93 Times Older People Had No Business Being So Sweet And Wholesome (New Pics)

Too many people are quick to dismiss the elderly, but they just do themselves a disservice. After all, older folks are bursting with experience, wit, attitude and just general wholesomeness, so, we’ve gathered examples of wholesome and cool elderly people who are still living life to the fullest.
From incredible collections put together over a lifetime, to just downright cute moments captured by children and grandchildren, get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote your favorites and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

#1 He Is 94. She Is 87. Their Love Story Has Been Continuous For 68 Years. My Parents

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Image credits: yoda_the_catto

#2 My 70-Year-Old Father-In-Law Started Painting A Couple Of Years Ago. He Likes To Try Different Styles And Keeps Them All

Image credits: thatcubsguy

#3 Mutual Appreciation

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 Seniors Enjoying The New Playground

Image credits: GiantMeteor2017

#5 I Brought One Of My Baby Bunnies To Meet My Great-Grandmother

Image credits: purpleelephantdance

#6 You Loved Seeing Her On Her 100th Birthday 3 Years Ago. Still Happy And Smiling, She Just Turned 103

Image credits: Uhdd00

#7 Friend Of Mine Graduated In Law School At The Age Of 94

Image credits: Rockarmor

#8 The Day My 80-Year-Old Mom Married Her 80-Year-Old Boyfriend

Image credits: happilyhouseless

#9 The Look On His Face Is Priceless

Image credits: AaronRigsbyOSC

#10 My Parents Just Got Internet (Bialet Massé) And My Dad Is Already Showing Videos To The Neighbors

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Image credits: ezeconte

#11 Every Year This Woman Brings A Bag Of Hats Which She Knits From January To December To The Shelter

Image credits: Pueblo Cooperative Care Center

#12 My 77-Year-Old Husband Collects Cans To Support Children So They Can Get Free Dental Care With Oregon Dental Associations “Tooth Taxi”

Image credits: Edoodle3

#13 My Father-In-Law Holding A Sloth

Image credits: goodlyearth

#14 Father-In-Law Does This Every Year. Even Though His Daughter (My Partner) Is Now 26

Image credits: deathcastle

#15 My 83-Year-Old Dad’s New Cat, Schaefer

Image credits: lateralus1075

#16 He Told Her To Get In The Box Because He Would Take Her Picture. This Is Love

Image credits: Laura Salomón

#17 Mister And The Cat

Image credits: fairyfig

#18 Joined A Hiking Facebook Group, Ended Up Meeting A 71-Year-Old Woman, And Hiked A 4k Footer With Her! 50 Years Apart Made No Difference In The Fun (And Life Stories Shared) We Had Today

Image credits: k8issgr8

#19 My 74-Year-Old Neighbor Asked Me To Paint Her Nails. I Asked Her What Color, She Said “I Want That Color!” Now We Match

Image credits: unbreakablewildone

#20 That’s Such A Cute Idea

Image credits: Gusbuckets

#21 My Grandparents Suprised Me By Building Me A Kitchen. This Is How I Found Out

Image credits: KatokaMika

#22 My 90-Year-Old Friend And I Just Published The First-Ever English Translation Of A 75-Year-Old Armenian Book

Image credits: janbazianrupen

#23 For At Least 13 Years, Rain Or Shine This Little Old Man Spends Every Morning Walking Around Our Tiny Town Picking Up Trash

Image credits: benhrash

#24 This Lovely Gentleman Came In Today To Learn How To Curl His Wife’s Hair

His wife is unable to curl her own hair and often burns herself, so he stepped up to the plate and learned how to curl her hair. We had the pleasure of teaching him! We taught him how to do volume curls on short hair, how to protect her skin from being burned and we even taught him to put on her mascara.

Image credits: Hair Design By Britney

#25 It’s Such A Great Thing She Did For That Dog

Image credits: bjh1776

#26 My Mom Asked If I Wanted To See Her Melon

Image credits: dne416

#27 My Grandma Has Been Playing Wii Fit Every Morning For 10 Years, And She Is Still Going. She Wakes Up Every Morning And Does Exercises To Stay Fit! Almost 16 Years

Image credits: gperk69

#28 A Man Using A Disposable Film Camera To Take Pictures At AAA Baseball Game Today

Image credits: SwankaTheGrey

#29 My 83-Year-Old Grandma’s First Tattoo! Done In Tacoma, WA

Image credits: hellraiserk

#30 My 91-Year-Old Grandfather Stuck It Out While I Explained Over The Phone How To Facetime, And He Did It! Now I Get To See Them Every Day And Talk To My Grandmother

Image credits: jackie_ou_ohyeah

#31 My Dad With The Bag Of Bone Marrow Donated By A 38-Year-Old Stranger In Germany To Save His Life

Image credits: aredlilly

#32 My 90-Year-Old Grandparents Dressed Up This Halloween

Image credits: BigSquinn

#33 Today My 80-Year-Old Grandpa Became A U.S. Citizen

Image credits: eddieuclabruin

#34 Couple Goals. Spotted This Adorable Duo At The Atlanta Braves Game Yesterday

Image credits: cmg_profesh

#35 Our 80-Year-Old Friend Is Visiting. Our 75-Year-Old Neighbor Brought Him Some Grass And Now They’re Planking

