88 Times People Revealed What Outrageous Misconceptions They Have About Women’s Bodies And It Got Immortalized Online (New Posts)

Biology is a difficult subject, no one can dispute that. All the cell workings, the difference between diffusion and osmosis, microorganisms, plants, animals, anatomy and physiology, and most importantly—that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

However, it seems that kids either skipped this subject or slept through it, as the adults of today seem to have a very vague or even nonsensical understanding of female anatomy and how anything works. It’s funny until it becomes tragic, seeing as these misinformations are being shouted from the rooftops as though they were facts. 

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Thankfully, the Reddit community r/badwomensanatomy have been featuring such posts and comments, allowing their 556k members to rejoice in critiquing them. Bored Panda has covered this subreddit previously and, if you’re curious, you can find the article here

As we delve into the voyage of triggersome content, I ask you, dear reader, to upvote the worst of the worst to have ever existed, so that we can collectively facepalm at the ridiculous misconceptions on female bodies that somehow are still very rampant in today’s society. Leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s get into it. 

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#1 One Of Those Anonymous Confession Accounts. That’s So Messed Up??? Wth

Image credits: Mediaeval-britian

Anatomy is one of the most intriguing branches of biology. To see a 3D visualization of how the body is held together and all the various components that unite to create a fully functioning human being is astounding! However, one body seems to confuse and mystify people like no other. The female. 

The problem is in the fact that instead of educating oneself or at least making sure that what one has seen in a fever dream is at least 5% true, people take to social media to explain their views on how female anatomy should and should not work, what their preferences would be, and how said beliefs influence their actions towards women. 

Thankfully the r/badwomensanatomy community of Reddit shares these findings with the rest of its 556k members and Reddit users alike, to critique and point out the glaring issues in their arguments. Created in 2014, it seems like the content just keeps on coming… Their quirky bio reads: “Women are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Except their vaginas which are squeaky and attract bears and sharks.”  

#2 Humour

Image credits: [deleted]

#3 What?

Image credits: PublicNo3733

But if we are to get a little bit serious for a little moment, the fact that these misconceptions exist in the first place is a massive red flag for society. So where did it come from and how did we allow it to get this bad? A survey conducted by NewGov in Britain revealed that less than half of those surveyed could not identify or describe the function of the urethra, labia, or vagina. 

Breaking those results down by gender, they found that six in ten men (59%) and half of women (45%) could not even label the vagina. The only part of the female genitalia which the majority of both genders labeled correctly was the clitoris; guess it’s not that difficult to find in the end, is it? Identifying parts is one thing, but what concerned researchers was the lack of knowledge about how female genitalia worked.  

#4 “This Is Why I Can’t Talk About Feminism With You”

Image credits: tintindeo

#5 Ah Remember The Times When You Could Choose To Just Not Have Your Period At School

Image credits: stemi08

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#6 “Local Man Compares Leg Hair To Cancer…”

Image credits: kp-bo

Perhaps the lack of knowledge stems from the way female genitalia has been described by scientists and medical personnel throughout history. Allison Draper, in her first year of medical school at the University of Miami, was incredibly excited to delve deeper into her favorite subject. She could look up the Latin term for almost any body part and get an idea of where it was and what it did, yet when she came across female organs, she was appalled by what she found. 

For example, the pudendal nerve, which provides sensation to the vagina and vulva, is derived from the Latin verb pudere: to be ashamed. The shame nerve. The Latin term for the vulva—including the inner and outer labia, the clitoris and the pubic mound—was pudendum. Translation: the part to be ashamed of. There was no equivalent word for male genitals.

#7 Haha This One Is Funny

Image credits: Photoshop-Empire

#8 What The Hell Is A Vulva?

Image credits: guketianzong

#9 If Women Wrote Men Like Men Write Women

Image credits: Yuki_no_Ookami

Anatomy as a science had its start in 16th-century Italy and ever since those terms had been given to female genitals, no one batted an eye until the 21st century. That included anatomy professor, Doug Broadfield, who had been showing the pudendal canal, nerve and artery to students for 14 years. “I never really gave it a second thought,” he said. “You just don’t really think about that kind of thing.”

In the beginning, shame knew no sex. First-century Roman writers used “pudendum” to mean the genitals of men, women and animals. But it was women to whom the shame stuck. As a general rule, anatomical terms are supposed to be informative and descriptive. “Pudendum” was neither. “This is the only term which has a moral context to it,” said Dr. Bernard Moxham, head of anatomy at Cardiff University in Wales.

Although the debate is still ongoing in the medical community, back in 2019 it was agreed that “Pudendum” would no longer appear as an official term in the upcoming version of “Terminologia Anatomica.” However, the pudendal artery, canal and nerve would remain relatively unchanged “because the use of the word pudendalis in terms for structures present in both sexes cannot be interpreted as sexist.” 

