92 Jokes And Memes That People Who Grew Up In The ‘90s Might Relate To

Even though I’m happy with my life as it is now, I do miss the ‘90s and my childhood. When I’m feeling a bit blue, I tend to get nostalgic: I watch old cartoons, I get out my GameBoy color, I go outside and try to rediscover the sense of adventure every kid has when they’re small. Though it might be the rose-colored goggles talking, I genuinely feel that the ‘90s was a better, calmer time—especially compared to how complicated and confusing modern life is.

Today, we’re bringing you a big dose of nostalgia if you grew up in the ‘90s. We’re featuring the r/90s subreddit, a popular online group that shares posts and pics related to “everything about the 1990s.” Scroll down, upvote your fave pics, and let us know in the comments what you miss about the ‘90s the most.

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#1 Accurate!

Image credits: Flawda-Man

#2 Any Other 1990’s Kid Can Relate?

Image credits: waltermitty2020

#3 Filters 90s Style

Image credits: 4reddityo

I’d gone in-depth about nostalgia for the past in a couple of great interviews with child and adolescent therapist Kemi Omijeh, who is based in London and is a member of the BACP.

“The period of time we tend to be nostalgic over are significant moments that stood out. Perhaps it was a time when we felt happiest or safest, or perhaps it’s a period where things changed for us,” she told Bored Panda.

“Our memories of the past can change over time depending on how often we revisit and also depending on what is going on for us in the present,” the therapist said.

#4 I Agree, You Also Agree Guys?

Image credits: KevinFederline82

#5 If You Were Born Before 90’s You’ll Get It !

Image credits: navismm

#6 Goals

Image credits: WashingYoda

She joked that “of course, the ’90s was better! But then again, I may be being very biased here.” According to Kemi, our impressions of each decade are directly influenced by who we were during those time periods.

“Generally speaking, the better decade is associated with youth and freedom. Nostalgia also often gives us rose-tinted glasses from which to reflect. How we reflect on the past decades can play a part in how we engage with the current decade,” she said.

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#7 Windows 98

Image credits: DataDuude

#8 Latchkey Kids Unite!

Image credits: orrenlynn

#9 A Late 90s Classroom

Image credits: DataDuude

“Many psychologists, myself included, believe our childhood is the foundation to who we are as adults. It explains why we frequently revisit our childhood as it influences our present,” the therapist told Bored Panda that we’re nostalgic for the times that we felt nurtured and loved.

However, the opposite is also true. “If we’ve had a difficult childhood, it can be hard to feel nostalgic, instead it will feel like something we need to get over in order to move on,” she said.

#10 Pretty Much

Image credits: DataDuude

#11 I Always Imagine Them Inside A Cheese Grater

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 I Can’t Look Away

Image credits: vaporgaze2006

“Nostalgia can also be a good coping strategy for times of low mood and challenges,” she said, warning that we should keep in mind that if it starts preventing us from living in the present, we should start getting worried.

“If we end up comparing it to our experiences today and feeling like nothing is as good as it was, then this will inevitably affect our mood and our ability to do what we need to do. We can become stuck in our nostalgia; in which case it might be best to seek help from a counseling professional to help you process your past in order to enjoy your present,” she said.

#13 Lmfao

Image credits: BuffyBoltonVampFlayr

#14 McDonald’s Needs To Redesign

Image credits: 90sAreStillAllThat

#15 After 9 And Weekends, Plus $.10 A Text

Image credits: t-uli

#16 Remember This?

Image credits: imdarkdante

#17 But Are You This Old?

Image credits: daeron187

#18 Kids These Days Will Never Know The Struggle

Image credits: life_is_sadd

#19 This One Speaks To Me And I’m Showing My Age Lol ?

Image credits: Albatross_Secret

#20 It’s The Right Thing To Do!

Image credits: phill080891

#21 Teenage Mutant Mid-Life Crisis…

Image credits: beta_nerd

#22 Fridays At Blockbuster

Image credits: afzalwas

#23 I Was ….dressed In A Similar Fashion Sense Those Days.

Image credits: iota1atg

#24 Who’s With Me?

Image credits: Heidi_Trismegistus

#25 We Have All Said It At Least Once

Image credits: R8RBruin

#26 They Were The Best

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#27 This Was The Life

Image credits: scott3109

#28 I Was 50% Cool In 96

Image credits: onevetsii

#29 Intense Gaming

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#30 Who Remembers These?

