93 Times People Read Such Witty Comebacks, They Had To Screenshot Them For Everyone To See

Swimming in warm water in the summertime. Placing the final piece of a puzzle that’s taken you months to complete. ‘Roasting’ someone online with a comeback so witty and so savage, they had to call the ‘Oh Snap’ and fire brigades. All three things have one thing in common—they’re all human experiences that make us feel gooood.

The ‘Clever Comebacks’ subreddit is one of the best places on the net to go to for awesome retorts that will forever be enshrined on the internet in online screenshots. Check out some of the most on-point and hilarious comebacks they posted ever. Remember to upvote your fave ones and we hope they’ll inspire you to show off your wit the next time someone says something dumb or has a go at you.

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Bored Panda was interested to learn about what makes comebacks witty and about comedic timing, so we reached out to comedy writer and author of ‘How to Live to 100,’ Ariane Sherine. Read on to learn what she told us. What’s the best comeback that you’ve ever said or heard in real life, dear Readers? Do you think that the pen is mightier than the sword? Share your thoughts with all of us in the comments.

#1 Never Underestimate A Woman

Image credits: Dry-Net

#2 People Really Live In Their Own Little Bubbles

Image credits: hayashiiiii

#3 “Migrants Can’t Assimilate Into Society”

Image credits: reddit.com

Comedy writer Ariane told Bored Panda that, in her opinion, witty comebacks can be both spontaenous and planned out. “I’ve definitely come up with comebacks that are spontaneous. For instance, I told my daughter that if she didn’t behave, I’d give her inheritance to a donkey sanctuary. She said, ‘You wouldn’t’, and I came back, ‘You bet your ass!’ But though I hadn’t used that comeback before, I clearly had knowledge of the pun and might have used something similar in the past.”

She also pointed out something that honestly took me by surprise: “When it comes to stand-up, a lot of heckle putdowns are scripted and shared among comics.” And here I thought that heckles were all instinctive and natural. I’ll have to rethink some stuff about my fave comedians now.

#4 Love This Guy

Image credits: humanitalian

#5 Raw Skiny Jeans Bat

Image credits: Master1718

#6 I Don’t Care If Repost Made Me Laugh

Image credits: iamafailedasian

Ariane said that the line between a regular comeback and one that makes us snort into our cups of tea is clear for everyone to see. “It needs to be very fast, well-timed, and take people by surprise as well as being clever, witty, and immediately understandable.” So no pressure then!

The beauty of comedy, according to Ariane, is that (sometimes) our subconscious mind kicks in and takes us by surprise, along with the audience. “But that’s relatively rare in my experience. I’m sure many other comics are more natural than I am!

#7 Flat Earthers Make Me Happy Because I Know I’m Not A Complete Failure

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Image credits: svrmster103

#8 Thank You Andy Wang!

Image credits: ykafia

#9 This Is A Really Good Reply To Trump’s Tweet

Image credits: El-Cobra

The ‘Clever Comebacks’ community was founded in January 2018 and will be celebrating its 3-year anniversary very soon. In that time, they’ve amassed nearly 679k loyal members who are practicing the ancient art of the perfect comeback.

Personally, I think that comebacks are all about accurate, piercing, rapier-like wit. And the essence of wit is brevity, spontaneity, and stating the truth. It’s not a comeback if you spend an hour thinking about it and then another hour writing it out. Comebacks are the sniper rifles of the verbal battlefield. Not shotguns. Not machine guns. It’s all about one phrase—one roast.

The BBC tends to agree with my point of view. According to Rhea Wessel, witty comebacks can’t be planned—they can only be made in the moment. And timing is everything. Even if you come up with the perfect thing you could’ve said while you’re in the shower a day later, that amazing comeback is useless now. Too little. Too late.

#10 British Museum

Image credits: athrvpatil

#11 Does This Count? The Author Actually Replied Back To Me Lmao

Image credits: turing042

#12 Illegal Plants

Image credits: YoloForJesusChrist

That’s actually the beauty of comebacks. Sometimes, you end up just as surprised by your wit as everyone else is. It’s like, for a single beautiful moment, the Spirit of Absolute Roasting possessed you and gave you glorious guidance. 

Abigail Paul, the artistic director at the Theatre Language Studio in Frankfurt, told the BBC that we can improve our wit by giving ourselves just a bit of extra time to craft a great answer. Strangely enough, that involves becoming a better listener. We need to train ourselves to listen to others and respond appropriately, instead of tuning out and only thinking about the points we want to make in the discussion. That way, you’ll be more than ready to mount a witty defense because you won’t be caught unaware.

#13 Elite Finish

Image credits: MythicalBeast263

#14 They Also Don’t Come In Exciting Anime

Image credits: TheRikari

#15 You’re The Problem

Image credits: Cereal_killer03

#16 I Understand Completely

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#17 Please Wear A Mask And Stay Safe.

