94 Of The Stupidest Names People Have Encountered That Made Them Wonder “What The Parents Were Thinking” (New Pics)

Throughout my life, I’ve encountered a lot of people who have had trouble with my name. Pronouncing it and remembering it prove to be a challenge for many, but spelling it seems to be even harder. Of course, I know that my name is not anything crazy or ridiculous, but apparently, it’s easier for people to call me ‘Addie’ (Which is fine, that’s cute!) or a butchered version of Adelaide instead. As a child, I bitterly told my mother that I wished I had been named ‘Sarah’ because it was the most common name at my school, and I was tired of people getting mine wrong. 

But as an adult, I’m so glad I have a unique name, and I absolutely love it, though there are still occasions I have to repeat it 4 times before a person feels confident that they heard me correctly. So I cannot imagine what it’s like for all of the little “Tipheneighs” and “Brayxlies” out there in the world. And unfortunately, there are quite a few of them. 

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Below, we’ve gathered some of the most hilarious posts from the That Name is a Tragedeigh 2.0 Facebook group to show you pandas just how creative people have gotten when naming their kids. Be sure to upvote the names you can’t believe actually exist, and keep reading to find a conversation we were lucky enough to have with Zane Mauldon-Green, administrator of the group.

Then, if you’re in the mood to find even more ridiculous names to recommend to your worst enemy when they’re expecting a baby, you can find Bored Panda‘s last article featuring That Name is a Tragedeigh 2.0 ryet heare!

#1 Slayden

Image credits: Jenn Clark

To learn more about this hilarious, and slightly tragic, Facebook group, we reached out to administrator Zane Mauldon-Green. He actually was kind enough to speak with Bored Panda the last time we covered the group as well, about 8 months ago. He explained then that he is not the founder of That Name is a Tragedeigh 2.0, but he joined shortly after it was created. “I’ve since taken over running the group, as the original creator has two young kids and is very busy with all the tasks that come with being a mum,” Zane explained.

The group has been around since 2020 and was formed to be a place to laugh at insanely unique spellings of names, without tolerating the shaming of traditional or cultural names from around the world. “Our members work really well together to create a healthy respect for all the cultures,” Zane previously told Bored Panda. “The members are so active that we are actually constantly being summoned to review posts and keyword alerts. We have even lovingly referred to the group as essentially a full-time job at times,” he noted. “I myself take full advantage of that level of engagement by the occasional fictitious name post for everyone’s amusement.”

#2 Beaux And Arrow

Image credits: Group member

#3 Je M’appelle, Très Tragiques

Image credits: Rex Bates

Since it has been a while since Bored Panda checked in with That Name is a Tragedeigh 2.0, we asked Zane if he could fill us in on what the group has been up to. “It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 months, so much has happened,” he shared. “We’ve hit a milestone which was great to see, having now surpassed 50k members!”

“We also had to take an extensive break and suspend the group for a while to avoid Facebook deleting it,” Zane noted. “Unfortunately, their decisions aren’t always reviewed by an actual person, which can make having those decisions appealed quite difficult,” he explained.

Zane also revealed that there have been quite a few new name trends that have emerged this year. “The most common one tends to be names of characters from new TV shows or movies, which is very unfortunate for those children. Namely, the most recent one being Wednesdaigh, which has become quite popular due to the recent show.”

#4 Eiladan

Image credits: Ashten Majors

#5 I Wonder How Long It Takes For People To Decide On The Wrong Spelling Of A Name. Like, Did This Mom Consider Nerveaugna And Roll The Dice To Settle On This Butchering? We’ll Never Know

Image credits: Dave Diana

#6 Surely This Is The Orderer Being Silly, But *this Group* Made Me Feel Like It Could Happen!

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Image credits: Leanna Lonsdale

We were also curious if Zane believes people have gotten worse at naming our children over the years, or if we’ve just become more aware of these tragic names since we now have the ability to roast one another via the internet. “I think we have definitely gotten worse,” he shared. “Obviously, there have always been tragic names. However, as more and more children are born, many parents become desperate to give their children something to set them apart from others.”

“This has been happening with increasing regularity,” Zane noted. “For example, one I saw just this week was Nae-then as a freak version of Nathan. My cousin’s name is Dylan (he’s 6), and there are 3 other kids in his year each with a different spelling. The most tragic one would be Dihlen.”

