89 Interesting Comparison Images That Will Give You A New Perspective (New Pics)

The world is full of intriguing things and you can never say that Planet Earth is boring. Like all of you curious Pandas, we love comparing things and looking at how things are different and why. That’s why Bored Panda brings you this list of intriguing comparisons that people have made for you to feast your eyes on and to get your brains amped up to learn more about the world.

From the differences in size between men and women’s pockets and some jaw-dropping scientific comparisons to how people, animals, and places change over time, you’re in for an awesome ride. So put your thinking caps on and upvote your fave pics as you scroll down.

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Check out our earlier posts about interesting comparisons here, here, and here. And be sure to read on for a couple of insightful interviews about some of the less-than-pleasant differences we see in life.

#1 A Couple Decided To Rebuild Their Deserted Piece Of Land Of 600 Hectares In Aimorés, Brazil. They Planted More Than 2 Million Tree Saplings

As a result, the site has 293 plant species, 172 bird species and 33 animal species, some of which were on the verge of extinction. Took 18 years.

Image credits: Instituto Terra

#2 Pretty Sure No One Switched My Baby At Birth. Progress From 3 Weeks Left Inside To 3 Weeks On The Outside

Image credits: borrow_a_feeling

#3 Comparison Between Trash And Fabric. These Shirts Are Made From Plastic Bottles

Image credits: AutumnBegins

Finance expert Ryan Monsurate explained to Bored Panda that the reason why women’s clothes have small or no pockets is simply because that’s the choice that’s offered by most brands at the moment. “I think if larger pockets were offered, they would sell well. I don’t believe this is market equilibrium,” he said. In other words, it’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem because for trends to change, trends need to change.

Monsurate added that purses aren’t as effective an alternative to pockets. Especially when it comes to one of the most ubiquitous tools we use all day long, our phones. “Phones in purses aren’t as accessible as phones in pockets,” he said.

#4 Couple At Woodstock 48 Hours After They Met And 50 Years Later

Image credits: PBS Distribution

#5 Five Generations. My Daughter Was Born The Same Year My Great Grandma Turned 100

Image credits: mrseagleeye

#6 The Progression Of Alzheimer’s Through My Mom’s Crocheting

Image credits: wuillermania

Unfortunately, not all differences are pleasant and fun. Bored Panda also reached out to writer and founder of Voice of Salam, Elizabeth Arif-Fear. One of the issues she’s interested in is the differences between men and women. Especially regarding the wage gap, gender inequality, and how to solve these problems.

“The facts speak for themselves. Less than 4% of CEOs in the world’s 500 largest corporations are women, for every dollar men earn, women earn 70-90 cents and women spend 200-1000% more time than men caring for others (children, elderly family members, ill relatives). This has to change,” Arif-Fear told Bored Panda.

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#7 My Grandpa And His Friend Who Was Born Across The Street From Him 2 Hours After Him. Navy Picture Around 1942/43 And When They Turned 93 A Couple Of Years Ago

Image credits: squidreynolds

#8 Same Boot, 3 Years Later

Image credits: fourNtwentyz

#9 After 9 Years Of Work, I Finally Got My Braces Off! I Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Image credits: ScoutMasterWes

According to Arif-Fear, the best way forward is for men and women to support each other. She advises women to openly share their stories of mistreatment in the workplace and to highlight the differences in how they and their male coworkers are treated.

She also advises men to avoid “mansplaining” and instead be allies to women. “Ensure there’s a seat at your table, ensure you value the contribution of women. Let’s all look out for each other and ensure that gender inequality becomes a thing of the past.” So while some differences in the world are intriguing to look at, others need to be tackled head-on.

#10 New Zealand Supermarkets Are Finally Trialing Less Plastic On Their Fruit And Veggies

Photo on the left is what it’s currently like buying fruit and vegetables from a supermarket. Even the ‘odd bunch’ ones down the bottom right are meant to be less wasteful because they’re not the normal perfectly shaped/colored ones, but still come in plastic bags. Photo on the right is the current trial in a handful of supermarkets around the country. Here’s hoping it’s successful and they roll this out nationwide!

