93-Year-Old Man Drives His Old Car In A Video Game

This is endearing. Forget the hardcore racing gamers screaming as they fail to turn in time — let’s all appreciate this 93-year-old Japanese man gushing as he happily drives his old car in a racing game simulation. Our racing grandpa worked with cars for decades, and the car he drives in the game is an old Mazda Savana RX-7, the same vehicle he once drove over 30 years ago: 

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While our new favorite granddad appears to be playing 2017’s Gran Turismo Sport, there really is only one way forward for future video entries: his grandson needs to gift the man Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. C’mon.

Give the desperate people what they want: an elderly, retired professional driver squaring off against a bunch of pre-teens on rainbow-colored roads alongside Mario, Toad, Bowser, and Princess Peach. It’s thebest-selling racing game of all time, after all.

Honestly, given recent trends in the real-life car industry, we’re far more comfortable watching people drive within virtual worlds than in reality. Not convinced? Consider this: is a 93-year-old former professional driverany more unreliable than Tesla’s “self-driving” vehicles, which seem to have ahabit of crashing into many,many thingsincluding cop cars

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Source: neatorama

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