89 Of The Cutest Baby Animals To Ever Bless The Internet (New Pics)

No matter how busy pet parents are, they always find time to capture every adorable moment of their beloved companions. From the playful antics of a kitten to the innocent gaze of a loyal puppy, their charming pics always steal our hearts. And if you’re someone who agrees (or doesn’t), hold on, because there’s more.

Today, we’re venturing into the world of baby animals. While it might not be possible to capture all their mischievous moments, here at Bored Panda, we’ve gathered a collection of their most adorable snapshots. Whether they’re looking straight into the camera or simply caught in a sleepy moment, prepare to “aww” your way through these precious pictures.

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#1 This Adorable Baby

Image credits: cheapboxedwine

#2 Happy Pile Of Kittens

Image credits: RedColdChiliPepper

#3 My 3-Week-Old Guinea Pig, Pippin

Image credits: morgull

#4 Remember Kiwi And His Goth Girlfriend? Well, Now She’s His Goth Wife, And They Have 4 Beautiful Half-Goth Babies

Image credits: painthands

#5 These Cheeky Little Lambs

Image credits: bopeep_valaisblacknose

#6 One Of Our Baby Raccoon Rescues Waving “Hello”

Image credits: EvolutionDG

#7 It’s Finally Happened. I’ve Seen The Cutest Thing Ever

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 I Saw This Puppy On My Campus. I Had No Coherent Words For This Fluff

Image credits: grilledmackerel

#9 Babies Leaving Their Nest

Image credits: we-vegotmagictodo

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#10 Baby Cavalier Aussie Mix

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 I Found This Little Guy At Work Today

Image credits: Boyinthecorn

#12 This Adorable Baby

Image credits: chloemayirvine

#13 Furball Wandering On The Beach, Waiting For The Parent To Bring Food

Image credits: suraj_ramamurthy

#14 I Went To Visit A Friend’s Farm, And Two Baby Goats Fell Asleep In My Wife’s Arms

Image credits: AcidaliaPlanitia

#15 Baby Wombats Getting Their Weight Checked

Image credits: wombat_rescue

#16 Family Of Raccoons In My Yard

Image credits: Duskav3ng3r117

#17 “Hi There”, Says The Little Seal Pup

Image credits: sealrescuer

#18 This Giant Baby Is Only A Few Weeks Old

Image credits: merzul

#19 Baby Llama

Image credits: chrisburkard

#20 Baby Goat’s Evolution From Birth, Up To 1 Month

Image credits: chevre_toy_miniature

#21 If This Photo Of A Mother Quokka Feeding Her Joey Doesn’t Put A Smile On Your Face, I Don’t Know What Will

Image credits: cruzysuzy

#22 A Photo Of A Baby Fox, He Was About 1.5-2 Months Old

Image credits: rikunorakari

#23 Hi There, Little Guy

Image credits: won-an-art-contest

#24 I Think My Eye Doctor Is A Quack, There’s No Lenses In These Things

Image credits: hen_stefani

#25 In Times Like This, We All Need A Big Hug

Image credits: zookeeper_dan

#26 Small Criminal Exposing Herself After Waking Up From Nappies. We Need Paw And Order In The Streets

Image credits: tittylieutenant

#27 One Of The Louisiana Rough Greensnakes That Hatched Here A Few Days Ago

Image credits: garden_state_tortoise

#28 I Found This Puppy In The Oilfields Of West Texas. Named Him Dobby

Image credits: QtipJC

#29 I Never Realized How Cute A Baby Donkey Was

Image credits: feelingood41

#30 Buck With A Heart On His Head

Image credits: rissaslittlemoos

#31 My Little Piglets

Image credits: petiteporkers

#32 If You Had Any Monday Blues, This Should Cure You

Image credits: dallaszoo

#33 When You Can’t Wait Your Turn And Must Look Too

Image credits: kevinbiskaborn

#34 Tiny Baby Shrew

Image credits: michaelsenpatrick

#35 Baby Bahati Isn’t This Little Anymore, But She’s Still Adorable

Image credits: dallaszoo

#36 I Found This Baby Digging Out Of A Hole In My Neighbor’s Driveway

Image credits: Ducking-Ducks

#37 I Saw This Cute Cerberus At The Pet Store

Image credits: CleetisMcgee

#38 His Ears Popped Up Today! The Bat-Eared Fox Is A Small, African Fox Known For Its Enormous Ears, Which Can Grow To Over 5 Inches Tall

Image credits: cincinnatizoo

#39 May I Present To You All My Chameleon, Finn

Image credits: MyPlantsEatPeople

#40 Some Wildlife Species Are Born With A Flight Response, And Others Are Just Born With 100 Percent Attitude And Confidence, Like This Baby Fur Seal

I was hiking through the tall grass in South Georgia, Antarctica, to go and photograph a wandering albatross when this seal came charging out at me.

