95 Classy And Cozy Homes, As Featured On The ‘Male Living Space’ Online Group

A man’s home is his castle. But you might want to make the castle walls more decorative and add some nice furniture to make the fortress more pleasant to live in for yourself. As it turns out, some men have an amazing sense of taste when it comes to interior design. And the proof is in the pudding—the photos here might just inspire you to give your own home a makeover.

Today, we’re showing off some of the classiest, most cozy-looking homes, as featured on the ‘Male Living Space’ subreddit, a community of over a million redditors, dedicated “to places where men can live.” Members discuss how to improve and maintain their apartments, houses, man caves, garages, and beyond, and show off how great their homes look. Hopefully, within the halls of this article, you’ll find the clues that you need to make your own home feel even more like home, dear Readers.

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Bored Panda reached out for comment about homes, entertaining guests, making first impressions, and confidence to dating expert Dan Bacon, the founder of The Modern Man. Dan told us that we should always try to furnish our homes in a way that makes us truly happy because it’s impossible to impress everyone. What’s more, you can tell more about a man from how he behaves when he has guests over than from just how his apartment or house looks. Scroll down for the full interview.

#1 Small House, Big View

Image credits: BeardedGlass

Dating and relationship expert Dan, from The Modern Man, told Bored Panda that how a man’s home looks and how he acts can send completely different signals, meaning people who come over to visit can get wrong first impressions from the interior, the furnishing, and the decorations.

“A man’s home is part of what people initially use to judge his social status and character. However, how he behaves and acts with the people who come over to his place says so much more about him,” he said, following up with an example.

“A man might have a perfectly tidy, well-designed, and stylish home, but be very nervous and try too hard to impress people who come over. So, rather than seeing him as a cool, confident, successful man they can admire and look up to, most people just perceive him as a nervous, insecure guy with a nice place. Alternatively, they may see him as a guy who tries hard to please others with material things because he’s insecure about himself and doesn’t feel good enough in their eyes.”

#2 I Made Over My Friend’s Studio Apartment. Here’s A Before-And-After. It’s Also The First Time Anyone Asked Me To Design Their Home

Image credits: watermelonpep83

#3 Bought My First House. Slowly Making It My Own

Image credits: Mattio2187

I asked Dan about what we should keep in mind when having guests over to avoid creating a negative impression. According to him, it’s best to avoid being overly ego-centric. Let others stand in the limelight, you don’t always have to be at the center of attention. “Remember that most people care more about themselves than other people. So, allow people to talk about themselves, rather than always trying to be the center of attention,” he said.

“Also remember to not try to oversell yourself or your place, to hopefully gain people’s approval. Be confident and secure in who you are as a person and let your surroundings provide additional clues about who you are and how you approach life.”

According to Dan, there’s a lot of subjectivity when it comes to home interiors and tidiness. While some men can only feel confident if everything is “perfectly clean and in order,” others can feel completely confident in themselves living in a messy house.

#4 How It Started vs. How Its Going

Image credits: APurpleTRex

#5 I Am So Grateful I Have A Stylish BF!

Image credits: reddit.com

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#6 Before And After. I Could Have Skipped The 4 Months Of Bad Luck, Setbacks And Nightmares In The Middle While Creating This But Oh Well… High Res Pics In The First Post

Image credits: kekmekmik

Dan stressed the fact that we “should always do whatever we want” when it comes to our homes. The point isn’t to try and impress everyone, it’s to make ourselves happy with where we live.

“If you enjoy placing a lot of importance on your home because it means a lot to you, then do that. If you only see it as a place to live and want to focus your attention on other things, you should do that,” the dating expert explained to Bored Panda. “You can never impress or please everyone, no matter what you do. Just look at celebrities as an example. They have millions of people who love them and millions who hate them.”

He continued: “The same applies to your home. You will never make it, furnish it or arrange it in a way where everyone loves you for it and wishes they had it. Some people will love it, others will like it and some will hate it. So, just enjoy doing what you want to do. That’s the only way you’ll truly be happy.”

