94 Cool And Interesting IKEA Hacks, As Shared By Members Of This Design-Savvy Online Community (New Pics)

Grab your Allen wrenches, thinking caps, and emergency frozen meatball supplies, dear Pandas—we’re going on an adventure.

It’s hard to imagine furniture and interior design without the influence of IKEA, the Swedish home furnishings retailer that has become a global phenomenon. The world would be a very different place without its flat-pack, low-cost, self-assembled, minimalistic furniture. And though the stuff you can buy there is great, some people like to take it a step further.

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Enter, stage left: the ‘IKEA Hacks’ subreddit. A popular online community, it unites IKEA lovers from around the globe who have a passion for ‘modding’ furniture and furnishings to create great-looking interiors. Some go the upcycling or repainting route while others combine different IKEA products in unexpected ways. Check out some of the sub’s best recent pics and modding tips below.

Once you’ve upvoted your fave hacks (and shared a few of your own!), take a peek at Bored Panda’s earlier articles about the subreddit here: Part 1 and Part 2. And if you’re a fan of IKEA and loved the idea behind the subreddit, consider joining it—they’re a friendly bunch.

Bored Panda reached out to Ariane Sherine, the editor at These Three Rooms. She explained why IKEA is so popular, and shared her furniture trend predictions for 2023. Read on to check out what she told us!

#1 IKEA Kallax Entry Bench Hack

Image credits: Perojok

#2 A Most Basic Hack, But Some Amazon Hairpin Legs On My Kallax Really Brings It To Life

Image credits: virtualracer

#3 Turned My Nissafors Utility Cart Into A Cat Bunk Bed To Keep The Cats Off Of My Desk While I Work

Image credits: avocadoqueen123

Bored Panda wanted to get design expert Ariane’s opinion about why the furniture made by IKEA is so ubiquitous and appeals to so many people around the world.

“IKEA furniture is both classic and modern. It has clean lines, unobtrusive handles and is sturdy, reliable, and great value,” the editor at These Three Rooms shared with us.

“It manages to be all these things across a wide range of styles. It’s ubiquitous partly because of its Scandinavian style—Scandi has been a huge trend in interiors for a long time. It has a calming feel and suits pretty much any design scheme.”

#4 Large Planters Are So Expensive, So We Used Filir Trash Cans + Hedges To Build A Patio Privacy Enclosure

Image credits: bing_bang_bum

#5 Built In And Painted My Billy Bookshelves And It Turned Out Great

Image credits: Rickle_Pickl3

#6 Milsbo Greenhouse!

Image credits: peskquire

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Meanwhile, the expert shed some light on the furniture we’ll see trending in 2023.

“Chunky, solid furniture is very on-trend right now,” Ariane, the editor at These Three Rooms, revealed to Bored Panda.

“Curved designs are also very popular, such as curved coffee tables and dining tables. In terms of materials, you’ll see a lot of chairs covered in bouclé and velvet.”

#7 Upcycled Besta

Image credits: fulanita_de_tal

#8 I Made A Secret Place For Reading

Image credits: Simka014

#9 Obsessed With My Tarva Hack ? Stain, Sealer, And New Hardware

Image credits: lsolar775

The r/ikeahacks subreddit was created all the way back in 2011. But it wasn’t until redditor u/6745408 took over as the moderator that the online community truly began to flourish. They told Bored Panda that the subreddit is “chugging along nicely.”

They also shared a cool IKEA hack they saw on Instagram with us. They said that it’s worth an honorable mention and would “make for a nice corner liquor cabinet” or something similar.

#10 A Lot Of Billies, One Gnedby And Some Doors. Plus Extra Panelling

Image credits: Tuesdaynext14

#11 Our IKEA Rudsta Cabinet Greenhouse After Three Months Progress

Image credits: Bringhorizon

#12 Besta Hack

Image credits: barkerlady

During an earlier interview with the moderator, Bored Panda learned more about the subreddit, its history, and how the group changed over time.

“I’m not sure who started it, but one night I was looking for a way to make the POÄNG chair more ergonomic or even less bouncy,” moderator u/6745408 told Bored Panda earlier.

