet

#46 My Interpretation Of A Classic

Image credits: J_Babe87

#47 I Previously Posted This Elsewhere But Kept Being Told To Post It Here. So Here Is My Alien Abduction Outfit. I Made The Top, Skirt And Necklaces

Image credits: love_wear

#48 5 Years Of Experimenting And Practice On My Stop Motion Puppets!

Image credits: ilovesheep123

#49 My 15 Year Old Is Almost Finished With This End Table. I’m So Proud Of Him

Image credits: loveofGod12345

#50 The Diamond Engagement Ring I Made For My (Hopefully) Soon To Be Fiancée. In 18k Rose Gold

Image credits: Mercury-Hg80

#51 I Made Paintings From Dried Pressed Flowers From My Garden

Image credits: Bohemialife1

#52 Almost Finished Making This Chefs Knife. Just Need To Sand The Handle A Bit More. Love To Hear What You Think Of It

Image credits: Studio_OOOMS

#53 Some Of My Favourite Hand Embroidered Landscapes

Image credits: jadeillustrates

#54 I Made This Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace Inspired Candle Holder

Image credits: kvnorlly

#55 Incense Burner I Made For My Girlfriend

Image credits: naaiiilllll

#56 A Mug I Made A Little While Ago

Image credits: corduroyanddenim

#57 A Leather Bag I Made

Image credits: LW_leatherwork

#58 I Made This Painting! Hopefully It Looks A Little Familiar, But Not Too Familiar

Image credits: Murvyn

#59 I Made This Embroidery As A Gift To My Religious Grandma And She Loved It!

Image credits: rebordacao

#60 I Made Miniature Pizzas For My Barbies Out Of Polymer Clay

Image credits: 71101s

#61 Check Out This Cool Little Charm I Made, It Has A Pearl Inside!

Image credits: lustergems

#62 Female Woodworker With Her Statement Wall

Image credits: Green-Friendship622

#63 My Wife Told Me To Do A Craft With Our 6yo Son. 40 Hours Later. Paper Mache

Image credits: GloriousBeast

#64 Cotton Candy Cart I Designed For A Customer

Image credits: Yellowhammer_Wood

#65 Vywhittler

Image credits: VyWhittler

#66 I Made These Pair Of Crescent Moon Opal Stud Earrings

Image credits: thepomelolady

#67 My Second Attempt At Repurposing Sweaters Into A Hoodie

Image credits: kozak3

#68 Fun Lighting For My Lounge I Made

Image credits: krookedsession

#69 Mancala Board I Made With Pressed Flowers And Leaves

Image credits: nukulele145

#70 I Made An Acrylic Painting, It’s 18×24 On Cotton Canvas

Image credits: fauntia22

#71 I Made This Dress And Crown For A Potato Festival Sewing Competition. I Came Runner-Up

Image credits: rachaisme

#72 I Designed And Crafted This Master Sword Necklace In Silver With A Hidden Button On It To Unsheath

Image credits: SecilEldek

#73 I Made This Little Pastel Green Polymer Clay Stegosaurus!

Image credits: AMajesticPoro

#74 I Built A Little Town

Image credits: miremo2

#75 I Made A Big Fruit/Salad Bowl From The Root Of A Black Walnut Tree

Image credits: The_Magic_Wood_Bus

#76 I Made Knife Handle Scales With A Pinecone In Resin. Can’t Wait To Put These On A Chefs Knife

Image credits: Studio_OOOMS

#77 I Crocheted This Groovy Blanket As A Surprise For My Younger Brother, Who’s Going Through A Tough Time. I’m So Happy With How It Came Out, It Just Might Be My Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Made!

Image credits: clairefkredux

#78 I Made These Retro-Style Tote Bags That Transform Into A Backpack

Image credits: kozak3

#79 For My Girlfriend’s Birthday I Made Up This Wine Featuring An Illustration Of Her With Her Best Friend – Named After Their Favorite Book

Image credits: cloud-mattlas

#80 I Made This Acrylic Painting And Is My First One To Get In A Show!

Image credits: kozscabble

#81 Some Of The Candles My Girlfriend Recently Made. What Do You Think?

Image credits: koljam

#82 I Made A Stained Glass Cynthia!

Image credits: childishchorizo

#83 Oil Painting Of Pinecones That I Made Recently

Image credits: Kateryna_Mazhuha

#84 Finished This Blazer After Two Weeks Of Sewing

Image credits: SamiEskelinen

#85 I Made Stained Glass Beanie Babies

Image credits: childishchorizo

#86 My Attempt At A Desert Landscape Scrimshaw On Bone

Image credits: Jazulupoopoo

#87 This Is A Recent Oil Painting Commission I Did. Let Me Know What You Think

Image credits: patmarek

#88 Made A Necklace With The Rare 4 Leaf Clover. Any Thoughts?

Image credits: Natures_Lure

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