90 People That Will Hopefully Think Twice Before Correcting Someone, As Shared By The ‘People Incorrectly Correcting Other People’ Facebook Page (New Pics)

There’s only one place in the world where you can be an all-powerful, all-knowing, god-like human being, and that place is the internet. Under the guise of anonymity, we can do a lot of things that we’d most likely—or in the very least, most hopefully—not do in the real world. Such as pretending to know math. 

But the internet gives us a weird sense of superiority and the confidence of a baby lion taking on its mother’s tail, leading to a lot of questionable internet content. Whether for better or worse, this stuff rarely goes unnoticed, which ends up in quite a chaotic discourse. That is exactly what we’ll be looking at today. 

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The subreddit and Facebook page, collectively called “Incorrectly Correcting,” has been posting their best finds when it comes to internet randomness and blatantly wrong people getting corrected on their “expertise” they learned during a fever dream after they ate too many gummy worms. Good times. 

Upvote your faves, leave some comments, as that’s always fun, and if you’re wanting more, Bored Panda has you covered with the link to a previous article on this sort of stuff. Let’s get into it! 

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#1 I– Wouldn’t Know How To Follow Up, Either

Image credits: Lori Ashton

Some common synonyms of correct are accurate, exact, nice, precise, and right. While all these words mean “conforming to fact, standard, or truth,” correct usually implies freedom from fault or error. However, many people don’t consider the fact that they should have evidence backing up their claims before they decide to correct someone online.

It’s tragic, but it’s quite funny at the same time, and we can thank the Facebook group “People Incorrectly Correcting Other People,” as well as the subreddit r/IncorrectlyCorrecting for finding and posting the crème de la crème of people being so incorrect it hurts. Whether it be plain grammar, fallacies of logic, or just pure ignorance, it’s a joy to witness these people get called out. 

#2 An Mistake

Image credits: Ekkeko84

#3 Well He Convinced Me With His Rock Solid Evidence

Image credits: Steve Carroll

Let’s start with a question: Why do people feel they need to correct others? Well, according to the research done by Ben Campen, people do this because they are insecure in the situation that they are in. If they are out with friends or family and are feeling insecure, they will make off-handed comments and correct their spouses as a way to assert themselves in order to feel better.  

Feelings of shame and humiliation often follow this, as most of the time, the correcting behavior that is meant to boost one’s own ego comes at the expense of another’s self-esteem—unless the person doing so is completely wrong in the matter, in which case, the boomerang of karma comes right back. 

#4 Gargoyle

Image credits: Joseph Shiphrah

#5 Wonder How Many Strict Vegans Have Avocados Too

Image credits: People Incorrectly Correcting Other People

#6 Math: I’m Out

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Image credits: scndaccount112

Of course, one can say that these discourses should be conducted privately and with respect to one another, but that is a rarity to occur online, as the only thing that is private is your identity, hiding behind a snarky username. Respect? For another human being? Never heard of it. 

But if we are to be serious about this for one second, no one wins from insulting another, especially when it comes to corrective behavior. Remember how your parents used to yell at you for the smallest of little mistakes you made as a child, correcting your faults even though they were appropriate for your age? Interesting connection. 

#7 Lion Wasn’t Even An Option

Image credits: scndaccount112

#8 Trust Me, I’m Smart

Image credits: catfishman112

#9 Bah!

Image credits: Logan Graves

A 2014 study in the Journal of Child Development demonstrated that yelling produces results similar to physical punishment in children: increased levels of anxiety, stress, and depression, along with an increase in behavioral problems. Furthermore, the same types of behaviors that children grow up with tend to get repeated with another human being the victim. 

Therefore, it can be argued that some people get their kicks and feel powerful by cutting others down, this ‘correction’ becoming a form of bullying. A Ditch the Label study found that those who bully are far more likely than average to have experienced a stressful or traumatic situation in the past 5 years. Examples include their parents/guardians splitting up, the death of a relative, or the gaining of a little brother or sister. 

Whether it’s stress, low self-esteem, or a difficult home situation, we all have different ways of dealing with those feelings, and some channel them into anger and the need to control. 

