9 Unusual Valentine's Day Bouquets

🍕 Roses have always been expensive on Valentine’s Day, even before we live in the Age of Inflation. But thankfully, there are some creative alternatives to giving your lovey a bouquet of flowers. So, forget roses! Here are 9 unusual Valentine’s Day Bouquets (which include the pizza bouquet shown above)

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❤️ Pro-tip: tees last much longer than roses, so here are 7 Funny Valentine’s Day Tees and Big & Tall T-Shirts that’ll make your crush LOL (remember, a maid that laughs is half taken).

🎥 Movie theater attendance has been declining for a while. A lot of people point to Netflix and other streaming services as the reason there aren’t more butts on movie theater seats, but I have an another explanation: we just can’t understand what’s being said on the big screen without captioning.

Image: @VillaItalianKitchen/Facebook

🕯️ Here’s the unusual story of the 40 Year Candle: one night forty years ago, Tiktoker Taylor Underhill’s grandma lit a candle on top of a beer can. Then, after the candle melted, she lit another one on top of it, then another one, then another one night after night for forty years! (Image above: @taylorunderhill)

🐻 Love bears? Ursine luck! NASA just released this image of a bear on Mars. Naturally, it’s a self pawtrait.

🦒 Nature is so unfair. Here I am, a grown man, standing shorter than a baby Masai giraffe who’s just been born (baby giraffes are about six feet tall at birth!).

💩 Oh bother! Now you’ve really stepped in it.

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