90 Restaurant Customers Who Have A Special Place In Hell (New Pics)

Every job has an ugly side. Customer service advisors get yelled at a lot. Fire lookouts have to be all but alone most of the time. And while the fast-paced environment of restaurant work might be appealing for some, there are infuriating customers that treat staff like garbage to drain all its joy.

Ranging from fake $100 bills as a tip to absentee parents who let their children run wild in the restaurant, shrieking and running into waiters’ legs to their heart’s content (ugh!), these types of customers are pretty common. And they deserve a special place in hell. Today, Bored Panda has collected some of the most horrible examples from all over the internet to demonstrate exactly what servers have to put up with. If you thought leaving a 2% tip is evil, the photos on this list will make your head spin.

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#1 Restaurant Owner’s Instant Karma

Image credits: vincentvanglock

#2 Parents At The Restaurant Allowing Their Children To Walk On The Table. Also Saw Them Sticking The Salt Shaker In Their Mouths

Image credits: mooko

#3 A Generous Tip For Someone Working At A Restaurant

Image credits: zoomercoomer9000

#4 This Couple Were Blasting Baby Shark And Other Kid Music To Their Children In A Restaurant We Paid Tons Of Money To Eat In

Image credits: moreweedpls

#5 Leaving Diapers Behind You In A Cafe

Image credits: Aspalathos_I

#6 I Work In A Restaurant. A Customer Just Left An Unusual Tip

Image credits: kay_shanelle

#7 So Inappropriate To Let The Dog Sit On The Table Where Everyone Eats

Image credits: earthdogmonster

#8 People Who Leave This Instead Of A Tip

Image credits: DirkDieGurke

#9 To Think I Really Did Dream Of Being A Waitress

Image credits: pupoksestra

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#10 This Guy Was Staring Through The Cracks At The Girls Working At McDonald’s

Image credits: hollowhero_

#11 This Rude Lady Left A Review To Mislead Customers At The Restaurant I Work At

Image credits: PhoenixKhaan

#12 Someone Shaved In The Sink At A Restaurant And Left It Like This. This Isn’t Even The First Time Someone Has Bathed, Hotboxed, Shaved, Rolled Blunts In The Bathroom

Image credits: YoungsterLuke

#13 McDonald’s In Finland

Image credits: ili_udel

#14 Customer Ordered All This Food On Uber Eats And Cancelled The Order The Moment I Finished Making Everything

Image credits: RyuuAraragi

#15 This Woman’s Disgusting Feet On A Cafe Table

Image credits: HalflingzLeaf

#16 That’s Just Disrespectful

Image credits: tonystatovci

#17 A Review Written About A 15-Year-Old Server At My Work Place. This Guy Was In His 50’s And Made Her Cry In The Middle Of The Restaurant

Image credits: fellinlovewitheffect

#18 My Pizza Hut Was A Target Of Prank Orders Today. All Of This Food Now Has To Be Thrown Out

Image credits: Common-Transition973

#19 I Took My Kids To McDonald’s Drive-Thru. I’m Guessing The Person In The Car In Front Of Me Asked For No Pickles

Image credits: IskallaTrollblod

#20 A Mother Letting Her Child Drink Syrup Directly From A Communal Syrup Bottle While Watching Street Outlaws On Her Phone

Image credits: seedilla666

#21 The McDonald’s At Queen And Spadina

Image credits: 6lm3

#22 Left One Star Review On The Super Bowl Sunday

Image credits: NarutoCell

#23 This Lady With Her Shoes On The Counter At McDonald’s. She Then Proceeded To Shout At The Staff

Image credits: Mojojojobubs

#24 This Military Spouse Was Demanding To Have Her Next Meal For Free

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 Just What I Want To See When I’m Eating Lunch

Image credits: CltCorgiDad

#26 He Took His Kid To Dinner And Watched A Movie On His Phone The Entire Time Without Headphones At Full Volume

Image credits: Jag1075

#27 This Dude Brought His Own TV To Watch Movies At McDonald’s

Image credits: IzzyNobre

#28 This Guy Watching Inappropriate Video At Starbucks

Image credits: Palifaith

#29 I Appreciate The Extra Tip

Image credits: PhilliesEaglesFlyer

#30 When People Do Things Like This

Image credits: bhall7083

#31 Restaurant Closed 15 Minutes Ago, And These People Are Oblivious That The Whole Staff Is Standing Around Waiting For Them To Leave

Image credits: msmith721

#32 The Customer Left A Note On The Receipt Telling The Waitress To Call Him Cuz She Has “Beautiful Nipples”

Image credits: Zayyded

#33 This Guy Hangs Out At All The Fast Food Restaurants In My Town. He Sets Up His Little Cardboard Fort And Uses Their Wi-Fi To Watch Hentai

Image credits: d-scan

#34 This Man And His Son Were Watching Stuff On Three Different Devices. All Of Them With Their Volume On Max, In A Public Restaurant

Image credits: yourgardengremlin

#35 Stealing Art From A Restaurant Bathroom Wall

Image credits: Gilmatic1

#36 How To Use The Tips Line For Free Meals

Image credits: gf_256

#37 I Get That Parenting Is Hard, But Changing Your Baby On The Restaurant Table?

