93 Awful People Who Got A Heavy Dose Of ‘Instant Karma’, As Shared On This Online Page (New Pics)

We don’t know if you’ve heard, but the world isn’t a very fair place. Justice isn’t always handed down where it should be. And far from everyone gets what they deserve. Bad things happen to some good people while some bad people seem to get to do whatever they please. But sometimes… sometimes the planets align and the Universe shows up with a big ol’ bag of karma and a can-do attitude.

That’s where the massively popular r/instantkarma subreddit comes in. Home to over 2.3 million members, the online community shares photos and videos of people who “experience karma that is instant.” Check out some of the most impactful pics for a taste of some of that sweet karmic justice.

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When you’re done with this list, Bored Panda invites you to take a look at our previous feature about the ‘Instant Karma’ page. You’ll find it right over here.

#1 God’s Work

Image credits: MuAlH

#2 Busted Not Paying For Your Taxi!

Image credits: Unitron07

#3 When You Steal From A Shop In Zelda

Image credits: Pnollie

The r/instantkarma subreddit has continued to grow by leaps and bounds since 2012. It went from 1.9 million members the last time that we wrote about the community to more than 2.3 million redditors now.

It seems like many people are fans of seeing justice being carried out, and awful, entitled, and arrogant people getting a taste of their own medicine. And, if we’re completely honest with ourselves, many of us enjoy that, too. Wouldn’t you agree, dear Pandas?

#4 Waitress Isn’t Playing Around With Sexual Harassment

Image credits: Master1718

#5 Armed Man Gets Tripped By Random Bystander

Image credits: SolbergAK

#6 That’s What You Get For Snooping

Image credits: criteriaz

The joy that we get from seeing someone else failing or being humiliated is called schadenfreude. It almost perfectly describes how someone feels when a jerk gets humbled for being mean or doing something really awful.

It feels as though there actually is justice in the world, and that everything’s working as it should. However, it might not be divine retribution that we’re seeing, but a mathematical and statistical inevitability.

#7 Guy Attempts To Steal Package But Gets Caught. When He Drives Away His Car Gets Stuck In Snow

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Image credits: froyoboyz

#8 Atlanta Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesters, Wind Blows It Back In Their Direction

Image credits: holyfruits

#9 Karma Bitch

Image credits: zeus0205

It makes sense that out of all the possible outcomes in any given situation, some of them happen sooner while others happen later. That, at least, explains the ‘Instant’ part of ‘Instant Karma.’ 

Furthermore, it’s only logical that many people would consider some of those possible outcomes to have a negative impact on the awful individuals who they feel should be punished. From a purely statistical standpoint, it’s practically inevitable that some jerks will get their comeuppance almost instantly, and that someone will be around to either take a picture or film what happened. 

#10 Let Me Snatch This Girl’s Phone

Image credits: EngineerNGR

#11 Sharing Is Caring

Image credits: spook789

#12 Not The Normal Type Of Karma We See In This Sub, But Still Karma

Image credits: oddeagle123456789

Meanwhile, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there are probably tons of situations where folks experienced karma, but nobody else was around to witness it. That’s not to mention all of those cases where justice took an incredibly long time to be carried out. Or all the cases where awful people didn’t have to deal with the consequences of their actions… or even ended up being rewarded.

#13 Twitch Streamer Kisses A Random Woman On The Cheek For The Sake Of Views Instantkarma

Image credits: NefariousnessFunny66

#14 No Easy Grandpa

Image credits: arbiass

#15 Knocks An Elder, Gets Chased By Civilians And Arrested

Image credits: motaf

Yes, it’s satisfying to see people getting what they deserve—whether for good or for ill—but we shouldn’t be naive to think that this happens all the time.

If it did, r/instantkarma probably wouldn’t exist as a community because instant karmic justice would simply be how the world works.