Image credits: themaskedvillain

#18 What An Awful Way To Protect The Elderly

Image credits: lucynyu13

#19 Idk If This Has Been Posted Before, But I Love His Little Smile

Image credits: twinkletoes_44

#20 Left vs. Right

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Austin Powers Would Be Proud Of That Comeback

Image credits: IShallPetYourDogo

#22 Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Image credits: playhy

#23 Useless Trees

Image credits: Kennydoe

#24 Another Reason To Love The Beatles

Image credits: simwalkedaway

#25 Not Mine But On Point.

Image credits: justinpwheeler

#26 Flameproofing? But My House Isn’t On Fire!

Image credits: ZacReligious

#27 They Did Not See This Coming

Image credits: acagastya

#28 Separate Payments

Image credits: memezzer

#29 It’s Funny Because It’s True

Image credits: Gudakesa

#30 Depression vs. Asthma

Image credits: TitaniumPeak

#31 Don’t Boast About Your Iq Test

Image credits: leafy_avocado

#32 That Last Line Though

Image credits: livebythem

#33 Rage Against Something

Image credits: Camotoe

#34 Can’t Get Any More Clever Than This

Image credits: KingMushroomIV

#35 Especially Clever

Image credits: hydr0p0lis

#36 Honesty Is The Best Policy

Image credits: Tubergod1

#37 Facebook Comeback

Image credits: AkshayyChavan

#38 Bryan Is Probably Still A Virgin To This Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Weird Motives

Image credits: Random_420-69

#40 Boomer vs. Millenial

Image credits: buss123

#41 Invasive Species

Image credits: MeesterNeusbaumTX

#42 Depends On Who Writes The Comic

Image credits: Master1718

#43 Forgot To Add That As A Poll Option

Image credits: yadun87

#44 Who’ll Email You When You Block Him

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 I Mean, He’s Not Wrong ..

Image credits: MissTickleToes

#46 Columbus Day

Image credits: reddit.com

#47 Big Footprints To Fill

Image credits: mysteresc

#48 Quite Funny To Be Honest

Image credits: rahul4112

#49 She Isn’t A Walking Womb

Image credits: PlatinumGamer55

#50 Honestly Wish I Had This Comeback With Half The Idiots Ive Been With.

Image credits: shay_143

#51 I Love Puns

Image credits: discordgamer101

#52 Yeah, Who Cares About White Supremacy, Amirite?

Image credits: reddit.com

#53 That’s A No Brainer

Image credits: TheRealArnab

#54 ‘im Tired Of Being Responsible For Something That Is Entirely My Resposibility.’

Image credits: Master1718

#55 Rip To This Antivaxxer

Image credits: uhhsamurai

#56 I See A Sad Pig Too

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Greta On Fire

Image credits: Star-spangled-Banner

#58 Should Have Seen That Coming Eleanor

Image credits: bellatwirls

#59 Right Back In His Face

Image credits: reddit.com

#60 Oof! British People Be Like…

Image credits: BelleAriel

#61 Have Fun With Your New Profession.

Image credits: TheCrazyRedTopHat

#62 Best Way To Respond To A Hater

Image credits: Thenightmeh

#63 That’s Not How It Works Karen

Image credits: diemongul

#64 Oof Size Large

Image credits: cannabalisticdeer

#65 Tomi, Absolutely Destroyed.

Image credits: IDidTheCAPTCHA

#66 Yeah We Smart Bro

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#67 Profit Before Health?

Image credits: BelleAriel

#68 The Trash Man

Image credits: Inkiepie11

#69 Task Failed Successfully

Image credits: thistardis

#70 God Damn I Know That Hurt

Image credits: laptitudee

#71 Nudes For Dudes

Image credits: princesshabibi

#72 Found The Reason Why

Image credits: beerbellybegone

#73 Come On Judge

Image credits: Master1718

#74 Hideous Little Goatee

Image credits: reddit.com

#75 “Millenials Are Killing The Big House Market”

Image credits: Master1718

#76 Praise Be To Sony

Image credits: reddit.com

#77 James Ain’t Holding None Back

Image credits: Ya_Yeet_NateDoge

#78 Can Somebody Cashapp Me A Dang Pizza?

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 Money Beats Brawn

Image credits: modsarefaggotz

#80 I Can’t Remember

Image credits: memezzer

#81 Yeah Let’s Keep Doing That.

Image credits: -Makiyu-

#82 Dread It. Run From It.

Image credits: ParkerAnderson130

#83 C- C- Cons- Consent?

Image credits: ProbablyMaybe69

#84 Identical Match

Image credits: memezzer

#85 Someone Has Been Stealing A Few Eggplants, Huh?

Image credits: GuiMr27

#86 Y = Mx + B For ?

Image credits: reddit.com

#87 Stupid Millennials

Image credits: OvertlySinister

#88 Simply Ranting A Nation Because You Have A Typical Stock Image Of It In Your Head

Image credits: IamLegionn

#89 Gotta Get Home

Image credits: reddit.com

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