90 Times Security Measures Were Not Very Well Thought Out

Lock your doors. Close your windows at night. Pull the curtains shut, and don’t leave any keys hidden in obvious places like under the mat. 

Some security measures are just common sense. And although most of us have, thankfully, never experienced a break-in or a home invasion, you can never predict when one will happen. One moment you’re coming home refreshed from a week on a Hawaiian beach, and the next, you’re realizing that all of your personal belongings are out of place and some are even missing. My parents used to warn me to never even recycle the boxes of large, expensive purchases like televisions or computers outside of my home, and to never broadcast to acquaintances when I was going to be out of town traveling. Posting about a trip on social media was also a huge no-no until we were back in the safety of our humble abode.

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Some people are more cautious than others when it comes to their security systems, but one thing’s for sure: a paper lock or a keypad that states the code on it are not going to keep anyone out. We’ve compiled some of the most hilarious examples of security fails from around the world and gathered them down below, so you all can enjoy these pathetic excuses for “security measures”. Be sure to upvote the pictures that you find most hilarious, and then let us know in the comments what the most ridiculous excuse you’ve ever seen for a security precaution was. Then, if you’re interested in reading a Bored Panda story featuring an epic fail by people attempting to commit theft, check out this story next.

#1 Farmers In South Africa Are Getting Serious About Security

Image credits: MnrGiggles

You might not be too concerned about taking security precautions in your home if you believe you live in a safe area or you don’t think you own anything worth stealing, but you can really never predict when someone will be in the market for a free computer or when a drunk person will accidentally try to get into your apartment thinking it’s their own. Yes, I have had that happen. And while I cannot be 100% sure that they were drunk, it was certainly frightening knowing that if the door had been unlocked, they would have wandered right in. 

Despite all that we know about how easy it is to simply lock the front door or install a fence around our yards, some people just hope for the best. A sign stating, “Please, do not enter” or a gate that can easily be climbed or walked around may seem smart to those of us who would never dream of trespassing. But unfortunately, others take those faulty security measures as invitations to go right in. If there is not enough infrastructure in place to make it impossible to get in, it must be open to the public! 

#2 Security At JFK

Image credits: casey

#3 New Community Toll System Is Really Working Out

Image credits: GuacamoleFanatic

Of course, it is not a requirement to have a security camera at your front door and an alarm that will blare through the neighborhood if you don’t type in a code within 30 seconds of entering your home. But they certainly can help deter intruders or help catch someone who has invaded your property. Now, let me be clear, I’m not a proponent of using these systems to spy on neighbors or share footage of people passing by on social media. But if the video feed is just to check up on your house when you are out of town or when you hear suspicious noises, it may help you sleep better at night.

According to US News, home security systems are a great idea for several reasons: they provide protection, they deter burglars, they provide peace of mind, they are convenient and can save energy, and they can reduce your home insurance premiums. And while you might be concerned about the installation cost or upkeep of these systems, you may be interested to know that the FBI reported that the average burglary in the United States in 2019 ended up costing $2,661 per victim. If you have a security system in place to prevent your home from falling prey to thieves, you might actually be saving money. 

#4 This Bear Gets It

Image credits: hootersbutwithcats

#5 This Seems Very Secure

Image credits: Aberrationism

#6 Good Luck Getting In

Image credits: Olioski12

And if you’re wondering whether security systems actually deter anyone from breaking in, I can tell you that they do. One study conducted by Professor Joe Kuhns at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that most break-ins are rather spontaneous, with almost 60% of burglars admitting that they did not plan their invasions more than 24 hours in advance. 83% of these attempted thieves also scoped out places for any sights of alarms first, and over half of them said they would move on if they saw an alarm. 

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Nothing beats peace of mind, as well. Knowing that you can hop on an app on your phone and view your front porch and/or various parts of your home at any moment can just make you feel more calm when you are away on holiday or out late at night. Plus, this way you don’t need to choose between bothering a neighbor or being plagued with anxiety if you get the feeling something might be off.

#7 When Your Security Gate Is A Ladder

Image credits: pcjcusaa1636

#8 Friend Posted This: “I’ll Never Forget The Time That My Mom Installed This Lock In One Of Her Bathroom Drawers When I Was A Kid”

Image credits: techbuzz

#9 My Nephew’s Stone Cold Security System

Image credits: Frankykeys

Home security systems have also become quite technologically advanced over the years. They can even help you reduce your energy consumption by giving homeowners remote access to their thermostats and light switches. For example, when you are out of town for a week, you can turn off your heater and/or air conditioner, as well as any lights that are set to turn on at certain times. And if you are looking to cut down on your home insurance costs, most companies offer discounts between 5%-20% for individuals who have security systems installed. Plus, as US News notes, “If you have cameras for video surveillance, video footage can help when it comes to filing insurance claims.”

