89 Of The Cutest Cat Pics From Around The Internet

We all need a gentle pick-me-up from time to time. We find that going with the classics—looking at cat pics— is a surefire way to brighten up your day.

By order of the Supremely Fluffy Council of Felines, our team at Bored Panda has collected some of the most heartwarming and wholesome photos of cats from all over Reddit. From pics of kittens to full-grown majestic floofs, they’re bound to make you smile and heal your soul. Scroll down, upvote your faves, and feel free to try to pet the cattos through your screen if they let you.

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Bored Panda reached out to the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity, to learn about how owners can help their new cats get along with their old pets at home. PDSA Vet Claire Roberts was kind enough to shed some light on this. Read on to see what she told us.

#1 I’ve Never Seen A More Expressive Kitty

Image credits: vladgrinch

“While cats can live happily together in the same house, they don’t necessarily ‘need’ other cats like some other pets who need companionship, so some cats, especially older cats may struggle to accept another furry family member into their home,” PDSA Vet Roberts explained to Bored Panda. 

“When introducing new pets, preparation is key. Carefully managed and patient introductions should give your pets the best chance of getting on well in future. Don’t put them both in the same room and expect them to get along straight away. Just like us, our pets need time to adjust to any newcomers. This process should be done slowly over several days or weeks.”

The vet suggested introducing the pets to each other’s scent before setting up any face-to-face meetings. “For cats, use an old tea towel to stroke each cat with ‘their’ tea towel, paying special attention to their face and cheeks. Then swap the tea towels so that each cat can get used to the other’s scent before meeting. If you have a dog, you could swap their bedding,” Roberts said.

#2 Imagine That : You’re Leaving To Work, And As You Lock Your Door, You’re Greeted With This

Image credits: louisphilb11

#3 The Street Is Very Hot, So The Saleswoman Allows Kittens To Go Into The Store And Sleep On The Freezer

Image credits: Swerwin

The vet walked us through how someone might bring their new kitten or cat home for the very first time. As with everything, preparation and patience are key. You should start off by setting up a safe room for them that has food and water bowls, scratching posts, hiding places, and a litter tray.

“Keep them in this room where they can explore freely and start to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. You could also set up a pheromone diffuser to help your new cat feel comfortable. Keep your resident cat or dog away at this stage,” the PDSA representative told Bored Panda.

“Once your new cat seems settled, allow the pets to see each other in their separate spaces. Make sure there is a barrier between them so neither one feels they could be in danger— something like a baby gate would work well as long as you make sure they don’t jump over it. This way, they’ll be able to see and smell each other but still feel safe,” she said, adding that the owner should then give both pets the time to adjust and settle.

#4 Now That’s A Great Place To Be!

Image credits: brolbo

#5 This Guy Found The Best Spot In The Park To Rest

Image credits: Nightwalker171

#6 I Had A Feeling I Was Being Watched And I Looked Over And Saw This Creature Staring At Me From Across The Room

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Image credits: littlebittyoctober

“You can use food rewards to distract and reward them for calm behavior, but plenty of fuss and praise is always good too. If you’re using food rewards, make sure that both pets are getting some and that they’re not close together, so they don’t think the other might steal their treats.”

Next comes the face-to-face meeting! PDSA Vet Roberts explained that once both pets seem happy in each other’s company, the owner can then take the barrier between them away for short periods at a time. Keeping the situation as calm as possible is essential.

“It’s best not to have lots of other distractions going on as this could add negatively to the situation. Allow your pets to approach each other at their own pace. You can continue to give treats as long as they are far enough apart to not try and take them from each other. Remember to give gentle and calm praise to both pets when they’re settled,” she said. “Supervise closely and watch their body language to make sure they are still happy and comfortable.”

#7 Never Shared My Kitten Saffrone Here, She’s 6 Months Old Now

Image credits: Growle

#8 Circle Of Meow

Image credits: CommonSchemeForYou

#9 Daydreamer

Image credits: dittidot

However, keep in mind that your pets will still need someplace in the house where they can be alone. Cats really do like having their own space and things.

