93 Times People Were Called Out For Their BS

Whether they crave internet points or run out of arguments in a heated discussion, some people bullshit way too much. But the overwhelming amount of lies shouldn’t discourage us from calling them out. On the contrary. Think of it as herd immunity: the population is protected from a disease (a fake narrative) after vaccination (a response) by stopping the germ responsible for the infection being transmitted between people (destroying that absurd fantasy with facts).

There’s even a whole subreddit dedicated to this noble quest, /r/quityourbullshit. With over 1.3M members, it accumulated a large collection of screenshots and images of people calling out bullshit, delivering burns so big, they might just set your screen on fire.

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#1 Antivaxxer Claims To Be A Marine, Even Though You Need Vaccines To Enter The Marines

Image credits: Incognito1101

#2 Apparently, It’s Impossible For Women To Be Smart And Beautiful At The Same Time

Image credits: lone_red_rover_mp3

#3 I Guess Heroic Hollywood Really Likes That Film

Image credits: PhenomenalPancake

#4 Girl Exposes BS Account Using Her Pictures To Sell Their Product

Image credits: 773202noot

#5 Caught Lying

Image credits: Versipelia

#6 That Awkward Moment You Remember Some Of Your Followers Are Related To You

Image credits: LFuculokinase

#7 Person Caught Lying Got Served!

Image credits: BrannyMuffins

#8 I Have Severe Trust Issues With Any “Pet Shaming” Picture These Days

Image credits: JohnnyMrNinja

#9 That’s Jam

Image credits: u-had-it-coming

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#10 Online Troll Gets Put In His Place By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image credits: TheCocksmith

#11 If It Smells Like Bullsh*t, It Probably Is

Image credits: iAmTheTot

#12 IKEA Correcting A Concerned American Citizen On How To Properly Display The US Flag

Image credits: EdenBlade47

#13 The Mountain Calling Out An Instagram Fan Page On Their Bullsh*t

Image credits: _testep

#14 Instagram ‘Fact Pages’ Everyone

Image credits: Laughtrac_

#15 Vaccines Huh?

Image credits: Zadet607

#16 Anti-Vaxxer Logic

Image credits: DeterminedDoge

#17 Your Phone Is Now Hacked

Image credits: ahahaimgay2

#18 User Explains Why We Don’t Use Pencils In Space

Image credits: chrisleduc

#19 Burden Of Proof

Image credits: arg6531

#20 I Swear To God

Image credits: YEETIUS_LMAO

#21 She Must’ve Been An Early Adopter Of Technology

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 Employee’s Girlfriend Told A Facebook Group Of 60,000 People To Send Bad Reviews To A Small Business

Image credits: ahdkal

#23 Faking A Russian Story For That Precious Karma

Image credits: Lukazb

#24 My Antivaxx Aunt That No One Really Likes, Has Made An Interesting Post On Facebook. After I Responded She Pmed Me This

Image credits: sTacoSam

#25 That Was Smart

Image credits: 0lucaacul0

#26 An Anti-Vaxx Double Whammy!

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Quit Your Bullsh*t Peta, Going Agains Steve Irwin

Image credits: Uruguayan_Tarantino

#28 Elon Musk Responding To Fake News

Image credits: astrvmnauta

#29 My Hometown Facebook Page Is A Goldmine

Image credits: classactionfursuit

#30 Elderly Lady Complaining On Twitter Is Called Out

Image credits: RunDNA

#31 This Anti-Vaxx Mom Bragging About Her Kid

Image credits: JYFNHG

#32 Delivering The Twist Ending

Image credits: rebel_wo_a_clause

#33 “Please Stop Using It”

Image credits: Bq22_

#34 Africa Is Pretty Diverse

Image credits: jaytix1

#35 Because Celebrities Trust Any Random Stranger With Their Money

Image credits: yayforanxiety

#36 “My Uncle From 1978” Not Quite

Image credits: Brandlil

#37 Old Lady Bringing The Truth

Image credits: DeanSonOfDave

#38 OP Claims To Have Been Assaulted But Coincidentally Is Also An Amazon Model

Image credits: JosephNootNoot

#39 Keanu Reeves, Mega Genius

Image credits: jaytix1

#40 Not The Gospel Truth?

