94 Times Weddings Were So Tasteless, These People Just Had To Document It

With the wedding season in full swing, many of us are excited to witness how two people venture on a journey together through life. We’re eager for elegant ceremonies and magical moments, and we expect to cherish these memories for years to come. But in the real world, weddings are far from the dazzling and perfect affairs many of us imagine. Because you see, some couples seem to go out of their way to show everyone that taste really is a matter of preference.

To prove that some celebrations of love look like anything but fairy tales, members of the ‘Trashy’ subreddit shared snaps of the wild and tasteless things they’ve ever spotted at a wedding. With the tagline, “All things Trashy!”, this online community has set out on a mission to expose the low-class nuptial disasters.

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From outrageous invitations to mothers-in-law who turn up in bridal gowns, we at Bored Panda wrapped up a compilation of photos that vividly illustrate how bad things can get. Continue scrolling, upvote the ones you loved hating the most and be sure to share your own stories with us in the comments! And if you think you can handle even more wedding horror stories, check out our earlier publications about nightmare wedding guests and the most shame-worthy wedding examples.

#1 This Wedding Invite

Image credits: erdeimatekristof

#2 Imagine Having Your Wedding In A National Forest, Then Vandalizing Said Forest

Image credits: abortionlasagna

#3 Bride Ties Her 1 Month Baby To The Back Of Her Wedding Dress

Image credits: reddit.com

Since 2012, the ‘Trashy’ online group has amassed over 2.8 million members. A few thousand people scroll through the page at any given time and are always on the lookout for some juicy pictures to pop up at the top. The moderators stated that this is a humor subreddit where they forbid bullying or toxic behavior. Moreover, they don’t allow heated discussions about social and political topics, explaining that you’re not going to change the world by arguing in a place where people laugh at drunk people making fools of themselves in public.

According to the moderators, this is a perfect place for people to poke fun at “trashy stories, trashy glamour, all things fake, plastic, and downright trashy, low-class, no-class, white trash, bimbos, and damn proud.” Those looking after the page also added that posts on the group need to be funny, and they need to be a celebration of trashiness. “If it makes you angry then it doesn’t belong here,” the moderators added.

#4 This Wedding Photo

Image credits: Us3ful_Idiot

#5 Bride Cancels Wedding Because Her Guests Didn’t “Donate” $1500 Each To Fund Her Wedding

Image credits: Rockytop555

#6 From A Bridal Facebook Group: Praying With All The Single Women Find A Man

Image credits: nydixie

But this does beg the question, what does trashy actually mean? Well, the internet meme database Know Your Meme stated that the term trashy is used in a derogatory way to describe something extremely low-quality or inappropriate. “It is used as an antonym of ‘classy’ and typically refers to human behavior that is undesirable. Someone who is considered ‘trashy’ or behaving in such a manner typically exhibits selfish or grotesque actions with no remorse, especially when being inconsiderate,” they explained.

#7 The Groom Took His Laptop To His Wedding To Play A Game On His Computer

Image credits: thechicken-andtheegg

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#8 How On Earth Can Anyone Be This Tone Deaf…even If It Was A Joke, I’m Surprised There Wasn’t Even A Small Part Of Their Thoughts That Went, “Oh, Maybe This Isn’t A Great Idea!”

Image credits: LottimusMaximus

#9 We Sent You This Card So Send Us Money

Image credits: sar0025

Since the wedding season is here to provide members of this online community with plenty of content, they don’t waste a second and share their hilarious snaps online. Although it’s important to note that taste is subjective — what is trashy to one person may be stylish to another! Moreover, we’re well aware that there is no such thing as a flawless wedding. You may have spent hours meticulously planning your big day, hoping everything to be perfect with a capital P. But the truth is, some things are simply out of your control. Whether it’s the caterer that canceled at the last minute or the ignorant plus ones who drink the open bar dry, some minor mishaps are simply unavoidable.

#10 These Bizarre Wedding Vowels …

“The grooms vowels from the wedding of a family friend. We are genuinely concerned for her safety”

Image credits: snpods

#11 Thought This Was The Bride And Groom At First – Nope. Father And Stepmother Of The Bride, Wearing A White-Ish, Beaded Gown With A Train

Image credits: Luallone

#12 This Couple Thought The 20th Anniversary Of 9/11 Was A Great Theme For Their Wedding

Image credits: Beckpatton

However, there are a few tips to have in mind when planning your big day. And there’s no better place to turn for advice than those who know a lot about the behind-the-scenes of this special occasion — the wedding planners. To help you kick off the whole process and, most importantly, help you enjoy it, they offered their precious wisdom and insider knowledge on what it takes to plan smart. Lynn Easton, the founder of Easton Events, told BRIDES that determining a guest count and your target budget are the main things to do before making a single decision about your wedding. “We see frustrated couples who start the process by booking a venue that simply does not fit into their budget. You have to consider the total cost of your celebration before anything else,” Easton added.