“I found /r/ikeahacks with a few hundred subscribers and a lot of spam and no moderators. I figured I’d request the sub, set up some simple automation to clean it up and find someone to mod it,” they revealed.

The POÄNG chair project never came to fruition. However, the upside was that redditor u/6745408 took over managing r/ikeahacks. This was a huge step in the right direction, as the subreddit began steadily growing under new leadership.

#13 Mulig Blanket Rack. Buy Two, Butt Them Together Vertically


#14 Rast Nightstand For My First IKEA Hack

Image credits: MrRager513

#15 My IKEA Hack: Malm With Lilltrask Top For Home Office

Image credits: jpcostach

According to the mod, r/ikeahacks is “a really nice community, for the most part. The ideas people come up with are really great, too.” Pretty much everyone who’s a member of the sub is interested in modding IKEA furniture. While many put their ideas to practice, others stick around for the awesome pics and interior design inspiration.

“Flat-packed furniture isn’t far off from LEGO. Even simple hacks like adding legs to a shelving unit can elevate a piece of furniture. A lot of IKEA furniture is nice enough on its own, but building in shelving units, for instance, can really make a place feel like a permanent space, which is important,” the moderator told Bored Panda back in May.

“When it comes down to it, if your space needs something, you can usually find the parts to create the perfect piece of furniture, even if it takes a little planning and elbow grease,” the mod explained that flexibility and imagination are key.

#16 IKEA Hack – Study/Office

Image credits: Shams_shah23

#17 Presenting The Kitty Kullen

Image credits: jakedublin

#18 My Old IKEA Lamp Was Boring So I Crocheted A New One

Image credits: niekollie

There are only three rules that the community members have to follow. Their posts have to be on-point, fresh, and safe. For instance, if the post doesn’t contain “any useful information for IKEA Hackers,” it shouldn’t be posted in the first place.

What’s more, redditors should avoid reposting old content for the sake of attention and “cheap karma.” Finally, there’s no room for any hacks that are unsafe and could lead to severe injury.

#19 Finally Almost Done With A New Entertainment/Library

Image credits: RebelEbel

#20 My Husband Just Built Me This Beauty! Bestå + Gersby And A Whole Lot Of Love

Image credits: Davids_lilla_fru

#21 We Used Seven Havsta Cabinets To Create Faux Built-Ins!

Image credits: ilovemydogsncats

Most people can intuitively tell whether a product is well-designed, even if they might not be be able to articulate it very well. Usually, if something’s designed poorly, there’s just ‘something off.’ It might be an unergonomic design, an imbalance focus on aesthetics over function, or something else entirely.

#22 My Floating Desk Made With 2 IKEA Trotten 160x80cm

Image credits: Devolante

#23 Kitchen Pantry, My First IKEA Hack

Image credits: bardunpower

#24 Gerdie And Pudda Make A Great And Cute Cat Bed

Image credits: nvrnicknvr

During a previous interview, Tim Antoniuk, a design specialist from the University of Alberta, explained to Bored Panda the first impressions really matter in the world of design. 

Tim Antoniuk, from the University of Alberta, explained to Bored Panda during an earlier interview that people can intuitively tell if something is designed well or poorly. First impressions really do matter when it comes to design. And as the world continues to rapidly change and evolve around us, we come to realize that some designs aren’t as timeless as we previously thought. However, furniture tends to be more ubiquitous.

#25 IKEA Kallax TV Setup Total Cost £220

Image credits: jonnyboy2515

#26 I Got My Friend Who Is A Sign Writer To Hand Paint Our IKEA Kitchen Units. I Installed The Kitchen Myself And Built The Extension To The House That It Sits In

Image credits: badbeachbuggy

#27 Laundry Room Remodel Using Mostly IKEA Kitchen Cabinets And Countertop

Image credits: Arim215

“As new layers get added into our lives, things naturally have an evolutionary cycle. This is different from furniture which naturally can be more ubiquitous and designed to fit the human body,” Antoniuk told Bored Panda earlier.

Our personal tastes muddy the waters a little bit, meaning it’s sometimes difficult to distinguish between what’s a quality design and what’s a subjective preference.