Image credits: Loose__seal__2

#36 My 93-Year-Old Grandmom, Cancer-Free 4 Times, Going To A Western-Themed Party

Image credits: TheFerryman47

#37 My Grandma Holding My Grandpa’s Dying Hand – 100 Years Old

Image credits: FloatingSkullMorte

#38 This Made Me Smile

Image credits: ariannacalhoun_

#39 My Step-Mom Adopted A Cat For Her Elderly Parents. We Were Nervous Her Dad Wouldn’t Like Him

Image credits: kittyishhh

#40 Elderly Neighbor Gave Me These After Her Husband Passed Away. She Knows That I Work With Computers. I Said Thank You

Image credits: ITriedToBeCleverBut

#41 My 96-Year-Old Dad At A Jazz Concert

Image credits: Treestandgal

#42 My 70-Year-Old Neighbor Burns CDs For Me With Music He Thinks I Will Like

Image credits: Judgetanner

#43 My 97-Year-Old Grandfather Got Sick And Couldn’t Attend His Halloween Costume Contest. He Was All Better For Enjoying His Christmas Holiday Week Party

Image credits: jzam0217

#44 My 91-Year-Old Grandma Sends Cards To My Kids

Image credits: TheGrapeSlushies

#45 My Grandmother Had Custom Items Made For My Husband, Myself And Our Pets

Image credits: stayawayfrommeinfj

#46 Incredibly Heartwarming Older Couple Dancing At A Concert At A Park

Image credits: lo-key-glass

#47 My Father-In-Law Was Forced Into Early Retirement. Turns Out He’s Pretty Good At Art

Back story: up until 9 months ago, he was working at a psychiatric hospital looking after sick people. A patient pushed him and he ended up grabbing him and falling to the ground with him, but the patient landed on top of him and he ended up breaking his back in multiple places. He had to be out of action for 6 months, that's when he had no choice but to retire early.

He fell into depression and felt like he had lost all hope. Recently, he decided to occupy his mind with something, so he started painting. To our surprise, it turns out he's pretty good, well we certainly think he is!

Image credits: Mohawk200x

#48 My Grandmother Turned 100 Today

Image credits: BKStephens

#49 This Man And His Dog I Saw At The Airport

Image credits: brianzor

#50 Grandma Got An Apple Watch But Still Insists On Sporting The Rolex

Image credits: Homebarcocktails

#51 My Grandma Brought Me Fresh Peonies From Her Garden

Image credits: jlovelysoul

#52 My Father-In-Law Is So Excited About His Two-Story Bird House He Made Of Driftwood, That He Asked Me To Put It On “The Online”

Image credits: uis999

#53 My Grandma Is Quite Proud Of The Sunflower She Grew

Image credits: PipeandSlippers

#54 My 80-Year-Old Grandmother Going In For A Botched Hip Replacement Repair In High Spirits Ready To Get Her Life Back

Image credits: Embarrassed_Pin69420

#55 Proud Of My 72-Year-Old Father! After 215 Hours, He Finally Beat His First Console Game Ever, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Image credits: ptrk83

#56 My Great-Grandmother On Her 101st Birthday With My 3-Month-Old Son

Image credits: Ed-Box

#57 My 102-Year-Old. Grandma And Her Bestie That Just Turned 100

Image credits: NikolaTes

#58 Aunt Agnes, Ziplining For The First Time At 99 Years Old

Image credits: FunSushi-638

#59 Today My Grandmother Celebrated Her 100th Birthday

Image credits: Elephant_ITR

#60 My Father-In-Law Being Epic As Usual

Image credits: funk_appleby

#61 I Work With Elderly Mentally Disabled People, And Today I Brought Sock With Me To Meet Else, Who Is Crazy About Reptiles But Has Never Had The Chance To Meet One

She said it was her biggest dream coming true, and Sock did so well and allowed strokes and hugs.

Image credits: zephsoph

#62 To Mark The Pride Residents At A Retirement Home In Bristol Enjoyed A Very Special Performance From Drag Queen

Image credits: badmintonplace

#63 This Is My Father-In-Law With A Pineapple (That My Mother-In-Law Grew) On His Head. This Is My New Favorite Family Photo

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 My 92-Year-Old Grandmother On The Quest 3. I Think She Was Visiting Italy

Image credits: gregs52383

#65 My Nanna On Her 84th Birthday Compared To Her 1st

Image credits: theajayx

#66 I Spent 45 Minutes Taking A Cake Order For An Elderly Customer With Short-Term Memory Loss Tonight. She Came Back Few Minutes Later And Gave Me This

Image credits: That0melette

#67 My 91-Year-Old Great-Aunt Said Today After 2 Margaritas: “Do You Want This Floating Pickle?”. Living Her Best Life In Senior Living! I Didn’t Tell Her It Was A Cactus

Image credits: DianWithoutTheE

#68 This Sweet Couple In My Town’s Nursing Home Renewed Their Vows On Their 60th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: TurdFergusonDarling