#13 Wedding Photo …

Image credits: dawgpawgmailcom

#14 Why Has This Not Been Posted Here Yet? It’s Gold

Image credits: ajlk24

#15 I Can’t Imagine Seeing This At A Wedding

Image credits: JacksBeautifulButt

Allison Jackson, the owner of the Pineapple Productions, mentioned that it’s important to remember that your celebration speaks directly to your heart. “A wedding should be personal and reflective of the couple — their stories, shared interests, family backgrounds, personal styles and travels — versus something built on recycled ideas from other weddings,” she explained. “I encourage couples to draw inspiration from the stories of how they met, what they did on their first date, and how they became engaged. It’s easy to find a few details from those stories that naturally translate into fun and unique elements on the wedding day.”

#16 I Don’t Care What Your Political Views Are, This Is Stupid As Hell For A Wedding Cake

Image credits: The_Red_Roman

#17 Wedding Photoshoot Idea: The Groom And The Bridesmaids…

Image credits: Queenie739

#18 White Trash Wedding

Image credits: reddit.com

Another thing to keep in mind is the people you want to share these unique moments with. “Focus on the touch points that allow guests to be present throughout the weekend,” Beth Helmstetter, a creative director at Beth Helmstetter Events advised. “For instance, if your ceremony has the possibility of being too hot or cold, make sure to address those issues with blankets, fans, and water. For the reception, always make sure you have enough servers and bartenders. If guests aren’t able to get a drink or wait too long for their meal, it doesn’t matter how beautiful or fun your wedding is. Guests will be focused on their needs not being met and they won’t be able to enjoy the celebration as you’ve intended them to.”

#19 Her Dress Was The Only Thing Not White At This Wedding ‘Merica….

Image credits: dktaylor32

#20 Ran Across This On A Wedding Shaming Site And It Belongs Here

Image credits: NeverCallMeFifi

#21 Classy Wedding Cake

Image credits: I_WILL_EAT_ALL_OF_U

Most importantly, make sure you enjoy the experience and try to have fun! After all, people sometimes see their big day as the final destination when, in reality, it’s only the beginning of a long and exciting journey together. But if some things don’t go as planned, remember there’s always humor to be found in even the most unfortunate situations. So if you have a weird and amusing story to tell, don’t be shy and share your adventures with us in the comments.

#22 Eggs

Image credits: TH2828

#23 Did Bud Light Sponsor The Wedding?

Image credits: Anotheraccount97668

#24 This Whole Situation

Image credits: Palifaith

#25 Great Wedding Photos..

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 I Really Hope That This Is A Wind Up

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#27 He Wore This Hat To My Friend’s Wedding

Image credits: therightcoaster

#28 This Was At A Wedding

Image credits: BatMom525

#29 Being This Drunk At Your Own Wedding

Image credits: magmamadman

#30 My Friend Went To A Wedding Where They Had A Guy Handing Out Martini Olives In A Bathtub Full Of Olives

Image credits: devmikale

#31 I’m All For People Who Go For Low-Budget Weddings, But Then There’s This….

Image credits: nicall

#32 This Wedding Photo Caption

Image credits: shibakiller

#33 Pretty Trashy For A Wedding

Image credits: Volker1998

#34 Gas Station Wedding

Image credits: ds3101

#35 This Wedding Dress

Image credits: JaderBug12

#36 Inviting 20 Extra People To A Wedding

Image credits: entomofile

#37 Bride Asks Mil Not To Wear A White Dress, Mil Does Anyways

Image credits: radiobearr

#38 When You Study Wedding Photography At Juuliard

Image credits: ospreyguy

#39 Praise Be

Image credits: The_SummerMan

#40 Please Be Considerate About Peoples Choices At Your Wedding

Image credits: spycey_mchaggis

#41 Umm… It’s A No From Me… Serial Killer Themed Center Pieces For Halloween Wedding

Image credits: Sulleys_monkey

#42 Why Would You Think This Is A Good Idea??

Image credits: wishmewells

#43 Trashy Wedding

Image credits: Mcbuildingful

#44 Sharing This Very Normal And Appropriate Groom Outfit I Came Across On Twitter

Image credits: shanwaw_

#45 My Sister Is Getting Married.. This Is The Dress One Of Her Bridesmaids Bought

Image credits: hallengoats

#46 Found On Facebook. What Is Going On

Image credits: mdnnnsph

#47 Well He Is Wearing White Head To Toe!

