94 ‘Redneck Engineers’ Who Approached Their Problems With Out-Of-The-Box Thinking (New Pics)

A redneck is a loaded term and many use it as an insult, referring to a person living in a small town or the countryside who has a working-class job and is seen by others as uneducated and ignorant.

But there’s an online community that gives new meaning to the word and even proudly displays it as part of their name.

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It’s called ‘Redneck Engineering‘ and these folks are celebrating those who have limited resources but still find creative and often funny ways to solve their problems.
So continue scrolling and check out some of their most impressive projects. After all, “if it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.”

#1 Blursed Parking Space

Image credits: Zbiu_YT

#2 Most Advanced Parking Sensing System! Mitigates And Avoids Car Crashes!

Image credits: JurassicPark9265

#3 At Least They Left A Note

Image credits: Needleroozer

#4 Redneck Roadster

Image credits: KingCodyBill

#5 Rate My Setup

Image credits: Terraria_OOF

#6 Tortoise Needed A Viewing Platform/Ramp

Image credits: bloated_toad_4000

#7 Roof Rack

Image credits: Steeeeve_Maaadden

#8 Gotta Love Fb Marketplace

Image credits: Burntwing

#9 Effective Bedroom Door Lock

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: betamoxes

#10 For $2.50 I Can Do A 360 Degree Timelapse

Image credits: NDgunnit

#11 I Need One Pair Of Scissors To Stay Where I Can Find’em, So I Attached Them To A Retractable Tether

Image credits: the_is_this

#12 Margarita Island, Venezuela

Image credits: Soft-Supermarket-352

#13 Tom & Jerry Irl

Image credits: ultramaricon

#14 Pvc Pipe Shower

Image credits: PohonBerkayu

#15 This Thing

Image credits: mushroom_man_1

#16 Nicely Executed, But Wtf Is It?

Image credits: thtmnbhndthecrtn

#17 Inverted Drill Press

Image credits: crosleyxj

#18 Peanut Butter Jar Lamp Scratched Up To Soften Light ,with 1 Watt LED Bulb

Image credits: EstablishmentOld6462

#19 It’s Electric!

Image credits: SerenityNowWow

#20 Redneck Watergun

Image credits: GGk-KingK

#21 Welcome, Have A Seat

Image credits: SerenityNowWow

#22 Why Is It Plugged In Tho????

Image credits: dalton10e

#23 My Shoelace Broke At The Construction Site So I Replaced It With A Cable Binder

Image credits: drefpet

#24 Stay Warm While Clearing That Snow

Image credits: kayrozen

#25 Behold The Megasupersportlimousine! My Dad Built It From Various Moped Parts And A Chainsaw When He Was A Teen And It’s Just As Dangerous As It Looks

Image credits: Gubbtratt1

#26 With Truck Prices Nowadays There’s No Way I Could Buy Another S10 So Instead I Built “The Vuck”

Image credits: 73vw93s10

#27 Jeep Hardtop Removal System

Image credits: MarvinParanoAndroid

#28 Found One In The Wild

Image credits: david8303

#29 Redneck High Rise

Image credits: KingCodyBill

#30 Seen On My Walk

Image credits: Ok-Still2446

#31 Does This Count ? I Made A Lil Thing To Hold My French Press While I Drive To Work

Image credits: bugluvr65

#32 Made A Spaghetti Spinning Fork For A Class

Image credits: tatbou

#33 Brand New Off The Lot

Image credits: Burghbois

#34 Spotted This Marvel Of Engineering Today In Sherman Tx

Image credits: yourredneckfriend

#35 That Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere

Image credits: itblarg

#36 This Is Why We Have The 2nd Amendment. So People Can Do This

Image credits: lyclente

#37 Custom Aircon!

Image credits: arnoldsomen

#38 Needed A Skinny Allen Wrench

Image credits: IEatOats_

#39 A Makeshift Go-Cart Fun For The Whole Family

Image credits: Plane_Clerk4732

#40 I’m No Plumber But…

Image credits: clinter

#41 When Speed Isn’t A Priority…

Image credits: Peppashaakaa

#42 Redneck Hot Tub. How Much Longer Do You Think Those Boards Will Last?