#69 Suzy Q Turned 94 Today. Happy Birthday, Suzy Q

Image credits: Nancebythelake

#70 My Father-In-Law On His 102nd Birthday Enjoying Family And A Glass Of Wine

Image credits: MadGeller

#71 The Best Picture In Your Photo Album From Glastonbury

Image credits: danielmarcevans

#72 A 100-Year-Old WWII Vet Admires A Stilt-Walking Performance Artist

Image credits: 007_Shantytown

#73 My 71-Year-Old Father-In-Law Plays 2-3 Hours Of Call Of Duty A Day. Says It Keeps Him Sharp. Pretty Impressive For An Older Guy

Image credits: thebongofamandabynes

#74 Loved Seeing This Older Gentleman Keeping It Old-School With His Classic Gameboy

Image credits: JAH_1315

#75 My 86-Year-Old Nana Always Puts A Little Spread On When Me And My Son (7) Go To See Her

Image credits: Im_not_batman_you_R

#76 93-Year-Old Grandma And I Are Watching Movies Together

Image credits: -I0_oI-

#77 I Set Up A Sim Racing Setup For My 90-Year-Old Grandfather

I live in Korea, and I gifted my grandfather a sim racing setup this week, hoping to introduce him to the joy of driving.
Since my grandmother passed away last November, he's been quite depressed, and I thought it'd be great if he could find a hobby to focus on and enjoy. He often expressed a desire to drive somewhere, but given his age, actual driving is out of the question – not only for his safety but also for the safety of others on the road.
I wish I could be there to help him more since I am his grandson, but I live in a different region due to my business. Fortunately, my mother lives just two minutes away from him and visits daily to prepare meals, so she can assist him with the game. Since actual driving is too dangerous, I hope this virtual driving game can satisfactorily fulfill his desire to drive.

Image credits: Low_Armadillo_4837

#78 90-Year-Old Carrying His Bag And Hitting Under His Age

There was a celebration of Arliss’s birthday at the Glenview, Illinois men’s golf club. I started playing 2 years ago and I thought I was too late. 9 decades of life and still going strong.

Image credits: HarisD76

#79 My 94-Year-Old Yaya Was Released From The Hospital Today. 2 Days Ago She Had Tubes Going Down Her Nose, Look At Her Now

Image credits: doyoubleednow

#80 100-Year-Old Irish Man Still Outplaying And Outdrinking Us In Poker. (Yes, He Is Patriotic To America, Too)

Image credits: Egress_window

#81 Mom Has Been Having Cancer Treatment For 6 Months. We Took Her To My Daughter’s Ultrasound To Find Out The Gender Of Her 10th Great-Grandchild

She was overjoyed and beaming with pride. She is an inspiration and we are extremely proud of her. It's a girl.

Image credits: melpem

#82 My 96-Year-Old Grandfather Getting Ready For His Halloween Costume Contest At His Daycare

Image credits: jzam0217

#83 Instructions My Elderly Coworker Left For Himself In The Training Manual

Image credits: Upset-Calligrapher81

#84 102-Year-Old Woman Painting My Nails

Image credits: ArcaneTheory

#85 I’m A Little Weird, And I Definitely Get It From My Mom. She’s 68 Now And Enjoying Semi-Retirement

Image credits: Ayen_C

#86 My 83-Year-Old Father-In-Law On A Kayaking Trip

Image credits: AlexHM

#87 It Took Me Almost 30 Years, But I Finally Own My Grandpa’s Pristine 1994 F150. I Have Asked My 91-Year-Old Grandma To Lunch And Here Was Her Response

Image credits: NorthernJoey

#88 This Is What Happens When I Leave My 90-Year-Old Mother Alone In The Kitchen For Ten Minutes

Image credits: mewster31

#89 My 76-Year-Old Grandmother Who Barely Knows Anything About PCs Bought Me This For Christmas

Image credits: outragusreee

#90 My Son (3) Loves To Say Hi To Everyone He Sees When We Go To Walmart. He Said Hi To An Elderly Man, Who Then Gave Him A Dollar Coin. It Made His Entire Day

Image credits: ash-lovez-gorillaz

#91 An Old Man At Lean Concert Singing Along To Every Song. This Old Man Was Singing Along To All Of Leany’s Songs At The Portugal Show. Really Cute To See

Image credits: Pinji17

#92 My Elderly Building Manager Does This Every Holiday, Just The Cutest

Image credits: Comfortable-Ad-7158

#93 Took My 76-Year-Old Mother To See Wheel Of Fortune Live. Her Cheesy Smile Is Still Melting My Heart

She had so much fun. She was dancing in her chair and waving, and she just loved it. I think it was my favorite day with her yet.

Image credits: gurlblue81

#94 [oc] My 93 Year Old Grandmom, Cancer Free 4 Times, Going To A Western Themed Party

#95 It Took Me Almost 30 Years, But I Finally Own My Grandpa’s Pristine 1994 F150. I Have Asked My 91 Year Old Grandma To Lunch And Here Was Her Response

#96 I Got A Card In The Mail From My 101 Year Old Aunt

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