Image credits: MrsBarneyFife

#48 Let Us Not Forget: Kurt Cobain Wore Pajamas To His Own Wedding

Image credits: The_Quex

#49 He Wore His Best Hat For The Wedding

Image credits: Wildwest21

#50 What’s More Trashy? The Wedding Or The Caption?

Image credits: 1-800-666-420

#51 Weddings Are Fun

Image credits: Waggly97

#52 Wearing This Dress To A Wedding

Image credits: Lesland

#53 From A Backyard Wedding In The Trashy College Party Part Of Town

Image credits: marble-falls

#54 Mil In A Lovely “Taupe” Dress (She’d Be Leaving My Wedding In A Hearse)

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 Someone Hosted Their Wedding Today In The Welfare Office Parking Lot

Image credits: cassie1992

#56 Facebook Delivers This White Trash Wedding. I Guess They’re Pissing? Best Man Is Also Wearing A Sidearm

Image credits: pitt_russ

#57 Seen This Wedding Photo On Fb

Image credits: lolo795

#58 Yes… Classy..

Image credits: SoKawaiiGirl

#59 Not The Greatest Way To Way To Start You Wedding Day

Image credits: Azurebluenomad

#60 I Get So Misty Eyed At Weddings

Image credits: lionlyonlyin

#61 Am I The Only One Thinks This Is Tacky?

Image credits: Cute_Psyence

#62 Some Of My Favourite “Unique” Vintage Bridesmaids Dresses

Image credits: Bina-Telcher

#63 Promoting Your Mlm At Your Wedding

Image credits: IKill4Food21

#64 Translation: “Say Says ‘I Do'” (But I Would Have Said “Hell Nooo!”)

Image credits: onasecondthought

#65 Found This On Facebook. She Looks Great. Him…not So Much

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 And The Cringe Award Goes To…

Image credits: bekinditsgangster

#67 Wedding Dress For Sale – Never Used

Image credits: WiganLad82

#68 Ah Yes. The Trailer Park Special

Image credits: MrAaronBaron

#69 Found One In The Wild, Lads. Worn. That Poor Bride…

Image credits: _schindlerscyst

#70 Mother In Law And Sister In Law Wore White

Image credits: ArlingtonCatLady

#71 Why Would You Even Thinking Of Wearing This

Image credits: toxicfriedrice

#72 Interesting Wedding Guest Attire At Luxury Resort

Image credits: Kayt1784

#73 Putting Your Honeyfund & Cashapp On Your Wedding Getaway Car

Image credits: IDreamInCheddar

#74 Animal Abuse! What A Nice Way To Celebrate Love!

Image credits: sunshine320159

#75 Some “Interesting” Guest Fashion Here

Image credits: polong

#76 Every Girl’s Dream Wedding

Image credits: 0ptionparalysis

#77 On Today’s Episode Of “Sir, This Is Your Wedding”….

Image credits: DasKittySmoosh

#78 Found In A Local Facebook Buy/Sell Group

Image credits: kmickey5

#79 My Cousins Wedding Cake…

Image credits: UnleashTheBeebo

#80 Mother Of The Groom In A White Floor Length, Glittery Gown – Yikkkkkkkkes

Image credits: itmeonetwothree

#81 The Groom’s Cake At A Family Member’s Wedding

Image credits: homevlone

#82 Mother Of Groom Insists On Being In Son’s Wedding Portrait With Bust Of Deceased Husband

Image credits: thrwawyqstion

#83 The Groom’s Idea Of Dressing For The Occasion…

Image credits: margnaheglish

#84 Wedding Goals Indeed

Image credits: elcachicamo

#85 Oh Yes Love Me A Good…spiderweb…cake

Image credits: fitzpame

#86 Wedding Photo

Image credits: Levi_Baam

#87 Found In An Oklahoma Wedding Resale Group. I Hate It Here

Image credits: spiritraccoons

#88 A Barracks Wedding. How Much More Boot Can You Get?

Image credits: JustAChickenInCA

#89 How Does No One Proofread These Things

Image credits: Lumpy-Criticism-3514

#90 They Had A Wedding In Jail

Image credits: ph0t0g1rl

#91 Posted On A Fb Wedding Planning Group I Am In

Image credits: KatillacGirl

#92 Help Choosing A Venues…they’re The Same Picture…

Image credits: Er_Coues

#93 Found This Doozy In A Buy And Sell Group

Image credits: stevienicksfix

#94 Went To A Wedding Last Weekend. This Was The Bride

Image credits: reddit.com

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