#28 Ivar Cabinets I Turned Into Industrial Locker Themed Guinea Pig Cages. These Pictures Are ~2 Years After The Build, It’s Held Up Excellent!

Image credits: Oddsware

#29 Framed In Some Pax Units For A Walk In Closet

Image credits: justageorgiaguy

#30 Made Some Changes To The Ställ

Image credits: Ktarque2

“The gray area comes in when people start to talk about taste and about degrees of aesthetic. I may love the design of Bauhaus furniture, for example, while somebody may feel that it is too cold and void of personality,” the design expert pointed out.

“Not unlike great art, I believe that much of what came from this era is ‘great design,’ in part because it represents an era and a philosophy. When we start to mix in discussions of taste and preference, that is where the gray areas of good and bad design get blurred.”

#31 Finally Finished My Built-In Billy Headboard!

Image credits: gethypedforTJ

#32 Upscaled My Old Beat Up Kallax!

Image credits: Runaway_delta

#33 I Made An Extra Kallax I Had Into A Bar Cabinet

Image credits: jbingles

#34 Nordli Headboard Converted Into Vertical Garden

Image credits: balugate

#35 IKEA Moppe Hack

Image credits: Diplomat_of_swing

#36 The Trotten-Idasen Desk

Image credits: wche9

#37 Method Kitchen Drawer Hack

Image credits: MarkusfromMunich

#38 IKEA Besta & Hanviken Door

Image credits: 2kittens-in-mittens

#39 Bought Used Pax With Damaged Back. So We Put Wallpaper To Cover Damages

Image credits: klausenzweitausen

#40 Had A Gap Between Our Kitchen Cupboards And Larder Unit, Put A Skadis Board On Some Drawer Runners To Make A Pull-Out Knife Rack/Spice Rack

Image credits: D-Angle

#41 Three Stall Units With Custom Fronts, Handles And Salvaged Large Marbled Tile On Top… Used To Store Linens And Other Small Items. Upstairs Hallway

Image credits: LuluLaurie

#42 Kallax Hanging Cat Apartment

Image credits: LX_Peace

#43 Komplement Pants Drawer As A Wine Shelf!

Image credits: LucyTheFoodNerd

#44 IKEA Platsa Hack

Image credits: josta12103

#45 Saw It On Tiktok. It’s A Work In Progress But I Like It

Image credits: jershmegersh

#46 Knoxhult With Infinite Amount Of Hacks

Image credits: Artistic-Caregiver-6

#47 Alex Drawers + 2x Säljan Countertop Desk W/ Leds Between Them

Image credits: MzeRS

#48 Ivar Christmas Tree

Image credits: ElectricDanceyPants

#49 4×2 Kallax Converted Into A Dresser With Lights And Legs (Not Finished Yet)

Image credits: IBuiltAWall

#50 My Kallax Bedside Table (I Have One On Either Side Of The Bed)

Image credits: IBuiltAWall

#51 Toddler Wardrobe Using Trofast And Upprymd Boxes (Inspired By Ig Halfway_montessori)

Image credits: pawzypaw

#52 We Are Slowly Rolling Out New Designs For IKEA Dressers Which Made Me Wonder What The Oldest Dresser Line Sold At IKEA Is? I’m Guessing The Malm? I Know The Rast And Tarva Have Also Been Around A While

Image credits: theikeaking

#53 Headboard With The Starreklinte Carpet

Image credits: mee888

#54 Ivar Laundry Cab Hack

Image credits: CatsRule24x7

#55 Built-In Billy Hack

Image credits: Feral_and_Sterile

#56 Some Man-Boy Geek Storage

Image credits: Psychological_Fact69

#57 I Moved Into A House With Lower Ceilings So I Repurposed My Pax Wardrobe Cabinets That Used To Be On The Top Of My Wardrobes Into A Bench And Put Two Kleppstad Side By Side. The Pax Cubby Is Really Sturdy And The Doors Open Without Damaging The Floor

