88 Times Restaurants Went Too Far With Food Serving (New Pics)

What’s important is the quality of the food, not what it’s served on. Right? Wrong! Sometimes, when you’re at a fancy restaurant, waiters serve you food on such weird things and in such strange containers that you pay more attention to them than your dinner. Those are the times that it’s acceptable to bombard your friends with pictures of your food, instead of eating it.

There’s a whole community of people who have banded together to form the online group ‘We Want Plates.’ Their mission is all in their name — they want restaurants to serve food on actual plates, not on “bits of wood and roof tiles, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars.” This is an internet community that loathes hipsterish trends, and “crusades” for the right to have their food brought to them on plates, as Mother Nature intended.

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Keep scrolling and let us know in the comments what peculiar way of serving food you found to be the most amusing. Let us know if you’ve seen something even weirder! Remember to upvote your faves and share with your friends. And after you’re done, have a look at Bored Panda’s other lists about restaurants that have gone too far with food serving and trying to impress customers too hard. Some of these eateries are beyond saving, don’t you think?

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My Bread Served Inside Roadkill

Image credits: urdsrevenge

Finally Getting It Right

Image credits: ichabodcrane

“I Put Fries In An Enclosed Bowl So They Steam And Get Soggy” – Some Prick Cook

Image credits: reddit.com

My Boyfriend Was Just Served A Bloody Mary In A Fry Basket

Image credits: I_Crush_Your_Head

We Have Been Robbed.

Image credits: Obulgaryan

My Wife’s Cocktail Was Served In A Hollow Stone And Had To Be Drunk Through The Hole, Without A Straw

Image credits: MrMagicMoves

Mods Are Asleep. Post About Wanting Bowls.

Image credits: redditinshans


Image credits: TheBeatles2

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Not A Plate But… This Hip “Sitting Rail” At A New Burger Place Is Too Crazy To Not Show

Image credits: ginteru

Cheese Foam That Is Spooned Onto The Back Of Your Hand By The Waiter And Then You Have To Lick It Off.

Image credits: prisongovernor

They Carried My Bill Out On A Type Writer

Image credits: hitorinetoyota

I’m Speechless

Image credits: xiupng

Someone I Know Got Her Food On Some Kind Of Bone

Image credits: tsjoepvdv

Self-Aware Absurdity? Apple Pastry Desert Served On An Image Of A Plate…. On An iPad.

Image credits: cheekyjan

Ravioli On A Clothesline, As You Do

Image credits: corkboy

I Watched My Fries Drift Away Because Someone Else Wanted Fried Zucchini

Image credits: EZcheezy

Pizza On A Snowboard.

Image credits: HarryFlashman1927

Friend Sent Me This. I Was Not As Impressed.

Image credits: itsjacques

I guess I’m not supposed to eat my soup?

Image credits: Sodi_Popss

Curry On A Chopping Board

Image credits: skelto

Literaly 6 Nachos For The Whole Table

Image credits: mmonzeob

$70 A Head Luncheon? Have Some Butter On A Rock.

Image credits: unfrufru

This Is The Most Awful Thing Ever. Broccoli Impaled On A Metal… Thing?

Image credits: juangutip

Overcooked Eggs Served In The Pan That They Were Cooked In. Thanks…

Image credits: Lerrcey

The Same Tiles Were In The Bathroom

Image credits: catmore11

It Has A Plate… But Still.

Image credits: Realwomprat

Episode Of Black Books Reminded Me Of This Sub

Image credits: mush4brains

So These Motherfuckers Actually Gave Me A Plate… Upside Down

Image credits: Jotapeme

Love it when sand gets in my soup

Image credits: WeWantPlates

A Meringue Served On A Magnetically Levitated Pillow.

Image credits: Couldnt_think_of_a

So I Went To Eat Hot Pot Today…

Image credits: brokenankleZ

Saw This On Twitter, But I Thought It Belonged Here As Well (Via @julievis)

Image credits: WafleFries

I Work As A Dishwasher. I Want Plates, Please.

