95 Things People Have Made Themselves During Quarantine That Are Honestly Inspiring

With the worldwide pandemic ravaging the world, many people find more free time on their hands than they can remember. After all, going out is not really an option at the moment, and nobody knows when it will be.

But it turns out, idle hands are capable of incredible things. And thanks to the subreddit “Something I Made,” which has people sharing their most incredible pieces of work, we now have a full collection of handmade goodness for our eyes to feast on.

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From an incredible dinosaur costume built from PVC pipes and foam and a “Game Over” cross-stitch piece, to pants purposefully constructed with pockets deep enough to fit a TV remote and beer, these are some mad DIY skills that may spark your inner go-doer and maker that has been deep asleep all this time.

#1 I Built A Backyard Treehouse As A Quarantine Project

Image credits: imakethenews

#2 The Bridge, Another Cat Tree I Just Finished

Image credits: Thorn2800

#3 My First Attempt At Making A Leather Handbag. The Hand Stitching Took Forever!

Image credits: Saggy_Tackle

#4 An Origami Koi Fish That I Made With A US $1 Bill For My Tip Jar At Work

Image credits: Macabee721

#5 My Mom Hand Cut And Stained All The Pieces For This Wall. I Think It’s Beautiful And She Deserves Some Props

Image credits: awena626

#6 My Parents Planted An Apple-Tree When I Was Born. Sadly, The Tree Died A Few Weeks Ago, So I Made A Bookshelf Out Of It

Image credits: TrashTashy

#7 I Made A Portrait Of German Shepherd With Soft Pastels And Pastel Pencils. What Do You Think?

Image credits: BlueBirdieD

#8 I Am Groot

Image credits: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#9 My Heart Was Heavy The Past Few Weeks And Naturally That Pours Out Into My Work And Made This Dress. I Hope Everyone Is Hanging In There Mentally, Change Will Come Here In Africa ❤️ #endinjustice

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: munkus_

#10 I Run An All-Volunteer Trail Crew That Specializes In Good Old-Fashioned Technical Stonework. Here Is What We Make!

Image credits: AJollyRover

#11 I Made Sleeping Bengal Kitties Out Of Glass

Image credits: Spillerwoods

#12 I Painted A Whole Bunch Of Rocks During Quarantine!

Image credits: edgewoods

#13 My Mom Is Learning How To Sew. This Chair-Cover Cooking Set Is Her Latest Creation

Image credits: iveydesign

#14 I Made This Needle Felted Albino Bat

Image credits: y_fedorova

#15 I Made A Stained Glass Of My Friend’s Watercolor Painting

Image credits: Greenwing

#16 I Made This

Image credits: sonresin

#17 After Being Laid Off In April I Spent The Last 2 1/2 Months Building This Playhouse For My Kids. I Have No Construction Experience, Just A Lot Of Youtube Tutorials. I’m Very Happy With How It Turned Out.

Image credits: Bones4673

#18 My Goal For This Year Was To Finish This Painting, And I Did Took Me 3 Months. I Know It’s Not 100% Perfect But I’m A Bit Proud

Image credits: jushipushi

#19 I Made A Dress Out Of The Leaves In My Garden. It Was Either This Or Rake Them All Up, Seemed A Shame For Them To Go To Waste.

Image credits: Manatee2k3

#20 Made A Purple Ombre Wisteria Mobile Out Of Felt

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Friends, What Do You Think Of This My Handmade Dress?

Image credits: EVALIZA

#22 Finally Had Success With Resin Lacing!

Image credits: JusuMade

#23 I Wanted To Paint My Cat, But Doing All Of Her Seemed Hard, So I Just Did The Easy Parts

Image credits: KSS2418

#24 I Made Something Horrible, Or Awesome. I Honestly Can’t Tell

Image credits: cryztal2908

#25 I Made A Phone Stand To Turn Your Smartphone In A Cozy Fireplace

Image credits: timmmmmmmmmmmm

#26 I Made 3-Prong Wooden Hair Fork With Cat Ears Headband

Image credits: sdwoodwork

#27 Bragging About My Mugs

Image credits: freekate44

#28 My Wife Asked For A Gold Bicycle. I Bought An Old 70’s Ross Kids Bike And Turn It Into A Low Rider.

Image credits: shawzynyc

#29 I Made A Mountain Napkin Holder From Some Offcuts. Saw The Design In Metal And Thought It Would Look Nice Made Out Of Wood As Well

Image credits: Estragon94

#30 My Daughters “Sally Witch” Costume I Crocheted

Image credits: jessthehooker

#31 I Paint With Bleach!