#7 I Moved Into An Old Squash Court

Image credits: reaction105

#8 Just Graduated Medical School And Starting Off My Career As A Doctor. Finally Able To Afford A Nice Place

Image credits: XANDRPDX

#9 Going To Miss This Place

Image credits: skepnaden

The ‘Male Living Space’ community has been around since October 2012, and they celebrated their 9th birthday just a month ago. In that time, the group has grown immensely, attracting people from all around the globe with one common interest: sharing tips about how to make their homes look the best that they can. Some like to show off, others are reaching out for help, but it’s all done in a lighthearted manner.

If you’re going to be a member of the MLS community, you need to play by their rules. For one, there’s no room for low-effort posts or any advertising on the subreddit. What’s more, if you have any feedback to give, make it constructive: you should be helping people instead of calling them names or being mean. We’re all in it to improve, not to make ourselves feel better by putting others down. Also, you should aim to post actual photos of your living space instead of mock-ups and renders.

#10 Recently Separated, First Time Living Single After 25 Years

Image credits: mechanux

#11 Chicago Bachelor Pad For Me And The Pup

Image credits: jkfxb19

#12 I’m Traveling Majority Of The Year For Work, So I Bought A Camper. My New Home On Wheels. Sure Beats The Heck Out Of A Motel

Image credits: jasonsc95

Not everyone is a fan of how the subreddit works, however. The person behind the ‘Reddit Spaces’ Twitter account that reshares r/malelivingspace’s content, told Vice in an interview that he believes the subreddit has created its own unique style of interior design that others try and copy before posting photos.

“There are definitely very specific trends that crop up in terms of posts on this subreddit that most people probably aren’t aware of,” he said. The man heavily curates the content he reshares from r/malelivingspace to show off its more entertaining side and those people who can’t decorate at all.

“The decorating trend among the popular posts will almost always be a neutral grey or brown minimalist space, big couch, big TV, fancy computer setup, plants, and staging the photo to look like it’s out of a magazine,” the man behind the ‘Reddit Spaces’ Twitter account told Vice.

#13 My Living Room One Month After Break-Up

Image credits: SuperSjefke

#14 My Sunny La Living Room

Image credits: saundini

#15 First “I’m Really Proud Of This” Living Space

Image credits: ReshKayden

“There’s a checklist of sorts when it comes to what qualifies as popular. If it has plants, a rug, a clean minimalist couch, big windows, a view with natural light and a Herman Miller Eames lounge chair then that’s an instant upvote magnet. It can get very stale very fast, but it’s especially appealing to men who have always dreamed of their perfect ‘bachelor pad with no roommates,’” he said.

“While it’s easy to laugh at places that are just an air mattress and a pizza box, the worst offenders will always be people who have too much money and not a lick of creativity or basic housekeeping. I’m talking about people who rent four-bedroom homes exclusively for themselves and decide to exclusively use folding tables for any and all surfaces,” the man said.

“Someone renting a $3,000 high-rise luxury apartment in a big city and not knowing what a rug is for. It’s such a waste of potential and at that point, I’d decorate for them for free.”

#16 Tried To Follow Some Of Your Advice, Thank You. Further Advice Is Still Welcome

Image credits: Lorpen3000

#17 Achievement Unlocked: NYC Apartment With No Roommates

Image credits: moviemakr

#18 Finally Left An Unhappy Relationship. Working On Finding Myself And My Style Again

Image credits: diffused

Tim Antoniuk, an Associate Professor of Design Studies at the University of Alberta, told Bored Panda in an interview some time ago that not all great design is timeless.

“Given the speed of change that we encounter today in our lives in the digital environment that we live in, I believe that some great design is not necessarily timeless. One example is seen in Interface Design, Ux Design, and in-service design. As new layers get added into our lives, things naturally have an evolutionary cycle. This is different from furniture which naturally can be more ubiquitous and designed to fit the human body. There is a great deal of fuzziness in this discussion but I do believe that the essence of this idea is true,” he said.

#19 I’m A Sucker For A View

Image credits: PacificTrekk

#20 Don’t Really Ever See Exteriors Here. I’ve Hated The Color Of My House Since I Bought It. This Week, I Got It Painted! Well Worth Every Penny!