Image credits: countdown.co.nz

#11 The Size Of This Flag Flown On A Spanish Ship At The Battle Of Trafalgar (1805) Compared To The Size Of People Around It

Image credits: The National Maritime Museum

#12 Bamboo That Grew Up During The Pandemic Without The Effect Of Tourists’ Touch

Image credits: watercatte

#13 Same Whale Found After 35 Years In The West Coast Of Mexico

Image credits: happywhale.com

#14 A Doctor Sneezed, Sang, Talked & Coughed Toward An Agar Culture Plate With And Without A Mask

Image credits: Dr. Richard Davis

#15 Three Years In Between

Image credits: dfinedm

#16 The World’s Largest Ocean Sunfish Compared To How Small They Are At Birth

Image credits: Amy Coghlan

#17 Same Bike, Same Place, Same Girl. 71 Years Difference

Image credits: ryanmark01

#18 Women’s Pockets Can Fit Less Than Half Of A Switch Lite, Whereas Men’s Pockets Can Fit A Whole Switch

Image credits: definitelynottori

#19 Moss vs. Hatchling

Image credits: Camilo_Carneiro

#20 My Dad And I 38 Years Apart, Thought I Should Post It Here

Image credits: Nadname

#21 A Human Brain On The Left, A Dolphin Brain On The Right

Image credits: therealrealme

#22 Son And Mother, 17-Year-Old Renaud And 41-Year-Old Madineg

Image credits: geneticportraits.ca

#23 My Daughter And My Kitten Lost Their Baby Tooth In The Same Day

Image credits: spinn80

#24 The “Mud Maid”, A Living Sculpture Changing With The Seasons

Created by artist Susan Hill, the giant goddess slept along the woodland walk in the lost gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#25 The Color Change Between My Horse’s Summer And Winter Coat Is Neat

Image credits: PaperPonies

#26 I Found A Very Small Frog. A Penny For Scale

Image credits: look-a-lurker

#27 Fossils Found Of Car-Sized Turtles That Once Roamed South America. Human For Scale

Image credits: quince6

#28 Same Street, First Day Of Winter vs. First Day Of Summer. Canada

Image credits: lanky_one

#29 My Cat Domino Has Heterochromia Which Has The Side-Effect That Light Reflects Differently Causing Him To Look Like The Terminator

Image credits: SgtNene

#30 Dentist Office Showing How Much Sugar Is In Regular Items

Image credits: mmaathiaas

#31 This Is A Side By Side Of Me And My Twin

Image credits: benbo82

#32 These Pictures Are Of The Same Bird Taken Years Apart, Illustrating The Difference Between Juvenile And Sub-Adult Plumage

It takes bald eagles about 5 years to obtain their white head

Image credits: aefeagles

#33 Me And My Cousin. 2005 And 2020. It Was Much More Difficult To Take The Picture Now

Image credits: Moosegang52

#34 I Counted All Of The Times Each Candidate Interrupted In The Presidential Election. Here Are The Results

Image credits: WhittleAbby

#35 My Ankle Two Days Before Giving Birth (Left) And My Ankle Two Days After Giving Birth (Right)

Image credits: whateverandamen

#36 Same Wedding Outfits 60 Years Later

Image credits: dskeezy05

#37 Night vs. Day In Barcelona

Image credits: willcheyney

#38 Two-Hour Time Progression Of Getting My Hate Tattoo Removed Today

Image credits: MyExesStalkMyReddit

#39 4 Bottles Of Water From 4 Different Houses From All 4 Sides Of Town (West/North/East/South) In Flint, Michigan

Image credits: flintwaterstudy.org

#40 My First Day Of Kindergarten 30 Years Apart

Image credits: dragonbornsqrl

#41 A Whale Fin Next To The Entire Skeleton Of A Human

Image credits: robotowilliam

#42 The Amorphophallus Titanium – One Of The Largest Plants In The World Compared To The Size Of A Human. It Only Blooms Once Every Forty Years For Four Days

#43 The Amount Of Growing My Snail Has Gotten Done In Under A Year. From A 4 Cm Shell To A 17 Cm Shell

Image credits: mossydeerbones

#44 3 Months vs. 6 Months, Maine Coons Grow Super Fast

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#45 I Took This Picture Showing About $5,000 Worth Of Each Metal, To Give You Some Scale

The gold to silver ratio is currently 110:1, the highest it’s ever been. Meaning it takes 110 oz of silver to buy just 1 oz of gold. 