#10 Let’s Just Mount This Here For Security

Image credits: RianTheLion97

#11 Ticket Said “Camera Flickers To Fuzzy Brown Image Often”

Image credits: RandomITpro

#12 AirB&B Host Told Me To Be Sure To Lock The Front Gate

Image credits: bbddbdb

When it comes to what to look for in a home security system, cost is obviously a factor that homeowners need to consider. But if you can afford it, US News recommends having a system that is professionally monitored. This means that even if you are not paying attention to your surveillance footage, someone is and can alert you or the police immediately when there are issues. “Consider if you are on vacation in another part of the country…do you call 911 in Los Angeles for something happening at your home in Atlanta?” says Paul Rothman, editor-in-chief of Security Business magazine. “Professional monitoring takes the onus off the consumer and puts response procedures into the hands of trained professionals.”

#13 So My Buddies And I Found A Locked Gate

Image credits: izakaman

#14 Security Is Important Here

Image credits: Doniym

#15 Top-Notch Security At My Local Daycare Center

Image credits: gorbok

The less important features that you can skip when installing home security are anything that you know you won’t use. Features that are more about convenience than protection, like having voice control lights, are probably not a requirement for you. Having a doorbell with a video camera is also an exciting feature, but it can be much more expensive than simply installing a camera somewhere above or near your front door. It will do the exact same job; it’s just a little bit less flashy. 

#16 Security Level: -9000

Image credits: ROOTBEER360

#17 Damn! I’ll Have To Find Another Way In

Image credits: SecFails

#18 A “Secure” Bike Shed In Cambridge, UK. The Gaps Are For Ventilation, Apparently

Image credits: exploreplaylists

The irony of installing a home security system is that is connected to Wi-Fi is that it creates a whole separate security concern. Many homeowners wonder if they will become victims to hackers or if their video footage will be seen by unauthorized viewers. “Two of the most vulnerable elements in a security system are network or internet-connected security cameras and the Wi-Fi router itself, as they are most often the target of hackers,” Paul Rothman says. It is not the actual hardware that gets hacked, but rather the software, which can allow hackers to access the entire network. “The most important step is changing the default security settings on the equipment itself, including admin login information that is often publicly available and leveraged by hackers,” Rothman says.

#19 Checked Into The Last Room Available Late Last Night In The Middle Of Nowhere

Image credits: RobbinsTexas

#20 Good Thing There’s A Gate

Image credits: parsniplovaaa

#21 This Fence Is So Thin

Image credits: gntrr

Homeowners should also be wary of systems that seem too good to be true. “If the price is really low on a piece of hardware, it’s often a case of giving you a low price in return for taking your data,” says Mitch Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance. The data can be valuable to burglars or companies who want to market goods and services to you. We’ve seen it countless times with curated Instagram, Facebook and Youtube ads, but even our security systems can lead to the same effect. It’s important to always carefully read a company’s Terms of Use, particularly the section on data privacy, to know exactly where your data is going and why. 

#22 Top Security

Image credits: 1Nexx1

#23 Not Sure Which Is Worse, The Product’s Design Or The Store’s Security

Image credits: JiveMonkey

#24 Securing Bolt Cutters From Shoplifting With A Small Chain

Image credits: NewZephyr49

If you are looking to decrease your home’s risk of an invasion but you simply don’t have the resources to install a complex security system, have no fear. There are other methods you can take to deter intruders. “The most important criteria in deterring the burglars we surveyed were alarm systems, dogs, and indications of people inside. Lights were also an important indicator,” says Professor Joe Kuhns. “Burglars don’t want to have a conversation. Anything you can do to create a perception that the home is occupied and active is helpful.” And if you’re on vacation, it’s helpful to have a neighbor or friend picking up your mail and newspapers. Those can be easy giveaways that no one is home if they start piling up.  

#25 Cop At My University Forgot His Bicycle Lock. So He Improvised

Image credits: prettyflyforaryguy

#26 The Anti-Theft System On This Surface Pro

Image credits: stalkhold

#27 This Barcode (Anti-Theft) Device. Good Luck Reading That Part Of The Book

Image credits: DrButtholeAndCo

I sincerely hope your place of residence or place of business has much better security than any of the examples on this list. In a perfect world, we would not need to worry about taking security measures, but unfortunately, it’s best to just avoid taking any risks. Keep upvoting the photos that you find most pathetic, and then let us know in the comments what the worst security you’ve ever witnessed was. And if you’re interested in checking out a list of tips from ex-burglars to help you keep your home safe, head on over to this Bored Panda article next. 

