95 Times People Went To Beauty Salon Expecting To Look Their Best But Ended Up Looking Worse

Anyone who’s ever experimented with their looks knows that mistakes can occur no matter what. That’s why we usually turn to beauty salons where professionals do their magic. Whether we hope for a gorgeous hair color or a fabulous new cut, we can already imagine us confidently emerging from the salon and going out to conquer the world. But just as our previous features about makeup fails and tragic hair accidents proved, that’s not always the case.

Chances are, many of us have felt the horror of sitting in front of a mirror while watching our stylist completely disregard our wishes. And sometimes, the results of these beauty procedures are light years away from our expectations, leaving us utterly unsatisfied with our new look. If this sounds familiar, you’re in good company. But if not, this new list compiled by Bored Panda will at least cause a genuine chuckle.

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We have scoured the internet for some of the most bizarre, cringe-worthy, and downright tragic hair and makeup moments people have shared online. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some beauty disasters of epic proportions. Enjoy scrolling through this list, upvote the pics that surprised you most, and be sure to tell us what you think of them in the comments.

#1 $60 “Professional” Halloween Makeup. I Asked For The Photo On The Left, With Just A Little Fake Blood. On The Right Is What The Makeup Artist Gave Me

Image credits: enukez

#2 What My Sister Asked For vs. What The Salon Did vs. What My Mom Did After The Salon Disaster

Image credits: Bramflake

#3 The Hairdresser Had “No Idea” How This Happened

Image credits: kitkat354

#4 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image credits: LemonberryTea

#5 This Has Been All Over My Social Feeds Lately. The Artist Has A Booking Site And Charges $85

Image credits: Fancy_Dare4930

#6 What I Asked For vs. What I Got. $400 And I Feel Like An Idiot

Image credits: Vegemiteonpikelets

#7 Are These Too Thick? I Can’t Tell If I’m Just Not Used To Them Or If This Is A Normal Application. I’m Not Thrilled With Them

Image credits: ememidk

#8 What I Asked For And What I Got

Image credits: dpsmith124

#9 What Was The Makeup Artist Thinking With This Shade Match?

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Image credits: ashmcurt

#10 She Went To The Worst-Reviewed Makeup Artist In Her City

Image credits: mangobutter6179

#11 Asked For Caramel Balayage, Came Out Looking Like A Tiger

Image credits: Kayla-Charizard

#12 Yes, Done At A Real Salon. And Yes, She Did Cry When She Saw It

Image credits: t3ddan

#13 My Sister’s Nails For A Wedding

Image credits: escargoxpress

#14 What I Wanted vs. What I Got

#15 Went To My Hairdresser With This Pic Today

Image credits: reddit.com

#16 My Awful Eyebrows. Bad Microblading, Cheap Ink, Wrong Aftercare Directions. Now Look At Them

Image credits: Katya2089

#17 Spray Tan Tears Won’t Go Away

Image credits: thiscontradiction

#18 This Is What Happened To My Client When She Went Into A Different Local Nail Salon Without Doing Her Research

I couldn’t believe my eyes so I had to get a picture. She paid £35 for these.

Image credits: Angela Blemmings

#19 I Guess I Got What I Paid For With This Free Look. Asked Makeup Artist For Homecoming Makeup

Image credits: TheHuntress1031

#20 Went To Get My Bangs Cut, Came Home, And Brushed My Hair Out To Find This

Image credits: NannerWheat

#21 First Pic Is What I Asked For, Other Pics Are What I Ended Up With

Image credits: Nariadnaia

#22 What I Asked For vs. What I Got – $450 AUD And 4.5hrs Later. I’m Going To Bed

Image credits: Fightswithcrows

#23 When You Accidentally Go To The Worst Stylist In Your Country

Image credits: Blijerd

#24 What My Hair Looked Like – What I Asked For – And How It Turned Out

Image credits: carli_snyder

#25 The Usual Hairdresser Disaster. My Usual Curl Pattern vs. After Styling By The Hairdresser After A Cut

Image credits: dsv2202

#26 Expectations vs. Reality: Curly Hair

#27 Nail Bar Experience In Indonesia

Image credits: Sovsemsoroka

#28 This Was Done At A Salon

Image credits: ElfenLied518

#29 What My Sister Got vs. What She Asked For

Image credits: k90de

#30 My Best Friend Got This Done At Ulta Today

Image credits: msglitterandglam

#31 A Sephora Employees Rendition Of A “No Makeup Makeup” Look. At Least Is Was Free

Image credits: FakeBeccaJean

#32 My Little Sister Got Her Makeup Done For My 30th Birthday Party. She’s Really Good At Doing Her Own Makeup. However, She Wanted To Treat Herself And Went To The Salon

Image credits: Secure_Dragonfruit69

#33 Wanted A Simple Manicure For My Wedding In March. Left Is What I Got. I Was Upset But Also Couldn’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: Heisen123

#34 Balayage Hair

Image credits: eraser_dust

#35 All I Wanted Was Bangs That Look Like Dakota Johnson’s. I Showed Her Multiple Pictures And This Was What I Got

It’s been over a year and they look fine now, but wow, I was suffering for a few months there.