#7 Yikes

Image credits: Josie Oxley Parkhurst

#8 No, Then?

Image credits: Kaitlyn Harris

#9 Geknee Apparently It’s Pronounced “Genie”

Image credits: Ellie Pecharka

“As it happens, the ‘old fashioned’ names such as Margaret I believe will reappear in the future, as it becomes harder and harder to mangle standard names into tragic spellings,” Zane added. 

Earlier this year, we asked him what some of the most appalling names he had ever seen were, and he shared, “I think any names that are deliberately spelled incorrectly for the purpose of being unique are some of the worst names. For example, Emma-leigh instead of Emily.”

“However, two of the worst I have seen are Knoxxli Blayze and Addilyn,” Zane noted. “Mainly just because they aren’t names, just weird mashups of other words or something worse.”

#10 The Fact That They Used The Same Middle Name Twice But Spelled It Differently ? Also, Who Names Their Kid After A Lemon (Cytryna Is A Lemon). And The 2nd Middle Name Of The 7 Y/O, What Is Going On?!

Image credits: Mikayla White

#11 Yup

Image credits: Annaoj Wright

#12 She Acts Like Larissa Is In The Same Category As Agnes Or Gertrude. And Karissa Was Right. There

Image credits: Ashley Rader

We were also curious what Zane thinks parents need to keep in mind when they are naming a child. “The most important thing to consider would simply be this: Your child has to use that name. If it’s a tragic or ‘unique’ spelling, they are constantly going to have to correct people, which gets exhausting and can be quite upsetting over time.”

“Also remember not to give children silly names,” he added. “A lot of businesses take every aspect of professionalism very seriously, and they will show bias against names they think are silly. Some may even ignore applications, believing them to be a hoax.”

#13 From An Etsy Ad

Image credits: Abigail Marie-Corbin Beauchamp

#14 Lochlainn

Image credits: Katie Cannon

#15 Thanks, I Hate It

Image credits: Alexandra Harris

To any parents out there considering giving their little ones a particularly unique spelling of a common name, Zane urges you to rethink your decision. “Your child will be unique without a tragic name. Everyone is different; we all have our own personalities and mannerisms. They don’t need a butchered name to be unique or special.”

#16 Y’all, My New Baby Cousin’s Name. Reached Out To The Father And This Is Correct…everyone In His Immediate Family Has “Normal” Names

Image credits: Winter Hernandez

#17 Have At It!

Image credits: Jal Al

#18 Utterly Horrible

Image credits: Sydney Spencer

On a more positive note, we wanted to hear what some of Zane’s favorite names are, or any names he would actually consider using if he were to have children. “Honestly, I have a lot of names I like, but running this type of community wouldn’t work if I agreed with tragic names,” he shared. “Having said that, some of my favorite names are Theo, Julian, Harrison, Lance, Thomas, Emily, Sarah, Jessica, Breeanna and Kayla.”

“Basically any name that has been around for at least 2 generations is a good start,” Zane noted. “Don’t make new ones, look back in your family tree or in your yearbooks from when you were at school. There are plenty of names out there!”

#19 Lachylue Maycee And Maycin Happy Holidays

Image credits: Keight Harliss

#20 “Green” Themed Boy’s Names (To Go With Existing Sisters Olive And Sage). Wtf? Chive?

Image credits: Mareth Magrath

#21 Pregnancy Groups Are Grea

Image credits: Group member

“At the end of the day, you are naming a person, not a pet,” Zane says. “Their name shouldn’t amuse you or be the name of your favorite movie character. Really consider what you would sound like if you had to call out their name in a busy shop. If it sounds embarrassing or silly, then don’t use it.”

“Kids at school can be really cruel, try to avoid names that could be used maliciously or turned into mean nicknames!” he added.

#22 This Is My Ex Sister In Laws New Baby’s Name… Seriously

Image credits: Erin Gordon

#23 T-Boo

Image credits: Berol Williams

#24 Koltor

Image credits: Group member

Finally, Zane urges parents to avoid ever butchering names from other cultures. “It’s disrespectful and insulting to the cultures the names originally belong to,” he explained. “Do some research, and check the origin of names before you start using them. Some have quite important meanings in those cultures, and if your child ever travels later in life, they will hear about it, and the blame for it ultimately lies with the parents.”

