9 Cutest Animal Stories of the Week (Sept 3, 2021)

It’s Friday so let’s celebrate the end of the (stressful!) week with 9 of the cutest and notable animal stories from Supa Fluffy:

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Here’s another proof that cat is basically liquid. Take a look at the original slinky cat from Japan, who has a super weird way of sliding down stairs.

What would happen if a duck sneaked in an egg into an owl’s nest? You’ll get the strangest adoption ever: a cute duckling and an owl, who usually eats a cute duckling.

Proving the saying “eat like a bird” is basically wrong, here’s Pelicans trying to eat things much, much larger than themselves (I guess Pelican’t eat everything!)

A touching story: Man found an abandoned puppy living in a shoe and saved it. Faith in humanity restored!

Ooh baby! This soulful bird can sing better than me (not a hard thing to do, sadly).

ICYMI: Here’s proof of how males of all species act the same when it comes to bringing the groceries home. Papa beaver can carry it all in one go.

Leopard vs porcupine, who wins? Hint: not the leopard. NEVER pick a fight with a porcupine – they bring knives to a fistfight.

One word is all you need to know: Wienerlympics. We’re all winners if you watch it.

When money is no object, spoil your dog and buy ’em a $1,125 dog bowl from Hermes.

Source: neatorama

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