Image credits: bobolatebipboopie

#36 I Paid For This. It Was My Birthday Gift From My Husband. I Wanted To Experience A Professional Artist. I Cried When I Saw This. I Had To Go To Dinner After Looking Like This

Image credits: Jujutrainn

#37 Expectation vs. Reality ($200 Later). Hairdresser Tried Telling Me It Was The Same Thing. Nope. Nope. No

Image credits: hufflepuff_puff_pass

#38 What I Wanted vs. What I Got

Image credits: prettybutlame

#39 Didn’t Think They’d Do The Arrow Too

Image credits: Suzercita

#40 The Salon Made Her Pay $150

Image credits: nBoots

#41 I Went To A Fancy Black Salon In Atlanta Before Going To A Wedding. I Asked For Baby Bangs And The Guy Shaved My Overall Hairline Back An Inch. Honestly What The Hell

Image credits: nubsmd

#42 The Haircut She Wanted vs. What She Got

Image credits: dbnfang

#43 She Charged For The Mess

Image credits: CoordinatorFightClub

#44 The Worst Microblading You Have Ever Seen

Image credits: noodlecodon

#45 Paid $80 To Get My Nails Done. Last Pic Is The Reference Photo I Showed The Nail Tech

Image credits: suspiciouslypurple

#46 Hairdresser Did Me Dirty

Image credits: Tenshi8526

#47 Friend Decided To Get A New Haircut

Image credits: jackiesmith17

#48 The Before Is My Mum After The Local Salon Did Her Hair, The After Is A Completely Different Woman

Image credits: ThatGuyTheyCallAlex

#49 Reference Photo vs. What I Got

Image credits: Upbeat_Breath_6817

#50 I Paid To Get My Makeup Done For Prom, And This Happened. I Cried So Bad On The Way Home That I Had To Call My Friend To Come Over And Help Me Out

Image credits: unboundglee

#51 After 2 Years, I Finally Ventured To My Local Hair Salon And Left With Layers Of Disappointment. Before vs. After

Image credits: XxpillowprincessxX

#52 Needed A Pick Me Up, But I Feel Like I Got Screwed Over At The Nail Salon. These Look Whack, Right?

Image credits: lazy_villager

#53 This Is What It Was Supposed To Look Like. It’s Terrible

Image credits: TheSoulOfTheRose

#54 Paid $$$ For A Pro “Hair Artist” To Do This To My Hair On My Wedding Day

Image credits: Jam_Blaster

#55 I Wanted To Be An Anime Protagonist. What I Wanted vs. What I Got

Image credits: eaerickson

#56 Is This Haircut As Poorly Done As I Think? How Can I Ask The Salon To Fix The Situation?

The first picture is what I showed my hairstylist that I wanted. The second and third are my hair after being cut. The last is my hair a few months before (didn’t have one right before, it was a few inches longer).

I told her I wanted her to cut out all the yellow (she did a good job of that at least), and that I wanted shorter layers, to bring the volume up. I also told her that I wanted my front pieces to start at my jawline. It seems like she didn’t do much of what I asked, and the quality of the layers she did is pretty awful. They look chunky. I went to a nicer salon – I paid $65 for this cut plus 25% tip (I didn’t realize just how bad it was till I got home). Is it just me or is this haircut really bad? How should I go about asking the salon to fix the situation?

I’d prefer to just get a refund but I feel like they will be hesitant to do that. I don’t really want the same hair stylist to “fix” this mess. I don’t understand how she missed the mark so badly the first time.

Image credits: bajesska

#57 When You Go To The Hairdressers Because You Want A Professional Job But They Dye Your Skin Too

Image credits: theealeseysatnumber1

#58 Went To The Salon And Got This Horrible Demarcation Line

Image credits: Degree_Kitchen

#59 I Literally Went To A Professional Hair Salon For This Disaster. I Just Wanted To Go Blonde. Had To Dye It Brown The Next Day

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#60 I Got Botched

She did map my brows, though it was very different from how I draw my brows on usually, she said they look big and thick because of the dark pencil she used to fill them and will heal smaller and lighter, so I trusted her. I do not think she used a measurement tool of any kind – she used chalk to map my brows and that was it, and she did it twice, so it seemed like she struggled a bit with getting it right and I’m not educated enough to know better, and I wanted my brows to be mapped so they’d be “correct” for the first time in my life, cuz my brows are half gone from shaving them off back in the day and I wanted that Instagram/mapped out/perfect brow look. And this is what I got. She thinks she can fix them down the road.

