90 People Who Quit Their Jobs With Style (New Pics)

The time has come. You’re finally quitting your job. Might as well go out with a bang! Don’t worry, Even if you go a little bit overboard, what are they going to do? Fire you?

To highlight how satisfying it can be to leave your employer in style, Bored Panda put together a new list of people who just did. From making a meme to naming one of the urinals after themselves, here are some of the most creative “resignation letters” ever written.

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#1 My Boss’s Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast

Image credits: whothefuqisdan

#2 My Boss Volunteered Me For A Golf Event That I Hated Every Second Of, So I Gave Her A Golf Themed Resignation Letter

Image credits: HeWritesALine

#3 This Is Not The End. It’s Only The “&”

Image credits: jonnylism

#4 Resigning From A Bad Job With Style

Image credits: skolopendron

#5 Throwback To 2018 When I Quit My Job Of 8 Years By Leaving This On My Boss’s Desk

Image credits: melopoly

#6 Just Went In And Quit, But Not Without Super Gluing A Few Of These To Walls By The Time Clocks

Image credits: DissipationApe

#7 The Best Way To Quit Your Job

Image credits: slipperysoap23

#8 So I Quit My Job And I Just Took This Into Work

Image credits: Nuggnugggg

#9 Quit My Job Where The Owners Use And Abuse Me, My Hard Work, And My Kindness. I Had To Beg Them For A $1 Raise After 1.5 Years

My second job offered me a $3 raise after two weeks because they were so impressed with my performance. So long.

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Image credits: Gothblessyou

#10 I Think Lena Quit Her Job Today

Image credits: iAmWillyAmm

#11 My “Partner In Crime” At Work Is Announcing His Resignation Today, And This Is How We Are Doing It

Image credits: tyhorner

#12 I Helped A Work Mate With His Resignation Letter. Not Sure Why He Didn’t Use It?

Image credits: dweebtree

#13 After Successfully Opening His Own Business, My Best Friend Quit His Corporate Job After 18 Years And Left This For Them To Remember Him By

Image credits: FamousTG

#14 I Quit My Job Today But Left Them Something To Remember Me By. Inspired By Another Post From A Few Months Ago

Image credits: PapaPeyton

#15 Quit Your Job Like A Boss

Image credits: _sugarhighcookies_

#16 I Also Quit My Job

Image credits: Thatguy89

#17 Handing In This Resignation Letter Today

Image credits: Some_guy_named_Lewis

#18 My Favorite Way I’ve Quit A Job (Copywriter)

Image credits: Sk8rBoi6969

#19 Madlad Quits His Job

Image credits: word2motha

#20 Eat My Resignation. When It’s Time To Move On

Image credits: cakeitsweetsis

#21 Today I Decided To Bet On Myself And Quit My Job To Work Full Time On My Small Candle Business

I’m super nervous but so excited to finally do what I feel is best for me. I can’t wait to see what’s in store during this new chapter of my life. I can’t wait to continue glowing & growing! Cheers to doing the damn thang.

Image credits: hotstuffbycarol

#22 I Put In My Two Weeks Notice Via Sympathy Card

Image credits: ktam1212

#23 Today I’m Quitting My College Restaurant Job And This Is How I’m Doing It

Image credits: ComicBrooks

#24 Funny Quit Notice

Image credits: NinjaEagle210

#25 A Letter Of Resignation From My Sister’s Job

Image credits: Jetpack-Guy

#26 A Cool Way To Hand In Your Notice

Image credits: bichitshan

#27 Mass Exodus – The Owners Of This Store Were Left Scratching Their Heads After Their Entire Team Decided To Quit. Hopefully They’ve Learned Their Lesson

How would you quit, if you had the guts? Let’s entertain this thought for a moment.

Image credits: eudaimoniacoach

#28 My Friend Quit His Job Yesterday

Image credits: shaninanigan

#29 Best Resignation Letter Ever

Image credits: annoyedbyspam

#30 Onto Bigger And Better Things

The note says: “This is a picture of T-Rex, my favorite Dinosaur. It’s also my two weeks notice.”