Image credits: TehFuriousOne

#21 7 Months After The Girlfriend And I Split. New Apartment. New Life. Same Dog

Image credits: ddmirolli

While there are definitely objectively good and bad designs, furniture, and products, some fuzziness pops up when you start considering people’s tastes.

“The gray area comes in when people start to talk about taste and about degrees of aesthetic. I may love the design of Bauhaus furniture, for example, while somebody may feel that it is too cold and void of personality. Not unlike great art, I believe that much of what came from this era is ‘great design,’ in part because it represents an era and a philosophy. When we start to mix in discussions of taste and preference, that is where the gray areas of good and bad design get blurred.”

#22 My DIY Home Theater Man Cave Set Up

Image credits: mywholename

#23 My Attempt At Mid-Century Modern

Image credits: mesaywee

#24 My Living Room Setup

Image credits: sohmeho

#25 My Old Living Room vs. My New One

Image credits: Joel_Hirschorrn

#26 Wfh Setup – Can’t Get Tired Of This View

Image credits: Frankerporo

#27 My Small Studio Apartment In Moscow, Russia

Image credits: S1erra

#28 The 120in Screen Really Ties The Room Together. – Los Angeles

Image credits: Thenadamgoes

#29 Foggy Day In Chicago

Image credits: jawknee530i

#30 Found These Old Lockers And Turned Them Into A Functional Piece For My Living Room

Image credits: DozyDotes01

#31 Felt Lush, Might Delete Later

Image credits: Starmie1990

#32 Was Told This Would Be Appropriate Here

Image credits: Veale001

#33 It Says Garages Are Also Allowed To Be Posted Here But I Haven’t Seen Anyone Else Post Any So Here Is Mine

Image credits: Juke07

#34 Moving Out Of My Storefront Loft Space Apt In Chicago, Il After 7 Years. Thought I’d Share Some Photos

Image credits: Erreur_de_Parallax

#35 Heading Into The Second Month Of My Very First Home.. What You Guys Think?

Image credits: poopiehandshake

#36 Finally Got My Living Room Together. Input Welcome

Image credits: das__viking

#37 It’s A Work In Progress

Image credits: dave0352x

#38 My Bedroom

Image credits: Bonestown

#39 My Happy Place

Image credits: gyunexX

#40 Every Now And Then, I Would Get Blessed With Views Like This. Thought I’d Share It Here

Image credits: _greyford

#41 Loft Life

Image credits: N301CF

#42 I’m A 26-Year-Old Dude In Chicago. This Is The First Apartment I’ve Ever Been Proud Of

Image credits: Conman3880

#43 Audiophile Living

Image credits: jessejessej

#44 We Turned The Upper Floor Of Our Warehouse Into A Decent Living Space For 4 Single Dudes

Image credits: MattFitz66

#45 28 Years Old, Post-Divorce, First Time In My Life Living Alone! I’m Exploring My Own Personal Style And I Gotta Say, I’m Proud Of My Space So Far

Image credits: i_stan_goats

#46 How’d I Do?

Image credits: BrittonLucas

#47 Took A Leap Of Faith And Painted My Tiny NYC Bedroom. I Don’t Regret It At All. The All White Was Making Me Feel Very Confined

Image credits: SmellJazzlike635

#48 My Bachelor Parisian Studio

Image credits: incentive_concrete

#49 18 Months Sober: I Now Pay Rent, On Time At That (Bed Stuy – Brooklyn, NY)

Image credits: mattchuw1

#50 Mornings Are Finally Cool Off Enough To Open Up The Windows Again In Our Downtown Loft

Image credits: G00zfraba

#51 Moved In A Year Ago; Loving It More As It Comes Together

Image credits: dbdango

#52 What Do You Think Of My Bedroom?

Image credits: Vipe777

#53 Living Alone For The First Time

Image credits: gvasels

#54 First Place Out Of College

Image credits: reddit.com

#55 Happy With My New Distro (3 Months Living By Myself)

Image credits: jcm95

#56 Long Time Lurker, First Time Poster. My (Mostly) Finished Mcm Living Room!