#16 Guy Refused To Wear Mask Then Fight With Customers And Promptly Arrested

Image credits: Satarn_27

#17 Driver Tries To Avoid Traffic By Driving On The Sidewalk. Meet A Bunch Of Gents That Teach Him A Lesson

Image credits: Space_Probe_One

#18 Kids Help Old Man With Walking Chair And Get Instant Karma

Image credits: [deleted]

The ‘Instant Karma’ subreddit is successful because human beings have a need for closure and fairness. We want to see complex situations being resolved. And we crave clarity: we’d prefer to know that action A leads to consequence X, instead of having to swim around in a soup of chaos and uncertainty.

#19 Throwing A Sign

Image credits: Dr_Apk

#20 Illegal Parking Karma

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#21 Driver Slows To Allow School Bus And Bmw Driver Reacts

Image credits: mossberg91

It can feel comfortable to believe in concepts like karma, fate, and luck because they help make sense of the world and make us feel like there’s clearly-defined order and structure in the world. These ideas can give you hope and optimism for a brighter future. However, these very same ideas can leave us feeling like we lack freedom and agency. People can simply shrug off responsibility for their actions, as they blame ‘bad luck.’

#22 Instant Karma From A Squirrel

Image credits: Dismal-Storm-2928

#23 Guy Shoots Himself In The Leg, Trying To Break Into A House

Image credits: AristonD

#24 Creep Sneaks Into Woman’s House While She Dances

Image credits: KatzDeli

Believing in luck and fate is useless if you don’t put in the effort to move toward your goals. Previously, Bored Panda looked at how seeing yourself as a ‘victim’ of luck or fate should be avoided. For example, if we believe that bad luck ‘follows us around,’ we might start using that as an excuse not to try harder at school or work or at building our relationships with others. We tend to confirm our personal self-biases, as we look for evidence that would support our theories.

#25 Guy Gets Cheated On So He Removed His Ex’s Floor Since He Payed For It

Image credits: Sweetquack

#26 Karma X 10

Image credits: sandersd101

#27 Good Grip Strength

Image credits: Witty_Operation2486

Yes, luck does play a role in our success. Without a doubt! However, attributing all of our achievements in life to luck and luck alone essentially means that we ignore the need to make good decisions, work hard, and take ownership of our actions. Why bother being a good person who takes the high road if all you really need is just a run of awesome luck to have everything you want to achieve? You can’t rely on luck and karma and fate to get to where you want to go. However, the mature thing to do is to be humble enough to recognize that we can’t control all of the outcomes of our actions. Alas!

#28 0:15 Show Clerk Thwarts Robbers Using Flame Thrower

Image credits: Jelegend

#29 People From All Over Come To The Rescue To Catch Chain Snatchers

Image credits: d3333p7

#30 Man Pinched Random Women’s Ass Karma

Image credits: ZombieNips

#31 Instant Karma For Emergency Lane Abuser

Image credits: EuropeanGuy12

#32 0:32 Well, Well, Well… If It Isn’t The Consequences Of My Own Actions

Image credits: packylyons

#33 How To Dodge The Attack?

Image credits: Witty_Operation2486

#34 Breaktester Gets What He Deserves

Image credits: Anuri_DnD

#35 It’s All Fun And Games Until.. It’s Your Turn

Image credits: Agent_547

#36 Karma For Road Ragers

Image credits: [deleted]

#37 Crazy Chilean Karen Kicks Shopping Cart, Gets Hit Back

Image credits: RaionKohon

#38 Aggressive Driver Gets What He Deserves

Image credits: Quackquack1337

#39 Man Steals Woman’s Purse Right In Front Of Cop Then Throws Suicidal Tantrum Before Being Tazed

Image credits: MBMV

#40 Annoying Dad While He’s Trying To Grill

Image credits: iSlingShlong

#41 Throwing Your Soda At Someone. (Not Mine)

Image credits: 7OVO7

#42 Trying To Scare A Coworker

Image credits: BerliozRS

#43 That’s How Karma Works

Image credits: Witty_Operation2486

#44 He Deserved It

Image credits: saveturtles1

#45 Road Raging Camry Fake Swerves Into Hyundai But Over-Corrects, Crashing Into Barrier