Image credits: MaepleFox

#58 IKEA Storage Lids —> Temporary Window

Image credits: joryfromtheblock

#59 Skådis Panel Hack For A Small Kitchen W High Ceilings, It Keeps The Junk Out Of Sight And Tools In Reach

Image credits: Breadfruit671

#60 Laundry Room Facelift With Sektion Cabinets And Slat Wall

Image credits: just_keep_winging_it

#61 Built A Home Bar. Two Black IKEA Brimnes Cabinets, A Butcher Block, And Some Brackets (From Amazon) For The Shelves

Image credits: Justgivemethefood

#62 I Have Way More Respect For Carpentry Now

Image credits: bagheera74

#63 Small Conservatory Using Kallax As Seating And Toy Storage

Image credits: Maximum_Broccoli_210

#64 DIY Cabinets With Billy Bookcases

Image credits: ummnodisrespectbut

#65 Lövbacken Leg Hack

Image credits: firthy374

#66 Not As Impressive As Some Of The Creations On Here, But I Modified Billy

Image credits: Dr_Surgimus

#67 My Latest Project

Image credits: Justgivemethefood

#68 IKEA Karlstad: 7 Year Old White Cover vs. New Cover From Comfort Works

Image credits: ThrowawayNameHelp123

#69 Pax Wardrobes “Hacked” To Look Like Fitted Furniture

Image credits: MrSingh84

#70 Ivar Corner Post -> TV Legs

Image credits: _Almond_Croissant_

#71 Two Person Desk – My Wife And I Occasionally Each Work From Home So I Put This Together

Image credits: slwags71

#72 Äpplaryd With Painted Legs/Frame

Image credits: _Almond_Croissant_

#73 Nymåne Mount For Ivar. Made With Scrap Ivar Parts And Plywood

Image credits: _Almond_Croissant_

#74 Ivar Cabinets Is A Steal!

Image credits: DadforDaughter

#75 Lighting Hack: Adding Some Midcentury Vibes To IKEA Grönplym Plug-In Wall Sconces

Image credits: Curunis

#76 I Implemented A Desk In The Elvarli System

Image credits: Mr-Harold

#77 Luftmassa + Blanda Matt Light Fixture

Image credits: thepolkadotdoor

#78 Desk Update As Promised! I Still Have Alot To Do But I Am Waiting On My Stuff To Come In. I’m Liking It So Far!

Image credits: MzeRS

#79 Pax Shelves Not In Stock, So I Used IKEA Cutting Boards Instead. Almost Perfect Fit

Image credits: ProfessorB52

#80 Little Wallpaper Backing For The Billy Does It Quite A Bit Of Justice!

Image credits: obogobo

#81 “Built In” Pax Walk-In

Image credits: OTheodorKK

#82 IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack

Image credits: Muccimooch333

#83 Maleras & Radiator Shelf Brackets For A Small Shelf With No Wall Damage

Image credits: RiceCwispies

#84 Modified Aurdal Closet

Image credits: kmollyd

#85 Tarva To Mid Century Modern

Image credits: Inevitable_Cover5890

#86 Update: My Upcycled Docksta Turned Out Great. Lots Of Trial And Error To Make Sure The Glass Stayed In Place

Image credits: elimusk98

#87 Came Across This Lightweight Standing Desk Converter Using A Lack Side Table

Image credits: coogiwaves

#88 Upgraded Our 7-Year-Old Bekvam Kitchen Cart. I Only Ever Used Butcher Block Oil On It Before

Image credits: ThrowawayNameHelp123

#89 My Kallax Coffee/Drink Bar

Image credits: Own-Gas-3077

#90 Easy Hemnes TV-Bench

Image credits: Almenontour

#91 Pegboard Nerd

Image credits: AndresAwesome

#92 Crafting Corner With Storage For 150 €

Image credits: Artistic-Caregiver-6

#93 Having To Drain A Kiddie Pool. 6 Of These Clips Saved Me A Lot Of Time!

Image credits: PioniSensei

#94 Two Person Desk – My Wife And I Occasionally Each Work From Home So I Put This Together

#95 IKEA Sniglar Baby Bed Converted Into A Puppy Crate!

Image credits: MeMMJ

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