9-Year Old Boy Wins World Seagull Screeching Championships

If you’ve been holding your breath, anxiously awaiting the results of the world seagull screeching championships, you can now relax and collect your winnings with the bookie. The Guardian reports that the winner of the 16-category is a 9-year old British boy named Cooper Wallace.

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As I noted last year, thoughtful people admire this most noble beast of the sea. Admirers of the majestic seagull gathered in De Panne, Belgium for the fourth year to imitate the seagull’s melodious screech. In this video, you can watch some of the top performances.

Notice that, in this video, the performances take place under a banana. Why? I’m fully capable of jumping to preposterous conclusions based on no evidence whatsoever. Specifically, Belgium is home the the world’s largest collection of bananas and Belgium is, of course, a grotesque obscenity.

-via Super Punch

Source: neatorama

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