#10 That’s Quite A Stretch

Image credits: MajespecterNekomata

#11 A Comment I Saw On A Tiktok Where A Woman Asked If Her Armpit Hair Bothered Them Because Her Armpits Don’t Look Like Those Of A Prepubescent Girl

Image credits: fatalehomosapiens

#12 Have You Ever Given Birth Dude?

Image credits: deep_sea213

When it comes to medical research and innovation, men’s health has long gotten more attention than women’s health. It was only in 1993 that Congress mandated that women and minorities be included in clinical research, although it’s still vastly understudied. “Essentially we’ve ended up with a healthcare system, among other things in society, that has been made by men for men,” Dr Kate Young, a public health researcher at Monash University in Australia. 

“Because women can bear children, medical discourse associated women with the body and men with the mind,” she continued. Sadly, this notion seems to have permeated in day-to-day society as well. But not only is it cringeworthy to hear and read completely ludicrous accounts of female anatomy, it is also dangerous as this medical misinformation influences women’s fertility and reproductive rights.

#13 What Do You Mean Women Don’t Bleed Milk When Stabbed In The T**s?

Image credits: Mjestik

#14 Male Nips vs. Female Nips

Image credits: fringeandglittery

#15 Do We Even Have Organs?

Image credits: AllHailShiva

When the internet is riddled with fake news and snake oil salespeople peddling their “wellness” agenda, heuristically learning about your own body with accurate information is tough, says author of “The Vagina Bible” Dr. Jen Gunter. She argues one only needs to scratch the surface of the wellness industry and you’ll find worrying ideas that stem from patriarchal ideas about women and the value that is placed on “purity” and virginity.

“What are you saying when you keep pushing this idea? That a dry, tight vagina is the achievable goal, right? What, because that’s the only way some dude can get off?” she added. “When did a virginal vagina become this standard that women should be aspiring to achieve? It’s a [messed] up purity culture thing.” However, it seems as though it’ll take a long time for this to change and for the health of a human being to be prioritized over profit. 

As you continue to scroll through this list—though if you’ve already left, I can’t blame you—continue upvoting the most horrendous and misinformed posts to help shed some light on how badly we need proper education to enter the equation. Leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll see you in the next one. 

#16 Bodily Functions Are Unattractive

Image credits: mscoffeebean98

#17 Want To Get A Woman Off? The Cervix Is Perfect For That

Image credits: hochizo

#18 You Girls Ever Just Get Your Period Made Void Due To Someone Injected With Autism And Microchips Being In The Proximity

Image credits: Mundit00

#19 *sigh* Yet Another Unrealistic Body Expectation For Women. When Will It End???

Image credits: taylorjo53

#20 Well Then!

Image credits: [deleted]

#21 This Might Actually Be The Worst One I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Cherrymus

#22 I’m Guessing This Guy Has Never Been With A Pregnant Person

Image credits: munchkym

#23 You’re Looking For A Corpse, Mate

Image credits: roibaleine

#24 Surely You Didn’t Know This About Babies

Image credits: Ledorak

#25 Yea Sorry Let Me Just Empty Out My Vagina If All It’s Blood Before Work

Image credits: Constant_Internet303

#26 That’s… I Don’t Know

Image credits: [deleted]

#27 I Didn’t Realize My Fallopian Tubes Were Clogged

Image credits: shogunofsarcasm

#28 Oh God… Bless His Heart

Image credits: SmoothRide117

#29 What Is A Mammal, Alex?

Image credits: liferecoveryproject

#30 If You Have Sex With One Person A Thousand Times, The Vagina Will Stay Tight. It Only Loosens When You Have Sex A Thousand Times With Different People, Duh

Image credits: ashimo414141

#31 “My Uterus Didn’t Come With A Built-In Hoover And Now I’m Upset”

Image credits: jenniekns

#32 Apparently The Company Later Removed The Product, But Why Was It Even Created… And Even Then Why On Earth Is It Bright Pink

Image credits: stemi08

#33 Bmi 9.7 To 11

Image credits: starmi23

#34 Who’s Gonna Tell Him?

Image credits: Indira_Flowercookie

#35 I Don’t Think Lesbians Work That Way

Image credits: Valdagast

#36 Baby Snorkel?

Image credits: bumblebeebabie

#37 I Got Hospitalized Yesterday, While I Was Unconscious At The Bed, The Doctor Decided To Tell My Mom “Having This Much Leg Hair Is Completely Unnatural, She Should Check That Out”

Image credits: ArapaimaGal

#38 You Can’t Use A Tampon If You’re A Virgin, Because Of Your Virgin Thingy

Image credits: GM_vs_Technicality

#39 Because Athletes Don’t Get Periods

Image credits: Utdredangel

#40 This Idiot

Image credits: moosedownjacket

#41 Because Women Should Throw Their Lives Away To Have Kids Before 30

Image credits: BloodsAndTears

#42 Noticed This In A Thread On The Front Page

Image credits: thatguyned

#43 This Made Me Wheeze

Image credits: chickpoon

#44 Your Period Won’t Hurt If You Eat The Right Food

Image credits: kucka_8

#45 Bold Statement In A Video Reaction Of (Cis) Men Trying Simulated Period Cramps

