89 Times Things Were Completely Transformed By Cleaning Them (New Pics)

There’s a part of us, deep down, that instinctively feels good whenever we see a mess tidied up or something dirty being cleaned. It’s all part of our innate desire to turn chaos into order. Right up there with accidental symmetry and fractals and when things line up perfectly in a photo, is none other than pressure washing which our perfectionist souls find oh-so-satisfying to watch.

The before-and-after photos from power washing projects are too good not to share, so Bored Panda has collected some of the best ones to make you go ‘mmm’ and ‘oh fudge, yes’ and think about what parts of your home or back yard need a good, long, hard, symmetrical clean.

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If you’re anything like us, some of these pics will have calmed your OCD down, so give the images you enjoyed the most an upvote. Was this list too short for you? Then you’ll want to check out our previous posts about pressure and power washing here and here. Enjoy!

(One note of warning: if you use a pressure washer, follow the instructions carefully; do not use it to wash animals or other people, no matter how dirty they may have gotten.)

#1 Not Power Washing, But Too Good Not To Share

Image credits: bert0ld0

#2 Picked Up This Old Concrete Park Table As A Freebie. Had To Take The Power Cleaner To It. Apologies About The Cat, He’s An Exhibitionist

Image credits: ilikepicklesandyou

#3 Roommates Thought The Sink Was Permanently Stained. I Got Bored In Quarantine And Proved Them Wrong

Image credits: ghostof-nothing

Bored Panda reached out to Stephen, a Dublin-based power washer who runs The Powerwash Man service (does exactly what it says on the tin!). “Everyone, from kids to older people enjoy watching our videos,” he told us about the fact that people love looking at pressure washing videos and photos. “I think this may be because satisfaction is nearly instantaneous, seeing the results before your eyes. And with the ease of the power washer it is so satisfying.”

Stephen also revealed how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the power washing industry in Dublin. “With Covid this year, it’s thrown everyone off. We’ve seen a difference from last year. At first, we were just ticking by, but as people were at home, business actually went up. I’d say, as customers were looking at the dirt and grime everyday, they decided to get their power washing done,” he gave us his take about the ups and downs of the business during the pandemic.

“We had to approach how we dealt with customers differently, as I love to shake a customer’s hand at the start, tell them who I am and have the chats. This year, I find I’m not engaging the same as in the past due to Covid, but I’m sure we’ll be back to normal soon.”

#4 Looks Almost Like Fresh Paint

Image credits: mikehocksbig

#5 That’s Imperial Castle In My Hometown Poznań. It Looks Way Better After Cleaning

Image credits: JKB_BGC

#6 A Building Janitor In France Trying To Give A Smile For The Residents During The Lockdown

Image credits: iforgotmypsw

Ralph Ryback, writing on Psychology Today, links our desire for organization and cleanliness to the fact that our bodies are well-organized and well-regulated even on an atomic level.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“It wouldn’t be surprising, then, if the reason we crave symmetry and cleanliness in our homes is to mirror the organization within our very own bodies. Neatness and order support health—and oppose chaos,” he explains.

Whether or not that’s the case, tidiness and cleanliness are essential parts of being a grownup. By keeping our homes neat, we improve our health and we also stay fit because we’re on the move doing chores. It’s an essential part of living a high-quality life. So the next time you’re asked to take out the trash, do it with a smile. Or tell your partner that you’d gladly switch chores with them if they’ll let you power wash the patio.

We might not have a power washer at home, but guess who’ll be doing the dishes with a grin on their face today?

