95 Interesting Comparison Images To Give You A New Perspective On Random Things (New Pics)

Whether we’re talking about people’s height, truck sizes, or even the health of our skin and the calmness of our neighborhood, context is king.

If we had nothing to juxtapose these things against, we simply wouldn’t know how they “fit” into the world.

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So in an attempt to broader your horizons, we at Bored Panda put together a new collection of the most interesting comparisons. Continue scrolling to check out the pictures and catch up on the series here, here, and here.

#1 Man Shares Pictures Before And After A Liver Transplant

Image credits: Orri

#2 10-Year-Old Me vs. 25-Year-Old Me

Image credits: Theoson

#3 Negative Drawings By Liam York That Come To Life When Colors Are Inverted

Image credits: MisterYorkie

#4 A Pic I Took Of My Husband With All The Books He Wrote

Image credits: FaolansPen

#5 University Classroom vs. Same University’s Football Locker Room

Image credits: ohnoh18

#6 That Hurts. Before And After

Image credits: tjwatt

#7 One Year Of Good Care And Love

Image credits: zoace88

#8 With My Son’s Autism There Is A Lot Of Repetition And Routine He Uses To Find Comfort. This Is One Of My Favorite. He Has Snuggled The Same Way For 19 Years

Image credits: Timfrostyo

#9 Same Location, Two Different Times

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: FutureSkeIeton

#10 Adding The Backstitches To My Cross-Stitch Embroidery

Image credits: lavenderfart

#11 That Is A Wonderful Accomplishment And Much Harder To Achieve Staying At The Same Company

Image credits: MoniMokshith

#12 Visited The Same Model Village 25 Years Apart

Image credits: r7npx

#13 A Photo From 50 Years Ago vs. Same Photo Restored, Reframed, Enhanced And Colorized By Me

Image credits: IDoArtForYou

#14 Me Suffering From Cancer Over The Spring vs. Me Happy And Healthy Spending Christmas With My Beautiful Family

Image credits: waxeryboiliroo

#15 Japan vs. Brazil

Image credits: weirdvideoquestion

#16 Two Photographs Of My Nana, Taken 71 Years Apart

Image credits: Pi-zz-a

#17 Different Colors Of Eggs My Chickens Lay

Image credits: paarkrosis

#18 6-Weeks-Old vs. 6-Months-Old Noodle

Image credits: zzestydani

#19 Mariupol Before And After Russian Invasion

Image credits: Available-Ad-4553

#20 Me In 1998 And My Wife In 2000

Image credits: camiam85

#21 My First Cosplay vs. My Most Recent

Image credits: mblackburncosplay

#22 Dear Father, I Have Sinned

Image credits: Zenn41

#23 News Anchor From Both Angles

Image credits: kuyakim_atienza

#24 Borodyanka, Ukraine – Pictures Of The Same Residential Area Before And After The Invasion

Image credits: NiceCasualRedditGuy

#25 2 Wars, Same People

Image credits: medizerovan

#26 The Amount Of Snow In My City After Back To Back Storms. Me And My Car For Scale

Image credits: Milo4100

#27 My First Ever Crazy Candy Cake vs. One Of My Latest Ones

Image credits: ohheysarahjay

#28 My 10-Year Progress Pic To Becoming A Registered Nurse

Image credits: MoveAfterCompletion

#29 One Of These 6 Braids Is Mine. I Know It’s Hard To Tell But Take A Guess

Image credits: bmisha

#30 Local Grocery Store Has An “Authentic Mexican” And A “Mexican” Sections

Image credits: sorrygirl818

#31 I Challenged Myself To Read More During Quarantine. Me vs. The Books I’ve Read

Image credits: TwoDaysRide

#32 First Portrait I Ever Did Back In 2011 vs. Most Recent Portrait From 2021, It’s Been A Long Journey

Image credits: Proka1234

#33 My Girlfriend Moved In. My vs. Her Cosmetics

Image credits: spankpeggysfeet

#34 They Don’t Come Much Smaller. Hands For Scale

Image credits: trying-to-be-kind

#35 Leg-Lengthening Surgery Is Available In More Than A Dozen Countries, With Some Patients Able To Increase Their Height By Up To Five Inches – 13cm. Before And After

Image credits: heightlengthening

#36 Beds With No People vs. People With No Beds

Image credits: anislitim

#37 What I Asked For vs. What I Got. $400 And I Feel Like An Idiot

Image credits: Vegemiteonpikelets

#38 Best Day Ever

Image credits: aznbbgoth

#39 Washed Up Whale Spine, Dog For Scale

Image credits: evercurious13

#40 They Grow Up So Fast

Image credits: penelope.groodle

#41 Sometimes I Don’t Realize How Far I’ve I Come Until I Look Back

I spent most of my adolescence in and out of hospitals and treatment centers, every day at war inside my own head and scared of my thoughts. I had to re-discover who I am, what made me happy, and what made life worth living for.