“Make sure both cats have their own bowls, scratching posts, and litter trays—and having one more litter tray than there are cats works well. If you have dogs, then you can create cat-only areas using baby gates or cat flaps,” PDSA Vet Roberts advised pet owners.

The expert said that it can be easier to introduce a kitten rather than an older cat into the household, however, you should think carefully about what is best for your current pet.

“Kittens are more playful and have more energy which might be stressful for older pets. Make sure as well that you have enough room for a new pet,” Roberts said.

The PDSA has been taking care of pets in need for over 105 years. In 2022 alone, the charity’s vet nurses cared for over 4,600 sick and injured pets every single day.

#10 Resistance Is Futile

Image credits: ExactlySorta

#11 The Best Photo I Have Of My Boys Yet!

Image credits: Avalllon

#12 Meow_irl

Image credits: ReliableRoommate

Cats have been an inseparable part of the internet for pretty much as long as it’s existed. No, really. Know Your Meme points out that people have been sharing pictures of cats online since the days of Usenet.

With the rise of personal blogs and digital cameras in the late 1990s and early 2000s, more and more people could share photos of their pets with people all around the world. The Japanese part of the internet, especially, was completely bonkers about cat blogs due to how popular the animals are in the country.

In 2006, cat meme evolution (aka memevolution) to a meowjestic leap forwards. LOLcats and Caturday became increasingly viral phenomena. Meanwhile, the rising popularity of YouTube meant that people could more easily share videos of their pets online.

LOLcats, in particular, became a sensation after the creation of the I Can Has Cheezburger site in 2007. As time went on, even serious media outlets like TIME Magazine and the BBC reported on the popularity of cat pics on the internet.

#13 My Little Freya

Image credits: nadiagore

#14 My Kittens Stealing Away My Husband, Any Advice?

Image credits: Kittykatt14333

#15 Tiny Floof With Tiny Claws

Image credits: orchid_breeder

We definitely feel like, so long as the world wide web exists in some shape or form, cat memes and cute photos of our pets are going to continue being an integral part of this.

And even if the internet somehow goes down all over the world (thanks, dystopian AI!), we like to think that we’ll all just continue sharing funny and cute pics in whatever way we can: whether that’s mailing your friend a stack of photos, publishing a long list of floofy felines in the local newspaper, or doing animal finger paintings in literal caves.

According to one study done by Yale researchers in 2007, people tend to disproportionately pay more attention to fellow creatures than to objects. And so, we share with others that which we care about. As it often turns out, what we most care about can be wholesome pics and funny memes of our pets… alongside relatable memes about work, parenting, food, and the like. If the content makes you laugh or go ‘aww,’ it’s even more powerful still.

#16 Midge And Bird In The Window

Image credits: DrTautology

#17 I Caught A Pretty Stray Kitty Cat In My Dslr Camera Trap

Image credits: SecondCropCreative

#18 She’s An Old Lady, But When She Looks At Me Like This, She’s My Little Kitten Again

Image credits: twerking4teemo

Obviously, enjoying hundreds of cat pics isn’t the same as raising even one of these brilliant animals. If, for instance, you feel inspired by this article to go rescue an animal from your local shelter, just make sure that you’re going to be able to give it all that it needs.

From buying the right food and paying for vet visits to providing a stimulating environment and giving your new pet the attention it deserves, there’s a lot to keep in mind. You need to be realistic about whether you have the funds and the time to provide a stable forever home.

It also helps if you delve a bit into cat behavior. Though you’ll pick up most things after becoming an owner, it can help to know some general things about the animal.

#19 My Cat Wally Looks Like Wall-E

Image credits: ihaveacatnamedwally

#20 Well It’s Been Just Over A Year Since We First Got This Sweet Bundle Of Love And I Figured It Was Time To Post An Update Of Our Time Together

Image credits: N1ght3ch

#21 Welp… That Was Clean But He’s So Proud Of Himself I Can’t Be Mad

Image credits: thorisabore

Ingrid Johnson, a cat behavior specialist and the founder of Fundamentally Feline, previously explained to Bored Panda that cats prefer having options than being forced into anything.