Image credits: KingCodyBill

#43 Custom Flatbed

Image credits: Arctic_Scrap

#44 A Planter Base That Goes Up With The Garage Door

Image credits: Bananaramas

#45 Can Someone Calculate The Efficiency Of This Setup

Image credits: XiViperI

#46 New From Billy Bobs 4×4 Conversions

Image credits: KingCodyBill

#47 I Guess It ‘Ll Have To Do

Image credits: AffectionateBison151

#48 Car Spoiler On The Cheap

Image credits: EndersGame_Reviewer

#49 A Build I Did At Age 16….am I Doing It Right? And Yes…much To My Dismay…it Worked

Image credits: Content-Fan3984

#50 Three Wheeled Suburban O.c

Image credits: dlashsteier

#51 … No Words

Image credits: Dex_42

#52 Found This On Pinterest Don’t Know If It Fits Here

Image credits: slavikperson

#53 When You Don’t Have The Right-Sized Tap Handle

Image credits: 78_Corolla

#54 No Fork No Prob Carpenter Chopsticks

Image credits: Important_Strain_591

#55 Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Image credits: SpearOfNeptune

#56 My Flight Simulator Yoke. (Better That Ocean Gate‘S Controller)

Image credits: Zerfallsgesetz

#57 Simple Redneck Gamer Engineering For Multi-Player Games

Image credits: arnoldsomen

#58 Plumber Can’t Fix Our Tub Drain Until Monday. But The Downstairs Drain Works, And The Laundry Chute’s Right There. . . Turns Out A 3/4″ Garden Hose Siphons Water Out At The Same Rate Our Shower Head Puts It In!

Image credits: ECatPlay

#59 That’s One Way To Stop Your PC From Overheating

Image credits: EndersGame_Reviewer

#60 When The Guitar Amp Didn’t Came With A Ground Wire

Image credits: HirokoKueh

#61 Original Latch Broke Off

Image credits: saadmaan12343

#62 No Idea What This Is But Hoo Boy The Neighbors Are Gonna Hate When I Buy It

Image credits: HateYouKillYou

#63 Car Body Patch From Grocery Bag

Image credits: Poiuy2010_2011

#64 Someone On Discord Shared Their Repair

Image credits: Limeila

#65 I Have No Idea What This Abomination Started Out Life As

Image credits: KingCodyBill

#66 Save Money On Shower Doors

Image credits: xume

#67 Redneck Ac

Image credits: Lukeskywalker753

#68 My Dad Said The Clutch Felt Hard To Press In His Car, So This Is What He Did

Image credits: Yuuki2628

#69 “Launched” Indeed. Probably Achieved Orbit

Image credits: cyberentomology

#70 Ok I Give Up

Image credits: KingCodyBill

#71 Feel Like This Counts Too Actually

Image credits: EmperorButtman

#72 If It Works

Image credits: GeneOtheGreen

#73 This Watercooled Laptop I Had

Image credits: Jvinsnes

#74 Remote Hasn’t Been Lost Since Modification

Image credits: BoutToGiveYouHell

#75 Idk If This Is Redneck Enough But The School’s Old Imac Died And This Is Their Solution

Image credits: DistraughtCat1245

#76 Anti “Poop With Friends” Device (My Belt)

Image credits: Kenderman75

#77 Why Buy A 40 Dollar Replacement Hood When You Can Use An Old Kitchen Sink?

Image credits: hoka_moka

#78 My Garden Swing Seat’s Sun Shade Broke In A Storm, And I Don’t Have A Welder

Image credits: OrangeredStilton

#79 I Was Too Cheap To Buy A Treadmill Desk

Image credits: gherkin-sweat

#80 The Way My Dad Stores His Knife

Image credits: angpug1

#81 The Cool-I-Nator Chair

Image credits: Mockbubbles2628

#82 Snap-On Wants $100 For A Soldering Helping Hands Tool. 2 Alligator Clips, 2 4mm Bolts, And 2 Neodymium Magnets. $5

Image credits: one_fishBoneFish

#83 Craigslist Find. Seems Legit

Image credits: AffectionateTreacle

#84 I Made A DIY Swamp Cooler As A Low-Cost Way To Stay Cool At Night

Image credits: JacksonBillyMcBob

#85 Turned My Old 10-Year-Old Android Tablet Into A Wall Clock/Weather Station

Image credits: Fluffy_Boulder

#86 This Makes It Clean And Easy

Image credits: lek_serelepe

#87 Need To Fill A Kids Pool With Warm Water? Use A Bucket And Syphon To Connect Your Hot Tap To The Hose

Image credits: Gimpyface

#88 Veteran Engineering

Image credits: mackenzieduerr

#89 I Installed 100cc Honda Engine On My Bicycle 1:6 Gear Reduction

Image credits: Sam_Dru

#90 My Aux Cable Wasn’t Long Enough

Image credits: LiamLaw015

#91 Definitely Redneck Engineering

Image credits: NontranslationalDad

#92 Didnt Wanna Buy A Drum Kit To Play A Rhythm Game. Doesnt Work Amazingly But Im Still Messing With It

Image credits: pumpkin2500

#93 This Guy I Saw Today Was Pretty Fast On His Cardboard Car

Image credits: glenn_tipton

#94 The Quintessential Redneck Engineer Tool Guide

Image credits: Anvisaber

Source: boredpanda.com

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