95 Delivery Drivers Spill The Funniest, Weirdest, And Craziest Experiences They Had On The Job

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s just how essential delivery drivers are. Sure, some of them refuse to take the high road and handle our parcels with complete disregard. But thousands of others do much more than just deliver goods straight to their customer’s doorsteps. They go out of their way to save Friday nights, heal Monday blues, and put genuine smiles on their faces.

But even when drivers do their jobs with the utmost care, many things are out of their control. Luckily for us, though, they cause plenty of weird and funny adventures workers can’t wait to share with everyone online. So let us introduce you to two online groups, ‘Postmates’ and ‘Couriers Of Reddit’, the perfect outlets for delivery drivers to reveal the ups and downs of their professional lives.

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Whether it’s to air out their grievances or give a warm round of applause, couriers set out on a mission to show everyone the wildest things they have ever dealt with on the job. From wholesome experiences to downright hilarious customer encounters, these online communities have a little bit of everything. So continue scrolling, upvote the ones that surprised you most and be sure to tell us what you think about them in the comments!

#1 I Can Relate

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#2 Actually Wouldn’t Mind This

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#3 This Just Happened

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It’s never been easier to order something online. Countless apps now let us receive bags of groceries, hot and steamy meals, and virtually any item we so desperately need in mere minutes. But sometimes, we forget about the people bringing us these goods, and all too often, we lack the understanding of what they have to endure day in and day out.

Any courier can attest that making deliveries is far from an easy job. They simply don’t have the luxury to glide through the day at their own pace and take their sweet time carrying packages and bringing them to customers’ doorsteps. Delivery drivers usually spend their working hours under pressure, driving fully-loaded vans and simultaneously juggling many duties. Plus, they then have to report their tasks to their companies that consistently rush them to transport more packages at a much faster pace.

#4 I Posted This On Another Sub This Morning, But I’ve Been Thinking About It All Day And Thought I’d Share It Here As Well

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#5 This F**king Guy

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#6 Got A Very Important Postmates Today. I Literally Ran Out Of My House On The Quest For The Puppy Pool

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Richard Console Jr., an attorney and founding partner at Console and Associates, P.C., explained that delivery drivers carry a great risk of getting seriously hurt. It looks like many of us don’t realize that danger and delivery drivers go hand in hand. While auto accidents are one of the most obvious and dangerous hazards workers face, risks don’t end once they leave the road.

Drivers encounter an abundance of safety hazards when they step out of their vehicles, and one of the most common ones is poorly restrained pets at purchasers’ residences. In 2020 alone, more than 5,800 postal workers were attacked by dogs while delivering the mail, according to the United States Postal Service (USPS). Whether they got gently nipped at their ankles, viciously bitten or even attacked, aggressive pet behavior puts many employees in danger. Any courier is at risk, Console Jr. stated, “especially to hand-deliver packages or messages to a private residence, could be bitten in the course of their work. That includes not only postal workers employed by the USPS but also employees of companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and smaller logistics and delivery companies.”

#7 So This Happened To Me Today

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#8 Thought You Guys Would Like This

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#9 One Of These Is A Doorway And One Is A Full Length Mirror… Guess Which One I Walked Into

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Interestingly, Console Jr. mentioned that the most dangerous day of the week to make deliveries is Wednesday (so be careful out there today, folks!). “More than 8 times as many couriers and messengers got hurt on the job on Wednesdays than on Sundays. Monday is the second most dangerous day to make deliveries, followed by Tuesday and Thursday,” he added.

#10 Delivery Guy On Crutches. Gig Economy In Action

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#11 The Best Kind Of Surprise

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#12 Not Postmates But Lol

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Another thing that increases the risk of danger is when companies ask too much of their employees. “Some delivery drivers feel pressured to exceed the speed limit, roll through stop signs, and otherwise pay less attention to the road and more attention to the clock and to the dispatcher constantly demanding more deliveries in less time,” the attorney noted. “All of these actions can raise drivers’ risks of being in a car accident.” Moreover, the rush to deliver the goods on time can make workers skip breaks which in turn can make them lose their attention while on the road.

#13 I Started Driving For Postmates A Few Days Ago Since I Have Extra Free Time And Realized How Underpaid They Are. Had A Horrid Night Tonight So I Wanted To Do Something Nice For Somebody Delivering In The Rain. His Response Made My Night Better In Return

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#14 Order Notes Made Me Smile! The Guy Was Really Really Hungry For His Sandwich And Lemonade

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#15 Not Mine, Saw It On Facebook

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The fact that some managers bend over backward to frustrate their employees and make them wonder about quitting daily is nothing new. A longtime UPS driver who preferred to stay anonymous recently told INSIDER that during their years on the job, they experienced everything from the good and the bad to the downright ugly. First, they explained that the position comes with many perks, especially for those who prefer solitude. “I’m on my own all day without any supervisors or co-workers, and that’s how I prefer it,” they said.