Image credits: dcanestri

#31 My Colleague Of 10 Years Finally Quit His Job To Work For His Church. Here’s What He Put Up All Round The Building. Legend

Image credits: Drumtasticnick

#32 I Work At A Supermarket And This Is My Resignation Letter

Image credits: dpthomas94

#33 I Did A Thing Today

Image credits: ilesevan

#34 Quitting My Job Today. Leaving This As My Out Of Office Message

Image credits: spookygeek

#35 I Put My Resignation Letter On A Leftover Halloween Decoration In My Boss’s Office This Morning

Image credits: Benedict_Indestructo

#36 How To Quit Your Summer Job At Dairy Queen

Image credits: nathanklages

#37 2 Weeks Notice And My Store Manager Likes Turtles

Image credits: Irae_19

#38 6 Months Ago This Is How I Submitted My 2 Week’s Notice. Today Several Of My Former Coworkers Got Canned

It says: “Happy **** 2-week notice. Seriously, I will miss like 91.7% of you!”

Image credits: pandorasboxxxy

#39 Today At Work Someone Found This Resignation Letter Buried In The Warehouse

Image credits: AskamilliusReddiquis

#40 Too Funny. My Co-Worker’s Resignation Letter

Image credits: gil.lomas

#41 Quit My Job Today In Style

Image credits: ClMcGraw94

#42 My 6-Year-Old Niece Quit On Me After 30 Mins Of Work

Image credits: crocadots

#43 Quit My Job And Left A Message For My Successor

Image credits: teh_vag

#44 A Proper Letter Of Resignation

Image credits: jacobc3000

#45 Best Resignation Letter Ever – Short And Sweet

Image credits: BossLady89

#46 This Is What You Get If You Quit The Right Way

Image credits: yanelizamoragomez

#47 I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At An Order. You Sir Are A Legend. When You Get A Promotion But You Still Love Your Workplace So You Quit With Macarons

Image credits: thewrightmacaron

#48 My Friend Just Quit His Job At Brookstone

Image credits: Awkwardry

#49 How I Announced My Resignation At My Job Of 10 Years

Image credits: malphonso

#50 So I Decided To Quit My Job Yesterday. And This Is What I Went In With Today

Image credits: DefCone1

#51 The Best Resignation Letter Ever

The note says: “Due to the nature of my bills and the fact that I occasionally enjoy eating more than once per day, among other issues, I have accepted a position at another company. I have attempted to address these issues multiple times to no avail, so I feel it is in my best interest to take a new approach. They have requested that I start on December 29th, so my last day will be December 23rd, as I have prior commitments the 24th through the 28th. Thanks”

Image credits: Alex-Higgins

#52 Two Types Of 2 Week Notices: I Care And I’m Sad To Be Leaving, And IDGAF

Image credits: Arwen02

#53 Sent This As A Part Of My Resignation Email After Walking Out Of My Shift

Image credits: owtinoz

#54 My Sister Thinking About Quitting Her Job

Image credits: MoRahman24

#55 My Resignation Letter To HR, I Will Not Be In Tomorrow

Image credits: MoneyIsTiming

#56 Cleaning My Office, Ran Across This Exit Survey I Took When I Quit A 6 Figure Job

The answer is: “If I have to do anything for 11 hrs a day 330 days a year, it will certainly not be with a cynical and stressed-out management team trying to get a traumatized and unmotivated workforce to maintain production.”

Image credits: MoneyIsTiming

#57 Resignation Letter

Image credits: inet

#58 This Was My Resignation Letter To My Work. I Gave Them A Sympathy Card

Image credits: notyouraveragestupid

#59 I Quit My Job The Other Day

Image credits: remguru

#60 After A Year Of Working Out Of My Available Hours And Sending Them A 2 Week Notice For Availability 3 Weeks Ago, I Was Told I Was To Be “Closely Monitored” For Closing Early

Image credits: Dankculesus

#61 I Turned In My 2 Weeks Notice At Work

Image credits: MissAyamiStroud

#62 I Decided It Was Best To Take A Tactful Approach When Telling My Significant Other I Had Quit My Job This Afternoon

Image credits: SnowHawkMike

#63 After 2 Days, He Disappeared To “Get Something From His Car” At 2:30pm And Never Came Back. He Left My Favorite Resignation Letter Ever

Image credits: MultitaskMagician

#64 Sorry For Your Loss

Image credits: AzzyIredale37

#65 I’m Quitting My Job Today

Image credits: cass_a_frass

#66 My Friend Put In Her Two Weeks Notice By Giving This To Her Supervisor. Thankfully He Laughed

Image credits: Jahidinginvt

#67 Well It’s Been 6 Months Since I Finally Found A Job Worth Leaving That Hell Hole Excuse I Called A Job For. I Still Find My 2 Week Notice Hilarious

The fact they walked me to the gate tells me they didn’t find it as amusing.