Image credits: li_ion

Just Go Ahead And Dump My Shrimp All Over Some Empty Beer Cans Please

Image credits: Stedyjay

Fish Are Friends, Not Food.

Image credits: dr_harlequin

A Restaurant Where The Food Is Served Directly Onto The Table

Image credits: AddictsWithPens

Casually Washing Plates At Work

Image credits: ninize

I Ordered A Cocktail And The Bartender Started Preparing It In A Friggin Child’s Welly

Image credits: Pablol

Sunday Dinner… On A Cake Stand.

Image credits: TaylorGenery

First They Took Our Plates. Now They’re Taking Our Chairs. When Will The Madness End?

Image credits: 11equals7

This Dessert Trend Needs To Stop.

Image credits: ochad

Your food directly from the shovel to the table

Image credits: WeWantPlates

The Final Boss Of This Sub

Image credits: lovetosaydada

Salad With A Side Of Bleeding.

Image credits: IncredulousStraddle

Raspberry Ice Cream On A Twig, In A Hole Drilled Into A Rock.

Image credits: neo3237

Just Saw This On Instagram… Send Help

Image credits: rosieisred

Taquitos In A Cigar Box

Image credits: makeoutwithscott

Oh Thank God. A Section Just For Us.

Image credits: Leeferickson1

I Hate To Stifle Someone’s Creativity, But I Really Dont Like This

Image credits: voodoomudcake

It Took Over 5 Minutes For Them To Get The Pillow To Hover. I Nearly Fell Asleep.

Image credits: essjay2009

We Want…. Tables.

Image credits: SkyUnderMyFeet

Why Would You Do That

Image credits: GrudonFactory

Oh Brilliant, Just Serve My Cocktail In An Umbrella. Found On Tripadvisor.

Image credits: Quercusrobar

Pudding In A Pot. Wanna Know The Worst Sound Ever? Silverware Scraping Against Terracotta

Image credits: ketokadie

French Fries In The Deep Fryer Basket, Placed On Top Of A Tree Stump. Served By My 4 Year Old.

Image credits: CJR3

I Love When My Steak Leaks Off My Stone Circle

Image credits: dsl158

Saw The Server Bring This Out And Thought It Belonged Here

Image credits: playmaker99

The Aesthetic Is “I Haven’t Done The Dishes So I’m Just Using What’s Clean”.

Image credits: soy_ahoy

The Butter Was Just Smeared Directly On The Plank

Image credits: I_am_pyxidis

Shoonk! French Fries In A Pneumatic Tube

Image credits: VigodaLives

Found on the official Food Network instagram, guess you just eat it off the table…

Image credits: WeWantPlates

Our Appetizer In A Shoe. They Refused My Request To Try It On Or Take It Home.

Image credits: adullploy

Technically This Meat Is Served On A Plate, But….

Image credits: borg42

Pitcher Of Poutine Being Offered In Montreal

Image credits: thisbevic

Even The Sims Is Doing It.

Image credits: FeistySpinach

Who wants dessert?

Image credits: WeWantPlates

Self cleaning bowl

Image credits: WeWantPlates

My Smoked Salmon Came In A Smoking Jar Of Salt. Tried To Lift It Out, Broke And Fell In The Salt, Rendering It Inedible.

Image credits: tika1104

Does This Count? ?

Image credits: MrTibbs25

Spaghetti In A Cone

Image credits: PupForge

They Recommended To My Friend That He Get His Cheeseburger “In A Cup”.

Image credits: Drclaw411


Image credits: dayzdai

Donuts Served On A Door At A Wedding

Image credits: pinkretainer

Buzzfeed Is Soooooo Original

Image credits: wileybahr

Little Victory But A Victory Nonetheless

Image credits: Joe_Hole

Fried Rice…in A Shovel For Some Stupid Reason.

Image credits: therealburndog

What If I Want To Start With The Burger?