Image credits: JFells

#32 I Made This Mini Lime Out Of Polymer Clay!

Image credits: SemisweetCharms

#33 Wire And Clay Whippet I Just Finished – With A Heart Of Gold

Image credits: postmodernequestrian

#34 First Place Not Renting, First Mural In 7 Years

Image credits: jonesle21

#35 I’ve Started Painting Over Cards During My Zoom Classes

Image credits: Essicran

#36 Trash Fort With Green Roof

Image credits: IntegralProportions

#37 I Finally Finished My Giant Stained Glass Hippo And I’m Dying Because It Looks So Good!!

Image credits: invaderzrim

#38 Part 2: The Results Are In. I’ve Made A Total Of 29 Bees In My 11 Days Of Crocheting

Image credits: tulips-and-chimneys

#39 After Searching For A Contractor For Months And Getting Bids At 10k Plus I Decided To Attempt This Myself With No Tools And Experience. Cost Me $2500 In Materials And $500 In New Tools. It’s Not Perfect But Am Super Proud Of The Results.

Image credits: buckeyespud

#40 Hi! I Decorate Masks With Any Junk Bought At A Flea Market

Image credits: DmitriyBragin

#41 A Burnt Marshmallow Plush I Made. So Happy With The Result!!

Image credits: EmbarrassedRepair

#42 A Little Weekend Project My Wife And I Just Finished

Image credits: ewhuff

#43 I Really Wanted Wallpaper In Our Bathroom, But I Couldn’t Afford It…so I Painted It! I Used Leftover Paint Samples From Another Project. I Hand Sketched The Flowers Based On A Marimekko Pattern

Image credits: damestillmen

#44 I Crocheted My Own Baby Groot

Image credits: Femque

#45 I Made A Stained Glass Quilt!

Image credits: SatanDarkLordOfAll

#46 I Built This For A Family In Columbus Oh, But I’m 100% Going To Build A Full Sized One As My House Next

Image credits: AwkwardMethod

#47 I Repainted A Cabinet (I Got For Free!) And Wanted To Share

Image credits: petunia-pineapple

#48 Made A Giant Squid Out Of Microfleece, ‘Cause Why Not?

Image credits: YerTallNuff

#49 I’m A 16 Yr Old Blacksmith And I Forged This Whale Bottle Opener 🙂 Hope You Like It!

Image credits: benperky10

#50 I Painted Some Memes

Image credits: travischapmanart

#51 Made These Glass Piano Jewelry Boxes A Bit Ago In Support Of Pride!

Image credits: ConfoOsedBride

#52 I Work With Resin And Made ‘Orion’s Belt’ Inspired By The Mib Movie!

Image credits: wintersky__

#53 I Painted Flowers All Over My Scooter Helmet With Paint Pens And Sharpies!

Image credits: BanterEh

#54 My Fiancée Made Me My Wedding Band Out Of The Skateboard She Bought Me 10 Years Ago

Image credits: SageRunsTrain

#55 Partner And I Hand Made A Sliding Door Over The Weekend! What Do You Think?

Image credits: stwr

#56 I Made This Cute Bernie Sanders Toy

Image credits: Anastasia-Sokol

#57 A Cosplay I Did Of Lo-Fi Girl To Pay Homage To All The Hours She Helped Me Stay Productive

Image credits: ivvnwong

#58 Boredom After Work Has LED Me To Start Making These And Dropping Them Off At Random Peoples Driveways To Hopefully Boost Some Spirits

Image credits: TerrenceTbooty

#59 I Made A Dress For My Eldest Daughter Evangeline

Image credits: EVALIZA

#60 Made This Beautiful Vintage Dress For My Engagement Photos And Just A Mini Shoot! Aiming To Make My Entire Wardrobe To Be Vintage

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#61 I Made A Snow Venus Last Night!!!