#7 Power Washed For The Very First Time, Thought You Guys Would Enjoy

Image credits: tehalex_

#8 Picasso On Driveway. Dirt, Water, Power Washed Concrete. Me. 2020

Image credits: Puechini

#9 I’ll Finish Washing The Fence Tomorrow. But Until Then…

Image credits: NicolasCLE

#10 Feast Your Eyes, You Power Washing Freaks

Image credits: cmoore54

#11 Power Washed Patio Then Built A Canopy

Image credits: MrBozzie

#12 16 Years Of Neglect vs. 3200 PSI Pressure Wash

Image credits: Sour_krautt

#13 Before And After My First Wash Job

Image credits: struhall

#14 Now We Won’t Slip Going Down The Stairs

Image credits: jenntenntenn

#15 Very Dirty Tractor From Fall

Image credits: LEJ45

#16 I Didn’t Even Know We Had Multi-Colored Tiles

Image credits: ouway1

#17 Customers’ Patio Area That I Cleaned Recently

Image credits: Jordibhoy

#18 My Husband Bought Me A Power Washer For Mother’s Day. I Wasn’t Thrilled At First, But Now I Can’t Be Happier

Image credits: the-red-woman

#19 I See Your Driveway, And Raise You An Entire Ship

Image credits: laststandsailor

#20 Pressure Wash The Driveway She Said

Image credits: IntrstlarOvrdrve

#21 Half Way There

Image credits: nightmares999

#22 Got This Table For Free Today

Image credits: mg-993

#23 Power Washed Half The Tennis Court

Image credits: okwhateveromg

#24 My Neighbor Knows Where His Property Line Ends

Image credits: melisage

#25 Can You Tell Where They Stopped For The Day?

Image credits: Kionix

#26 A Little Tennis Court Cleaning We Did This Week

Image credits: powerbroker6969

#27 Just Moved Into A New Rental And Knew This Would Be My First Thing To Do

Image credits: haydo_

#28 The Back Patio Of Our New House. I Have On Good Info That It Hasn’t Been Cleaned In Around 40 Years

Image credits: Magical-Sweater

#29 The Previous Owner Left Her Power Washer. After 9 Months, My Husband Finally Used It. 2020 Thrills

Image credits: turnipsedith

#30 So Satisfying

Image credits: Megajoeytube

#31 Washed Off 20 Years Of Texas Weather This Weekend

Image credits: kap1426

#32 First Time With A Power Washer! I Played Tetris With Paving Slabs

Image credits: Jaime_Ecouter

#33 Dirty Tractor And Cart. Not A Perfect Job But Still A Little Difference

Image credits: LEJ45

#34 When I Mentioned Starting A Pressure Washing Business, People Laughed, Shrugged It Off, Or Claimed There Is No Money In It. Four Years Later, I’m So Glad I Did

Moral of the story – don’t listen to the people who haven’t accomplished anything. Find a positive mentor and chase that dream.

Image credits: mikehocksbig

#35 Cedar Picnic Table I Power Washed Last Summer. It Had Sat In The Shade Unused For 9 Years. It’s Good As New

Image credits: Okay_who_did_that

#36 Totally Did Not Realize The Amount Of Grime Build Up

Image credits: okamnesiac

#37 No Caption Needed

Image credits: jeswright27

#38 Before & After: Power Washing Our Patio Furniture

Image credits: RalphSloane

#39 My Sister Has Been Busy

Image credits: DOMOKUNNx

#40 I Just Assumed That Those Were The Colors Of The Tiles When I Bought The House

Image credits: whatisthejosh

#41 I Just Remembered This Picture From 4 Years Ago. I Think It Fits Nicely Here

Image credits: Moparmuha

#42 Been A Lurker For A Long Time, Decided To Get My Own. This Is The Result

Image credits: toilet135

#43 My Clothes Smelled Like Swampy Ocean And Seagull Poop But That Was A Price I Was Willing To Pay

Image credits: seepicklesrun

#44 I Told My Dad That People On Internet Love This Kind Of Stuff

Image credits: JarmaLarma

#45 Such Nice Bricks

Image credits: OneLOVE1029

#46 Wife Wanted To Buy A New Playhouse. I Wanted To Use My Power Washer

Image credits: DrKriegger

#47 I Was Passing By A Building In Tehran And I Saw This

Image credits: ShahAmir

#48 I Never Knew These Stones Had Such An Awesome Pattern. At Least 10 Years Since Cleaned

Image credits: PrestigeMaster

#49 One Of The Only Good Things About All Of This Free Time

Image credits: notatiger1212

#50 Blowing Off The Old Deck Table

Image credits: PoliceCops

#51 My Wife Now Thinks I Bought The Jet Washer Just To Get Karma Over Here. She’s Not Entirely Wrong

Image credits: simondrawer

#52 New Fence, Who Dis?