Image credits: YanCantCook

#46 A Porch Pirate Caught Red Handed

Image credits: swat_08

#47 Guy On Bike Flips Off Driver Then Immediately Crashes

Image credits: LittleFart

#48 Well Deserved

Image credits: esberat

#49 Don’t Touch Her Boss

Image credits: esberat

#50 Road Rage Karma In Sunny Scottsdale, Az

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#51 Trying To Squeeze Past A Truck While Being Chased By The Cops

Image credits: MrBonelessPizza24

#52 Package Theft Failed

Image credits: Recrush

#53 Guy Gets Caught Trying To Break Into His Neighbor’s House

Image credits: [deleted]

#54 Coward Tries To Spit On A Random Guy’s Car

Image credits: fibroma-

#55 Porch Pirate Pirating Has To Lie

Image credits: whatdyado

#56 You Assaulted The Wrong Person

Image credits: Gerazioio

#57 Cutting Someone Off In Traffic

Image credits: LittleFart

#58 Try To Kick Birds, Get Trashed

Image credits: AristonD

#59 He Deserved It

Image credits: EuropeanGuy12

#60 A Phone Thief Stopped In His Tracks By The Public

Image credits: KamilB1995

#61 Car Tries To Break Check A Tractor

Image credits: SolbergAK

#62 Dog Karma!

Image credits: youmaynotnowmyname

#63 Two People Dress Up As The FBI To Break Into People’s Houses, The Owner Opens Fire

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#64 Try & Humiliate Someone When They’re Vulnerable Aye?

Image credits: thepositivepandemic

#65 Driver Attempts High Speed Overtake For No Real Reason… Loses Control Very Quickly

Image credits: alphacentaurai

#66 Guy Tries To Punch A Woman But Runs Into A Car Instead

Image credits: TheAtheistArab87

#67 Trying To Ruin A Skate Park

Image credits: theguywhoisepic

#68 Gonna Race This Bozo’s Supercar With My Truck. ?

Image credits: In_Karma_We_Lust

#69 Robbing A House

Image credits: nandverh26

#70 Guy Gets Cocky On A Freeway

Image credits: Demonetized_Onlyfans

#71 Really Fast Instant Karma

Image credits: Megge06

#72 Gangbanger Wannabe

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#73 Armed Men Try To Rob An Off-Duty Cop

Image credits: LuisNTCx

#74 Starts Fight, Gets Knocked Out

Image credits: randomstuff789

#75 Guy Shoots A Fireworks On A Wedding Car, Ends Up Exploding In His Car

Image credits: UltraRadiation-X

#76 Idiot On A Motorbike

Image credits: soudec

#77 A Counter-Attack

Image credits: FullCloud

#78 Run Someone Over, Get Run Over

Image credits: NunyaBidnizz68

#79 A-Hole Driver

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#80 Dumbass Tried To Be Smart But Got Karma Instead

Image credits: Nilo258

#81 Shattered Ego

Image credits: perineumoan

#82 Money Can’t Buy You Status

Image credits: SnooCupcakes8607

#83 Gun Toting Gangster Gets A Big Surprise!!!

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#84 0:47 Beware Of The Brazilian Off Duty Cop’s Wife!

Image credits: [deleted]

#85 Anderson Silva Get Cocky Only To Get Ko’d And Lose His Belt

Image credits: xxsimpx

#86 Chain Snatchers Accidentally Run Into Cops On The Road

Image credits: nooneknowsme9

#87 Keep Your Hands To Yourself, And Chances Are You Wont Need To Get New Eye Glasses

Image credits: Morty_Goldman

#88 Guy Picks A Fight With Absolutely Juiced Train Security Guard

Image credits: alphacentaurai

#89 Guy Gets A Bit Too Hyped Up Before Starting A Fight

Image credits: alphacentaurai

#90 The Karens Are Taking Overhand

Image credits: BoggertheNogger

#91 Shoulder Driving Passing Traffic Gif

Image credits: ns7250

#92 Road Rage Karma In Sunny Scottsdale, Az

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#93 Dirty Police Got Put In Place

Image credits: [deleted]

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