Image credits: nomaddd79

#41 Going Hiking

Image credits: QuirkyWolfie

#42 “I’m A Married Man” To “This Is His Mom, He’s 16”

Image credits: peanutbutterpandapuf

#43 Third Time In Two Months That My Landlord Didn’t Pay The Wifi Bill So I Went And Did It Myself In Person. Got This Text From Her Friend Immediately After

Image credits: nyknac

#44 Fake Review Before The Restaurant Even Opens

Image credits: your_dankesty

#45 Who Did This!?

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#46 Bites The Onion And Lies About TV Segment That Never Happened

Image credits: Dafinition

#47 Don’t See Much Star Trek Content Here

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 Elon Has Been On A Roll Lately

Image credits: gergecostanza

#49 Karen Gets Called Out

Image credits: DeterminedDoge

#50 No Coming Back From This One

Image credits: Axwe8

#51 Director’s Daughter Calls Out A Race Baiter

Image credits: JoeyTomasula

#52 That Anti-Vax Epidemiologist…

Image credits: IVTD4KDS

#53 Elon Musk Shuts Down Time Magazine

Image credits: BradGroux

#54 Just On The Other Side Of The World…

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 Reviewing A Place That Isn’t Even Open Yet

Image credits: endoflevelbaddy

#56 Excuuuuuse Me

Image credits: Swaggiest_swaggster

#57 OP Gets Called Out For Writing A Fake Message

Image credits: killswtchengage

#58 Big Phoney Posts Picture Of “Him And His Son” That Makes It To The Front Page. Actual Op Sees It And Calls Bullshi*t

Image credits: picaso_bob

#59 The Amount Of Times I Have Seen This Argument Is Astounding

Image credits: DanThMann

#60 Came Across This While Looking For Reviews To A Local Tattoo Studio

Image credits: kaboomeh

#61 Some Weirdo From My Rural Hometown On A Post About Abortion

Image credits: ballsmahoney42069

#62 Got Her There

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 White People Can’t Cosplay Shadows

Image credits: jaytix1

#64 Jeremy Lin Turns Ex-Nba Player Kenyon Martins Claims Of Cultural Appropriation Back On Him In The Most Respectful, Kindest Way Possible

Image credits: kelo_Ren

#65 Serial Liar Called Out

Image credits: ItalianGreyhounds

#66 A Specialized Military Maneuver Called “Landing”

Image credits: RememberU2U

#67 Person Tries To Convince People That Envoronmentalists Are Hypocrites

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 There Are Plenty Of Flaws With Canada’s System. Why Lie About It?

Image credits: Mufti_Menk

#69 Forbes Getting Called Out For Calling Kylie Jenner A Self-Made Billionaire

Image credits: foreverwasted

#70 And Then A Zombie Murdered My Family!

Image credits: LFuculokinase

#71 Guy Gets Assaulted By “Black Youths” Because “No Whiteys Is Allowed To Watch Black Panther!”

Image credits: ComfyBrah

#72 Who Needs Proven Medicine When You Have Veggies?

Image credits: NegativeList4

#73 My Book Bag Saved My Life, And Here’s The Bullet As Proof

Image credits: aoloya

#74 Hmmm

Image credits: saltyyelhsa

#75 Guy Claims He Hunted A Almost Extinct Species Of Rhino And Gets Called Out For His Bullsh*t

Image credits: superpizza8

#76 Person Lies About Cancer For Karma

Image credits: Zetarak

#77 Antivaxx Claims Get Called Out

Image credits: George319

#78 Person Brags They Got Into Disney But Uses Stolen Art

Image credits: WillowHaddock

#79 This Grounded Airplane Is So Unsafe

Image credits: unknown

#80 Man Tries To Say He Open Carried In Walmart Following The Recent Shootings; Forgets To Crop Out Background

Image credits: Regret92

#81 If You Look Up Bullsh*t In The Dictionary It’s Just A Picture Of This Tweet

Image credits: undercvermartyn

#82 Leave

Image credits: PolarLight

#83 Counterpoint

Image credits: SeiriusPolaris

#84 Absolutely No Reason

Image credits: Kotsira

#85 I’m Thinking About Putting In My Resume At This Shop

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 Smoking ‘Weed’.

Image credits: thesweetescape101

#87 Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

Image credits: AtoZandalizard

#88 Thomas Sanders Writes Himself A Compliment On His Food Delivery Instructions

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 Caught Red Handed

Image credits: BlackJesusKun

#90 Fake Story Behind A Photo Gets Called Out

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Starbucks With The Calm And Collected Smackdown

Image credits: botmatrix_

#92 Robbery

Image credits: CrustyMittens

#93 Found On R/Vegan

Image credits: reddit.com

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