Image credits: DarkBlueChameleon

#46 And I Hate When Men Decide To Spew Nonsense About Everything About Women’s Bodies And Claim That It’s True

Image credits: Cherrymus

#47 Senator Josh Hawley Tries To Say That Only Cis-Women Have The Capacity To Give Birth. Wrong. That Professor Worded Her Rebuttal Perfectly

Image credits: Other-Cantaloupe4765

#48 A Shout For All Those Virgin Obsessed Folks At The Back

Image credits: Broken_Infinity

#49 This Advert Thinks Boobs Are… Muscle?

Image credits: ShaoLimper

#50 Gardening Concerns Thanks To A Bloody Superstition

Image credits: YnotZoidberg1077

#51 Elon Musk’s Badwomensanatomy

Image credits: Reputable_Sorcerer

#52 “Because Girls Have Milk Filled In Their Boobies All The Time, Spraying Around Whenever They Open Their Bra”

Image credits: Aggravating-Class419

#53 Found While Cleaning Out An Old House — Did You Know Lysol Can Be Used To Clean Your Vagina?

Image credits: DonutPlains

#54 No

Image credits: userdesu

#55 No Words

Image credits: leah2106

#56 This Ad Just Came Up On My Instagram Feed And This Is The First Time I’ve Ever Seen A Women’s Razor Ad Actually Show A Hairy Leg Being Shaved

Image credits: g00ber88

#57 Found In The Wild, Apparently Somebody Didn’t Listen To Health Class

Image credits: Ninjartistic

#58 Incels Making Up “Facts” About Women As An Excuse To Call Them Disgusting

Image credits: illegalmemesforsale

#59 Iud

Image credits: gingerbread_cereal

#60 “Can’t Find The Source” But This Is Definitely How This Works

Image credits: Extra-Act-801

#61 I Like Herbal Tea And Meditation As Much As The Next Person, But

Image credits: butmakitoutofcontext

#62 All I Can Say Is Wow

Image credits: AnRudIsAnamh

#63 Is Your Belly Button Above Hipline, You Fraud?!

Image credits: PamBeansly

#64 But Where Do The Organs Go? Do They Just Get Squished Down Into The Butt? Baby Got Spleen?

Image credits: le72225

#65 Vaginas Are Like Shoes

Image credits: CrazieDiamond

#66 That’s… Simply Not True

Image credits: dizzycrazycheesy

#67 Really Thought This Was A Troll But It’s Not! I’m Thoroughly Entertained

Image credits: [deleted]

#68 It’s Subtle, But If You Look Closely You’ll Notice The Pregnancy Belly Is Photoshopped On

Image credits: AQuixoticQuandary

#69 I Should’ve Expected This From Troom Troom

Image credits: [deleted]

#70 From The Thirstiest Dude On Facebook

Image credits: This_Brilliant8514

#71 In A Thread About Birth Control For Men We Got This Lovely Gem

Image credits: cherrytrashpanda

#72 Do Men Really Not Know How Long It Takes To Be Able To Take A Pregnancy Test??

Image credits: acoustic_witch

#73 Not Kink Shaming… Nothing Wrong With A Pregnancy Fetish I Suppose… But This Is Just.. Yeah… No

Image credits: sniperwolfjob

#74 I Found This On Tiktok And It’s Absolute Gold. And The Fact It’s So Common Many Women Share The Same Experience Yet It’s Still Impossible To Find The C**t

#75 Found In Vietnam…i Have No Words

Image credits: CptBeefFart

#76 I Keep Forgetting That The Existence Of Women’s Body Hair (And Not Men’s) Needs To Be Bleached/Erased Out Of Society’s Collective Conscious (Lest We Traumatise The Poor Men)

Image credits: RabbitVegetable

#77 Disappointed That My Tits Never Got This Feature

Image credits: rofax

#78 A Theory

Image credits: borrow_a_feeling

#79 This Can’t Be Right

Image credits: socially-awkward-em

#80 I Don’t Know If Realistic Is The Best Word Here

Image credits: Special-Speech3064

#81 I Was Ready To Get Irritated And Ended Up Having A Genuinely Good Laugh

Image credits: darwinpolice

#82 Bad Women’s Psychology

Image credits: fajen1

#83 Best Thing About Being A Woman!

Image credits: Valdagast

#84 Apparently Moaning During Sex Warrants The Death Penalty

Image credits: Bombastic-Bagman

#85 Alcohol????

Image credits: medbitch666

#86 “Expires Like Milk”

Image credits: NihilisticBuddhism

#87 Well Someone Said” Imagine It Profile” And I Thought It Would Be Fun To Showcase

Image credits: Anna820yx

#88 Women Who Track Periods Are Promiscious

Image credits: I_IdentifyAsAProblem

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