#28 Redneck Car Security

Image credits: Higgs-Bosun

#29 We Have Good Security At My School

Image credits: Vmpi

#30 I Stopped By My Boss’ House And I Wondered Why The Security Guy Wouldn’t Open The Door

Image credits: ssabripo

#31 Lax Security

Image credits: ccampo

#32 How My Little Brother Locked His Bike

Image credits: LeviAhlen

#33 I Have Identified A Flaw In My College’s Scissor Retention Plan

Image credits: Jobyn

#34 Fantastic Security Around Here

Image credits: Jay_Do

#35 Done Adding The Security Tag Boss

Image credits: Polymer15

#36 The Temptation Hits Me Every Time I Pass It

Image credits: Dontwalkrunsalot

#37 No Way Your Bike Is Getting Stolen Now

Image credits: hannahsimpson

#38 Water Cooled Security System

Image credits: monkeycpriest

#39 They Take Security Very Seriously

Image credits: canab

#40 Meanwhile In India

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 Tired Of People Using Your Mug?

Image credits: tonterias

#42 My Dad’s High Dollar Security System

Image credits: bondog

#43 Entire Computer And Security System Relies On That Plug, We Can’t Unplug It To Fix This

Image credits: vitaminrat

#44 My Gas Cap Stopped Closing Properly, So I Came Up With A Solution

Image credits: 0311fml

#45 I Cycled Past This Car And Glanced Over It. I Couldn’t Believe It, So I Stopped And Circled Around Again. Is It Worth It?

Image credits: schizoduckie

#46 Just Arrived In My Hometown And Someone Stole The Wheels Of My Bike. Now I Have To Walk 6km With A Bike Frame On My Back

Image credits: Slyvan25

#47 Security In Walmart Is Top Notch

Image credits: Canthandlemyhandle

#48 My Company Upgraded Their Security System

Image credits: thinkdeep

#49 Someone Likes To Live Dangerously

Image credits: gowasugay

#50 This Garage In The Hood Has A Security Polaroid Camera

Image credits: dnack

#51 A Security Expert

Image credits: MikeTheBum

#52 Just When I Didn’t Think The People That Come To My Store Could Get Any Dumber

Image credits: Mattyice0228

#53 Security Gate In A Russian Parking Lot

Image credits: copyranter

#54 No One Will Be Able To Steal A Grill Now

Image credits: PsychodelicMentor

#55 Attempt At Securing A Car Park Entry (Melbourne)

Image credits: andymundo

#56 This Installed Gate

Image credits: Gingerninja613

#57 This Security Camera Which Is Facing The Wall

Image credits: Afrocrow

#58 Since My NDA Has Expired, This Was My Old Private EMS State-Of-The-Art Locking System

Image credits: MonkeyDZay

#59 My Fiancé’s Attempt At Locking Herself In Her Childhood Room During Her “Angsty” Phase In Highschool

Image credits: coreycamera

#60 I Was Amazed

Image credits: lekplepi

#61 Security Door

Image credits: JIGGA_HERTZ

#62 Nice Security System Sears

Image credits: flatblackvw

#63 Security Standards May Be Slipping

Image credits: Skanzie

#64 High Security ATM

Image credits: MoppitMan

#65 Maximum Security

Image credits: Horse_Pickle1

#66 Security At My Local Theme Park

Image credits: Switchy249

#67 Security Is Up

Image credits: DeuSovKam

#68 When The Christmas Spirit Outweighs Security

Image credits: jayiss

#69 At Home Security

Image credits: LAFoodieBen

#70 Top Notch Security At School

Image credits: bluuey

#71 These $50 Carabiners Have A Security Lock Even Though You Can Just Unhook Them

Image credits: MajorSoulja

#72 There Was An Attempt To Secure The Garden

Image credits: Jus_Jaisinghani

#73 Tight Security

Image credits: Comm4nd0

#74 How Not To Secure A Door

Image credits: OneBoot_Cycles

#75 You Had One Job, Gate

Image credits: evan274

#76 Damn, I Forgot The Gate Code

Image credits: luckytopher

#77 Security At My Kid’s Nursery Is Void. As They Stick The Code Next To The Door Pad (But Only For Parents)

Image credits: Slaiyve

#78 Our University Has The Best Security System

Image credits: Mircenall

#79 My School’s Security Gate

Image credits: SallySteak

#80 Now How Am I Going To Get Home?

Image credits: RalphN8rH8r

#81 “Secure” Parking Lot Has Horizontal Bars A Child Could Climb

Image credits: jamcdonald120

#82 This Gate For Security Doesn’t Close Properly

Image credits: CyonicGhost

#83 This Ultra Secure Keypad

Image credits: I_cant_speel

#84 Attempt At Security

Image credits: filthyhabitz

#85 Security Camera With Off Switch Right Below?

Image credits: Finnjrrigney

#86 “Thou Shall Not Pass”

Image credits: perfect_square

#87 You Know You’re In A Bad Part Of Town When The Laundry Detergent Bottles Have Security Tags

Image credits: stayawaygetaway_

#88 This Security Door Is A Ladder

Image credits: Reyke

#89 A Neighbor’s “Security” Light That They Keep On 24/7

Image credits: TaudeTheThird

#90 This Security Lock Doesn’t Work Too Well

Image credits: Tasty_fries

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