89 Epic Comebacks That Shut People Down Immediately (New Pics)

As long as people throw around some questionable bits of wisdom like it’s no big deal, we have the unofficial karma police, aka ‘murderers by words.’ Except murder by words has nothing to with violence, weapons, or blood, which makes the act inherently peaceful, yet brutally powerful.

It’s because the fight is fueled by words, but not by any words. I mean witty, well-argued, and solid arguments that pierce straight through misinformation, fake news, and any other online BS that’s so prominent these days. The targets can be anyone from Covid deniers to anti-vaxers to flat earthers and extreme right Trump supporters who support the Capitol riots or similar bursts of terror. And when the words come back, they do so with double the initial power.

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Thanks to the prominent corner of Reddit known as the subreddit “Murdered By Words,” the karma evening selection of putdowns, clapbacks, and counter-arguments are in to show that everything you utter in this world can come back to you. Psst! Part 1 of the post with people who got brutally shut down is available here.

#1 You Dense Mother [email protected]#ker!

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#2 Dammit George!

Image credits: SofiBK

#3 Due For Some Good Luck Eventually

Image credits: MichaelRosenYes

Previously, comedy writer Ariane Sherine told Bored Panda that when it comes to witty comebacks, they can be both planned and totally spontaneous.

“I’ve definitely come up with comebacks that are spontaneous. For instance, I told my daughter that if she didn’t behave, I’d give her inheritance to a donkey sanctuary. She said, ‘You wouldn’t,’ and I came back, ‘You bet your ass!’ But though I hadn’t used that comeback before, I clearly had knowledge of the pun and might have used something similar in the past.”

But not every comeback is equally powerful. The ones that make us thank the lord it’s not us who received them have to be well-timed, super-fast, exceptionally witty, and totally understandable to everyone. If it’s super complicated or said at the wrong time, or worst, in the wrong place, you can get scolded with an agonizing moment of silence.

#4 Hits It Right On The Nose

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#5 Apparently She Was A Raging Dumbass Five Years Ago, Too

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#6 The Part About Pilot’s Salary Surprised Me

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#7 Beautifully Pointing Out How Jack Doesn’t Know Why A Vaccine Is

Image credits: drmanejwala

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#8 Maybe She’s Just Not Getting Any

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#9 Grandmothers Are Overrated

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#10 It’s Simple Logic, And Therefore Completely Unfathomable

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#11 Cow Goes Moo

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#12 Such Delicate Snowflakes

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#13 Mbw And Accurate ! 1 – 0

Image credits: SumzIbrahiim

#14 Room Temperature Iq Is My New Favourite Insult

Image credits: mutuma_mbui

#15 Found In The Window Of My Very Small, Very Red, Upstate NY Town Hardware Store

Image credits: unnamedhuman

#16 ‘murica, Heck Yeah!

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#17 Millennials Are Killing The… Baby Industry

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#18 I Think You Will Survive The Vaccine

Image credits: DogNotA

#19 This Belongs Here

Image credits: 03ritikpatni

#20 Wtf Are Light Language And Sacred Geometry?

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#21 Sarah Has Been Reported Dead

Image credits: boring_bisexual_bee

#22 Red Is An Investor Who Keeps A Doctor On Staff, So You Know He Knows What He’s Talking About

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#23 Who Need Vaccine

Image credits: fly_42484248

#24 He Is Right!

Image credits: AlinKIWI

#25 Ben Franklin Was A Smart Fella

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#26 I Wonder If Op Ever Saw That, But Nevertheless

Image credits: ShabbyVelociraptor

#27 You Are A Lesser Human Being And Deserve To Suffer

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#28 I Proudly Served In The Gay Wars Of ’07

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#29 I Love It

Image credits: unicornspiracy420

#30 It’s My God-Given Right To Spit On Other People

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#31 Pray Away The Gay

Image credits: Kik1313

#32 How Much Could A Private Island Cost, $10?

Image credits: kelechnekoff

#33 Lions Don’t Wear Masks

Image credits: angeliclestat

#34 Murdered By The Movement They Were So Eager To Have

#35 How The Turns Have Tabled. Trumper (Red) Gets “Triggered” And Blindly Defends Ashli Babbit

Image credits: Eatmorrchiken

#36 Better Hope His House Doesn’t Catch On Fire!