“Whenever we do things like abruptly change brands of cat litter or change their diet it is always best to offer choices rather than forcing them into things,” she told us during an earlier interview.

“Cats also prefer humans that allow the cats to dictate the interactions. They do not like to be smothered. Allow the cat to approach and ask for petting rather than forcing it on them,” the behavior specialist said.

“Animals are very perceptive, not to mention they can smell the chemical changes in our bodies when we are hormonal, sad, angry, sick, etc.,” the cat expert told Bored Panda.

#22 My Wife Brought A Kitten Without Telling Me, I Guess I’ll Keep Her

Image credits: Husaren14

#23 A Fluffy Meeting In The Garden (Ron, Harry And Hermione)

Image credits: Devael88

#24 Mia’s Eyes Day vs. Night

Image credits: aldok95

“Many cats learn that a loud raised voice means bad news and they run to hide. It is ideal to try to minimize such tones in the home as we can be doing a lot to stress out all of our pets even if the discussion is not directed towards them in any way, it can still affect them.”

#25 A Foster My Mother In Law Has, I Want To Adopt Her So Bad

Image credits: uniquorn23

#26 Family

Image credits: purple-circle

#27 The Littlest Fella

Image credits: Zayyded

Which of these cat pics made you smile the most, dear Pandas? How many pets do you keep at home? When did you first become aware of cat pics as an internet phenomenon? We’d love to hear from you—feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. And tell your cats we said ‘hi’!

#28 My Lil Fluff

Image credits: potatoasseater

#29 My GF Found This Beautiful Queen Last Night Outside Shivering In The Snow

Image credits: Wet_possom

#30 Meow_irl

Image credits: DisciplineEast3034

#31 “I Promise I Will Never Knock Anything Off The Counter. Scout’s Honor!”

Image credits: Kohakuho

#32 Probably The Best Kitten Group Picture I’ll Ever Take!

Image credits: skihard

#33 Straight To Jail

Image credits: ZoeKoly

#34 7 Days With Handsome. The Best 7 Days Of My Life!

Image credits: gracefultornado

#35 This Is Pantera, He Is Half The Size Of His Siblings But He Is The Most Hard Core Of Them All!

Image credits: 4_0Cuteness

#36 It’s A Snow Day

Image credits: momsarn

#37 My Mother’s Cat Gave Birth And I Am In Love

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#38 Spotted This Rebel In Iceland. This Is Chewie Wheeling And Dealing At The Flea Market

Image credits: tortoiseshitorpesto

#39 Cross Eyed Beauty. Her Name Is Ellie

Image credits: StrayNoMoreLA

#40 Growing Up So Fast – From Tiny Criminals, Now To Teenage Criminals ?

Image credits: TheChristmasCat

#41 This Is Comet And I Think I Finally Got The Perfect Picture Of Him

Image credits: Comprehensive-Bus-20

#42 What Breed Are These?

Image credits: zephodhene

#43 Lilu My Cat

Image credits: bitesizedmeathead

#44 Cutie Walked Into My Yard

Image credits: bambi667

#45 Planning My Demise Or Friendly Eye Contact? Can’t Tell

Image credits: angifirstreddit

#46 Shhhh…if We Don’t Move, They’ll Never Know We Were Here

Image credits: ambercs1

#47 Sometimes I’m Deeply Convinced He’s Actually A Human In A Cat Body

Image credits: ellioe

#48 Would You Risk Your Hands To Give Her A Belly Rub?

Image credits: WorldsBestArtist

#49 Came Back From The Bathroom To Find My Seat Had Been Double Stolen

Image credits: lewisisbrown

#50 Everyone Needs To See Baby Salem

Image credits: shelbyzieke

#51 Just Adopted My First Kittens And I’m In Love

Image credits: OneHundredNEighteen

#52 My Stealth Bomber

Image credits: YutYut6531

#53 My Mom Said She’s Never Really Seen A Cat Sleep Quite Like Ours. I Told Her I See It All The Time Online! Can You Guys Include Some Pics Of Your Cat Laying On Their Backs So I Can Show Her?