#25 Oatly

Image credits: Breanna Burch

#26 I Thought I Was Reading A Post From Here For A Moment

Image credits: Magen McCurley

#27 Dudley

Image credits: Group member

We hope you’re enjoying this list of tragic names! While it can be extremely difficult to choose a name for a child, it’s important to always consider the ramifications of any name. Keep in mind how easy it is to spell, what it rhymes with, how many other people or famous characters have that name, and finally, if you yourself would be willing to be called that. Keep upvoting the pics you find most hilarious, and let us know of any other “chrajik” names you’ve heard in the comments below. Then, if you haven’t checked out Bored Panda’s previous article featuring That Name is a Tragedeigh 2.0, you can find it right here!

#28 My Doordash Driver From A While Back. Was Going Thru My Camera Roll And Found This Lmaoo. This Is Indeed His Government Name Too, How I Know? He Was Posted On Our “Busted Newspaper” And His Arrest Report Said “Dakoldest”

Image credits: Katie Young

#29 Krusher… Hennessy…

Image credits: Aldina Codemo

#30 Y’all—

Image credits: Kayla Marie Hammann

#31 A Spell

Image credits: Alyssa Marie Lopez

#32 Senna

Image credits: Chelsea Bee

#33 Wednesdaigh

Image credits: Tasha Wallace

#34 Lol

Image credits: Group member

#35 I’ve Posted Her Stuff Before But Every Time I See It….. It’s Just The Worst

Image credits: Ellie Pecharka

#36 “Keesh-Zander”???

Image credits: Hailey Benedict

#37 I Found One!

Image credits: Amber-Rose Thomas

#38 Second Time Posting In The Past Month. My Due Date Group Is Killing Me

Image credits: Group member

#39 Old Daycare Mom Is Pregnant With Her Second And Announced The Name. I Still Can’t Pronounce Her First Kid’s Name Correctly Without Assistance. Props For Originality

Image credits: Avery Freshour

#40 I’m About To Get Kicked Out Of My Due Date Group. At First I Thought It Was Entrapment To Catch Whoever Keeps Posting From That Group, But Alas…. I Was Wrong

Image credits: Group member

#41 Best Friend Is In A Pregnancy Group And Screenshot This One

Image credits: Christine Gaichin

#42 Creed

Image credits: Haley Seibold-Babij

#43 Nemesis

Image credits: Beth Rogers-Ho

#44 Cydnie

Image credits: Group member

#45 My Boyfriend Has A Friend From High School Whom I’ve Never Met. His Daughter’s Name Is Epiphany. I Asked If When She Was Born Her Mom Said “I Had An Epiphany!”

Image credits: Kathleen Fioretto

#46 Atreyu Is A Great Name But What Is This Tragedy?

Image credits: Group member

#47 A Gal I Went To Hs With Just Named Her 4th Baby Frostlynn Noelle…

Image credits: Jessica Johnston

#48 So I Don’t Get Kicked Out Of My Due Date Group

Image credits: Group member

#49 My Nephew And His Wife Named Their Son: One Merlin Not A Joke, That Is His Name!

Image credits: Jacquie Colgan

#50 O’rayla

Image credits: Izzy Hallett

#51 Mom And Dad Has 4 Kids Queen Azariza A’lontay And July, Grayson A’lontay Had A Child Martayvion (Girl)

Image credits: Group member

#52 From A Woman At Our Workplace Who Said The Baby’s Name Was A Secret Until She Was Born, But It’s Going To Be A “Luxury, Royal” Name. This Was The Facebook Announcement:

Image credits: Anne Bennett

#53 Yikes

Image credits: Group member

#54 Bashton

Image credits: Kori Sparks

#55 This Is The Worst One I’ve Seen. Please Make It Sto

Image credits: Mary Trout Feagley

#56 Clive And Axton

Image credits: Alyssa Marie Lopez

#57 Found In A Mom Group

Image credits: Group member

#58 Local Radio Station Judged A Kids Craft Competition. Let Me Introduce You To The Winner… Hack

Image credits: Group member

#59 I Found Some!

