890K People On Twitter Are Cracking Up At This Dad Who Decided To Photoshop His Ex-Wife Out Of A Family Pic Before Posting It

What can I say—life is complicated. Human relationships are complicated. Feelings are complicated. And, apparently, this weird cocktail of complicated things can lead people to truly hilarious actions. This little story is the perfect example of that.

A few days ago, the user @courtmaloney went to Twitter to share a little something that has recently happened within her family. First things first—Courtney’s parents are divorced. In her tweet, the girl explains how after she posted a family photo on one of her social media accounts, her dad decided to repost it. But first of all, he made sure to… photoshop his ex-wife out of it.

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The hilarious post of Courtney exposing her dad quickly went viral and it currently has over 890k likes

Image credits: courtmaloney

Thousands of people on Twitter found this man’s prank that he pulled on his ex-wife absolutely hilarious. And as one would expect, the tweet quickly went viral. To be more specific, the post currently has over 890k likes and almost 60k retweets.

Here’s the original photo posted by Courtney

Image credits: courtmaloney

And here’s the one that was posted by the girl’s dad

Image credits: courtmaloney

Thousands of people seemed to be absolutely impressed with the man’s photo editing skills

Image credits: joeygabz4

Image credits: MaxieZeusGod

Image credits: UnRayananas

A few users made sure to express how much they appreciated the effort that has been put into this work

Image credits: IamDeadPixel

Image credits: Abhiru1

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Image credits: throwanitback

Some were even inspired to share their own similar family stories

Image credits: eltdtumisisemas

On the other hand, there were also some people who took this post quite seriously

Image credits: HBasravi

Image credits: MaceWhite

A few replied by explaining a different perspective on the situation

Image credits: tommaso_silvest

Image credits: Camila__1021

Image credits: JoseyG12

Image credits: Dannesha_Neesha

What did you think about this little shenanigan? Express your opinion down in the comments!

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