92 Times People Spotted Dishes That Looked Stupid And Just Had To Shame Them Online (New Pics)

When your spaghetti bolognese gets served in separate jars that are supposed to represent the restaurant’s own deconstructed version of the meal, you can’t help but feel confused. After all, paying good money for a dish that looks like something you’d find in your grandma’s pantry is far from anyone’s idea of an ideal dining experience. But the food industry is brutal, and establishments will do everything in their power to impress you.

Thanks to the internet’s beloved corner of Reddit called ‘Stupid Food,’ we get to see just how far they’re willing to go. This online community successfully calls our restaurant owners and chefs who come up with pretentious ways to serve their dishes, overwhelming and repulsing their customers along the way.

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“A place to lambast idiotic methods of serving food, or any other epicurean inanity worthy of ridicule,” says its description, and you know it’s gonna be good. Scroll down below to devour this crazy collection of absurd food creations we’ve gathered from the group, upvote the best of the worst, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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#1 Whiskey Capsule? I Can’t Tell If It’s More Like A Gummy Bear Or More Like A Gusher

Image credits: rawrt

#2 Peas And Mayonnaise Pizza

Image credits: likerofgoodthings

#3 “What’s Wrong…?”

Image credits: cenabollywood

#4 How To Start A War With Japan And Italy At The Same Time

Image credits: elahyani

#5 Chicken And Waffles… Pizza

Image credits: darrvis

#6 That’s Not Red Velvet

Image credits: SilentCitadel

#7 Upside-Down Meat Cone

Image credits: backleftwindowseat

#8 I Feel Like People Are Running Out Of Ideas

Image credits: HermanGunnarr

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#9 Ordered Chinese Last Night, Went For A New Dish: “Smoky Sweet Chicken Fries”

Got Literal Chicken Churros – That’s Sugar, With A Bit Of Garlic, Onion And I Think Cardamom At The Bottom? No Smoke Whatsoever. Most Delicious Nonsense I’ve Ever Had And I’m Going To Get Them Again, No One Can Stop Me

Image credits: thebrscott

#10 A Bar In Ohio Serves Giant Bowls Of Cereal That Are Impossible To Finish

Image credits: bloresiom

#11 I Waited A Total 1,5 Hours At A Pretentious Ski-Lounge And Paid €8,90 For This

Image credits: flomatable

#12 Deconstructed Spaghetti Bolognese

Image credits: BillOakley

#13 Veggie Taco From Taco Festival…da Fuq

Image credits: Less_Preference520

#14 Proof Of Man’s Hubris

Image credits: sBroz410

#15 April Fools Joke From A Local Chocolate Shop But Just As Vile, A Chocolate Coated Hard Boiled Egg

Image credits: Darkness-Pride

#16 Britain We Need Answers And We Need Them Now

Image credits: Possible_Resort9672

#17 Deep-Fried Watermelon

Image credits: thenativeshape

#18 Mackerel Pizza

Image credits: Schredinger42

#19 Not Totally About The Food, But, Why?

Image credits: HirokoKueh

#20 Stupid Hamburger Serving At A Supposed Sophisticated Restaurant

Image credits: SassyPerere

#21 $10 Nachos At A Local Mexican Restaurant. Yes, Those Are American Cheese Slices

Image credits: TheMeowMeow

#22 Actual Dish From The Adult Menu In A Lithuanian Restaurant

Image credits: Oddness_Police

#23 “Homemade Ramen”

Image credits: s2718362937

#24 A Chicken Sandwich I Ordered That Was Impossible To Eat Normally. Didn’t Expect The Size. (Had More Chips On The Side)

Image credits: Cremacious

#25 Asked My Sister To Boil Chicken And This Is What I Came Home To

Image credits: kuroyuki-okami

#26 I Think That Punishment Should Be The Bare Minimum

Image credits: jonmpls

#27 A ‘Friend’ Of Mine Cooked Like This

Image credits: deathstrike86

#28 F**king Deep-Fried Water

Image credits: BillOakley

#29 Edible Rocks Served On A Bed Of… Real Rocks

Image credits: mysterybkk

#30 I Don’t Think That’s What Zero Waste Means

Image credits: Fun-Astronaut-3793

#31 A Cobb Salad, Apparently. We Asked Why It Looked Like This And The Server Looked At Us Like We Had 2 Heads Before Saying, “What, Have You Never Eaten Here Before?”

Image credits: sarahms89

#32 I’m Also Turning Myself In. Totino’s Birthday Pizza Cake (8 Layers)

Image credits: buffbuddha

#33 A Blt My Mother Was Served At A Diner In Michigan

Image credits: Hanfpflanze

#34 Easter Lambspic. I’m So Sorry

Image credits: mad_gasser

#35 Straight To Jail

Image credits: hump_back143

#36 I Despise This Trend

Image credits: dm20201995

#37 Lick It Up You Dirty Dirty Diner

Image credits: ninjacrabby

#38 Bloody Hell What In God‘S Name Is This Abomination

Image credits: Feuro_

#39 Someone Asked For A Slice Of American Cheese On Fries At Work Today

Image credits: TexasGamer05

#40 We Ran Out Of Regular Bowls And Plates, And This Was The Only Way To Set Up The Grilled Cheese. He Reminded Me Of A Hot Tub So I Added Arms

Image credits: maramaboelhag

#41 Stupid Doesn’t Necessarily Mean I Wouldn’t Eat It

Image credits: assorted_citrus

#42 Jagersickles To Get The Night Started

Image credits: jk72788

#43 Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese Hanging Over Tomato Soup

Image credits: hiimalextheghost

#44 I Was Asked By My Sister To Make “Mashed Potatoes” And She Didn’t Specify Anything Other Than That… How Badly Did I F**k It Up?