Image credits: the_ghost_of_

#61 Please Help. Got A Really Bad Haircut

 Asked for a short bob and got this. How do I fix this?

Image credits: ghostysweet

#62 I Shouldn’t Expect Much From A Strip Mall Haircut, But Come On. I Was Just Looking For A Trim And To Shape Up The Layers. Different Lengths Chopped Up Randomly Aren’t Layers

Image credits: smackieonassis

#63 I Paid For This At A Salon

Image credits: derpchronik

#64 I Paid 515 CРА (560 USD) For This Dye Job

Image credits: AMVA_DOS

#65 The First Picture Was Taken By My Hairstylist To Showcase My New Haircut And Color

The second picture is the photo I took today, when I realized what the curls and bright lights were trying to hide.

Image credits: kittenfloof

#66 I Got It Professionally Done Because I Didn’t Want To Mess It Up

Image credits: wonderlandr

#67 So Yesterday Was My Sister’s Wedding And This Makeup I Got From The Artist

#68 My Sister’s Friend Got Her Nails Done By A “Professional” Nail Artist

Image credits: penguinzliz

#69 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image credits: Valkyriiis

#70 Asked For Soft Pink And Got Purple. How To Correct It? 2nd Pic Is What I Wanted

Image credits: arigemsco

#71 Dye Your Hair A Wild Color, They Said. It’ll Look Really Cool, They Said

Image credits: romanticat

#72 The Nails You Ask For And The Nails You Actually Get

Image credits: fgfrf12

#73 Worst Professionally Done Nails Ever? Quite Possibly

Image credits: ZarinaBlue

#74 Grew My Hair Out For 4 Years. It Was At The Healthiest It Had Been In My Entire Adult Life. This Is What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image credits: nxncyy

#75 The Balayage I Asked For vs. What I Got. They Refuse To Give Me Back My £120, Too

Image credits: mocha-macaron

#76 Went To The Salon Today

Image credits: b1tch_hammer

#77 Got My Nails Done For The First Time In Years. The Salon Did Me Dirty. Inspo Pic On The Top Left. I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: talksallday

#78 Where Are The Rest Of The Lash Extensions?

Image credits: OpheliaXo

#79 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image credits: demsmyfeet

#80 Makeup Artist Did Me Really Dirty For A Professional Photoshoot For A Hair Salon

Image credits: 95squamton

#81 When You Give Your 8-Year-Old Niece A “Nail Kit” And She Says “Let Me Do You First”

Image credits: FRANA_OW

#82 Spent £40 Getting My Nails Done. What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image credits: skatieprice

#83 Went To A New Barber Because My Normal One Was Booked And I Have A Date Tomorrow. Asked For A Chin-Length Bob. This Cost Me $58

Image credits: Ehvuhlinn

#84 What Is The Picture On The Right? Wrong Answers Only

Image credits: snr1293

#85 So Glad It Was Done With Henna

Image credits: SpeedCubingIsBest

#86 Trip To The Nail Salon

Image credits: Domestica

#87 Fancy Follicle Fail

Paid almost $200 to a girl with 1 month till she graduates from a popular salon school. Can’t get a refund because the “check-in sheet” they had me sign was actually apparently a contract saying they don’t issue refunds.

Image credits: CetiCeltic

#88 Left Is What I Wanted vs. Right Is What I Got

Image credits: 43V3RnH3LL

#89 What I Asked For vs. What I Got (Little Disappointed)

Image credits: Summertheseason

#90 Help, What Can Be Done

Image credits: feganator

#91 Commented On A Post About Someone’s Boyfriend Who Had A Bad Haircut. Here’s Mine

Image credits: GlitterGoth8904

#92 Well, It’s Not What I Asked For, But I Still Like It. Original Pic On Left, What I Got On The Right

Image credits: goodnaturedheathen

#93 My First Time Getting My Nails Done As An Adult. I Won’t Complain Much Because My Nails Have Never Felt This Nice And Pampered

Image credits: lu-ne

#94 What I Asked For vs. What I Got. $200+ Edition

Image credits: onesadgrad

#95 I Just Got This Set, And I Think My Nails Are Hideous. The Glitter Is Inconsistent, And The Manicurist Cut Me Pretty Badly. There’s Color All Around The Edges

Image credits: hotmessjessexpress

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