Image credits: Tankh

Fish Served On An Empty Beercan In A Dirty Ashtray

Image credits: desmolase

Steak Tartare & Oyster served on your hands at Librije in Netherland

Image credits: WeWantPlates

Tuna Served On An Upside Down Cocktail Glass… If Only There Were A More Stable Food Serving Object To Eat Off Of

Image credits: randompopcorn

The Optimist Says The Glass Is Half Full

Image credits: mjomark

This Saddens Me 🙁

Image credits: Ozzzieddd

I Received My Drink, Complete With Bird Cage Prison

Image credits: thrilled32

I Ordered Some Cheese Filled Cottage Cheese. It Came On Miniature Stairs. With The Dip On Top.

Image credits: kejriwal4pm

Pizza Served On Hooks

Image credits: Go_Blue_

My Entree Was Served In A Toaster.

Image credits: BenOnStandby

I Think My Dumplings Were Shop-Bought

Image credits: virtual_pie

What’s In The Booooxxxx? Oh.

Image credits: darshanp82

These Snacks Served With Stones: Some Are Real Stones And Some Are To Eat. You Have To Guess!

Image credits: happy_monster

I Have Found Safety!

Image credits: urbanbumfights

Final Dish On Masterchef Was Meringue Fingers On A Floating Pillow

Image credits: FoolishGenius7

I Don’t Know What To Eat And What Not

Image credits: Nemergon

My Parents Sent Me This Picture From Their Vacation In Italy

Image credits: MajesticHoneydew

A Fuckin’ Bookshelf

Image credits: TheDerpedOne

A Beaker Full Of Beer. Or Is It Urine? Is This A Doctors Office Or A Restaurant?

Image credits: reddit.com

My Appetizer Served On A Goathorn And Straw…

Image credits: momslittlebear

Waitress Was Unable To Give Me A Knife As It Could Damage The Wooden Board…

Image credits: wainwright166

Now This Is What I Like To See

Image credits: Dj_Sushi

Menu Said “Spaghetti *on* Toast”. I Beg To Differ…

Image credits: J-M-B

Its Portable.

Image credits: hail_the_cloud

I Think They Skipped A Step

Image credits: somethingaboutbuffy

“The Brick Keeps It Warm!” The Brick Was Stone Cold…

Image credits: randomwordvomit

I Ordered A Bagel..

Image credits: Fla_fla_flunky

Now I Get Why It Was Advertised As “Half A Bottle Of Fries”… Fries In A Cut Off Bottle Of Wine.

Image credits: voetbalfiets

Pizza With Scissors On A Slab Of Wood With Historic Grease Soaked In.

Image credits: Gr00z

Ask For Plates, And You Shall Receive

Image credits: Pagynn

We Want Plates : Roger Federer Edition

Image credits: sfj11

“Urban Dining” In A Local Supermarket

Image credits: Camembert_fondue

Not Sure If This Is Allowed, But This Place Gets It

Image credits: Changeofpacechi

Our Cooking Club Had A “We Want Plates” Themed Dinner

Image credits: AvamarIan

How Bout A Plate But Upside Down ?

Image credits: FractalHunter

‘Fried Cheese’ Served In A Wine Glass At A Mexican Restaurant In Japan, I Don’t Know What I Expected

Image credits: ohhurumpf

Bacon Served On A Clothesline…

Image credits: SunknLiner

Here’s Your Beef In A Log, Now Stfu

Image credits: CodeManJames

Posted In Crappy Design, Told It Should Be Here Instead.

Image credits: NewYorkRhino

These Individual Bowls Carved Into The Table

Image credits: 0ldBookGlue

I’m Waitress & Used To Work Many Times With This Kind Of “Plates”, It’s Very Difficult To Put Them On A Table & Their Weight At Least 2kg So Wewantplates Too! P.s Love This Page :d Xxx

Image credits: Cigarcat

After Lurking This Subreddit Forever, I Have Finally Spotted A Quality Submission In The Wild, Courtesy Of A Facebook Friend Food Blogger… Fermented Plums Served On Pine Branches.