Image credits: 90sAreStillAllThat

#31 The Middle Part Has Always Been “In”

Image credits: gaby_moss

#32 90s Pizza Hut

Image credits: GodSon83

#33 Hello There, Tim

Image credits: InspiraSean86

#34 TV Guides

Image credits: msooopsi82much

#35 Follow Up Question. Do U Remember The Scene That Happens Right Before You Have To Change The Tape?

Image credits: pancakes_and_tacos

#36 Gather Round, Children, While I Tell You Of Bath Beads

Image credits: lilyhoop

#37 The Good Ol’ Days

Image credits: PuzzleheadedCard6554

#38 I Upvote All Comments.

Image credits: willywonkachocoloate

#39 80s Born, 90s Raised.

Image credits: tcmardoc

#40 Couldn’t Wait To Get Home

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#41 Movie Time In School

Image credits: jmg1895

#42 This Was A Huge Thing Back Then For Sure! Just Had To Look Out Your Window.

Image credits: reddit.com

#43 It Used To Be Lit

Image credits: Blueszie0124

#44 Is That True?

Image credits: iota1atg

#45 Daaumn

Image credits: PuzzleheadedCard6554

#46 Oh God The Feels

Image credits: blityc

#47 ?

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 60% Of The Time It Worked Every Time

Image credits: SnooPies7080

#49 About Sums It Up.

Image credits: MidnightFabulous9292

#50 Millions Of Them!

Image credits: parenthetical_phrase

#51 Man That’s Crazy

Image credits: RyRobbs

#52 Silly Erasers That Never Worked.

Image credits: darkoffice

#53 Thought You All Would Appreciate This Meme ?

Image credits: IrieSunshine

#54 Wish I Could Experience This Again

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#55 Only The Real People Know What’s Up.

Image credits: Afraid_Condition_267

#56 “90s Image” Busted!

Image credits: feral_philosopher

#57 Woodstock 94 And 1998 Dial-Up

Image credits: parenthetical_phrase

#58 Accurate Image

Image credits: NeuroGuy406

#59 Thank You

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 Love Me Some Topanga…

Image credits: LunnacyIsMe

#61 Anyone Else Have One At Their Mall?

Image credits: ReclinerRef

#62 Miss Those 90s Cereal Commercials.:(

Image credits: scott3109

#63 Miss These!

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#64 The Memories

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#65 Thought “Ha!finally Got A Cd Player For My Car”

Image credits: Honeyluv133

#66 90s In One Pic

Image credits: meatloaf9999

#67 Lol, My Mom Was Pissed When I Bought Antichrist Superstar.

Image credits: iwear_Vans

#68 90’s Movie Theater Carpet

Image credits: DataDuude

#69 Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.

Image credits: MidnightFabulous9292

#70 Yep, That About Sums It Up. ?

Image credits: PHON3-BOi

#71 Disappointed

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#72 Bring Back The 90s

Image credits: jensyao

#73 Just Push It Out

Image credits: youcandigit

#74 The Key Is We Had Low Expectations

Image credits: DataDuude

#75 You Just Had To Be There..

Image credits: MantisTobbogan_PHD

#76 We Were Happy At The Small World Guys! Who Is Missing That Days?

Image credits: KevinFederline82

#77 Miss The Cafe

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#78 I Had The Power Rangers One, Without The Pee Smell.

Image credits: Zarski843

#79 Dz Was Wild

Image credits: BandoLou

#80 90s vs.

Image credits: iota1atg

#81 1995

Image credits: ReclinerRef

#82 The Good Ole Days.

Image credits: chill2308

#83 Miss The Kids Club At Bk

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#84 Ahhhhhhh

Image credits: dieselthegerman

#85 This Is True!

Image credits: FlintTheDad

#86 Steven Seagal Out Here Looking Like The Dude You Shoot On The Toilet At The Beginning Of Goldeneye On N64

Image credits: DataDuude

#87 Even Taco Bell In The 90’s Was A Different Vibe!

Image credits: phill080891

#88 Used To Watch This Show Religiously. I Always Wanted To Go On It.

Image credits: C3RTIFI3DJCHAP84

#89 The Myths Of The Career World Part 67523

Image credits: ttownbigdog

#90 Definitely Not The Same!:(

Image credits: phill080891

#91 Four Square Anyone?

Image credits: picklesarelife1

#92 This Brings Back Memories Of Growing Up.

Image credits: SynergisticRelics

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