Image credits: joshhinterberger

#68 My Brother Gave His Two Week’s Notice

Image credits: savage_Odul

#69 Thought Youd Like My Instant Resignation Text, No Response

Image credits: childrenovmen

#70 A Resignation Letter

Image credits: Critical_Composer106

#71 How To Quit A Job 101

It says: “Imma hit up college for a lil. Learnin s*** is better than workin. Aka TUTurnup! So yea I’m out August 11th. Peace out B****es. -Naom. P.S. See you b****es”

Image credits: jamesphelantv

#72 This Custom 2 Week Notice Card! I Had To Go Out In Style And This Card Was Perfect

Image credits: mycatisavirgo

#73 And That’s How We Quit Our Summer Job

Image credits: donkeywhax

#74 Quit My Job Today. Always Wanted To Do This

Image credits: Zanderfro

#75 If You’re Going To Give Bad News. It’s Better To Say It On A Cake Right?

Image credits: frankiethefrenchspaniel

#76 My Cookie Of Resignation

Image credits: valkyrie_cakes

#77 Boss Asked For A Letter Of Resignation, She Got This

Image credits: JGoins61

#78 My Coworker’s Resignation Letter

Image credits: mofo_taco

#79 How I Turned In My Two Weeks’ Notice Yesterday

Image credits: girtalert

#80 Eat My Resignation

Image credits: cakeitsweetsis

#81 Best Two Weeks Notice Ever

Image credits: FlamingOak007

#82 I Got The Offer To My Dream Job And Sent This Resignation Letter To My Division President And CC’d HR When I Quit On The Spot

The letter says: “I am resigning effective immediately. By the time I have sent this email I will have already dropped my laptop off with IT and probably left the building. I want you to know that the reason I am leaving is because you specifically have created one of the most toxic work environments I have ever worked in. I have never worked in an environment where I have had to defend someone from being fired because of their accent or because they had to miss work due to medical reasons. Both of which I have had to do with you. I have never worked in an environment where someone in management was so micromanaging as you yet knew so little of the actual work it takes to get those tasks done as I have with you. And finally I have never worked in an environment where I could be warning management of issues that prevent us from accomplishing our goals only to be ignored then be lectured when things go south because of the issues I tried to flag. 
I truly don’t know how this division has not imploded due to the micromanaging and toxicity at the top levels and I will be very happy to leave.”

Image credits: ISuckAtGaemz

#83 My Friend Works At Warby Parker And Put In His Two Weeks Notice With This Cake

Image credits: C00lhand

#84 I Quit My Job Today. Moving On To Better Opportunities

Image credits: Nomorethan7

#85 Though You Guys Might Appreciate How I Quit My Sandwich Making Job A While Back

Image credits: CalvinAndHobbes144

#86 How To Give A 2 Weeks Notice

Image credits: flamboyantless

#87 I Joined The Navy Recently And Will Be Going Off To Basic In A Few Months. I Put My 2 Weeks Notice In At Work Today. They Told Me To Make It “As Professional As Possible”

March 30th will be my last day for my epic journey as a Jason’s Deli delivery driver will come to an end. I will begin my chapter as a sailor soon after. But I want you to remember me by setting out a beefeater and a side salad as the closest booth to the register everyday just in case I decide to stop by. Farewell”

Image credits: drewisawesome14

#88 My 2 Weeks Notice. Sealed In Was With The Hand Of The King Stamp

Image credits: smokinshellz

#89 My Resignation Letter, Turning It In Today

Image credits: mydmtusername

#90 Now This Is How You Resign

Image credits: BrewsTravelers365

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