Image credits: paulnicklen

#41 Tia, Our Striped Skunk, Is Thriving. She Is Happy And Healthy In Her New Home

Image credits: exotic_zoo_

#42 A Baby From My Local Equine Clinic

Image credits: stephb4252

#43 We’re Pleased To Announce The Birth Of Three Healthy Nyala Calves

Image credits: aucklandzoo

#44 Here’s A Tiny Baby Popping Out Of Its Egg Today

Image credits: garden_state_tortoise

#45 New Cute Little Smoosh Muffins Have Arrived

Image credits: bluecloverrabbitry

#46 He Is The Definition Of Perfection

Image credits: lisatorajaqueline

#47 We Have Decided That The Name Frankie Suits Him The Best

Image credits: thekangaroosanctuary

#48 Baby Koala Enjoying The Sunshine

Image credits: australianreptilepark

#49 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? These Are Way Cooler. Baby Northern Diamondback Terrapins Are About To Be Released Into Their Salt Marsh Home

Image credits: The Reptile Report

#50 Otter Pup-Date. Kanan And Takumi’s Third Litter Of Otter Pups Are Now 7.5 Weeks Old

Image credits: aucklandzoo

#51 Nothing Is Cooler Than A Rescued Baby Bat Necklace

Image credits: Bat World Sanctuary

#52 First Baby Of The Year! Any Name Recommendations?

Image credits: mikeeeyman

#53 Simba

Image credits: nisha.purushothaman

#54 Two Bear Cubs On My Grandparent’s Deck

Image credits: Grouchy_Raccoon_6681

#55 Tiny Baby Hummingbird Drinking Nectar From A Raspberry

Image credits: Heart-Bubbles

#56 For The First Time In Its History, Meerkats Have Been Born And Are Being Successfully Raised At Zoo Miami

Image credits: zoomiami

#57 I Accidentally Took The Best Photo Of My Puppy

Image credits: daggerbombs13

#58 Here Is Baby Ophelia. Gorgeous Magpie With Blue Eyes

Image credits: hollenrossrabbitry

#59 This Young Screech Owl Was Found In The Middle Of A Busy Road In Lowell. She Was Thin And Searching For Her Parents. We Took Care Of Her And Were Able To Put Some Weight Back On Her

Image credits: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue

#60 My New Lamb, Blackberry. He Is Such A Sweetie, I Love Him

Image credits: Modern-Moo

#61 My Friend Found A Baby Possum, And Now I Have It Until A Rescue Calls Me Back

Image credits: ArmaSwiss

#62 Today, I Had The Privilege Of Helping A Young Fawn. It’s Important Not to Interfere If You Unexpectedly Find A Lone Baby Deer Unless That Baby Is In Distress

Image credits: nana__george

#63 When I Went Into The Field Today, I Saw This Little Cutie. She Was Born Overnight

Image credits: Modern-Moo

#64 My Mom And I Found A Dangerously Dehydrated Baby Squirrel On The Sidewalk Yesterday. We Took Her Home, Cooled Her Off, And Gave Her A Pedialyte

Image credits: badbanananana

#65 This 5-Day-Old Baby Three-Banded Armadillo Is All Cuddled Up

Image credits: Daytman

#66 Babies Playing With Each Other

Image credits: anniegriffithsphotography

#67 This Is What A Newborn Alligator Looks Like

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 We Recently Welcomed This Adorable Baby Sloth

Image credits: GoEco

#69 My Friend’s Dog Had Puppies. It Took Them All Day To Get This Shot

Image credits: cosmic68

#70 Pangolins Are The Most Extraordinary Creatures

Image credits: tikkihywoodfoundation

#71 Meet Frankie, The Cocker Spaniel

Image credits: ayee_amelia

#72 Isla The Tamandua Looks Cozy

Image credits: zookeepercolleen

#73 Little Pups Playing

Image credits: ajtoye

#74 Baby Emu Has A New Friend! Now We Have A Big Baby Emu And A Little Baby Emu

Image credits: gatorboys_chris

#75 Have A Snuggly Weekend, Everyone

Image credits: thekangaroosanctuary

#76 Baby Zebra

Image credits: ranger_christiaan_

#77 I Found Baby Five-Lined Skink. It’s So Tiny

Image credits: loveablelilblonde

#78 My New Baby, Phoebe

Image credits: hie33

#79 Tiny Baby Sugar Glider

Image credits: loopdeloops

#80 My 14-Day-Old Baby Donkey, His Name Is Smokey

Image credits: legsohotitfryanegg1

#81 Found In A Backyard. A Rare And Endangered Peregrine Falcon: The Fastest Bird On The Continent

The Wildlife Commission reunited him with his family.

Image credits: Intrepid_Nothing9561

#82 Chad Enjoying The Sun

Image credits: peggopanic

#83 I Planted Cucumber Plants, But This Is What Is Growing Instead

Image credits: CaptainMcFiend

#84 Doc, Flop, Nike, And Flip Have Decided To Use Their Incarceration Time To Form A Band. Unfortunately, They All Want To Be On The Drums

Image credits: harperking

#85 Falcons Growing Up In A Balcony

Image credits: Palifaith

#86 Little Kittens

Image credits: kittiesbcute

#87 Sleeping Baby Donkeys

Image credits: tryshapepper

#88 My Foster Babies Just Before Going To Their Forever Home

Image credits: DonutPlains

#89 Meet My New Addition To The Stables, Baby Aria

Image credits: supvicko

Source: boredpanda.com

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