Image credits: raspresso

#57 My New Seattle Living Space. Finally Upgraded From Studio Life To My First “Adult” Apartment

Image credits: SeattleLiving13

#58 My Downtown Detroit Apartment. I Love Coming Home To This View

Image credits: stilljustasme

#59 Sunrise In My Philadelphia Loft

Image credits: Proxee

#60 Finished My Desk Space In New Apartment

Image credits: daphenejtor

#61 My Take On Mid Century Modern

Image credits: timforreal

#62 Moved To NYC And Setup My First Living Room. The View From The Window Is Incredible

Image credits: SpaceWarrior1

#63 I’ll Be Moving Into This Incredible Space Next Month…can’t Wait To Make It My Own

Image credits: reddit.com

#64 Sunday Morning Vibes In Pittsburgh

Image credits: reidfc

#65 I Finally Have A Window That Doesn’t Face A Wall

Image credits: Ilovewingsnthings

#66 My First Solo Apartment

Image credits: robbiegreen

#67 Took A Lot Of Inspiration From This Subreddit: My City View Apartment

Image credits: FarEngineering8102

#68 My New Living Room With Self Made Furniture

Image credits: ZacMS

#69 Finally A Home Owner. This Is After 2 Months Of Living In My Small 540 Sq Foot Studio Apartment In Queens NY

Image credits: Lowes_

#70 I Inverted The Colors Of My Kitchen

Image credits: Drewgill

#71 Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Image credits: BouncingBelloBouncer

#72 My Couch Finally Came In!

Image credits: soufinme

#73 Single Dad Starting Over Again Since Separation. My Minimalistic Living Room. Any Suggestions Would Be Appreciated. My Son Is 2 So I Can’t Have Any Plants On The Floor Yet

Image credits: bluekaizen86

#74 First Solo Setup

Image credits: itsdavo

#75 First Apartment Out Of College. Denver, Co

Image credits: ekansj

#76 My Minimalist Bachelor Pad

Image credits: brax47

#77 My Sunroom

Image credits: sean__christian

#78 Im Back Boys. Post-Breakup Apartment Look

Image credits: allvoid

#79 The Second I Saw This Place Available To Rent I Had To Get It.

Image credits: lylekay

#80 6 Months Left Until My Current Male Living Space Is Relocated And Includes A Female + Her Cat. This Could Be It Boys

Image credits: akopley

#81 My Townhouse Has Little Storage So I Used My Bikes As Wall Art

Image credits: reddit.com

#82 Newly Married. First Item Of Business When She Moved In, The Gaming Room

Image credits: hp777us

#83 My Always Work In Progress Living Room

Image credits: littleleach

#84 Awkward Layout But I Think It Turned Out Nicely

Image credits: VooDooMamaJu

#85 After Being Quoted £4k I Decided To Try My Hand At A Bit Of DIY. I Love My Man Dressing Room

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 Really Happy With How Everything’s Coming Along

Image credits: Tkachenko

#87 My Downtown Toronto Living Room. First Time Living Alone And Loving It

Image credits: sneakysheeky

#88 First Solo Apartment. View Makes Quarantine A Little Easier

Image credits: lxbattle

#89 Spent The Past 18 Months Slowly Refining My Space

Image credits: kniffs

#90 (22) Just Graduated. After Having To Move Every Year For The Past 4 Years I Am Finally Settling Down Into A More Permanent Place With Good Friends. This Is My Bedroom That I Just Finished Furnishing!

Image credits: XANYBOY

#91 Just Bought My First House. Current State Of The Living Room

Image credits: dirtspreader

#92 My Sanctuary At The Top Of A Shared House

Image credits: Skelator555

#93 First Time Moving Cross Country. Hope I Never Have To Again – Brooklyn, NY

Image credits: cijdl584

#94 I’m Wfh Permanently So I Built Myself An Office Shed / Man Cave In The Back Yard, This Is What It Looks Like So Far. If It Had A Bathroom My Family Would Never See Me Again

Image credits: pudly

#95 If R/Malelivingspace Designed A Home Theater

Image credits: serotonin_flood

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