Image credits: Ahisjel Nicholle DuPerron

#60 Posting Anonymously Because I Don’t Want To Get Kicked Out Of The Group. Thankfully A Lot Of The Comments Have Been Telling Her To Spell It The Normal Way, Can Only Hope That She Listens

Image credits: Group member

#61 Not Sure Why But My Dog Is Going Absolutely Mad

Image credits: Danny Mac Giolla Mhártain

#62 Bradleigh And Maddox

Image credits: Erin Taylor

#63 Reignbeaux

Image credits: Group member

#64 Beleighve It Or Not!

Image credits: Cheyenne James

#65 Another ‘Yooneeq’ Way Of Spelling Siobhán, Except This Time, The Person Is Actually From Ireland

Image credits: Rónán Ó Saoirse

#66 Just Saw This On Tiktok…..and It’s Pronounced As ‘Drew’

Image credits: Noel Alise Lawrence

#67 You Couldn’t Have Decided A Different Way To Spell Jewel

Image credits: Group member

#68 Targeted Ad

Image credits: Danika Hill

#69 Bretonie

Image credits: Mara Paulsen

#70 Malachi

Image credits: Christy Wood

#71 Just Gonna Leave This One Here… (Local News Channel Report)

Image credits: Brandy Miller

#72 If Anyone Doesn’t Know, Lucario Is A Pokémon

Image credits: Daisy Bain

#73 Kafer Is Their Son’s And They Have A Daughter Named Karmann. Both Are Volkswagen Models But Kafer Isn’t Even Spelled Correctly (It’s Käfer Which Is Bug In English). Big Yikes

Image credits: Group member

#74 I Feel Like This Screenshot Needs No Words But I Have So Many Questions

Their last name Battle is already cool af why did they have to put T’Challa Goat in front of it

Also in Marvel comic lore T’Challa translates “he who put the knife where it belonged” …. like?!!

I won’t share the parents’ names for the sake of anonymity but they have extremely common names – why they couldn’t choose a little bit of a subtle tribute I don’t know

Image credits: Group member

#75 Dalan And Destry

Image credits: Kyla Clark

#76 All I Keep Thinking Is “I Feel Ya”

Image credits: Group member

#77 Finally Found One In The Wild

Image credits: Madison Jenner

#78 I Was Just Trying To Kill Time. I’m Not Sure What This Has To Do With Being Italian (Which I’m Not, But The Test Results Disagree)

Image credits: Erin Malonson

#79 Oof

Image credits: Group member

#80 Why

Image credits: Group member

#81 Wow

Image credits: Group member

#82 Can’t Decide Which Is Worse: The Second Name (Bixie-Mae) Or The Font

Image credits: Ashley Rader

#83 Coreycy

Image credits: Group member

#84 I’m Not Sure How To Pronounce It But I Read It Like A Mash Up Of Delilah And Eliza

Image credits: Whitney Sparks

#85 Yikes

Image credits: Group member

#86 Loxton Rigg

Image credits: Group member

#87 Wow

Image credits: Shasha Youdan

#88 Ound On Tiktok. Her 2 Year Old Is Named Ta’haunny…

Image credits: Beth Ashley Miller

#89 Hey There

Image credits: Kimberly Gendron

#90 Spotted In An Atla Group

Image credits: Group member

#91 Frankly, This Was A Terrible Idea

Image credits: Anja Lesniak

#92 Typo On A Celebrity Name Turns Into…. Googled It, No Hits Aside From Typos Of ‘Kristene/Kristine’ Hope I’m Not Upsetting Anyone Or Breaking Rules ?‍♀️ Just Found It Interesting

Image credits: Danielle Lowrey

#93 I Don’t Think It’s My Place To Tell Them They’re Naming Their Kid After A Breakfast Sausag

Image credits: Alex Cline Collins

#94 Spotted At Mcds. Aaydn, Aaron, Aiden And Alassen. Wanted To Add Two Things: Aaron And Aiden Obviously Are Pretty Standard. I Loved The Bookends Of Tradjic Names. Second Being That There Was A Group Of Teenagers Sitting Nearby And I Happened To Hear One Go “My Names Up There Spelled Right!! A-A-D-Y-N. That’s A First! As Someone With An Uncommon Name I’ve Seen Sooo Many Spellings Of It So I Get The Excitement, But Can’t Help But Feel Bad For The Kid

Image credits: Kaylyn Fisher

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