#10 “Something Like”

Image credits: cmoore9693

#11 This Hurt My Head In A Number Of Ways

Image credits: Jen Weldon

#12 They/Them

Image credits: catfishman112

Dr. Art Markman argues that people’s certainty about their beliefs can be broken down into two components: clarity and correctness. Clarity refers to whether people are sure about what they believe. Correctness focuses on whether we think our belief is ‘correct’ in some broader cultural or moral context. 

The more strongly people believe their attitude is correct, the more competitive they will be in their discussions. However, Dr. Markman suggests that if you find yourself in conflict with others on a regular basis, you might want to evaluate whether you generally assume that your attitudes are the correct ones. 

#13 Can’t Be Twins If Not Identical

Image credits: scndaccount112

#14 Spelling Is Importanter Than You Think

Image credits: Teresa Easton

#15 What A Fine Start For Mathematics In 2023

Image credits: Jack Bancroft

Discovering and being more open to other people’s perspectives may reduce one’s tendency to treat discussions as invitations for coercion. James Feudo offers a few techniques to help one with this tendency to correct another. If it’s something small and there’s no harm done, pretend it never happened. 

If the person you’re interacting with keeps making the mistake, then you might want to point it out in private. If the mistake they’re making can cause a problem (such as poor advice or wrong directions), then you can step in right away. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

As you continue scrolling through this list, make sure you’re upvoting your favorites, leaving comments in your wake, and I shall wish you a wonderful day! Until the next one! 

#16 Spain In Pain

Image credits: scndaccount112

#17 The Only Composer That Person Knows Is Bach. Just Like My Third Grade Music Students

Image credits: Emma Harkins

#18 I Think The Correcter Needs To Do A Rewatch

Image credits: Jason Sabback

#19 Homophones! Do You Know Them?

Image credits: Daniela Sabau

#20 Someone Never Had A Cat

Image credits: Camilla Jensen

#21 Yes. Yes I Want To Be There To See That

Image credits: Vince Trovato

#22 Only Chickens Lay Eggs. Only The Educated Know The Platypus Is A Hoax

Image credits: Stuart Anderson

#23 I Found One!

Image credits: Tim Boom

#24 This Is The Level Of Confidence I Need In Life

Image credits: Gaurav Vithalani

#25 This Is A Lot To Unpack Lol

Image credits: Isaiah Alexander

#26 Someone Has Never Heard Of Rubber Wood

Image credits: Richard Halliwell

#27 Boy To Supersoldier Transition

Image credits: Rhay Christian Austero

#28 Gender And Spelling Are Both Artifical Constructs

Image credits: Connie Marie

#29 This Made Me Chuckle

Image credits: Pers Onunk Nown

#30 This Is So Satisfying

Image credits: Bettycrystal Bruton

#31 Darn, We’re Out Of Sprite, Better Go And Buy Some More!

Image credits: Klem Alt-mann

#32 Punny! They Were Panting With Delight!

Image credits: Jeannine Mayo Wiar

#33 Never Sawed Such A Thing Before

Image credits: Larry Hiigel

#34 And Alexa Laughed. Cortana Chuckled. Hey, Google Giggled. Siri Snickered

Image credits: Paula Browning White

#35 I Find The “A Idiot” More Offensive… It’s “An Idiot”

Image credits: Eric Féron

#36 We’ve Been Pronouncing Chemistry Wrong This Whole Time

Image credits: catfishman112

#37 This Genius Right Here

Image credits: scndaccount112

#38 Math

Image credits: Morbobeus

#39 When You Try To Correct Someone And Just Fail

Image credits: Ekkeko84

#40 Found This One

Image credits: scndaccount112

#41 There Are No Dune Movies, Apparently. Not Even A Recently Released One

Image credits: Ekkeko84

#42 Attention To Detail

Image credits: scndaccount112

#43 *sigh*

Image credits: catfishman112

#44 Youa Ll

Image credits: scndaccount112

#45 Wait, Mayo Isn’t Just Made From Plants?