Image credits: TimberWolfAlpha01

#45 I Am Disgusted

Image credits: believeitornotjail

#46 Jokeroni Pizza

Image credits: Imatworkgoaway

#47 Rachael Ray Thinks Pansies, Marigolds, Fuchsias, Bachelor Buttons, And Sweet Peas (Or Baby Carnations?) Belong On Pad Thai

Image credits: AnemoneGoldman

#48 I Ordered Veggie Pizza And Got This

Image credits: saltrockchick96

#49 Friend Made A Vegan Cake For Vegan Friend’s Birthday. Both The Hot Dogs And Jelly Are Fully Plant Based Substitutes

Image credits: MiraclezMatter

#50 Uhm Yea, Let’s Wrap That Bueno, That Is Already Wrapped In Plastic, In Plastic. Oh, And Seperate Them

Image credits: 90prix210

#51 Charcoal Cheese

Image credits: cookiemonstrosity54

#52 Asian Cuisine My Butt

Image credits: Jayden_Sam

#53 Absolutely Disgusting

Image credits: lsmountain48

#54 This Garfield Style Sandwich

Image credits: Judeicialbranch2003

#55 Saw This At The Supermarket. This Has Gone Too Far

Image credits: samiam25

#56 Deconstructed Gourmet Vegemite Toast. Yay

Image credits: werbimstdenndu

#57 Someone Actually Ordered A 100×100 Burger From In-N-Out

Image credits: noodlemcfoodle

#58 This Is A Crime Against Pizza

Image credits: RoundhouseToTheFace

#59 Who Thinks Of This Stuff?

Image credits: Garuda-Star

#60 This “Bump” Of Caviar At Martiny’s, NYC

Image credits: thatphotoguy89

#61 A Family Members Lunch They Made For Themselves Today…

Image credits: Good_Condition_431

#62 Delicious Halloween Treats For All

Image credits: Skenz14

#63 What’s Wrong, Babe? You’ve Barely Touched Your Bluenchiladas

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 Suffered From An Eating Disorder Last Year And My Sick Brain Loved Pickle Pb&js

Image credits: claimish

#65 Was Expecting Iced Tea And Got Whatever The Hell This Is

Image credits: cryogenicplanet

#66 Once Upon A Time In Thailand, There Was A Trend

Image credits: Sunny_thebangkoker

#67 I Don’t Think These Two Should Be Combined

Image credits: Level_Grapes

#68 Burger Pizza, The Amount Of Grease On This Gives Me Indigestion

Image credits: Noodle1718

#69 Got A Pizza Hut For Lunch Today

Image credits: Imatworkgoaway

#70 Proof That Stupid Food Is Not A New Phenomenon

Image credits: Aldous_Hoaxley

#71 Oreo Omelette From My Uni Canteen

Image credits: YongBlasterz_TH

#72 This Monstrosity Of A Sandwich

Image credits: wailflower92

#73 I Requested No Cheese On My Burger And This Is What I Got

Image credits: deevo1

#74 Dinner At The Hotel I’m Staying In

Image credits: mleveno_srce

#75 Butter And Whatever Meat That Is Idk If It’s Stupid But Here

Image credits: AngelChildEpicGamer

#76 Chocolate Ramen

Image credits: ExoticShock

#77 Beef Liver Pizza

Image credits: throwsx123

#78 The Luther Burger. Between 8-1500 Calories. I Ate Two In One Sitting When I Was Probably Around 15

Image credits: iiipercentpat

#79 Ever Had A Chili Taco Dog?

Image credits: perdew1292

#80 ‘Philly Cheese Steak’ €12

Image credits: colette2894

#81 Behold. A Creation So Stupid It May Actually Come Full Circle And Be Smart. (Definitely Gotta Go Easy On The Jelly)

Image credits: FFormless1325

#82 The Golden Age Of Consumerism

Image credits: AcanthisittaBusy457

#83 A Meat Rose, Cross Posted From Hmmm

Image credits: Naro_Lonca

#84 I See Your Pittsburgh Pizza And Raise You Altoona Pizza. Dear God

Image credits: Eastpetersen

#85 Italian Hoagie From Foodporn

Image credits: Active-Passenger6965

#86 Since A Lot Of People Didn’t Like My Midnight Snack. Rate My Mid Day Snack. Hot Dog With Ranch, Bacon And Expensive Cheese

Image credits: ExtraChedda

#87 Has Anyone Tried The Meat Mountain From Arby’s?

Image credits: HarryBossk

#88 Pasta Portion Size At Kourtney Kardashian’s Wedding

Image credits: mineaii

#89 This Is Spaghetti And Salad Pizza. It Shouldn’t Exist, But Here We Are

Image credits: onawitch

#90 Got High And Made Myself A Brat With A Baked Potato Bun

Image credits: MisSpooks

#91 What Do You Think Of My Ramen Crepe?

Image credits: Mala_daptive_chi

#92 I Guess I Didn’t Look Close Enough When Grabbing Snacks. How Could I Have Anticipated This?

Image credits: InternallyShrieking

#93 I Present To You My “I’m Too High And Lazy” Mozzarella Sticks

#94 Chicken And Waffles Pizza

#95 Chromatica Limited Edition Lady Gaga Curry

#96 Youth Pastor At Our Church Is Feeding Our Local Football Team, We Volunteered To Make The Noodles. 20 Pounds Of Noodles Later You Get This…

Source: boredpanda.com

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