Image credits: lcalexander00

#46 Two Samples Of Meteorites That Came From The Moon And Mars. The Black One Is Martian And The Grey One Is Lunar

Image credits: PlanetDr

#47 My Dog’s Receding Hairline. His Natural Mohawk 6 Years Apart

Image credits: daydreambelievererer

#48 Shooting With The Same Camera 150 Years Apart

Image credits: Mat0fr

#49 Croissants. Before And After. Professional Baker Just Sharing A Nice Comparison

Image credits: daraoh

#50 The Power Of Make-Up

Image credits: been1there2done3that

#51 What TV News Anchors Look Like From The Back vs. From The Front

Image credits: AggravatingSorbet4

#52 This Exhibit Illustrates The Effects Of Water Erosion Over Time With Rocks

Image credits: dimdimthelesser

#53 Two Pictures Of My Niece. I Was Taking A Picture Of Her And Caught Her On The Down-Step Running Down A Hill

Image credits: lukemoyerphotography

#54 My Ewes Before And After Shearing Yesterday

Image credits: JaderBug12

#55 Age Progression Used By Forensic Artists To Estimate What Missing Children Would Look Like Years After They Went Missing

Image credits: mysteryu.com

#56 Alaskan Malamute Phil vs. Alaskan Klee Kai. Check Out The Size Difference Of The Two Breeds

Image credits: Lifewithmalamutes

#57 The Difference In My Legs After Being In A Cast For 1 Month

Image credits: John_Appleseed_

#58 My Jaw From Below Looks Like My Nose From Above

Image credits: MrLonely821

#59 My 2-Week-Old Son vs. My Burrito

Image credits: amctrovada

#60 Difference Between A Bullet Wound And A Shrapnel Wound

Image credits: justeedo

#61 17-Year-Old Southern Thai King Cobra Next To A 3-Week-Old Southern Thai King Cobra

Image credits: imgur.com

#62 5 Years On, Half Face Comparison Of Me And My Daughter

Image credits: Hazjohn

#63 Emu Eggs, With Chicken Egg For Scale

Image credits: shzsky

#64 A Flood Brought In This New Species Of Ant To My Neighborhood. Size Comparison Between Regular Ant

Image credits: EPIC_BAGELS9000

#65 A Nut And Bolt: Far From vs. Close To The Sea

Image credits: Mprovin

#66 The Oldest Door Still In Use In Rome. Cast In Bronze For Emperor Hadrian’ Rebuilding, They Date From About 115AD. Compared To A Human Height

Image credits: standy85

#67 This Morning I Found By Far The Smallest Frog I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life (My Average-Sized Fingernail For Scale)

Image credits: okgodlemmehaveit

#68 X-Ray Of A Panda Hand vs. A Human Hand; Pandas Have An Extra “Thumb” To Help Grip Bamboo Stalks

Image credits: SAT0725

#69 Casual View Of Havasupai Falls vs. During A Flash Flood

Image credits: Bitter-Arachnid

#70 Pollution Maps Of Major Cities During Covid-19 Lockdowns Compared To Same Period Last Year

Image credits: sdbernard

#71 My Contact Lenses Darken In The Sun. Here’s A Comparison To Show It

Image credits: Corgi_with_stilts

#72 I Think Brandon’s Enthusiasm For His Job Is Waning

Image credits: rr4455rr

#73 Went To A Pompeii Exhibit. Saw A Familiar Face From 79AD

Image credits: hot_wieners

#74 There Was A Fairly Rapid Shift In The Weather In Chicago This Morning

Image credits: pbjames23

#75 100 Of Each: Mutilated Bills, Bills In Circulation, And Brand New

Image credits: AlpiGusto

#76 Comparison Between The Ratio Of Strawberries To Cereal In 2 Boxes Of Special K

Image credits: pawpaw69420

#77 For Those Of You Considering Palm Tattoos. Update On My Own, 2.5 Months Later Fully Healed

Image credits: rodmedic82

#78 Me With My Newborn Son vs. My Father Holding Me As A Baby

Image credits: mrn00bton

#79 Bullets Before And After

Image credits: ballisticimpressions

#80 One Of The Props That Were Used For The Close-Ups In The LOTR Movies vs. Human Hands

Image credits: cusulhuman

#81 Lemons Float, Limes Sink

Image credits: verygoodwood

#82 Side By Side Comparison Of My Identical Twin And Me

Image credits: AFRN

#83 Wear Sunblock – Temperature Of Burned And Unburned Skin

Image credits: eli-in-the-sky

#84 The Life Cycle Of A Wasp

Image credits: Br_u_u_u_ce

#85 A Pic Of Me (Right) And A Pic Of My Brother (Left) Taken 7 Years Apart

Image credits: Norgeroff

#86 Medical Bill From 1950 vs. $39.35 To Hold A Baby After He Was Born In 2016

Image credits: Kytothelee

#87 Nelson The Sumatran Tiger 8 Months In Between

Image credits: RobertIrwin

#88 My Grandmother’s Immigration Forms From The 1950s Look Just Like Cards Against Humanity

Image credits: goldenwarthog_

#89 My New Phone, Newborn Twin For Scale

Image credits: z4cd

#90 I Ain’t Never Seen Two Pretty Best Friends.

Source: boredpanda.com

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