Image credits: shiny_macaroons

#62 Because Of The Quarantine I Have A Lot Of Time On My Hand Decided To Finish One Sewing Project Per Day. Here Is Today’s Project

Image credits: QueenAkemii

#63 My Husband Snores And My Daughter Rotates In The Bed So I Haven’t Slept Well In Four Years…converted The Closet In The Office Into My Own Personal Bed

Image credits: buterbetterbater

#64 Made These Two Looks Based On How I Grew Up In Soweto, A Township In South Africa In Tribute To My Grandmother

Image credits: munkus_

#65 An Oil Painting I Made Today Called The Skullet

Image credits: DimitriSirenko

#66 I Found An Old Bicycle Frame In The Woods And Made This Glass Mosaico

Image credits: Sun-Hit

#67 I Made A Flag. My Family And I Are Unable To March, But We Want To Join The Peaceful Protesters Marching For Change And Reform. So To Show Solidarity, I Made A Flag

Image credits: krissmit

#68 My Grandma Bought Me This Chair So I Doodled On It

Image credits: ShadowRingLeader

#69 Sometimes I Make Art That Looks Like This

Image credits: stopyield

#70 I Make Layered Animals Out Of Birch Wood. This Is 7 Layers. Hope You Like

Image credits: Portland20911

#71 Finished This Ernie Sweater In July, Now It’s Chilly Enough To Wear 24/7!

Image credits: tiiimmmyyyy

#72 I Made A Mid Century Modern Mailbox Thing

Image credits: cr4d

#73 Loving The Contrast On This Mug I Painted

Image credits: jaidefoxpaintings

#74 I Made This Large Macrame Lotus For A Fellow Redditor… Excuse The Dopey Smile I’m Just So Happy With It!!

Image credits: Shl33

#75 After 40 Hours And A Lot Of Black Embroidery Floss, I Finally Finished This Crow Embroidery!

Image credits: amr_427

#76 Commission Of 18 Mugs I Did For A Tea Shop!

Image credits: jaidefoxpaintings

#77 One Of My Commissioned Oil Painting! Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts/Feedback

Image credits: artistpf

#78 It Took 3 Months, But My 7 Year Old Finally Finished His First Nightstand! Loads Of Supervision, Patience, And Hands On Hands Cuts With The Saws From Me, But He Legit Did 90+% Of The Work. The White Cabinet Is So He Can Cover It With Stickers. Build Info In Comments

Image credits: mypostingname13

#79 Made This Dress This Week, Lockdown In South Africa So Keeping Busy

Image credits: munkus_

#80 My Koi Pond With Duckweed I Hand-Embroidered

Image credits: aspookygiraffe

#81 I Made This Painting For My Boyfriend And I’m Very Proud Of It!

Image credits: C0deNameSail0rV

#82 I Made A “Game Over” Cross Stitch Piece!

Image credits: AsleepAtTheStitch

#83 Another Project I Made Over Quarantine

Image credits: miaman03

#84 Me And My Girlfriend Painted Our Wall This Saturday! I Loved The Result

Image credits: izotAcario

#85 I Built A Dinosaur Costume Of Pvc Pipes And Foam. Thought I’d Share It Here

Image credits: FireFox9

#86 Wife Wanted A Coffee Table, So We Went And Built One Out Of Recycled Lumber. Total Monetary Investment: $4.67

Image credits: Cemeterywind666

#87 I Made A Replacement Puzzle Piece For My Daughters Puzzle!

Image credits: Inspiredbutterfly

#88 Found This Cute Fruity Fabric And Decided To Make A Cute Summer Milkmaid Dress This Week

Image credits: munkus_

#89 I’m Only 16 But I Built A Hardwood Desk Out Of 2 Sheets Of 4×8 Maple Plywood.

Image credits: Cool791

#90 This Started As A White Fan. I Customized It For My Son’s Room

Image credits: jcshaull77

#91 I Made Another Crochet Donut Blanket!

Image credits: justbre16

#92 I Made These Ramen Charms! I’m Making More To Post On Etsy

Image credits: SemisweetCharms

#93 Turns Out Carpentry Is Hard When You Don’t Know Anything About It. Couldn’t Find A Plant Stand In The Size I Wanted, So I Built One

Image credits: Elucidate_that

#94 The First Series I Started During The Pandemic Are These Corona Plague Doctors (Brooches)

#95 I Make Afrofuturistic Hair Ornaments Called Headcrests. This Is My First Prototype Of A Full Face Design!

Image credits: blackmarzian

#96 So I Thought I Would Show Off My Latest Project. I Finally Had My Designs Made Into Nepalese Silk And Stitched To Make Pallazzo Pants.

Image credits: ILOIVEI

#97 I Finally Started Merging My Passions And Began Making A Line Of Equine Art Jewelry Too

#98 Home Decor During Quarantine

#99 Lord Ganesha

Source: boredpanda.com

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