Image credits: Iangator

#37 Well, Yes, But Not Really, No

Image credits: culta_klash

#38 The Nerve Of The Man!

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#39 They’re Complaining About The Wrong Type Of Female Armour

Image credits: McFlash64

#40 When Military Is More Important Than Health Care

Image credits: willnoon

#41 West Virginia University Addressing Real Campus Issues

Image credits: MountainsMan55

#42 A Guy Working In A Garage Makes Fun Of A Hardworking Nurse

Image credits: dark_commander

#43 Chinese Government Celebrates Their Human Rights Accomplishments

Image credits: TheCocksmith

#44 Conspiracy Theorist Shutdown

Image credits: JochWills

#45 Oh Boy, Alanah Pearce Didn’t Hold Back

Image credits: lucynyu13

#46 Why Can’t People Just Enjoy The Holidays?

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#47 All Of A Sudden “Law & Order” Doesn’t Apply?

Image credits: Apollo611

#48 Do Some Research Before Spouting Nonsense

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#49 I’m Betting Corgis Taste Like Chicken

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#50 Vice And Some Guy In The Comments Both Get Their Nonsense Called Out By A Psychologist

Image credits: Iwasforger03

#51 Yeah, But, Not When We Do It!

#52 Just Wow

Image credits: freshavacadomen

#53 And Now, For Something Not Involving Politics

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#54 I Do Like My Gummy Bears Doe

Image credits: Nex_Xus

#55 What A Spoon

Image credits: Cattegun

#56 Seriously, Just Stop

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#57 Under A Post About A Woman Finding Her Cat Alive 16 Days After A Tornado

Image credits: aFr**kingKernelPanic

#58 Then Why Get A Dog?

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#59 I Posted It On Facepalm And People Said It Should Be Here Too

Image credits: _GGfighter_

#60 Bhutan’s Forest Should Not Be Just Standing There

Image credits: Kyoeser

#61 Dad, Daddy, Daddy-O

Image credits: ReadWriteArithmetic

#62 He Took Out 5 People With 1 Word

Image credits: TonyStark122

#63 Murdered By Math

Image credits: shaunthesailor

#64 An Extra Large Serving Of Reality

Image credits: mattoconnor69

#65 It’s A Valid Question, Dave

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#66 1) Open Mouth 2) Insert Foot 3) ??? 4) Profit!

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#67 Imagine Wanting To Bring Race Into A Children’s Game

Image credits: M3mEMaChiN3

#68 Reverse Card

Image credits: FijiAokiji

#69 Do I Need To Obscure The Names/Accounts Of Public Figures?

Image credits: Alclis

#70 Hit Him With The Aluminum Foil!

Image credits: FattyPatty42

#71 One Day They’ll Understand That Support For The State And Revolutionary Politics Are Not Congruent Ideologies

Image credits: Derangedteddy

#72 Yes, Sit Down, Please

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#73 Grandma With The Savage Comeback!

Image credits: decentbirthday

#74 I Live In Us, Explains A Lot Though

Image credits: Tourist_73

#75 If You Want To Tell Someone What They Can Draw, Pay Them First

Image credits: P4rsona_Official

#76 Finding Good Burns On Twitter Is The Only Reason I’m There

Image credits: conspicuousnipples

#77 Batman’s Parents Have Been Killed More Than Those Murdered On This Sub


#78 I Am The Lord, Thy God

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#79 On A R/Niceguys Post

Image credits: xenolightt

#80 Cringe Old Guy Comments On Teen Girls Instagram

Image credits: boredchaotic

#81 He’s Not Wrong You Know

Image credits: birat_bade

#82 “Oh No, I’ve Upset Stadia User #9”

Image credits: Honza17CZE

#83 Chipping In To Say Stupid Things

Image credits: XvortexEXE

#84 Bathing Is Important

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#85 Found The Murder Weapon

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#86 Ukraine Spitting Straight Fire

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#87 See, His Mistake Was In Trying To Reason With Her

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#88 Nice Stops When Your Actions Hurt Other People

Image credits: beerbellybegone

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