Image credits: myexguessesmyuser

Huge Burger Served On A Small Frying Pan. Why? Just So You Can Make A Mess On The Table, Which Is A Barrel.

Image credits: justbronzestuff

They Brought The Breadsticks Out On A Plate, Then Proceeded To Take The Plate Out From Under The Breadsticks.

Image credits: timitee

I Was Served 3 Chips On A Log.

Image credits: Hey_nice_marmot_

Chocolate Tartè On A Squashed Pepsi Can

Image credits: Jake1272

The Apex Of Pasta Presentation

Image credits: adminmatt

I Found A “Plate” Store

Image credits: JaceFoil

It’s Good To Get Some Recognition.

Image credits: bo0tzz

Call A Doctor, We Need Plates.

Image credits: madamplease

I’m Mostly With You Guys, But I Do Make One Exception For This Little Piece Of My Childhood.

Image credits: RChickenMan

All That For A Strawberry Cut In Half.

Image credits: AmieKinz

My Single Slice Of Bread Got Served On A Stump… (Which Itself Was On A Plate)

Image credits: dutchkiwiguy

Some Sadly Delicious Looking Noodles Served On A…um…yeah What Exactly Is This Thing? An Easel?

Image credits: zig710

I’m Thirsty. Got Any Potatoes To Drink?

Image credits: leave_it_to_beavers

Cheesy Triceratop

Image credits: rsoundar87

Yeah I’ll Have A Crusty Can Instead Of A Glass I Guess

Image credits: travislow5

Huckleberry Soda In A…lab Flask?

Image credits: mccoy_patton

Make Your Own Spaghetti

Image credits: princesskarina

Communal Spaghetti Served On The Table

Image credits: noodlecanoodle

My Friend Sent Me A Picture Of The Salad She Received At A Restaurant Yesterday

Image credits: pumpkinbread987

We Received Our Onion Rings On A Giraffe.

Image credits: archaic_wisdom

Do Drinks Count? Because Serving A Drink In A Flimsy Chinese Takeout Box Is Stupid.

Image credits: BlondeRed

Pouring It All On The Table…

Image credits: martin323

Grilled Cheese On A Donut Suspended Precariously Over A Saucepan Of Tomato Soup

Image credits: dynastynyy

Our Local Burger Restaurant Is Taking A Stance

Image credits: piroteknix

Steak In A Pan With A Fake Us Hundred Dollar Bill…in China

Image credits: texasyankee

Why Wouldn’t I Want To Eat Caviar Off A Wooden Hand??

Image credits: Tyrus31

Tiramisu In A Flower Pot. With A Giant Sprog Of Rosemary For Maximum Annoyance

Image credits: mhtucker1

“Hey Boss, How Do You Want To Present These?” “Just Throw ‘Em In Some Fucking Cups!” (The Tacos Sucked, Btw)

Image credits: Dogs-Keep-Me-Going

Potted Bread

Image credits: graciegoo007

Food Looks Delicious…but A Toolbox?!

Image credits: tf2fan

Baked Brie From Hoof Hearted Brewing In Columbus, Oh. The Waiter Asked Us To Spread Napkins Out So The Honey And Jam Didn’t Run Off Onto The Table.

Image credits: StyleBear4Life

Burger In A Drawer…

Image credits: tmannmcleod

You Want Me To Slurp My Soup From A Wine Glass?

Image credits: caro11

Office Special – Dinner On A Clipboard!

Image credits: gumgum

Great Burgers And Fries Served On Dog Bowls

Image credits: diegoavellana

Steak And Mashed Potatoes In A Martini Glass

Image credits: printablewisdom1

We Are Almost At Peak Cake/Milkshake Stupidity

Image credits: CuntCorner

My Basket Of Chicken Wings, Not Quite What I Expected.

Image credits: Anon44356

My Buddy Ordered Risotto At A Tapas Bar In Paris. Was Not Expecting Beef Ribs.

Image credits: PlanetMarklar

Just Bring It Straight From The Fryer And Dump It On My Morning Newspaper Please.