Image credits: rena_serenaa

#42 My Husband Transformed Our Backyard With His Own 2 Hands Over 9 Months

Image credits: underwater_x

#43 From A Little Bean To A Majestic Queen

Image credits: PolarBla

#44 From Broken Legs To Long Legs

Image credits: Critical-Cupcake-912

#45 Look At The Size Of This Banana (Banana For Scale)

Image credits: der2050

#46 After 2 Years Of Dust, Noise, And More Dust Things Are Finally Starting To Look And Feel Like A Home

Image credits: SoulStone1986

#47 How It Started vs. How It’s Going

Image credits: bape_x_anime

#48 Taking A Selfie vs. Checking Out The Selfie You Just Posted

Image credits: Zealousideal17

#49 The Wife And I Went To The Grand Canyon This Weekend. Top Was Saturday, Bottom Was Sunday

Image credits: thagoodlife

#50 Yesterday Someone Told Me My Husky Looks Like A Wolf

Image credits: Zetheryian

#51 Beautiful Christmas Tree Before And After

Image credits: M4Strings

#52 Review Comparison

Image credits: B-L-O-C-K-S

#53 January vs. March

Image credits: jursla

#54 This Needlessly Large Packaging For A 20mm Sized Micro SD Card. Hand For Scale

Image credits: GuardingxCross

#55 After Years Of Letting My Yard Go Due To Health Issues I Finally Had The Funds To Get It Sorted

Image credits: butterthenugget

#56 The Water On The Beach Turned White After Hurricane Irma

Image credits: Pacetrapper

#57 Stranger From The Internet Reached Out To Me And Offered To Restore The Only Known Photo Of My Uncle. They Asked Way Too Little Money. I Paid More Because Of This

Image credits: Ruffffian

#58 Wanted To Share My Swelling Progress Following My Facial Reconstruction

At the height of my insecurities, it would’ve been very relieving seeing something like this, so sharing it with those going through something similar. This is 2-months’ progress.

Image credits: StarksTwins

#59 Flavor Distribution Of Jolly Ranchers In My 7oz Bag

Image credits: Lightgod86

#60 My Customer Lived Without A Finished Kitchen For 14 Years, Until Today. Here’s Before And After

Image credits: ByOdensBear

#61 This Is What Pug’s MRI Scan Looks Like

Image credits: AndyRichter

#62 Before And After Of Some Of My Favorite Murals

Image credits: AniaAmador

#63 USA Fanta vs. UK Fanta

Image credits: RRR-Craigyroo

#64 My First Loaf Of Sourdough vs. My 50th

Image credits: Snowf

#65 The Size Difference Between Mine And My Husband’s Rings

Image credits: somechick_92

#66 Me And My Girlfriend Renewed Our Passports Together But Hers Came Back As The Next Generation Version While I Got The Old One

Image credits: FALCUNPAWNCH

#67 This Is $70 Worth Of Groceries In The Most Expensive City In The USA

Image credits: IMovedYourCheese

#68 The Duality Of The UK

Image credits: ManThatsDan

#69 There Are Two Types Of People In This World

Image credits: halkyardo

#70 Different Peeled Citrus Fruits

Image credits: Papyrophobia

#71 American Froot Loops Are Different Colors Than Canadian Froot Loops

Image credits: thewhiteponyproject

#72 My Skin While On Chemo Last Year vs. Now

Image credits: jb69029

#73 My Friend’s Cousin Visited The Aquarium Today. Can You Spot The Difference?

Image credits: darkneo86

#74 Games Have A Profound Impact On Our Lives, They Take Us Places… Literally

Image credits: RealLiveLEE

#75 Inflation Has Been Hitting Everything

Image credits: How_to_shitpost

#76 My Client Asked To Make This Rug With Her Rats. Them vs. The Rug I Made

Image credits: _bbrug_

#77 Mexican Restaurant Compares Its Burritos To Babies

Image credits: gorditosmexicanfood

#78 My Parents Are Dogsitting What Looks Like A Drug Addicted Version Of Their Own Dog

Image credits: hauntedrubytuesday

#79 My Uncle’s Husband Used To Be A Hairdresser And Turned My 93-Year-Old Grandma From Doc Brown To A Hollywood Starlet

Image credits: felatedbirthday

#80 Why?

Image credits: Rocomas

#81 Blessed Difference Between Cats And Dogs

Image credits: FukaiMorii

#82 Who Seriously Puts Whipped Cream On A Croissant?

Image credits: reddit.com

#83 My Volkswagen Rabbit Looks Like A Toy Next To These Normal Trucks

Image credits: JWatson4701

#84 All The Gear We’ll Be Carrying On Our 2700 Mile Hike Up The Pacific Crest Trail, We For Scale

Image credits: WVU_CRNA

#85 My Grandma And Grandpa Dressed As Each Other For A Party. Early 1950s

Image credits: chipsandsourcream1

#86 Moose’s Paw Next To Roe Deer’s Paw

Image credits: zenithwearsflannel

#87 Hair Transplant (98 Days Of Progress)

Image credits: bzhedug

#88 My Mom In 1966 And Today. Still Rocking The Same Shirt 55 Years Later

Image credits: strange_invader

#89 This Afternoon’s Plein Air Paintings

Image credits: jeremy_sams_art

#90 Best Buds, Then And Now

Image credits: jillieboobean

#91 A Spider Came Back To Molt In The Same Place On A Book 4 Times

Image credits: Yoddlydoddly

#92 The Difference Between These Two Cans Of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti Manufactured One Day Apart

Image credits: sniper257

#93 I Can Fit A 15 X 9” Cutting Board In My Pocket

Image credits: ChaoticNeutral159

#94 My Daughter Looks Like Clemenza From The Godfather

Image credits: BoutToGiveYouHell

#95 Finally Got To See My Favorite ACII City In Person

Image credits: CalumRaasay

Source: boredpanda.com

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