Image credits: alternateuniv

#54 After Finding These 4 Babies Under The Back Porch Then Fostering Them Through The Holidays, I’m Happy To Report That Each Of Them Have Been Adopted Into A Loving Home

Image credits: matchboxthief

#55 A Kitten Started Running Toward Me Last Night At A Patio Bar Downtown

Image credits: DifferenceBeginning7

#56 You’ve Been Hit By A Smoool Criminal

Image credits: Former_Comfortable88

#57 I Was Told Mr. Starman Fit Here

Image credits: Lucheiah

#58 I’m Spot And I Like To Meow At 6 Am

Image credits: gratitudeandpeas

#59 My New 9 Week Old Kitten Named Esme!!!!

Image credits: praise_cocaine_jesus

#60 One Of The Kittens In Our Neonate Center At Work Decided To Show Off The Beans

Image credits: MegaNymphia

#61 My Sister Dropped This Little Criminal On My Doorstep Yesterday

Image credits: mgsblade

#62 Too Smol To Get Up

Image credits: s-dai

#63 Little Flynn Is Curious

Image credits: deniall83

#64 How My Colleagues Cat Leon Sleeps

Image credits: Otacrow

#65 My Roommate’s Photo Of My Cat

Image credits: nagchampaflower

#66 The Best Passenger Anyone Can Ask For

Image credits: reddit.com

#67 Hazy Was Wondering…if She Might Possibly…have Some Pets?

Image credits: grichardson526

#68 Halp! I Never Seen Them Do This Before! What Do I Do?!

Image credits: ResistRacism

#69 So This Little Guy Found His Way Into My House?

Image credits: KrispyKremer29

#70 Large Group Of Smol Fosters We Had A While Back

Image credits: Flimshaw86

#71 These Are Nice Shoes

Image credits: MadlyAlienated

#72 This Is Frax. He Is 3 Weeks Old

Image credits: Laney20

#73 Smol Terrorist. Don’t Let The Cute Floofiness Fool You, He May Just Be Satan’s Minion. He Is Now Sentenced To A Lifetime Of Cuddles And Spoiling

Image credits: Sharp-Flatworm-6693

#74 Wilma And Betty

Image credits: FinnsterBaby

#75 Chin Rest

Image credits: gngr_asasn

#76 The Day We Brought Home Our Tiny Terror ?

Image credits: medicait

#77 Lulu ?

Image credits: ddlc_x

#78 Show Me Your Bonded Kitties!

Image credits: MeishaBuki

#79 Toby Snuck Out Early This Morning When I Opened The Door To Take Out The Trash. He’s Back Now, And Very Remorseful

Image credits: JephriB

#80 First Time Cat Owner, Are They Always This Cute??

Image credits: lamig36

#81 The Smolest Pokemon Master Is Loving Her Jew Home

Image credits: Leenis13

#82 Excuse Me! Were You Attempting To Use The Bathroom Alone??

Image credits: throwawayfeelings7

#83 Update On Cheeto

Image credits: armwithnutrition

#84 Beanzzs!!!

Image credits: floofyboop1

#85 Is He Smol Enough? Watch Charlie Grow Up From Then To Now

Image credits: Draaaaco

#86 Newborn Kitten Found In My Back Garden

Image credits: AffectionateTaste621

#87 Excuse Me Sir Do You Have A License To Be This Small?

Image credits: reddit.com

#88 Meow_irl

Image credits: apor96

#89 In My 40s. Got My First Ever Pet Last Year

Image credits: cold_italian_pizza

#90 Should I Take This Rest Stop Cat? Is There A Reason To Leave It?

#91 One Of The Kittens My Mother Is Fostering At The Moment. This Is The Only Black One!

#92 You’ve Been Hit By A Smoool Criminal

#93 A Few Old (9.5 Years) Pictures Of My Formerly Smol Baby. And Then The Big Baby

#94 She Wants Out!!

#95 Baby Dasher’s Coat Says “No”

#96 When She Was Smol, She’d Always Hang Out With Me Under My Monitor ?

#97 Found Him At The Animal Shelter, I Want To Adopt Him So Bad-

#98 You’ve Been Hit By A Smoool Criminal

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