91 Times People Realized They’re Living With A ‘Monster’ And Just Had To Share The Evidence (New Pics)

If you never lived in a flat-share, were you even a student for realz? The question doesn’t really have an answer, but it shows one thing. Living with another person under one roof is a one-of-a-kind experience.

And it’s not only about leaving dirty socks in plain sight, bringing in a bunch of friends at 2 am, or borrowing chocolate biscuits with 0.001% intention to return them. Whichever side you were, or currently are, standing on, you probably feel right and the other person is most likely wrong.

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But in the land of flat- and house-sharing, there are no right or wrong people, there’s only a nasty-meter that goes up every single time you put an empty pack of ice cream back to rest in the freezer. Call it an exaggeration, but god is in the details when it comes to flat-sharing.

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#1 We Love Awful Roommates

Image credits: coinmurderer

#2 Thesis Due In A Few Days And I Don’t Need This Extra Stress Of People Stealing My Stuff From The Communal Fridge

Image credits: reddit

#3 My Wife Ate Every Single Marshmallow In A Family Sized Box Of Count Chocula. Every Single One

Image credits: ccurtiswriting

#4 My Wife Putting This Peanut Butter In The Trash Because It’s Empty

Image credits: andydicktracy

#5 “Its Always So Cold In Our House. Our Furnace Sucks.” -Wife Jan2020 -32C

Image credits: dfGobBluth

#6 My Husband Doesn’t Want The Case To Get Scratched And Cause An “Eyesore”

Image credits: flyawaysweetbird

#7 I Married A Monster

Image credits: mrklopez01

#8 The Way My GF “Puts Away The Groceries” Still In The Bag

Image credits: TrappaTroopa

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#9 Less Than 2 Days After Moving In, One Of My Roommates Scratched My New, Non-Stick Pan With Metal Utensils

Image credits: TangoTaco

#10 I Married The Person Who Does This

Image credits: armchairsender

#11 My Dad Who Takes Bites Out Of Butter. Disgusting

Image credits: goldtail15

#12 My Brother Has A Habit

Image credits: AntiAntiEmoKid

#13 How My Step Dad Decided To Close A Box Of Cereal After Eating Edibles Last Night

Image credits: LocusAintBad

#14 The Way My Dad Puts Things Away In The Fridge. This Is A Piece Of Steak

Image credits: itchy_buthole

#15 This Is How My Mom Puts The Knives Away In The Drying Rack

Image credits: Ladyb6111

#16 My Stuff Is Circled. The Other Stuff Is My Sister’s

Image credits: trojanAMERICAN

#17 My Roommate Has Hit New Peaks Of Laziness

Image credits: ComaAmes

#18 My Roommate Can’t Read

Image credits: rocinante_donnager

#19 Wife Doesn’t Pay Attention To What We Already Have When Buying Groceries

Image credits: thephillyberto

#20 How My Wife Loads The Dishwasher

Image credits: beastly13579

#21 My Husband Is Technologically Challenged

Image credits: Southernsofia123

#22 My Girlfriend Opens Cereal Like A Neanderthal

Image credits: LaevantineXIII

#23 My Girlfriend Doesn’t Zip The Resealable Bag Closed And Puts The Bag In Upside Down

Image credits: hunt103

#24 The Husband Used My Favorite Knife As A Garden Tool

Image credits: ColoradoCrazyChicken

#25 The Way My Family Leaves The Toothpaste

Image credits: PIE_OF_LIFE64

#26 How My Family Uses A Tapeline

Image credits: doemaarkoraal

#27 The Way My Roommate Gives Me Rent

Image credits: firechips

#28 I Live With Monsters

Image credits: Giryee

#29 My Roommate Left A Surprise In The Kitchen, While I Was Outside

Image credits: Malcias

#30 Things You Find The Morning After Your Australian Housemate Got Hammered

Image credits: jmac46

#31 The Cord For My Wife’s Vacuum

Image credits: SuperLarrio-

#32 How My Wife Throws Away Boxes

Image credits: nowandlater

#33 My Husband Bought Memory Foam For “His Side Of The Bed”

Image credits: distanceformed

#34 My Boyfriend’s Toilet Paper Graveyard

Image credits: PardonedTurkey

#35 This Is How I Cut My Pizza To Avoid Cutting Pepperoni. My Girlfriend Said To Post It To The Internet

Image credits: gungod302

#36 How My Girlfriend Takes The First Piece Of Freshly Baked Brownies

Image credits: turdlop

#37 My Roommate Has Difficulties In Finding The Right Hole

Image credits: InjustBiker

#38 This Is How My Boyfriend Leaves The Sink After He Shaves

Image credits: nymphymixtwo

#39 The Way My Wife Keeps The Cracked Egg Shells Instead Of Throwing Them Out, And Yes, They Go Back In The Fridge Like This

Image credits: v4riable

#40 When Your Housemate Uses The Living Room As His Bedroom

Image credits: td5000

#41 I Live With A Barbarian

Image credits: oznux

#42 I Went To The Fridge To Get Milk For My Cereal But Someone Put The Milk Back With This Much

Image credits: Pine_Apple_Boat

#43 Savages

Image credits: tomflood1

#44 Wanted To Make A Nice Meal. Roommates Habits Had Other Plans

Image credits: TheLordHimself1

#45 I Hate My Family

Image credits: Wakawaka2468

#46 How My Dad Opens Resealable Food Packaging

Image credits: cfowler15

#47 My Mom Always Eats The Chocolate And Puts It Back In The Freezer Like That

Image credits: its-just-susann

#48 We Are A Family Of Four

Image credits: trantor78

#49 My Sister Opens Them Up To Check The Flavor And Puts It Back If She Doesn’t Want It. The Flavor Is Also Printed At The Bottom Of The Wrapper