Image credits: mendenhaller

The Menu Did Call Them Trash Can Nachos

Image credits: muddywaffles86

A Caesar Salad At A Resort In Costa Rica. While All The Parts Taste Good, How To Eat It Is Escaping Me….

Image credits: Madler

Cracking Open A Cold Shrimp With The Boys

Image credits: Jazzy_Junebug

This Charcuterie Presentation. It’s Funny Because It’s An Office Party.

Image credits: sackof_potatoes

“Nacho Table” At A Celtics Game. I’ve Never Wanted A Plate More In My Life.

Image credits: odontologist

Here’s A Bunch Of Lettuce On A Wooden Slab. Enjoy

Image credits: postbed

Ice Cream Served On An Ice Pack In A Burlap Sack Filled With Coffee Beans

Image credits: jennabunnykins

This Monstrosity Was On A Facebook Ad

Image credits: sniffynoname

Excuse Me, Wtf

Image credits: opaespectacular

‘Chicken Sunbathing On A Beach’

Image credits: ChinaInPics

Just Here On The Table Is Fine.

Image credits: Gresil

Greek Gyro Served In An Ice Scoop

Image credits: lulylu

Not Sure If I Should Eat Or Start Building A House

Image credits: mertmcgert

I Found Some Plates We Can Use

Image credits: SEND_YOUR_DICK_PIX

Full English Breakfast Served On A Shovel With Beans In A Mini Bucket.

Image credits: WhosCallum

Splinter Heaven

Image credits: martinmarkovski

My Family’s Steak Served On Horse Skull. Never A Dull Moment In China.

Image credits: MatchMyTempo

Fish Goo Smeared On A Floor Tile

Image credits: libralisa26

Caviar Served On A Cauliflower (Not Meant To Eat) On A Bed Of Fake Grass In A Wooden Box.

Image credits: Nakedgoldfish

Waiting For The Hot Dog To Kickflip

Image credits: muddybanks

They Called It A “Blood Bath”…

Image credits: edmx0

Pizza Served On A Tire

Image credits: HuskingENGR

So Generally We Dutchies Are Not Nationalistic, But Sometimes…

Image credits: Confident_Frogfish

This Expensive Salad Was Served Like This…

Image credits: Matingas

The Can On The Right You Ask? That’s Your Gravy

Image credits: aguer0

They Even Managed To Make A Simple Croissant Look Unappetizing…

Image credits: nobabeimnotonreddit

Ok This Is Epic

Image credits: Lones_

Margarita Served In A Hubcap. To Be Fair, A Plate Would Be Worse.

Image credits: DeterministDiet

Balancing Tiny Tacos On Limes And Tiny Tequila Bottles For The Drinks.

Image credits: HalfKraut

Some Of The Best Burgers I Have Eaten Served On A Bone

Image credits: dammidodo

Had Lunch At A Restaurant Which Prides Itself For Serving Good Food On Plates Since 1928.

Image credits: MistakesNeededMaking

Potato In A Shopping Trolley Served To My Dad

Image credits: aragorn_22

We Want Human Plates.

Image credits: yorgee15

Anyone From Bristol (UK) Have To Deal With This Shit?

Image credits: dangerousandillegal

Vegan Burgers And Nachos Served On An Electric Guitar

Image credits: looms123

Went To A Restaurant In Spain And Ordered Some Guacamole. Had To Crush My Ingredients By Myself…

Image credits: ineedsomesleep92

No Plate, Just An Entire Second (Mini) Table.

Image credits: TheGalathir

Calzone On Wood With A Leaky Gap

Image credits: Mei-sshi

Ok, There Is A Plate But Then It’s On A Pillow. (Next Restaurant, Chicago)

Image credits: Miley_Dahmer

Food In The Shape Of A Leaf Hidden In A Box With Real Leaves, Branches And Rocks

Image credits: welldonetbone

Pasta Served On A Brick On A Cutting Board

Image credits: AWhole7Karma

My Mom Just Sent Me This From NYC…donut Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup

Image credits: michael_behar

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