89 Very Dumb Statements About Women By Men Who Have No Clue How Women Work, As Shared In This Viral Twitter Thread

Being humble enough to accept when you’ve been wrong, and being curious enough to keep learning new things (even when your ego wants to get in the way) are two very good qualities to have as a human being.

It’s important to know the basics of life on Earth. Sadly, one area of knowledge that seems to be very much neglected is what some men know about women’s bodies and reproduction. In some cases, the misinformation they take as fact is simply staggering. You’ve been warned.

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Sabrina Fonfeder, a development executive, noted that men should not make any decisions about women’s bodies, and gave an example of how little about biology some men know. One of her exes, for example, thought that all women got their period on the 15th of the month. The tweet quickly went viral and other women pitched in with similar horror stories.

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The situation when it comes to knowledge about reproduction is pretty sad in some parts of the United States. According to SIECUS, only 29 states and the District of Columbia actually mandate sex education. Meanwhile, 35 states require schools to focus on abstinence when talking about sex ed.

Shockingly, a whopping 15 states “do not require sex education or HIV/STI instruction to be any of the following: age-appropriate, medically accurate, culturally responsive, or evidence-based/evidence-informed.” What this means is that in some areas of the country, students might be misinformed at the school level.


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This isn’t the first time that Bored Panda has written about the misconceptions that men have about women. Earlier, 21-year-old Cataleya Jackson went viral after tackling the topic. She gave us an in-depth look at the reasons behind all the wrong info, cultural stigmas, and sex ed.

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“One of my friends had a hilarious misconception about periods and my friends and I had laughed about it. They thought that periods just never end, that we’d be 99 on our death beds and still bleeding out,” she told Bored Panda about the extent to which some people are misinformed.


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“In my country, we do have sex education at ages 13, 15 and again at 17 (if they’ve opted to study biology in 11th and 12th grade otherwise it’s just at the former 2 ages). It’s very scientific and doesn’t leave space for questions about things that actually matter, things that happen in real-life,” she said that the education part is pretty sterile and removed from reality.


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“Most people don’t even learn, they just memorize it to be able to reproduce it during the exams, and then they forget all of it. We need better education, and it has to be more informative and relatable than scientific,” Cataleya said.


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According to the woman, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding sex ed. And it needs to be erased. She shared an example of what happened when she was in the 6th grade.

“They called away all the girls from classes, brought us to an auditorium to discuss periods and what they are, why they happen, what we should do, etc. They gave us packets of pads and told us to keep them in our lockers for emergencies. Their heart was in the right place, but by only asking the girls to attend this, they ensured that periods became some sort of mythical and curious event in the minds of all the boys,” she said.


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“[The boys] were not educated, they remained ignorant to what should be essential information to them. And of course, we all scrambled to hide our pads because we all thought we would rather be caught dead than holding a packet of them. They teased us about it and we, being only 11, had nothing to say to defend ourselves because the stigma around periods is very strong in my country.”


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In some cases, the stigma is so deeply-entrenched, that it would take more than a bit of education to change things. “I have friends whose own parents make them sit on mats on the floor when they are on their periods because they are considered impure and should not touch anything in the house,” Cataleya told us.


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“Some women aren’t allowed to enter the kitchen or the prayer room, they’re not allowed to leave the house. A majority of women in my country have no access to pads or tampons and use cloth which causes infection and prevents them from being able to earn a living. I could go on and on about how bad it is here for a lot of women,” she said.


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Even though most people hate feeling embarrassed, there’s no shame in admitting that you were wrong about something. “There’s no shame in it if you’re 30 and have misconceptions about periods. It is sad that you may not have educated yourself about it, but there’s absolutely no shame in asking women to educate them or to start reading online themselves. Sex Ed is so important,” Cataleya told us.


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