90 Of The Best ‘Unexplainable Cat Images’

The internet is brimming with proof why there’s no point in trying to rationalize cat behavior; some of it just can’t be explained. Unlike their strong urge to enter any box there is—which can be scientifically justified—certain things they do simply don’t make sense.

Instead of trying to make sense out of them, it might be better to simply marvel at the adorably dorky critters; and that’s where the ‘Unexplainable Cat Images’ Twitter account comes in handy. Brimming with, well, unexplainable cat pictures, it has amassed over 18k fans, and to show what brings them to it, we have put some of their best examples on this list for you today. Scroll down to find the cat pictures and enjoy.

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#1 Theo Hasn’t Quite Mastered The Loaf, But He’s Got The Spirit And Looks Cute Trying

Image credits: kttyfrncs

#2 Who Could That Be?

Image credits: Heart-Bubbles

#3 Got My Cat A Tent, I Think He Likes It

Image credits: YeetLePotato

#4 Caught My Cat Just Casually Living In A Different Realm Of Gravity

Image credits: ClashIdeas

#5 My Cat Is An Idiot But Adorable One

Image credits: KingkongRS7

#6 The Way Our Cat, Millie, Lets Us Know Someone Is Here

Image credits: Barfsack

#7 This Is How This Cat Loves To Sleep At The Grocery Store Near My House

Image credits: Fandina

#8 Today We Couldn’t Find Our Cat, So We Looked Out The Window And Saw This

Image credits: Rick1771

#9 My Dad Bought A Cactus To Discourage Mingus From Getting On The Counter. Here’s Mingus With The Cactus

Image credits: mristre

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#10 My Cat When He Thinks There’s No One Home

Image credits: Ralph_the_Cat

#11 Learning How To Cat. Progress Is Slow

Image credits: Maahee_2

#12 Luna Was Very Excited While Exploring Outside For The First Time

Image credits: kinzygrace

#13 Dinner Is Probably Not Going To Taste Great

Image credits: Bean–Sidhe

#14 My Cat Always Finds The Most Unusual Positions Comfy

Image credits: catamount1000

#15 This Last-Second Photo I Just Took Of My Cat Stretching Her Arms And Sneezing. I’ve Been Uncontrollably Laughing For The Past 5 Minutes Now

Image credits: Saint__Bartholomew

#16 This Is Osha, The Cat I Found On A Construction Site. His Hobbies Include Boxes And Not Letting Us Sleep

Image credits: mhaydar

#17 I Submit One Leg For Your Consideration

Image credits: smolprincess928

#18 The Kitten Will Only Stop Crying If I Hold Him Upside Down

Image credits: violinfiddleman

#19 Don’t Drop The Catnip

Image credits: HopeThisHelps90

#20 Taken From My Parents’ Kitchen Window. They Don’t Have Any Cats

Image credits: AllHanceOnDeck

#21 Our Cat Often Hangs Like This

Image credits: Bomurang

#22 A Few Weeks Ago I Adopted A 12-Year-Old Cat. She Buries Her Face In My Hand When She Wants More Love

Image credits: FustyLuggz

#23 I’m Remodeling My Basement And All The Ceiling Tiles Were Just Removed. I Found My Cat Like This

Image credits: proffie

#24 It Really Is Her Preferred Way Of Walking

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 That’s It… I’m Done. I Am Done Buying Things For My Cat

Image credits: thefoxsay

#26 The Committee Against Vaccuum Cleaners

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#27 My Mom Didn’t Believe Me When I Tried To Explain How Odd Our Newest Rescue Is

Image credits: shitaki_taco

#28 My Mother-In-Law’s Cat Is Obsessed With Shrimp. She Makes This Face Whenever There Is Shrimp On The Table

Image credits: DrAbro

#29 Just Started Dating A Girl After Being Single For A Long Time. My Cat Was Transfixed By The First Sight Of A Bobby Pin

Image credits: ThatBluBlockerGuy

#30 How Is This Comfortable?

Image credits: nmdez

#31 He Is Watching You

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 A Shop Owner Modified His Attic To Accommodate His Cats. Now He Is Under Constant Observation

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#33 What A Great View

Image credits: RareBiscotti5

#34 I Was Repotting My Agave When I Looked Inside And Saw My Cat Like This

Image credits: VQ37HR911

#35 I Think This Is Derp Enough

Image credits: alamperwira89

#36 Let Meow Out

Image credits: superbialm

#37 These Cats

Image credits: Ryozuo

#38 Got A Weird Looking Cat In The Trap

Image credits: SquishyLightpole

#39 Solved: Why My Pants Always Have A Line Of Cat Fur Across The Leg

Image credits: ZZbrew

#40 My Cat Stands In Unusual Places

Image credits: Gabethegreek

#41 There Was A Fly. I Got It

Image credits: floppy_genitals

#42 Sup?