Image credits: zachar3

#50 Props To The New Roommate For Cleaning The Whole Kitchen, But She Scrubbed The Microwave Oven So Hard, All The Ink Came Off The Dials

Image credits: nochinesecrawfish

#51 How My Roommate Has Been Using The Aluminum Foil For The Last Week

Image credits: bass_ace

#52 I Still Love My Wife. I Still Love Her

Image credits: Money_Box

#53 Wife Doesn’t Get Why This Lid Position Annoys Me

Image credits: SomethingSpecialMayb

#54 My Wife Is Incapable Of Finishing A Drink

Image credits: Penguin120

#55 My Husband Never Finishes A Pack Of Gum Before Opening A New One

Image credits: BooksAreAddicting

#56 How My Girlfriend Took A Soda Right Before I Put It In The Fridge. Right Next To The Perforated Cutout

Image credits: 7thCavalry

#57 How My Son Left My Socket Set

Image credits: chadnorman

#58 My GF Ate Only The Chocolate Chip Pieces And Left The Rest Of The Cookies Behind

Image credits: Dimitrisan

#59 How My Girlfriend’s Mum Stores The Washing Liquid

Image credits: breadfella

#60 Roommate Bought Veggies Back In Early May And Didn’t Use Them, I Finally Gave Up On Telling Him To Clean The Fridge And Did It Myself

Image credits: IdidntChooseThis

#61 My Kids Are Trying To Give Me A Stroke

Image credits: Lucno

#62 Pulled The Foil Off Of This To See What Was In It And It’s Empty. And Still In The Fridge. What The Hell

Image credits: SneezyHydra

#63 Day 6 Of Living With A Roommate For The First Time. I’m Looking For A New Place

Image credits: bigshrimps

#64 Leaning Tower Of Garbage

Image credits: catserole

#65 Live With A Girl They Said, Things Will Be Clean They Said

Image credits: Endoman13

#66 My GF Leaves Me This Fun Game To Play After She Leaves For Work In The Morning

Image credits: hungbandit007

#67 Went To Make Breakfast To Find That My Roommate Hard Boiled All The Eggs And Put Them Back In The Carton

Image credits: taytaylife

#68 How My Family Cuts And Puts Away Sliced Cheese

Image credits: Drolldolphin104

#69 My Sister Always Leaves A Tiny Portion Of Whatever She Eats/Drinks So She Won’t Have To Throw It Away

Image credits: bunnycumslut69

#70 My Sister Only Eats The Chocolate From The Top Container On The YoCrunch Yogurts, Leaving The Rest Of Us With Plain Vanilla Yogurt

Image credits: -tfm

#71 My Sister Leaves Empty Bowls In The Fridge For Weeks

Image credits: Adsnipers

#72 My Brother Never Finishes Cheese Dip. He Keeps Buying Them

Image credits: jewishfranzia

#73 How My Brother “Puts Away” The Dishes

Image credits: alexvmh

#74 How My Brother Put The Paper Towel Roll Back

Image credits: Tim_Seiler

#75 My Brother Ate The Ham Out Of All 5 Lunchables And Put Them Back In The Refrigerator

Image credits: mindofsage

#76 My Dad Does This With Every Single Piece Of Trash He Has. Just Push The Lid Down It Isn’t That Hard

Image credits: Randy_B_23

#77 The Towel Hooks My Father Put Up In Our New Bathroom

Image credits: rmi_

#78 My Damn Family

Image credits: HBK57

#79 My Family Never Finish With One Bar Of Soap Before They Get A New One

Image credits: Lonely-JAR

#80 The Way My Roommate Can Never Finish A Water

Image credits: Comeonjeffrey0193

#81 We Love Roommates Pt. 2

Image credits: Bunionn

#82 My Wife Just Warmed Something Up In The Microwave And Stopped It With 13 Seconds Left By Opening The Door, And She Didn’t Clear It. Can Anyone Recommend A Good Divorce Attorney?

Image credits: zleuth

#83 The Way My Wife Installed The Shower Curtain Infuriates Me. Mildly

Image credits: raskulous

#84 I Love My Wife Dearly, But This Is How She Leaves The Ice Cream After Getting Some For Herself

Image credits: meatbag2010

#85 My Wife Keeps Using My iPad As Her Coaster

Image credits: JayTheSay

#86 How My Wife Puts Away Our Nesting Measuring Cups, And How I Have To Fix Them

Image credits: wasadealio

#87 How My Husband Stacks Plates And Platters

Image credits: levitymargret

#88 A Constant Battle Of Trying To Get My Irresponsible Roommate Not To Leave His Chicken Everywhere. He’s Also Got One On The Kitchen Table Thats Been There For A Few Days

Before you ask, yes he eats them throughout the week.

Image credits: kaybaby00

#89 My Family Leaves The Tub Like This After Every Bath Bomb And Refuse To Clean It

Image credits: AL3XAND3R_GTZ

#90 The Real Strain Of Quarantine Is Having To See Daily How My Husband Cuts His Sandwich

Image credits: theblondepenguin

#91 My Family Uses Old Cheesling Boxes To Store Everything And Never Label Them

Image credits: throwaway007651

Source: boredpanda.com

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