Image credits: bollmannt

#53 Power Washed These Adirondack Chairs That Have Been Sitting Outside For 30 Years

Image credits: Nexion21

#54 Today The Fence, Tomorrow The World

Image credits: Downloadable76

#55 Just Power Washed My Trekking Shoes

Image credits: tushark1

#56 Did This For My Grandpa, What Do You Think?

Image credits: kingbladeface

#57 Found Out How To Spend Time In Quarantine

Image credits: Daviex7

#58 Should’ve Taken A Video But Satisfying Nonetheless

Image credits: connor_stolle

#59 Probably Should Have Done This Sooner

Image credits: ProfessorSoAndSo

#60 We Picked Up A Castle Play Set For The Kids. It Was In Serious Need Of A Good Pressure Wash

Image credits: thecaptamazing

#61 First Time Using A Power Washer And It Was The Most Joy Filled 45 Minutes I’ve Had Since Pre-Corona Times

Image credits: penningtenore

#62 1930s Tile Roof Power Washed To Reveal Original Colors

Image credits: BusinessBeard

#63 Cleaned Half Of Our Steps To Show Off The Results. I Thought The Stone Was Black

Image credits: DevDoggo69

#64 Welp, I Guess It Was Finally Quaran-Time To Power Wash The Back Courtyard

Image credits: CosmicTurtle504

#65 Old Federal Courthouse Getting A Good Cleaning

Image credits: Morockn

#66 Saw My Friend’s Porch And Insisted On Pressure Washing It For Her

Image credits: bricheeselol22

#67 After A Winter Outside, Definitely The Highlight Of My Quarantine

Image credits: matt334

#68 I Told My Wife I Was Taking Pictures For My Friends On The Internet. She Said “They’re Not Your Friends”

Image credits: bigpopcorn89

#69 Gave Our Side Patio Some Love. This Was Satisfying

Image credits: codybowen91

#70 This Is Perfect

Image credits: Samsquanch_7

#71 Quick, We’re On The News, Better Clean This Building So It Doesn’t Look So Ugly. (Coronavirus Quarantine Block At Arrowe Park)

Image credits: Honiton_Harry

#72 Day 2 Of Lockdown

Image credits: krisscott1996

#73 As Bought On Ebay (Left) vs. Now

Image credits: simlinghausen

#74 New Deck, Who Dis?

Image credits: WittsandGrit

#75 Another One Revived

Image credits: mcooknz

#76 Gonna Be A Long Day

Image credits: thecreoleking

#77 Cleaning Up The Fire Area Next To My House

Image credits: ykilm

#78 Transformation

Image credits: mcooknz

#79 Before And After. Just Need A New Net Now

Image credits: kevo2386

#80 So Satisfying. The Patio Will Be Next

Image credits: Ryno4to1

#81 No Video, But The Satisfaction Of Removing All That Moss Already Made Buying The Pressure Washer Worth It

Image credits: dank420memes1337

#82 I’m Having So Much Fun

Image credits: IwishIcanFLighT

#83 Caught The Mirage Doing Some Winter Cleaning Of The Pools

Image credits: fusertx

#84 So I Recently Moved Into My First Home, And Thought “I Wonder What A Jet Wash Could Do To The Garden, One Karcher K7 Later

Image credits: james94uk

#85 A Weekend Well Spent

Image credits: nozems

#86 Power Cleaning A Bird Bath

Image credits: WeeCurious

#87 10 Years Of Dead Leaves Dirt And Roots Between 4 And 6 Inches Deep Covering A Concrete Slab Poured Over A Decade Ago

Image credits: omngentryo

#88 Probably Been Over 80 Years Since My Patio Was Made And It Has Never Been Power Washed

Image credits: RiyadhTh3BOSS

#89 Blasting Away The Red Georgia Clay

Image credits: BlackStalli0n

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