Image credits: scndaccount112

#46 Math Is Not My Strong Suit

Image credits: catfishman112

#47 Imagine Walking Around You Whole Life Thinking It Was This

Image credits: catfishman112

#48 Found This

Image credits: catfishman112

#49 I Hate Twitter

Image credits: WindsOfAugust

#50 Metric System At It Again

Image credits: scndaccount112

#51 The Hiring Chic? Is That A Style For Prospective Employees Or Hr?

Image credits: Joanne Tanner

#52 American Culture ? Otherwise Known As European Rip-Off Culture

Image credits: Bader Ros

#53 Bruh Why Didnt We Just Use Stainless Steel Masks In 2020 Since They Cant Host Bacteria? Smh

Image credits: Anjie Fae

#54 Neither My Phone, Tablets, Nor Computer Would Have Let Me Get Away With This Without, At The Very Least, Some Bold Wavy Red Zigzags

Image credits: Debbie Calafato Sanders

#55 It Does Take Effort, A No Brainer Effort

Image credits: Leslie Battle

#56 The American Flag At The End Of His Sentence Adds Some Extra Flavour Of Republican Dumbness

Image credits: Spirit Gonzales-Mendez

#57 Hood Version Of A Swimming Cap

Image credits: scndaccount112

#58 To Beach They’re Gone

Image credits: Katie Taylor

#59 Yes. Like Gravity

Image credits: Nikon Lon

#60 It’s Almost As If… That’s The Point?

Image credits: Anna M. Spurlock

#61 And He’s Trying To Educate Her? Ugh!

Image credits: David Boylan

#62 Makes Sense

Image credits: scndaccount112

#63 You’re Physically Irresponsible

Image credits: scndaccount112

#64 I Had A Crush On My Second Grade Teacher, Miss Spellings

Image credits: Larry Hiigel

#65 Great Response

Image credits: Crystal Anastasia

#66 Incorrectly Correcting Stephen King?! The 164 Comments Were All Correct Corrections. I Think I Got One Here!!!

Image credits: James Owen Brown

#67 Bomdas ???

Image credits: scammedgamingofc

#68 Winnie The Pooh Ate Honey Which Is Purple

Image credits: Jesse Richardson

#69 She Almost Had It

Image credits: Eloy89

#70 Still Hate The Astros Tho

Image credits: BeaconXDR

#71 Found Different Opinions On The Matter But This Screams Bald Eagle Like Nothing Else

Image credits: Bader Ros

#72 I Think I Finally Found One!

Image credits: Omar Gomez Cortes

#73 Ah Yes. Lasagna

Image credits: funeraltime

#74 And Here I Was Wondering How Could People Have Thought That A Third-Pounder Is Smaller Than A Quarter-Pounder

Image credits: Nicky Winterman-Amos

#75 Teached

Image credits: catfishman112

#76 Same Thing Innit

Image credits: catfishman112

#77 Couldn’t Cared Less About Grammar

Image credits: scndaccount112

#78 Olives And Peppers Are Also Fruits

Image credits: Mark Fredrick Graves Jr.

#79 I Live In Australia, But Apparently I Should Spell Words The American Way

Image credits: Trina Selleck

#80 I Feel Like This Should Count Although It’s Not A Person Doing The Correcting

Image credits: Christopher Whitfield

#81 This’s What Happens When You Don’t Read The Entire Post

Image credits: Bryan Blais

#82 Google Is So Accessible. Wouldn’t You Check?

Image credits: Jessica Marie

#83 My Husband’s Mom Is Married To A Woman, But Apparently She Isn’t A Lesbian Because Lesbians Can’t Give Birth Ever

Image credits: Jenna Denney

#84 I Mean, They Aren’t Wrong, The More Your Check Is, The More Appears To Be Taken Out

Image credits: Darci Haynes

#85 That’s Like Saying “Its Spelled Grey! Not Gray!”

Image credits: Michał Mucharski

#86 Earth Is Only A Couple Thousand Years Old

Image credits: catfishman112

#87 Well Technically…

Image credits: scndaccount112

#88 You’re* Wrong

Image credits: catfishman112

#89 The Caption Was Asking For A Name Of An Animal With A “Q” In It

Image credits: Tim Kemp

#90 Says I Misunderstand… And Proceeds To Write Exactly What I Wrote, With A Some More Words

Image credits: Ekkeko84

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