#16 Just This. Nothing Else. Lol Loved This Order

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#17 Just Got This And I Thought It Was The Sweetest Thing Ever Lol

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#18 If Only All Houses Were Like This Haha

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The driver has also locked in a regular route. This means they make the same trip instead of picking up new available routes every day, and it “makes a major difference as far as quality of life goes.” But even after they moved up the career ladder from a cover driver (someone who shows up for their shift and hopes that the management will assign them a favorable route), they’re still unsure of when their workday will end. “Every morning when I leave the house, my wife asks what time I’ll be home. All I can do is shrug my shoulders because it’s definitely not a 9-to-5 job,” the UPS driver explained. “Some days, you can get everything done in nine hours; other times it can take 14 hours. That kind of inconsistency makes it difficult to have a life outside of work.”

#19 Saw This On Fb Today, Made Me Lol

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#20 Meanwhile In Australia

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#21 It Was Dark Out, Handed Me This As A Tip And I Tried To “Act Cool” Because I Legit Thought I Had Just Been Tipped Drugs

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While the driver is overall satisfied with their route, their pay, and their job in general, one thing that grinds their gears is the management. “For example, despite our contract stipulating that we are entitled to sick and personal days — as well as bereavement time — trying to take it is a whole other story,” they said and added that every time they take time off, managers are sure to make them feel guilty about it. So when it comes to unhealthy practices and treatment, UPS is no better than Amazon and FedEx which have been notoriously talked about in the news. “Somehow, they just do a better job of keeping it under wraps,” the driver said. “Drivers are the reason UPS is able to run, and sometimes our bosses forget that.”

#22 They Had This At The Door Plus Gave Me A Cash Tip! Shoutout To The Homie Customers

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#23 Creep Customer!?!?!!

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#24 Yodelayheehoo!!!

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#25 My First Day As Delivery Guy At Dominos

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#26 What A Normal Day At My Local Chipotle Looks Like. All Delivery Drivers

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#27 I Havent Been Able To Work For 5 Days Due To Personal Problems But I Was Able To Get Out And Do 1 Delivery And It Ended Up Being This One. This Person Helped Me So Much

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#28 So Done With People. Btw, The “Not Rdy Yet” Happened 5 Min After My First Text

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#29 There Are Good People In The World

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#30 When You Get The First Hint That This Apartment Is Not Going To Be Easy To Find

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#31 Contactless Delivery Instructions

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#32 Had A Pretty Amusing Delivery Last Night

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#33 I Think I’ll Take The Stairs

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#34 I’m Extremely Sick And Ordered Some Medicine And Drinks From 7-11, Put In The Delivery Instructions To Knock And Leave At The Door As I Don’t Want To Pass It On. She Left This Little Note In The Bag. It’s The Little Things That Count

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#35 Shout Out To These UPS Drivers. I Should’ve Added My Amazon Sticker But I Was In A Hurry

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#36 I’m A Driver For Advance Auto And Every Time I Come To This Stop I See This Little Cutie

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#37 Just Another Day On The Job

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#38 Delivered To Address Provided, Tried To Contact, But I’m The A-Hole

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#39 A Good Boy Greeted Me During My Delivery Today

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#40 This Is A Nightmare

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#41 A Special Shout-Out To The Kind Lady Who Ordered 80$ Worth Of Mexican Food Only To Not Pick It Up. After Several Calls And Texts,and The 5 Minute Timer,i Now Have Enough Burritos To Feed Myself For The Next Week

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#42 This Is A Real Conversation I Had When Delivering To Someone

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#43 Guy Canceled His Order 2 Minutes After I Picked It Up

Image credits: LadyCersi

#44 Busy Sushi Restaurant Was Awesome And Gave Me A Free Roll For Patiently Waiting!!

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#45 It’s Time To Move On To Another Occupation I Guess

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#46 This Is My New Favorite Doormat!

Image credits: honeybadger2289

#47 Dios Mio! Are My Eyes Decieving Me?

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#48 Appreciated Their Bluntness

Image credits: WhatIfIToldYouThatIm

#49 Had A Friendly Observer Through The Glass Making Sure Everything Goes Smoothly

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#50 It’s So Beautiful! Why Can’t Everyone Be Like This!