Image credits: zeHerrDanIII

#43 He Just Seems To Fall Over Anywhere When He Needs A Nap. I’ve Never Seen Anything Quite Like It

Image credits: tusabrat

#44 Terrifying Sight When You Are Just Trying To Take A Bath

Image credits: debA_yorT

#45 Someone Call The Priest

Image credits: naminatmi

#46 Piggy Believed That The “Onesie” She Was Forced To Wear Had Stolen Her Power To Walk

Image credits: SweetPeaBee23

#47 I Know Cats Like To Sleep In Weird Positions, But This Is Probably The Most Ridiculous

Image credits: Vo1x

#48 This Is How My Little Guy Sleeps

Image credits: SatanInHel

#49 My Cat Hiding From The New Kitten. Good Job

Image credits: Apprehensive-Use-993

#50 Are You Ok, Sir?

Image credits: bringmeahigherlove

#51 I Literally Looked Away From Him For 5 Seconds

Image credits: StormofRavens

#52 All I Did Was Touch Her And She Looked At The Spot Like I Violated Her

Image credits: littlebittyoctober

#53 I’m Pretty Convinced That I Have The World’s Clingiest Cat. This Is What Happens When I Tell Him He Can’t Sit On My Lap While I’m Trying To Work

Image credits: scarletcyanide

#54 Cat Is Surprised

Image credits: SuperSeagull01

#55 This Is Biscuit. We Moved Our Couch Today. Something Rattled Inside The Couch, So We Flipped It Over And Now I Know Why I’ve Had To Buy So Many Mice In The Past 3 Years

She has no remorse and is now snuggling with all 26 of them!

Image credits: I_Like_Peaches_

#56 Magic Kitty

Image credits: OpenAd1895

#57 How And Why

Image credits: FoolishCheese_YT

#58 Gizmo’s Not The Brightest Tool In The Shed

Image credits: scissorbritches

#59 If I Fits, I Sits. Christmas Edition

Image credits: wilderiappeared

#60 Putting In Screen Doors For Warmer Weather, My Cat Thinks I Moved The Door

Image credits: pi3monkeytaco

#61 My Cat Is Unbothered By Everything And Adores New Places And People. Today At The Vet’s Office She Was Purring So Loud The Doctor Couldn’t Hear Her Heartbeat

The vet had to briefly cover her nose to stop the purring.

Image credits: RezraRoze

#62 My Cat Just Came Back From One Of Her Evening Strolls With Someone Else’s Keys In Her Mouth

Image credits: robrobxD

#63 We Moved, He’s Lost Some Chonk, But It’s Still His Favorite Sitting Position

Image credits: abigailfrillywho

#64 He Does This Often. Guess He Needs His Morning Pep Talk

Image credits: West_Objective3300

#65 I Think She’s Broken (She Looks At Me Like This Every Time I’m Chopping Onions)

Image credits: Kris-P

#66 Seems Like A Comfortable Spot For A Nap

Image credits: Ok-Freedom4789

#67 Plant Threat Eradicated

Image credits: ttoteno

#68 Just Rescued An Adult Cat. He Loves Sticks, Rods, Poles, Rulers, And Anything Long And Straight. I Love Him And All Of His Weirdness

Image credits: yungPH

#69 Peter Was Extraordinarily Helpful Moving The Mattress Upstairs

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Ad6097

#70 Brad Heard A Bird Out The Window And This Is How He Decided To Check It Out

Image credits: nnuminex

#71 There Were Birds Outside

Image credits: j0lle

#72 I Dropped Her Water Dish And She Took Off

Image credits: jedzef

#73 Just Noodle Relaxing Comfortably On Her Bunk Bed

Image credits: BeansandWeiss

#74 Fruit, Anyone?

Image credits: GlitteringHeart2929

#75 Caught In The Act

Image credits: DedlySnek

#76 Is That A Ghost?

Image credits: -Katarina_

#77 Caught My Cat Sunbathing Today

Image credits: Acacia_Silence

#78 My Cat Got Stuck In A Yard Game

Image credits: Alternative-Term-959

#79 He Likes To Sleep Like This

Image credits: valdelaseras

#80 Why I Love Being A Cat

Image credits: dugFreshness

#81 I’m Drunk And I Tried To Take A Selfie With My Cat. She Was Startled

Image credits: theOG_Stan

#82 This Is Why Cats Need 9 Lives. Because They Do Stupid Stuff Like This

Image credits: TheJMoore

#83 I Don’t Know What Happened Here

Image credits: Juudys

#84 A Siberian Kitten My Friend Has Is So Photogenic

Image credits: dreamersland

#85 Our Three Dedicated Hunters Watch Over The Kitchen At Night

Image credits: ghostead

#86 Spike Has Never Been Like Other Cats. Here He Is Retrieving An Ice Cube

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 She Usually Sits On Top Of The Fish Tank To Misbehave But I Put A Lemon On Top And She Doesn’t Know What To Do

Image credits: bugfossil

#88 It’s Friday The 13th And Dexter The Oriental Shorthair Seems To Have Seen A Ghost

Image credits: wanderingfern

#89 Hugo’s Favorite Cuddle Position Is Head Down

Image credits: Cinderellas-robot

#90 Caught This Guy Trying To Steal My Yogurt

Image credits: reddit.com

Source: boredpanda.com

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