Image credits: Ponyetto

#38 From A Yelp Restaurant Review In Houston

Image credits: Final_Art_3760

#39 I Hate This Guy

Image credits: tgill10

#40 Somebody Brought Their Desktop Computer To Starbucks

Image credits: Gargory

#41 A Friend Got This As A Tip Last Night

Image credits: ooberu

#42 I Just Got This Dollar From A Customer At My Cafe

Image credits: fleshgrind

#43 Someone Cut Their Dreads At A Taco Bell Drive-Thru And Left Them On A Bush

Image credits: typicaltony22

#44 How Some Customers Left A Table Today. Some Of It Is The Food We Don’t Even Serve

Image credits: Gameknight959

#45 The Guy Behind Me At McDonald’s Was Taking Advantage Of The Free WiFi

Image credits: AAP4716

#46 “They Don’t Know It Yet, But We Finna Dine And Dash.” If Only They Had Tagged Themselves At The Waffle House

Image credits: hellamoneydipped

#47 My Family Of 5 Couldn’t Find A Table To Sit At Because Of People Like That. There Were Plenty Of 2 Seaters

Image credits: Mikereb

#48 Acting Like This At A Sushi Restaurant

Image credits: pm_me_your_jubblies

#49 My Girlfriend Received This As A Tip On A $50 Bill. The Woman Stuffed It Behind The Plastic, So She Had To Pick Each One Out

Image credits: TopGinger

#50 The Only Table In This Restaurant That Has A Sign

Image credits: thatgirlsade

#51 I Was Told I Did An Excellent Job And Earned An “Early Christmas Gift.” Instead I Came Back With A Fake $15 Tip

Image credits: blackairforceuno

#52 At A Wendy’s

Image credits: saraharboramor

#53 The Most Insulting Tip. And It Was Contactless

Image credits: Dannydannypham

#54 This Was Left As A Tip At My Restaurant

Image credits: Red69black22

#55 I Work At An Upscale Restaurant. Today A Customer Wearing A Dolphins Jersey And A Wig Left This

Image credits: IDontNeedaCalculator

#56 Was Handed This As A Tip

Image credits: ccrhoadess

#57 This Couple At The Upscale Restaurant Getting Handsy

Image credits: randomuser135443

#58 Capital Punishment For People Who Treat Service Workers Like Pigs

Image credits: WatercressSecure4586

#59 A Group Of Rich Girls From Stanford Came To My Bar, Tried A Million Samples, Held Up The Line, And All Tipped Like This

Image credits: zuzuofthewolves

#60 A Lady Guest At Our Restaurant Just Left This On The Seat. A Sweat Stain

Image credits: the_hardest_thing

#61 McDonald’s Is The Walmart Of Fast Food

Image credits: slimshady9395

#62 Only At The Waffle House

Image credits: Grayday17

#63 Letting Your Child Do This At A Restaurant And Then Stiffing Your Server

Image credits: Throwaway-71

#64 1 Star Review

Image credits: DementoDoc

#65 People Who Leave Tables Like This

Image credits: EazyLips

#66 I Work At Starbucks, And Someone Tried To Pay With These $20 Bills Today

Image credits: katz30

#67 This Is How A Customer Walked In At The Restaurant I Work At

Image credits: the_loner_98

#68 This Person At Wendy’s

Image credits: PunnyButNotThatFunny

#69 This Entitled Person

Image credits: reddituser_05

#70 One Star Review Because They Came After The Restaurant Closed

Image credits: doesntpostalot

#71 Thank You To Whoever Let Their Kid Play Around With A Display Piece In My Restaurant

Image credits: Teelure

#72 A Customer At The Pizza Place I Deliver To Paid With Coins Instead Of Euros. Now The Delivery Driver Has To Pay The Missing Money

Image credits: stoerebink_035

#73 These People With Their Guns

Image credits: jerrysaltz

#74 These People Smoking Cigarettes Inside Next To A Table Of Children

Image credits: dababyabel

#75 Who The Hell Wakes Up In The Morning And Thinks To Themselves: “I’m Gonna Throw An Entire Roll Of Toilet Paper Into The Toilet At A Public Restaurant”?

Image credits: The_Flying_Jew

#76 People Who Find The Need To Do This In A Nice Restaurant Bathroom

Image credits: Glu3stick

#77 We Had To Throw Out Six Heads Of Lettuce At Jimmy John’s The Other Day Because A Customer Complained That It Was “Too Brown” And Demanded We Make Him A New Sandwich

Image credits: mgraunk

#78 Mom Of Six Steals A $4000 Bottle Of Cognac From Behind The Bar At A Restaurant

Image credits: Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office

#79 In A Kentucky Starbucks At Noon. Small Children All-Around

Image credits: poppopgirl

#80 Passed Out Drunk In A Subway

Image credits: aalexAtlanta

#81 I Should Have Just Quit After This

Image credits: ImaginationFree6807

#82 If You Leave A Table Like This, You’ll Have A Special Place In Hell

Image credits: Phantom_Wolf52

#83 This Racist Review Threatens To Send Immigration To A Mexican Restaurant

Image credits: AndyKobe234

#84 I Found This At My Local Wendy’s

Image credits: -QuietlyScrolling-

#85 I Got This Lovely Note In My Christmas Stocking From A Wonderful Customer Today. I Love Working At Starbucks

Image credits: TheForbiddenFool

#86 Stealing From Whole Foods Just Went To A Whole New Level Of Classy

Image credits: greenFuzzyTesla

#87 What I Got For A Tip. So Confused

Image credits: ziplock006

#88 People Who Don’t Understand The Restaurant Industry

Image credits: spydeermasarap

#89 One Of Our Customers At Our Restaurant Came To Us With His Food And A Nail

He said that he found a nail in the broccoli. So either some lunatic was nailing nails into broccolis, or the broccoli had consumed the nail while growing.

Image credits: Ambitious-Smoke-651

#90 I Work In A Small Cafe, And Someone Came In And Stuck These Posters All Over The Tables

Looks like glue and it is super sticky.

Image credits: Comprehensive-End69

Source: boredpanda.com

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