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#51 I Hope This Guy Is Ok! 10ish This Morning With A Note Not To Ring The Bell

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#52 Nice. Just Got My Card In The Mail Today And They Assigned Me The Name Mjrdck

Image credits: mnelliot

#53 $96 Worth Of Sushi In My Fridge Because The Restaurant Gave Me The Wrong Order

Image credits: ChristopherLove

#54 You Sweet Dear Soul.. I Want To Sincerely Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

Image credits: tastemyskittles

#55 Ordered From Five Guys

Image credits: juanmonmaria

#56 This Is The Walgreens I Was Supposed To Pick Up From

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#57 Massive Grocery Order. Had To Put Down My 2nd & 3rd Row Seats. $2.50 Tip

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#58 Roger

Image credits: Yurvurst_Knightmer

#59 The Best Customer Note Oscar Goes To

Image credits: UrChamp

#60 Now This Is How Everyone Should Have Their House Numbers

Image credits: Shizen__

#61 Postmates Brought Me To This “Hotspot” Today

Image credits: evolutionarywolfpup

#62 Deliver And Treat!

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#63 Make That $0.01

Image credits: chkei

#64 Could Not Resist Accepting This Amazing Order… 30 Bucks To Go To Africa, I’m Sold!

Image credits: OkPositive1538

#65 Postmates Sent Me Up A Mountain On A Bicycle In The Rain In The Middle Of The City. Portland Problems I Guess. Delivered A Berry Bowl From Psu To Apartments On Marquam Hill And It Sent Me Up A Hiking Trail

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#66 I Present The Chipotle Table Of Shame

Image credits: MoffKyloRen

#67 Why You Should Keep Pizzas Flat

Image credits: ImSoxD

#68 Overly Informative, Useless Information

Image credits: Rich-Mall

#69 Best Instacart Ever

Image credits: RizzoTheSkoolie

#70 Door Dash Employee Ordering Postmates Loll

Image credits: Fleetfleet

#71 My Instacarter This Morning, Gave Me A Giggle

Image credits: ElonMuskSpaceX

#72 Didn’t Know Whether To Smile Or Cry When I Saw These Delivery Instructions. It Took Awhile To Find The Correct Person To Drop It Off With, But I Would Consider It Worth The Extra Time

Image credits: Jjkkllzz

#73 Thanks For Covering Your Entire Apartment Number

Image credits: nickaterry

#74 I’m Beyond Broke. Saw This Order $21 Originally. Saw The Distance. I Think Gig Work Is Gonna Implode

Image credits: Mcgoo186

#75 Out Here Makin Bank

Image credits: cptbrusselsprout

#76 Make Up To $22 An Hour

Image credits: PrestoMovie

#77 To The Nurse At Hollywood Presbyterian.. I Was Having A Terrible Day. Not Only Was She Very Kind When I Dropped Off Her Food, She Complimented My Leggings And Made Me Feel Good! I Just Got An App Notification She Tipped $100. God Bless You Kind Soul. I Really Appreciate It

Image credits: kelam78

#78 S/O This Customer

Image credits: Reallifeonmars

#79 Tell Me How You Really Feel

Image credits: rogue_worm

#80 Someone Literally Tipped Me With A Bottle Of Champagne, So I Had To Share

Image credits: MCShayne1

#81 Customers Like This Are The Best !

Image credits: dashin2020

#82 You Are Being Tracked!

Image credits: russvee7

#83 Delivering Hasn’t Been The Most Exciting Or Nicest Thing To Do Lately, But This Lifted My Spirits

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#84 We Have Fun Sometimes

Image credits: vaporheel

#85 Grubhub Had To Cancel The Order After There Wasn’t Enough Money On My Driver Card To Pay For It All? So I Got $115 Worth Of Pizza Ranch

Image credits: Entire_Confidence_46

#86 Wish We Had More Customers Like This

Image credits: Jz9786

#87 Hold Up Am I Seeing Things?

Image credits: IntactBroadSword

#88 Some People Are Truly Decent

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#89 Respect 100

Image credits: ichantz

#90 I Guess He Didn’t Appreciate My Fast & Furious Gif

Image credits: cartoon_balls

#91 Delivery Driver Wet Dream…. Satisfyingly Visible Housing Numbers

Image credits: Mcgoo186

#92 A Customer Just Handed Me This While I Was Dropping Off His Food And Said “Happy 420”. Thanks Matt You’re The Man!!

Image credits: Tan_line

#93 Address P**n

Image credits: stickyb5

#94 I Hate These

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 Restaurants, Take Note. We’re Not Just Delivery Drivers, We’re Your Customers Too

Image credits: xjassi

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